Conceited vs. Tsu Surf [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Conceited]
Why would anybody think he blue flaggin’ knowing that this kids a fraud?
There’s not a nigga in here that think ya lines real (reel) like a fishing rod
If it’s beef I bring the sticks like a shish kabob
Why would anyone think he really crippin’ for?
If he threw up neighborhood in that neighborhood that Nipsey’s on
Like Forest Gump he’ll start running and he won’t be crip no more
And for that one reason I’ll never believe that you pop up chrome
Cuz we all saw that when it comes down to the Proof
That you leave ya shotgun home
Nigga u got some nerve
Making these people think you put in a lot of work
And let the llama squirt?
Well I’ll show you that I don’t need a boogie board for me to body surf
This nigga name is Rajon Cox, Rajon…. Raijon…. Cox!
That’s not a punch line that’s real facts! I ain’t playing games
You know it’s fucked up when you gotta say pause
Every time you say your name
Just think, if he played ball and it was clutch time to put a shot in
And then the coach said,
“Time out! Come on guys we gotta put Cox (cocks) in”
Or what about if he’s home sleeping and his niggas on the blocks tough
And Suge’s like, “hold on ya’ll let me go get my nigga Cox up”
With that gay ass name y’all believe in this faggot hoe?
And really think he be scrappin tho?
I swear the only nigga that ever seen Cox (cocks) fighting is Calicoe
But let me guess you’ll really let me have it tho when it’s that time
Cuz you crip you gonna have ya niggas jump me
Get a couple of black guys?
Slow it down! I just dissed you!
I said have ya niggas jump me and get a couple of black eyes
Nigga how do you want it? I can click it or jig it
Either way when I strike
Y’all gon get this boy caught (boycott) when I pick it (picket)
Nigga even if we bring the fist in, if I said you know what time it is
You will get clocked in a second
By our hands in (and) a (I) minute (meant it)
Nigga we could get it poppin’
Soon as I get two techs I’m coming out to/the Jersey like Dennis Rodman
Yo Surf we could take it there ain’t no telling what I’d do
You gon’ find out that I’m good with the left and the right to
I’m the one who he’s dreading here (hair)
So you better just always keep it wrapped like Erykah Badu
Surf how did you get out of jail twice so fast for gun charges?
That’s cuz this nigga was rattin’
You are an informant the worst type nigga
I hate snitches with my soul you deserve to die nigga
Cuz you tell jersey police who’s wearing the blue and red
Who’ll shoot the lead
To get ‘em locked down with the ball and chain like a newlywed
I mean just to get appeal anything on his chest he’ll cough it up
That’s how we know that Tsu the feds (Sudafed)
Nigga I wish you were dead, ya niggas behind you make it worse
I wouldn’t say you official if they gave you a whistle
I should leave y’all brains on a rug, rat (Rugrats)
When I raise that Tommy like Stewie Pickles
That especially goes to this rat that talks to the boys like Stewart Little
Nigga you give out more statements than Mastercards
These are proven facts
You make real niggas lose all hope when you doing that
See and that’s just like Master Splinter
I mean and we all remember that sewer rat
Slow it down I just dissed you, I said we all remember that TSU a RAT!
You gambling with ya life you better roll out when them deuces clap
Looking at me with them snake eyes
You gonna see a couple die when I’m shooting craps
Tsunami’s looking shaky babyyyy!!!
Where’d you get that subtitle shit from Surf? Daddy pussy
Ya whole block done told you, you are my son! I should scold you
And you stealing will only make somebody like me pop this on you
Slow it down! I just dissed you!
I said you stealing will only make somebody like me, Pops, disown you
You see that’s the problem with this bum
He took S.O.N.S. whole shit and just evolved it into one
That’s why ya whole battle style is like father’s day
Cuz all ya presents you got it from a son
But he don’t even do it right ain’t nobody gonna fear him
It’s a good thing you put those rhymes in subtitles
Cuz nobody wanna hear ‘em
This nigga’s lying to this day acting like subtitles ain’t the same
That’s why he named himself Surf because he ridin’ a nigga wave
Slow it down and subtitles that shit is more than a slight stretch
You bit my style, you bit my bars, and now you getting ya mic checked
Nigga you scared of son/sun so we know you just like a vampire
We know it’s something you gon bite next (necks)
Nigga I light techs and im buckin em’
I ain’t staring hard when I say that I’m muggin him
Two pistols, silencers on when I’m dumping em’
I know you fear a Con (Farrakhan), that’s a lie (Allah)
If you think you could run (Quran) after I muzzle ’em (Muslim)
So Smack!
You gave me a nigga that chokes in cyphers when he spittin rhymes
How’s he supposed to be the Champ
And give me the Shoe when he can’t even Finish Lines?
Everything you rap is garbage you should get “elitified”
So before you do your rounds saying how you grip the 9
And you so real with them crippin lines
Remember in order for you to be on real nigga time
You first have to be a real nigga….TIME!

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

Look in my eyes Con I hope you can see that G in me
You right I wasn’t in Detroit with my shotgun
But I did have that D with me
But first off for me even taking this shit…. Nah I’m lying you deserve this
But I brought my lucky eagle guess who’s standing under the bird shit, no
I told Smack book Surf and Con for the competition
I write that perfect composition to sleep him in a calm position
Now what you trapping? Spikes? What you put work in? Louis?
Something leads me to believe you the Family Guy Stewie
But we in this bitch
I could feel that 40 liquor in both legs
And I ain’t got chasers after the shots
Fuck I need to put it in subtitles or something?
He with his bitch, I let that 40 lick her in both legs
So I don’t gotta chase her after the shots
Real recognize real I could see if he tough in his eyes
Nothing can save you from these things, nothing but God
This shit heavy, I gotta lift it up from the side
I give em all 5 like I’m getting up with the guys
Say something stupid, I wish you would nigga
We could go swing for swing if you could nigga
What you bout to say? Jersey lost the Nets, good nigga
The best shooters still in my hood nigga!
Come on, tell me how ya cigs burst
How you’ll get me from rounds dealt with two 9’s
About that big one shot pump that’ll fold like a futon
Before you get the frontin’ bout how you real and do time
This is nothing like Detroit, you can spare us with them Tsu lines
But you know what? I believe you would surf… in Frank’s Ocean
You some ol’ cat leather blouse type, unbutton with ya tank showing
I mean I could be hospitable and hospital you, get him a bed then
So even if you are a g, three will leave you laying in with red skin
O’ said what you think they gon find? I said whatever them cops can take
Suge said they all out of macs, I said whatever then cop the tech
Check, real rap, Smack said Con wanna rap im like, “why?”
I mean he’s Con but, but shit I’m I
And that’s blasphemy, but if the bread might hit my line
And y’all gonna watch me nail ya DOG backwards to a cross like GOD
You ain’t gotta ask where I’m from, Jersey bitch
And all those bullshit stories you probably got it from that Jersey bitch
Am I mad? Hell nah that’s Jersey shit
I took everything they ain’t ever gave Jersey shit
Lesson 1: you can’t be mad if bitches tell it happens a lot
I keep a heavy trigger finger so I clack ‘til it stop
And if I gotta let it go then I’m a clap ‘til he drop
POW! I felt like Kobe how word got back to the block after the shots
Pau, Kobe, Howard, back to block
You see my angle that 40 got a big nose, I introduce you to the triangle
They said you was a puncher you look more like a speed bag
Slow it down! I just dissed you!
Aye Goodz, that’s how you know a (son) Sun with the Lakers, Steve Nash
I mean I could have a bad impression of you, correct me if I speak wrong
Basically I ain’t got time for ya kid games, you wanna jump?
Go ahead and leap frog
And even if y’all did have that work in that kitchen, we cook better
Another sun, well welcome to the Twilight new moon
You fucking with some wolfs, Bella
A few dinero’s (De Niro) and the lil homies will treat him like a good fella
It’s about being great, the best, never taking shorts, it ain’t hard to ball
How the fuck they get in the club? Who cardin’ y’all?
And that nigga from St. Louis, I would pull his card an all (Cardinal)
But nah, we don’t mention lames
Cuz we were silencer subtweeting with them birds
Way before them twitter games
I mean ya friends look like tough guys
I would hope they wouldn’t let jump him man
See I wouldn’t even shoot him, just give ‘em that headbutt
They won’t ever lend another hand
Brother man, brother man you in some deep shit
Cuz I ain’t even done yet, peep this
Sittin’ in the bushes he don’t know he getting snaked on
Sawed-off Mossberg, K- Shine face on
X-Factor hat, no Big T, he getting staked on
Bunch of steel clackin’ like I’m tryna put weights on
Boom! You look like a different nigga from the one that I was tweeting
Actually you don’t even look like the type of nigga I‘d beef with
Seem pretty fresh, bitches like you, why would I wanna kill y’all?
Nah you that nigga I save like “yo, chill y’all!”
And so what if I’m whoopin’ ya ass, bitch! Fight back!
Other option a gun or run, but that nine will peel (appeal)
Like it’s trying to get it’s life back
Ask about me, I be roaming for the pasta
They’ll find you in an alley way moaning for the doctor
Pull up on him on the freeway stolen in a Honda
Long arms, Dhalsim, flippin over the divider
Fuck y’all waiting for that subtitle?
Long arms that’ll send him flippin’ over the divider!
Whats ya confession, Usher? That you not really a midget?
Well we Chris Brown bitches this could be ya last weekend
One push of a digit, this aint Love and Hip-Hop
I doubt that ‘K miss shells (K. Michelle) when it’s spittin’
But you? Trey Songz, he gon’ wish he never did it
Catch him coming down the stairs I tell the homie like Shhh! Shhh!
Think it’s a game till you are in the middle of the ch-ch!
See I’m way to advanced for these niggas and it hurt
Like that last bar for instance
You (U) are (R) in the middle of that “CH! CH!” that’s CHURCH!

[Round 2: Conceited]

How are you from Newark, New Jersey? The place that never been scared
But you rep Rollin 60’s, a Los Angeles gang and you’ve never been there
Alright, who created it? Who formed it?
When was it started? Who’s the 8 trey gangstas?
None of them questions he can answer neither
I bet if you if y’all ask him what is a hoover
He’ll probably tell you it’s a vacuum cleaner
But for some reason that’s the shit he gon’ stay claiming
Knowing damn well in jail you was Clay Aiken
Used to drop the soap on purpose to say he be gangbangin’
They was like look at Surf this dirty but pretty ass nigga
You came home Suge put you under his titties ass nigga
That really fat, you really black iffy ass niggas
Boy in the hood I heard Shotgun pop and killed you from the back
You ol ricky ass nigga
Now a lot of y’all is like, “C’mon Conceited stop the lying”
But it’s the truth
His name shows you that Raijon will always have Cox behind him
Nigga I’ll cock the iron and dump it, let a nigga test if I go to the chambers
Cases drop, now I’m a show him justice
I’m a make ‘em all rise when I squeeze it off you’ll leak for sure
You better bail if (Bailiff) I see jewelry (Jury) it’ll peel (Appeal)
I bang hammers like a judge and one try will (trial) get ya peoples caught (People’s Court)
I’ll let the heaters torch and send him to hell with blamers
I slide shells and hammers
And he can catch the steel (steal) like surveillance cameras
Now he has been in cells and slammers, you even held ya own nigga
Heard you got a couple strikes in the pen, you bold nigga
Nah if he got a couple strikes and a pin, you bowled nigga
Surf you not a loc nigga that’s why he’s fucking scared
It’ll go bad if you don’t put a lid on it like Tupperware
Nigga these clips I got is not for cutting hair
That hammer bang anywhere you at I’m buckin’ there (Buccaneer)
You better stop all that false crippin’ up in here
Soon as I see that flag I’m picking up that big nose like double dare
Now everybody open up ya ears and hear how the story go
For us to see you not poppin’ you ain’t gotta be on the Maury show
I open rounds just for the cream, that’s an Oreo
And that shit’ll put Cox (cocks) thru the wall like the glory hole
And if you with ya bitch you oughta tell ya shorty go
And you better leave bro (Libra) cuz I gotta tourist (Taurus)
And with this can, sir (Cancer)
I will cap a corn (Capricorn) and give ya whore a scope (Horoscope)
Now this shit must be all a joke
You got ten people at ya shows you call that touring?
You said you retired from this bullshit and now you back?
Okay, he think he Jordan…
Without me you wouldn’t sell nothing
You battled Big T and it was like ten people applauding
Well why couldn’t Raijon sell tix (Celtics) if he such a boss then (Boston)?
I walk in the house and let that 40 smoke him
If I catch him while he’s Home Alone
I let it clap on his face like Macaulay Culkin
Surf you jokin nigga, you ain’t Loc’in nigga
Only blue C’s you know about is that ocean nigga
Now Joe Budden, my nigga! At least that’s what I thought
But now he’s guilty on many accounts
This nigga be recording our phone conversations
Now you let a snitch stay in ya house? You should be ashamed no doubt
Why do you feel you have to be fam with a rat
Just because ya name is Mouse?
And this nigga wrote Surf all bars for this battle
That’s why BK stay killin ya’ll
I mean I beat the shit outta Ars’ and then Math did it
I would say I beat Joe Budden girl, but Fab did it
Damn right you heard me nigga so how could Surf murk me nigga?
When me and the NBA just showed y’all that
Brooklyn owns y’all Jersey niggas
But I do see the loyalty there, but it’s none of it in this faggot
In Cali you said Joe Budden is trash, an attention whore
And Jersey don’t fuckin need him
Then you said like no other, you and Ars’ are brothers
But then you turn ya back on him to Joe for a couple of features?
Well in the streets if ya brother don’t fuck with a nigga
You don’t fuck with him either!
Everything about you is questionable, ya loyalty
The gang you repped, what set you from
The big home Ray Swag set trips in front of you
But you show him extra love
My nigga Cortez disrespected a blue flag in front ya face
And took out a red one, but you ain’t get reckless, ‘cuz
It’s well known Hitman bang them big b’s
But when he’s around you stay getting thugged
So that shows he’s the one that’s really Manny Pacquiao
Cuz he always scared to test a blood
All that fake banging shit nigga you did enough
I put ya seed in the dirt see if it make a sun flower
Oh she like make-up?
Well this MAC could give her face some gun powder
Like get ya punk ass daddy from here, that nigga will get wet
No sunshower
I swear I snatch up Tsu’s young (Soo-Yung)
If he try to rush ours (Rush Hour)
I’m loading up them Parrots until my hand numb
And that shit will pop, pop without a grandson
Everything you say is make up, that’s Lancome
I’m the type to reach for the handgun
Cuz I be quick to get foul and buck it (bucket) like an And 1
Nigga name one hot bar he’s gotten off, I’ll wax him like a cotton swab
Y’all see him get served over the net like a volleyball
Flash them beads and I’m showing two cans like Mardi Gras
Them gats shoot, and they will cap Tsu (capsule) like Tylenol
Bullets are going into ya temple like the Taj Mahal
I lift pounds, spit rounds, Take Him Down, Chris Brown
You need to stop with that bitch sound
Cuz only a bitch will lock pick a door like “errrr”
Real nigga just shoot that shit down!
This nigga could never show his face in Detroit
Cuz Proof’s man they will melt ya, with cannons and hecklers
I swear they would cook you if they saw ya face on the glove
Like hamburger helper

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

I come at ya whole crew neck, I make you bitches look hood
I guess Joe Budden rubbed off, I make all you bitches look good
But pause, pause, timeout, timeout
You had ya dick, pause, on the back, pause, of another man’s head, pause
Which leads me to believe
You’ll get from the back in another man’s bed, pause
You had ya dick on the back of another man’s head
Which leads me to believe, pause
That you’ll get hit from the back in another man’s bed
Now aside from the bars for a second
I’m just trying to see where ya brain at
You over 21, not a cheerleader
And had ya legs wrapped around another grown man head
Explain that… you can’t, so don’t, that’s gay, who you fuckin’ kiddin’?
If ya naked face had a mustache I’d punch you in it
And fuck ya swag pussy we don’t do it for the mafuckin’ Louie hats
Cuz I been to a place where there ain’t no mafuckin’ Louie at
And those same OG’s that taught me never change when you winning
Said just cuz he look like he get it don’t mean that he got it
The ones that usually have it, you never really could spot it
And the ones that flash ain’t got enough
Or they dumb so they don’t hide it
Question, if all y’all money on ya outfit
Then what the fuck is in ya pockets?
Oh you cool cuz you dress for the awards? What you want an Oscar?
Let’s play swear to God, swear to God on ya mother
You wasn’t battling and working at Red Lobster?
Exactly, so I don’t wanna hear about how you spray and clap the Mags
But I just might believe you if you say you cracked the crab
These fans think everybody real and everybody giving out coffins
NOT! What these fans don’t know is
Reggie here is from Miami with the Dolphins
Tell em Reginald, don’t worry I’ll do it
I was getting ready for this lesson, I started stretching, started looking
Searched ya name on YouTube & notice
All ya battles ya hometown said Brooklyn
Now when I think of hometown I think… caught my first charge
Got my first pussy, bought my first tool there
Not ya family visit the city, you move in the summers or moved there
We trap, we hang, we bang
Skipped a few classes but safe to say we went to school there
Now I wonder which Brooklyn hood gon’ admit Con had his heat blowing
Where ya tool at? Where you went to school at?
Tilden, Wingate, Prospect Heights, James Madison, should I keep going?
Boys & Girl, Canarsie, Sheepshead Bay, Midwood
You ain’t from fucking New York
What’s wrong with Miami if you live good?
And you ain’t even from no fucking Miami, you from Pembroke Pines
That’s a twenty, thirty-minute drive!
What good is bars on top of bars if ya foundation is lies?
You went to Charles Flanagan High, Reginald, accept it
Real mans told me once ya card gets pulled ya hands is what you left with
You know nothing about what you rap about, that is not G
And that hater that told you about me, that is not me
Why you paying attention to a life that’s not free?
I don’t glorify shit cuz if I ain’t get them they’d a got me
You went to war with Bricks, Heartless and Fox, that ain’t real clever
Just like a Conceited bitch
Hang around a bunch of corny bitches to feel better
So I don’t wanna hear about how you spray and dump the heat
Cuz real niggas know you only as real as the company you keep
But this the nigga I’m supposed to fear?
Can’t even look over my shoulder clear
You look like a runner, lift ya chin up, hold it there
You mortal? Well if combat (Kombat)
I’m a let that scorpion scream “get over here!”
But you from Brooklyn right?
Well I got some niggas that’s notorious for work, they lil me’s
Y’all better pray he got Faith
Or Ciroc will invest Puffy enough he won’t feel these
Keep it movin, that’s Kim, one call and he will bleed
My lil crips off real shit
That could be a big (B.I.G.) death from them lil c’s (Lil Cease)

[Round 3: Conceited]

So you stole my subtitles from me Surf, is the name flip next?
You gonna move on?
See if I was you I woulda said I keep that tool on
And y’all a thought I was Kemba Walker
The way I keep shooting at you Con (U Conn)
But you not nice like that
Imagine Surf trying to clap them hammers when that fire ring
You ain’t getting up from the dirt you ain’t Captain Planet
If what I grip starts to Click like Adam Sandler
Then that pump can light up like a Jackal lantern
See now I know the sound of it is bad
But I also got a meter that’ll get you around like a cab
Go ahead try to run, you gon’ hear “Pow! Pow!” from the mag
See that’s that bull, I don’t know what you heard (herd)
If it’s beef this cattle (cat will) put the cal’ (cow) to ya calf
Now that I’m mad I’m ending this shit
Behind bars you could get ya mug-shot, that’s a criminal pic
Mr. Rajon Cox, you’re not really a Crip
You an actor you need to get in a flick
You don’t get props from the set, you need to stick to the script
Your life’s a movie theater, cinema clip
I said “ya life’s a movie, the 8 will send him a clip!”
I’ll put dick in ya bitch she got that awesome puss
I made her cream (Kareem) like Abdul-Jabbar
So when I scored it was off the hook
She was like “damn Conceited, thank you Pa”
Then I put my tip in her mug like a Thank You jar
I cannot believe this nigga wifed it, I take her to the military when I pipe it
I don’t know what he offers her (officer) but she’ll get the semen
If it’s about face I command her to get on a private
Now we all know I can dead him
And spit at him like a drill sergeant in a few minutes
Go in his pockets and General you getting capped in (Captain)
If it’s major loot in it (Major Lieutenant)
That 5 air you can die here (dye hair) like a beautician
And ya man can Die Hard too (2) like Bruce Willis
Nigga you don’t use triggers when you look for noise
Said he had the lion (lying) with the long nose like Pinocchio
You wouldn’t (wooden) boy
But you will get clapped good trying to act hood
Ayo fat Suge! It’s a wrap for ya bud like back woods
That’s how you know I’m a split his guts
He getting loud I mean is this what you really want?
Since he think he a OG we’d (weed) roll up,
Spark the clip and smoke you ‘roaches’ even if you get a ‘little blunt’
Now these niggas already know how we’ll give it up
See Suge is cool but I know real 60’s and this nigga’s not one
So if it’s beef after don’t worry, we’ll still get along Shotgun
Nah fuck that, I said “if it’s beef after we’ll still get a long shotgun!”
Fuck that fat faggot you a bitch too!
And just cuz ya little dog a bitch
Does not mean you the shit Tsu (Shih Tzu)
Now I’m a tell y’all the quick truth, somebody told me Surf has an STD
I swear that shit was news to even me
I got a bitch in Amboy New Jersey she has a little sister and she’s a teen
She said Surf went out with my best friend then tried to sleep with me
But after they had sex that girl was on fire like Alicia Keys
So I’m like damn, you trying to give everyone those diseases fam?
I heard you eat out the box like a slice of pizza, and…
He’s trying to have the whole Jersey burning like a Cleveland fan
Now I know that shit just got him mad
Isn’t it ironic? A Crip that got some crabs
Now why don’t you just be like Usher, tell us a Confession
You got caught up and you let it burn and you got it bad
Now I know that shit got him sad
Cuz after this why will any chick let him pipe still?
Y’all better watch out
This nigga will give you disease (this ease) faster than Nyquil
Now why did you deal with that same bitch
That gave K-Shine something in his mouth?
And you still went and get ya lick on
Asia? Tsu, she roll with crabs and you still ate her fish roll
I said Asia sushi roll with crabs and he still ate her fish roll
Now sit the fuck down pussy daddy’s got business to handle
Hey Thunder boy K.D.
This nigga talking shit on twitter his mind must be crazy gone
I swear I run into any crib he might even maybe own
And y’all will think I’m Tom Cruise
The way I’m dumpin’ (dumping in) K.D. homes’ (Katie Holmes)
I’ll ride at that house like Neverland Ranch
Surf bitch want me to wife her and get her band
But that’s never the chance
After she get blown out I’m deadin them plans
You’ll see her crying when she don’t get a ring like Kevin Durant
Get back over here pussy, daddy’s finished
You will not clack the blicker or use hecklers
If you did I would snap back caps on him like new era
He think I won’t til that steel will show (steal a show) like a bootlegger
Try to play boy (playboy) and I’ll put the jammies on him like Hugh Hefner
Nigga if you knew better, you’d do better
You got on green pockets for moving green partner?
If I see him with the Knicks
He’ll be napping on the spot like Rasheed Wallace
You damn right I squeeze llamas, but I won’t let the pound touch you
After you get the two techs
I’m bringing the subs out like they in foul trouble
But just imagine if I clap it, I blame ish (blemish), now think of Proactiv
Or I could make it clear as hell (Clearsil) this black head better break out
Cuz this boy will pop, that’s it (that zit)
Get it, that’s it, that zit, scratch it
The way my bars over head I should be in gymnastics
If I pack it, let that glock explode you’ll think he has a foot problem
I’ll make sure the cal is on his corn & the hammers’ll take out ya soul/sole
You’ll see defeat (the feet) and he’ll (heel) be in pain until a doctor shows
Yeah I lock and load hollows and the .38, that heat will dead you
I’m just like a waiter; soon as I show him the special he’ll see a menu
Slow it down! I just dissed you!
I said “soon as I show him the special we’ll see him IN you”
Slow it down some more!
I said “soon as I show him the special we’ll see ‘em END you”
Slow it down once more!
“I’ll show him the special we’ll see him AND you!”
I swear that shit will get mad real
When you see these caps peel they ain’t Advils
I swear you see these caps fill
When you see these caps peel they ain’t Advil’s
It can be 10 of you niggas, I clap steel
And still clap at all ten I see (Tennessee) like Nashville
Surf, you fucking with that white girl that must be jungle fever
You softer with Nicks than Cousin Skeeter
Nigga you could be a block away, 100 meters
And I’ll still buck it/bucket from far like a buzzer beater
So you need to stop stealing my style with all that chit chat
I’m feeling like OJ Simpson
I had to put him behind bars to get my own shit back, HAANNN!!!!

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

We gon call this one a doobie, that’s a wrap for you bitches
I can swear on my daughter I never burned a chick
But I could swear on my mother I clapped a few bitches
Like everything you say is for laughs
First you said I had a burning chick then you said I had crabs
But anyways, they usually say I’m known for my seconds
In a minute our confrontation will be done, yo bring that hearse round!
Y’all gassed cuz he slowing down lines?
Nigga you could slow my whole verse down!
I can’t front this lil corny act killin me
A big mac and two nines, I could order that literally
Throwing bullets like it’s my job I know the quarterbacks feeling me
These two nines start flipping shit around the room,
I call these a pair of normal activities (Paranormal Activity)
You said you had a gun, Sean Bradley size, pipe down!
I only hit his head and shoulders, he’ll get skyped down!
Catch him close range then his stomachs shot right now
After five I leave a staples center, Mike Brown
Lil niggas like you where I’m from, get hemmed up
He battled Tall T and said he’ll pass the glock to fox…..
Let me get a little closer, y’all hear me know? Good
You get more than clothes if I gotta put these hand me’s down
All wreck to his crib, I don’t care if his mom there campin’ outside
I wonder if she got the new Lebron’s there
One address and them goonies gonna bomb there
I tell em let that fif’ nickel her cage (Nicholas Cage)
But it’s face off if Con there
Speaking of ya mother, what that bitch was sniffing when she had you?
It must be grams, I’m Jonesin to snatch them Juelz, I must be Cam
I ain’t strapped, but my homie is and must he blam?
They gon find you con (U-Conn) on a shirt shoutout to husky fans
This nigga high as a kite thinking he could pass me
I guess Drake ain’t the only one high off the grass, see (Degrassi)
Got malt liquor for soft niggas that’s a 40 and start pouring on you
And with all them tats you should be used to niggas drawing on you
I mean the last dude was kinda cool but his swag lame
Painted a cool picture with a bad frame
I really said no, all the way until the cash came
Judge screamed, “why’d you shoot Brix?” I respond, “I had a bad game”
These next few bars just something that I gotta do
Cuz a lot of these fake niggas would never bother to
Shine, Ill, X, T, D, wins debatable, body’s I got a few
But one thing they all had is why I never bothered you
Heartless gave you breath, QP fathered you
I’m sick and fuckin tired of these so called leader cats
You really not nice, ya image is why you lead ya pack
I mean lets be real who else would you run behind? Brixx? Fox?
That’s fucking buffoonery, this bullshit stops
You on a team with Brix and Fox!
Half theses niggas laughing and half these niggas lost
He half the human height so I pay half to get him off
I seen his shoes, his pants, his shirt
What you wanna get interviewed for Smack?
Oh, y’all waiting for that subtitle
I seen his shoes, his pants, his shirt, he got interviewed and SMACKED!

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