T-Rex vs. Dizaster [Lyrics]

[Round 1: T-Rex]

Grown man bars, something he gotta deal
No matter how many of these fabricated lines he bout to say
It ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
A lot of niggas got respect for Dizaster, I feel “fuck you!”
Now play any of that tough guy shit, it’s in my contract to chill
But Dan Barz is gon touch you
You use ya height to tower over smaller opponents
You could do that to me, yeah, that’s cool
But just tell me how does it feel to look down
On a nigga that you look up to?
You see them punchlines and facial expressions, I started that
’02, ’03 that was me, where y’all was at?
When Smack was building his brand, I was the biggest part of that
He brought you here to die, you gon finish where it started at
You see me and my niggas don’t play right
We’ll kill him and his broad in broad daylight
With the mask on, you won’t know if it’s T-Rex or Daylyt
I think I said that wrong, I said it wrong
Me and my niggas don’t play right
We’ll kill him and his broad in broad daylight
And make ‘em strip naked on stage, Daylyt!
So when that toaster bang, he’ll be laying in an open grave
Or his respirator will be looking like pro tools before the vocals laid
Fuck them bullshit blogs
Ask anybody in New York City about my brother pop shit
Them niggas they say be ass slapping be gat clapping
Whole bunch of guns his bag, he call it back packing
This nigga will swing on me? Soon as that happen
He’ll catch bullets with his teeth, Last Dragon
This man bad or damn fast I slow ‘em up
He stunt, I’m like a hoe on the side the way I broke ‘em up
The 9 meter like tight sneakers, I’ll choke ‘em up
That can fly, soon as I land mine he blowing up
I grip the ba-retta, it’ll rip his whole head off
That 44’s as long as a Chilla Jones setup
My niggas don’t let up so his crib getting wet up
We put silencers on guns for the niggas that won’t shutup
Grown man bars, I speak reality rap
Cuz it ain’t a place in this world it ain’t reality at
So fuck right now, I’ma wait to get him after he rap
Just know that he gon get these bucks anyway it’s like a salary cap
I said that long, I mean for real I speak reality rap
Cuz it ain’t a place in this world where ain’t reality at
So if he run I’ll hit ‘em in the back with the mac
Or play Dr. Suess and I’ll shoot that cat in the hat
He talking fast, I off his ass, he get coffined, bagged
Body parts in different jars and his organs tagged
Niggas die from a leg shot when that 40 blast
The way them bullets travel you’ll think they got a boarding pass
I promise I’ll have all these niggas here dead with you
Street rules, wheelchair you, I can’t stand you
So keep them cans near you, this is food for thought
You better break-fast once that arm lit (omelet)
We’ll get your eggs scrambled
I’m coming to get you nigga it’s just me, I’m on Diz street
With this heat, yelling out “this beef!” Diz creep, I make Diz sleep
Hit ‘em with this heat
Think it’s a cartoon til you find a bullet in Diz knee (Disney)
Listen here, that clip appear, he finish, yeah
This URL, he’s trespassing, he got no business here!
This pussy is made to get wet just like swimming gear
I wait til Diz appear, cock it and make him disappear
I mean nobody wanna hear about this and that
And I’ll aim this at that and a coffin you’ll put Diz in that
Nigga these is grown man bars, no gimmick raps
You’ll never win this match
You come here with that Dennis The Menace act
My job is getting work from papi, y’all
Selling grams to whoever as long as it ain’t no cops involved
So me ever being a nurse, knock it off!
But honestly I wish I was cuz it would be easier for me
To get the prescription so I can knock them percs and them oxy’s off
Ask about me, I used to move that raw
You know Dwyane Wade’s sister, you sniff her you in a different world
And I never sat on no work, I used to move it all
Yo Dan I’m the man, I even sold Polly-grams, true or false?
What you think? These niggas think I’m not a proud father?
Like I wouldn’t love to have a source of income
It’s just the fact that the grams is 40
I got it for 38 and all the hustler’s is trying to get some
Every day I wake up and say “a job I’m gonna get one”
Cuz I learned you gotta think outside the box
When you trying to put a nigga in one
Kill that shit you talking in ya rap
That only have you laying in that coffin on ya back
With the forensics examining a portion of his hat
Cuz that hammer that I clap is like the president it’s a 44 and it’s black Speaking of Obama
He probably got mad when he was reelected and threw a punch
Couldn’t handle it the next day at work and was throwing up his lunch
Well Bin Laden was the last Arab nigga that played tough
And he got killed by the US and US is getting killed by US
Nobody wanna hear about that shit ya dudes do
All that gangsta shit you be talking bout on the YouTube
You’ll wake up by the doc in a machine goin “Oop! Oop!”
With ya head wrapped, since you Arab that’s something that you used to
Just cuz this nigga language sound like *spit* that don’t mean spit
That mag will break him in half like when the screen’s split
Mask and a knife like it’s a scene out a Scream flick
With blood all over the place like it’s a (?) print
Ya crew ain’t nothing like ya killer guys
To be real Diz you wouldn’t be a star in Jack Thriller eyes
See I’m leaving with this nigga dead
It’s only round one, but THIS NIGGA DEAD!

[Round 1: Dizaster]

They brought the best out from the west out
And y’all better be glad that I’m happy today
Cuz y’all don’t wanna see that terrorist get let out
Cuz if I snap on this stage and I decide to start airing tech outs
Y’all will be like Marge Simpson
Cuz faces turn yellow, tops get blue (blew)
And everybody in here (hair) get’s stretched out
They told me to go over on Smack good just be true to who you just are
Don’t go over there with some multi’s that are subpar
And that’s exactly why I showed up here with nothing but gun bars
I showed up to NY to cause nothing but a show riot
Brand new glock in a box, I’m like a manager at Sea World
If that’s Seal’s broken I won’t buy it
Bottle of water on stage, I’ll set the four by it
Suppressor on the nose so when it explodes, it’s so quiet
Have you ever seen a 500 from close range? Guaranteed you won’t try it
Shit’ll have you losing weight outta nowhere, I call it that Norbes diet
First of all, fuck Rex! I came out to Smack so I can stack bread
I’m like an animal shelter I’m making sure all them cats in my staff fed
Look, if me and you scrap, Dan, I don’t even need to clap lead
I got these two fist I nicknamed Bobby and Whitney
Cuz when they get together they crack heads!
Look, Rex, second of all, I roll with real gang bangers Rex
There ain’t no denying, them killers riding with me, they stay on my side
When the .380’s are flying, you’ll be like Whitney Houston
Cuz in real life that bodyguard can’t save you from dying
But you already died before
O-Red already punched your face around like a bobble head
He sent you back to Harlem with ya head chopped off
Missing both ya arms and legs it’s like Valentine’s Day
The way you got put in a box with Red
I’m thinking if you here in one piece you a zombie
And this must be an episode of The Walking Dead
But hey, that’s why I have so much hate for him
Cuz he never dies, no matter how much the world see’s the fake in ‘em
It’s like Rex is this cat that has 9 lives that are saving him
But this gon be easy here cuz O-Red already done kilt like 8 of em
You wanna be a gangsta then let’s pop your cherry
Oh you think I’m a fruit for saying that
Well you’ll get your body buried (berry)
I’ll beat this pussy up like the bulldog from Tom & Jerry
Ya whole squad is scary, y’all ain’t ready for the type of glocks we carry
I’ll have so many can’s at the back of the car
The license plate will read “we just got married”
So if it’s beef between us, I’m staying two steps ahead of time
Soon as I get that phone call
I’m opening up my Men In Black weapon shrine
That long magazine’s the extended kind, that steel clappin
Two twin baretta nines, I’m like Phil Jackson
Before I stop I’ma let it ring at least like 11 times
In front of these rhymers I’m the livest one
And you can never take away from the many things that I have done
So whether I choose to kill you with the knife or gun
I fire once, you try to run, then all you hear is sirens
The paramedics and fire fighters come
And put a blanket over your fucking head like Michael’s son
And then they will put a blanket over your head, like Michael, SON!
Rex don’t think cuz I rapped on GrindTime that I ain’t with that drama
I’m a Arab, I’ll show up to ya crib with that llama
I mean I’m a Arab, I’ll show up to ya crib with that llama
I’ll kill ya little ass sister and ya little ass momma
And before I leave I set up a boobie trap for ya bitch ass father
That shit will look like the 3rd round between Ayeverb and Hitman Holla

[Round 2: T-Rex]

Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them fabricated lines he just said
It ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
Dizaster, “I’ma bring fragments of tear gas til he collapse
And his wheel crash and he laying somewhere dead on his Acura air bag”
Face ass nigga!
You think all of these street niggas wanna actually hear that?
Hell no, so fuck it let’s get back to this real rap
Ya mans front they get blammed up, my camp tough
A nigga die an ugly death for thinking he handsome
Die an ugly death cuz these bullets he getting handed some
Headshot blocking his face, I give his hand some
This real shit, I’m not y’all, I be done shot y’all
Me, I let it ring in private, I’m like a blocked call
Me, I let it ring in private soon as my block call
He’ll be the one that get picked soon as that block call
Dot Mob, my gang a problem
I’ll rather be in the can like Alpo than be labeled like ‘em
Dizaster, I kill everybody that hang around ‘em
I’m ready to shoot a cab driver every time I think about ‘em
He gon snitch on who? I’m spraying heat
He’ll find a nigga hand in the mail before he finger me
I don’t play fair, I’m at the daycare, take his niece
Once he wanna bang with me, fuck burgers, it’s angus beef
That lead will clap, his head will crack, I bet him that
His heart will work, he’ll be a veggie like a lettuce wrap
It’s on sight wherever I catch him at
He in that coffin so relaxed, cuz his feet is up and his head is back
Y’all know my lil brother, I done brought up Shine since a pup
That just proves to y’all that I knew how to raise the K since I was young
We got gats on our waist, razors on our tongues
Tell me what you would do if you was raised up in the slums
Act crazy if you want, you’ll be bleeding like a baby in ya gut
When a slug from a .380 is in ya lungs, chump
No joke, that fo’ smoke like cigarettes, light it all day
I don’t ever give that cig a rest, slugs like hard surgery
It’ll split his chest, this summer I make all them (autumn) fall
My guns winter fresh
Ruger cocked, move a notch, you’ll be shot
Barrel on that 44 smoking like a hookah spot
Ill with that steel, I could show y’all how to use the glock
Shooters is like Dashiki they don’t know who to pop
I’m being real, I can’t stand y’all
We could start hitting back and forth like hand ball
Bullets going inside this pussy like a tampon
He fucking with a Dot Mob gorilla city landlord
I promise if I’m near (nair) everything that I hear (hair) gone
He one of them niggas that act real when he drunk
And then wake up laying on the spare wheel in the trunk
Or he’ll be bleeding cuz there’s some steel in his guts
When I get scared I spray til a nigga stink, I live like a skunk
I’m bout my bread, shotty coming out the leg
I could wet him from all angles like a showerhead
Sister, cousin, momma dead
They’ll be taking him out a hole to put him back in a hole
On some Osama shit
My Dot Mob niggas looked at me and said “c’mon Rex,
You one of the legends that never retired
They should be treating you like a God Rex
I promise, one of these niggas play we gon leave ‘em all stretched
I bet you they gon feel ya wrath without the long neck”
I’m telling you dog when hammers get drawn
He’ll be sprayed everywhere like a tanning salon
With that fif’ I get an assist when I’m handing it off
Cuz he’ll get a shot in the head when the hammers come off
This nigga Dizaster really feel like he tough right?
Niggas like him never ever lived that tough life
You see I’m going with this nigga head
Y’all already know my slogan, “THIS NIGGA DEAD!”
But I ain’t saying it in that way, I mean that D’s nigga’s dead
Whenever I tell them nigga’s that the D’s nigga’s dead
Fuck it, we on our grind, he want it? We know it’s crime
Vest on, 38 special and the whole 9
I’ma empty the 38 special then the whole 9
Caught ‘em from two ways, entry wounds, both sides
Me, I usually keep the clip on, I’m like a bow tie
Anybody fuck wit that dust, I got that work 5
I party on top of that water, I’m like a boat ride
See I’m leaving with this nigga head, I mean it this time

[Round 2: Dizaster]

This kid frickin sucks!
With his homies on the side always screamin “ZIP EM UP!”
You’re right, you are mad at taxi drivers
Cuz everytime he try to hail one at Times Square
My uncle never stops to pick you up
And even though I am the cab driver, he still couldn’t see me coming
I’m coming up the block, oh he gonna see me gunning
Which makes sense, I’m a taxi driver cuz I have this nina
You been dying to meet and you gon meet her (meter) running
So don’t try to front on nobody, Rex don’t try to front on nobody
Like you really buck with the shotty, you fat boy, clumsy and sloppy
You pudgy and floppy, Rex you so chubby that ya stomach look like
You got Buffie The Body’s butt stuck to the fucking front of your body
All you do is talk and babble, look I hate to say this Rex, pause
But you remind me of anal sex, pause
You ain’t nothing but a cocky asshole
You talk a lot of talk, but you ain’t ready for squabbling Rambo
These fist are something that ya arms can’t handle
I’ll break ya jaw, I’ll knock off enamel
So you better bring them cigs with you
Cuz that’s the only way you gonna box this camel
You not a dinosaur you march with cattle
I watched the discovery, you the softest mammal that’s on the channel
A Randy often known for living in it’s partners shadow
I’ll body you, I don’t even have to pull out my biggest box of ammo
Cuz you friends with Nuborn and Real Life
That already means that you lost this battle
Rex, we all know you a pussy, why you always acting so damn hard?
How you gon show anybody grown man bars
When you look like a fat woman, a little black Roseanne Barr
How you been to war when you clearly don’t have scars?
Plus you a T-Rex, we already know you have short ass arms
Look at life you ain’t gon go that far
And if you ever make it to the top of the mountain
Well that’s cuz you and Mook the new brokeback stars
He put ya careers in line where ya goals at
Had ya whole road map like he had you in a low jack car
You said for Mook in the streets you would go Conan hard
Until Math pulled both of ya fucking hoe ass cards
Left him with a skull crack and a torn back scar
And you still didn’t respond back
You like Kano’s victim’s from Mortal Kombat, you just don’t have heart
Oh yeah, that shit hard…
You said for Mook and Shine, this is one of your stupid lines, listen
You said for Mook and Shine you would run up and you’d use the 9
Well when Math did that shit you ain’t do shit
What you waiting for it to happen like 2 more times (x)?
That’s how I know that you ain’t cool
That’s how I know that you ain’t true
You always screaming you ain’t a pussy and you ain’t Mook
But if he always ride with you and he on the side with you
Then what does that make you, see you ain’t a loyal dude
Stop saying loyalty, you ride on ya own
Stop punching ya homies on the side
You probably getting violent and you hurting his bones, leave ‘em alone
You ain’t about loyalty, you ride on ya own
He got like 20 non Dot Mob cockroaches all stuffed up inside of his home
Tay Roc on the side starving like
“I’m trying to eat Rex man, toss a brother a dinosaur bone”
Stop screaming loyalty over this rap shit
You only want the lime light so you can shine on ya own
Now that I think about it, it makes sense for you signing with Combs
Cuz soon as ya shit go pop in the club
You’ll probably leave Shine/Shyne on his own
You wanted the spotlight, that’s what the spotlight gets you
Carbines and glock 9 pistols, assault rifles
Large mines and all type missiles
I’ll have it to where it lookin like bullets the size of Klondike’s hit you
But I ain’t gotta pop you
I’m the type of guy that’ll start a random bar fight with you
Act like I’ma spar, then pull out a sharp nice ginsu
You throw a strong right, I dodge it, carve right into ya heart
Make a sharp right, twist it around and break it off right in you
Ya mans wanna adlib, they can all die with you
Ya hogtied and tossed right into the back of a small size Hyundai rental
You try to branch out the trunk, I’ll bonzai trim you
That laser beam on the glock is so red when it hit you
I let you see the dot on ya forehead like a cross eyed Hindu
Listen Rex, you too little to be screaming out demands
When I’m squeezing out the cans things get heated out the pan
Like an ice cream truck, all you see is arms reaching out the van
I’ll fire off once, you’ll be peeing out your pants
I’m a real Hitman, I delete you out my plans
Which means I pull a nina out and blam
And you gon hurl/Earl everywhere and leave without ya hands!

[Round 3: T-Rex]

Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of these fabricated lines he says again
It ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
I wanna start this off like shoutouts to Daylyt
The Dot, the Loc, my nigga, the strap
You and him was in a group together
Way before any of us even known he could rap
You told him to switch up his style, he rhyme like he on Smack
Look around you dumb mafucka where you think that you at?
That wasn’t real love, what you was showing him’s wack
He joined Dot Mob and now he battle all over the map
Call from all types of leagues that been throwing him stacks
And you ain’t help ya man with nothing, you was just holding him back
And I helped him do his motherfucking thing
Call and ask him, I never asked him for a motherfucking thing
And you grew up with him, ain’t that a motherfucking shame
How a nigga you think’s ya nigga could motherfuckin change
And I ain’t do none of that for crowd reaction
That was to fuck up his life
It’s crazy what he just did to Day, I just brought to the light
You see I’m from that block that let that lead clap
It’s on sight, his bitch should’ve thought before she said that
I shoot her, I Badu her, I get her head wrapped
Cocoon her, this cat will peel (caterpillar) motherfuckin head back
He dead Smack, he run, hit his ankle, til his legs snap
I’ma make sure he fry, Day (Friday) where Craig at?
If he live he gon take a hospital bed nap
Or it’s gon look like they took his head out a bear trap
All of these new niggas that battle is fucking weak
Ask Smack, I’m from that era where we had no preparation
And we battled in the middle of the street
Where a fight could’ve broke out and you was grippin on ya heat
And if you said something personal you’ll be picking up ya teeth
Let me ask y’all something, this shit don’t seem kinda odd?
URL had to be the biggest battle league by far
Every time they throw an event, shit usually go fine
But soon as the event is a disaster is when they had Dizaster on the card
What? You thought you was gon spit that shit and be strong here?
Naw queer, you trespassing, you don’t belong here!
When I think about Dizaster, I don’t think about a nigga like that
I think about my brothers coming home from jail
And the PO’s sending him back
Or a baby dying in a flood cuz a ceiling collapsed
It seems like more of a disaster just hearing you rap
What? You thought you was gonna spit that shit and be strong here?
Naw queer, you trespassing, you don’t belong here!
When I think about a disaster
I think about a nigga outside a movie theater, car loaded with guns
Dropping tear gas, when you come out he start popping shit up
Or tragic death you gotta explain to a mom’s about her son
“Instead they just bring a nigga that just rambling
And screaming at the top of his lungs”
What? You thought you was gonna spit that shit and be strong here?
Naw queer, you trespassing, you don’t belong here
Y’all heard of Sandy? Well I’m her brother Randy, I’m a lil badder
I cut niggas lights out and leave em wet
I bring disasters to Dizaster, my life is full of disasters too
I show you what I’m about like I work at that same petting zoo he went to
And brung them llamas out, soon as he talking when I see him
I let him fly out
His block will be just like a tsunami the way I wipe it out
What? Y’all thought he was gon spit that shit and be strong here?
Naw queer, you trespassing, you don’t belong here!
Niggas told me that Dizaster wanna fight, I said let him try
He gon be warned by this type of reign (rain) from a weather guy
I’m talking bout 9 11’s or 11 9’s
Niggas running plane/plain in his building and start to let ‘em fly
Put him in that Bronx hospital, he should feel right home at Lebanon
What? He thought he was gon spit that shit and be strong here?
Naw queer, you trespassing, you don’t belong here!
When you was getting kilt by Arcane, we saw it all over your face
Cuz them dumb freestyles and that paper work ain’t equal up
And you had nothing to say
It seemed like you wanted to fight, but it won’t be safe to try it today
That just show us that ya career is like a stopped up toilet
You start to overflow when shit ain’t going ya way
Stop and chill, you not that ill, you’ll be shot and killed
Better boogie man before I show ‘em how a monster feel
I’m for real, think I’m a joke, I go upside his grill
I feed him the biscuit first like a Red Lobster meal
My bitch bumped into him
She said it was a few questions that Diz asked her
I said “if it was anything disrespectful baby I swear it’s gon be a disaster”
I’m gon go get him then get his kids after
I be sending niggas to his crib like a dispatcher
Soon as he run, we’ll tie him up, bitch slap him
He can’t run cuz I put cheese on him like a Ritz cracker
You know I’m with Webb so he try to violate me
Then I’m coming with lead, no punchlines or metaphors
I’m coming with lead
He can’t hide I’m like the boogie man, I’m under his bed
Get ya pistol, I send niggas to hit you
This fif’ got length, these niggas could die with (width) you
I’m a blast from the past, I’m official
Me, I blast then past, get the assist too
He violate I bring some suits to his block
That move in suit to leave his suit in a box
My crew is the Dot’s, we never have to go to the car to get them ratchets
We shoot on the spot
I said I’m leaving with this nigga head
Deep down inside he already know it

[Round 3: Dizaster]

Yo Mook, why you tellin em they need rain coats right now?
Why you acting like such a faggot dude?
So I’m spittin’ up here, but y’all already know, that’s what camels do
Aye, but hey look Rex, look Rex, you little pussy
You talked about the Arcane shit, y’all remember the Arcane shit?
I went to King Of The Dot, they got me for that thang
I was trying to get that necklace back
Cuz I was exposing a fraudulent Arcane
But now that it happened, me and you got something in common
That’s the same cuz, we both got robbed for our Dot chains
You supposed to be fuckin confident right now, why you twitchin’?
You supposed to be this tall ferocious carnivorous Dinosaur
That grew up in a Harlem forest
But what you showed us against Puffy
That you would suck his dick for as long Ciroc endorses
He gave him that long range top notch performance
Porn star blowjob before us
The way you gave Puffy that long neck, you ain’t a T-Rex
You a fucking Brontosaurus!
He ain’t a Bad Boy that’s just his fucking disguise
This mafuckers his heart’s softer than Carl Thomas
So if he a bad boy, he just one of those guys
Black don’t Rob people, he just suck Puffy neck for the prize
Staring at Aye Verb then at the balcony up at the sky
It looked like you got Mased in the face
Cuz you was hella lookin Puffy in the eyes
You be riding his dick, riding Diddy, he right back to his spot
Diddy was like “try having this shot of this pineapple Ciroc”
And Rex was like “Nah, I don’t want that”
He’s like “what? I supplied that from the cock”
And he was like “mmm matter fact, I actually like that a lot”
Yo c’mon Diddy, fuck it y’all getting mad now, I switch it up
Cuz I’m on fucking Smack now
I’ma fucking go crazy cuz I’m finally on Smack now
And if he got a problem with it, Rex gon get Smacked down
This mafucker’s talking about his lil homie’s 40 Glocc
But if I talk about shit I own that’s long metal arms like RoboCop
When we go to war, that’s like Covert Ops, I’m loading up like 40 shots
And a fully automatic M4 with a customized fold in stock
I’m showing up to ya local spot
And I’m turning it to a massacre at a donut shop
When I get to clappin’ so many New Yorker cops
It’ll look like I’m trying to take Christopher Donors spot
You guys think I would give a fuck if you booed
Y’all already knew I won’t stutter
Why would I feel bad? This crowd is so fucking crazy
They’d probably boo their own mother, shit, but I’ma snap back
You jacked the formula me and DNA was doing
You saw we was on the internet, that’s how we gathered hype
Cuz we was getting mad views, we was living an active battle rappin life
It’s fucking funny how you started to book planes
And started to travel flights
All it took was that one round from DNA
That’s how you got back ya strikes
This is like the beginning of Jurassic Park
Cuz all you needed was a little bit of DNA to bring this T-Rex back to life
Ya man K-Shine hermaphrodites, he be acting like
He don’t be pullin up at the traffic light hollerin’ at the trannies like
Eddie Murphy, bitch hurry up and hop on the back of this bike
And you know that shit’s true rappin’ cuz Mook’s laughing
Is that you rappin? That’s ya crew snapping
Oh, I don’t wanna get back at you dog
Cuz you lookin at me like some type of bitch
I heard about that shit, you outside of Queen Of The Ring
Fighting like a chick, ya man got the footage of it online and it exists
He was lifting up his shirt, he was biting him on his tits
Bite on his neck, bite on his head, bite on his leg, bite on his…
And I know y’all thinking
Because I’m dissing Sean now it doesn’t apply to Rex
And it’s on that irrelevant rhyming tip
But I only did that to show y’all
That it don’t matter how many grown man bars or real lines you spit
You only as real as the motherfuckers you rhyming with
They told me watch out for K-Shine cuz he’s a dick rider
So I went and looked him up online and that tranny shit popped up
And I was like “holy crap these guys weren’t jokin he’s a dick rider”
I’m over here lookin’ like I just had a shower
Of course y’all gon be snappin I mean we been standing here for hours
We gotta do this, we gotta get it off now
Fuck you, you lookin at me like you ain’t know that you lost now
Fuck you, put ya bottle of water down
Or that empty cup that drop now will find some change
I’ll throw it in ya cup at ya bum ass now, it’s over now
I’m the extinction level event that be killin these raptors
History repeats itself, we just living it backwards
I ain’t gotta pull out the next sentence for me to finish the answer
All you gotta do is flip thru the history book, flip thru the chapters
And you see that T-Rex gets killed by Dizaster

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