Daylyt vs. CT [Lyrics]

[Round 1: CT]
Now before we match wits
And I tell you how I’ma make you eat mad clips
I did feel it was only right that I did something out the ordinary
And got on my ski mask shit
But then this morning I get a inbox with a link that said Daylyt vs LottaZay
Opened it up, looked at it and saw that he did that shit
So I said fuck it, fuck getting mad pissed, that shit is past tense
See I’ma keep it 100, I was heated, past tense
Steaming like I should’ve never opened that link
And watched that fag shit
So for that you getting bagged, dragged, trashed, zipped
Then I’ma slide off in my straight drop bitch, that’s a fast whip
See I’m out the window, you on the inside looking out
No, I said I’m out to win dough and gon have yo insides lookin’ out
From the outside lookin’ in I see yo insides lookin’ out
Wanna come outside
But I’m inside letting it ride while my inside lookin’ out
I know some real Crips out in Cali Day
That’ll catch you in that alleyway and off the top spit 16 at you
But ain’t any one of ‘em trying to battle Day
They just trying to cook up beef
And by that I mean let that ‘matic spray and catch ‘em broad day
And make a movie out of them clips, now that’s a Matinee
I will give you Bucks like it’s dollar day
When it’s beef it’s a wrap and my nigga’s is presents
Which means it’ll be a box with your name on it
Like it’s Christmas soon as I holla Day (Holiday)
Yeah, that same strange theory
When I aim, that flame flare and you’ll catch shots
And everybody knows that, everybody’s nose get red dots
When I make it rain-deer, I came here to catch a fucking body
Win, lose or draw I came here to catch a fucking body
Win lose, I draw, and you’s a fraud
So keep it cool and fresh like a Cuban cigar
Right jab or the Kareem hook with rap I’m  Abdul-Jabar
You be talking all that tough shit and you being an old bitch, you worried?
Let me speed it up, I said talking all that tough shit
And you’ll be in a obituary
Being passed out to the church by a missionary
And you won’t have to guess what I’m drawing, this ain’t Pictionary

[Round 1: Daylyt]

You might as well call me Moses, see (SEA) I’m bout to part this nigga
No part two nigga but this where my sequels kill
Look what I brought you nigga, no part two nigga, you about to see quills kill
Quilly off nigga, my quilly off niggas at ya neck
But it TIES into a SUITable opportunity
We gon watch ‘em h(all) pass, I see you in the spot for truancy
That shit went over the head, hair shine
Plain (plane) and simple shit go over the head, Air lines
Burner keep on smoking, no dare time
Will he (WHEELIE) win around? Pshh, I’m a FLAT him on my SPARE time
Bare nines, alright when bare arms hit you get ripped
Some say it feel like bear arms hit you
Bare on me, so no fade
Souls will be everywhere it look like the Mario boat stage
Yeah the static’s heating up, just throw in the dryer sheets
Seven days will (wheel) make y’all re-TIRE weak/week
What I’m asking is them street fighters is dying sleep
No wrassling but when I’m blasting the iron, sheets (The Iron Sheik) everywhere
Suits on, I feel like the tires tree, I wish a nigga would/wood
I would leave you in that pond deep
Find heat, on my street we fire heat, I’m notorious
For killing niggas so say bye (BI), G
Mind ya BI, G, small niggas always wanna DIDDY bop
Feel like they go to win (twin) till I tower over ‘em, get ya Cityy tropped
He get hit with the .9 / -11, don’t call 911, just rebuild him
They ask for the paramedics, why?
When the pair of ‘matics is what kilt him
Speaking of kilt, take that skirt off nigga, I got this one
Y’all know the slogan, ya win some and ya lose some

[Round 2: CT]

That tat on ya face bro, got you lookin’ like a fucking clown
So you for sure the type of nigga I wouldn’t do any type of business with
But see the jokes ain’t even my aim y’all
Well he made the funniest one when he walked in this bitch
Peep, my lil bro P Cannon said this and I quote
That metal to the back of ya scalp like I’m trying to fade you nigga
And that’s true facts, but if dude act with that rude act
I’ll put that metal to his face like I’m trying to give him a new tat
But see peep, I been getting hate mail from everybody
Saying Tizzle gon die today, get it, Tizzle gon die today
In the mind they must think I’ma a play
So today I would say fuck you and that coward Day
That cal will spray, devour Day, and hit 60 men, that’s an hour Day
Maybe that was kinda wack, so how’s this
You from Cali right?
Well I’m from the Mil where bullets rain and they shower caps
And niggas ride around with power straps
So big it should come with a power pack and
Either inhaling that Kush or that Sour packing, we don’t wait in line
See I spit nothing but crack, that’s weight in line
See one hit will put him to sleep, that’s a power nap
So I won’t be talking about saving time when I push Daylyt an hour back
Most niggas in my shoes coming up
Would’ve heard his name and froze up
But see me, I don’t honor that
Blow hit my jack, said you got Daylyt
What I say bro? I’ll be there in an hour flat
My niggas hit me like, “Tizzle, all you have to do is make it debatable”
I’m like, “fuck that, I’m winning”
Cuz why the fuck would I brag about all these bars I got
Then scared to take my own shot when it’s given
But peep, I know some niggas that’ll come and get you right away
Creep right in ya crib, give a fuck if it’s night or Day
But I tell ‘em go at night for Day
Just creep in, if his wife up, put her right back to sleep with that chopper
What reason? She was wide awake
Then you creep upstairs and see if it’s any sight of Day
And silence him while he’s snoozing, let him sleep his life away
His mom snoring in the guest room don’t give that bitch the time of Day
Then creep into the kids room, they still sleeping? I put that knife away
My killers would rather kill ‘em all, but I tell ‘em once that you got away
And when it’s all said and done, nobody won’t see the light of Day

[Round 2: Daylyt]

Alright CT, this where you gon see T
Some say I can’t see you T and I’m gon half ass
But I’m bout to pass spazz, CT, now that I can see you T
I’m gon C U T yo ass in half, ask around
You lucky I gave yo ass a round, for that I got to win/twin I Siamese write
These lines gon give you a box in the sky, it’s like a Chinese kite
I check the card, ID slice, this bow eat off the lines, I’m IV nice
What’s real, my plan(t) is to kill, I am the poison IV type
You know the name nigga, I be Lyt, y’all be like he got a buzz
That’s cuz I’m Bee like, y’all be liking all my battles
Wolfing, saying I’m not a beast, I be like Ken in all my battles
Y’all be like how dude get (Hydouken) get to the card?
I reply, I’m like Ken in all my battles
Bad enough you ain’t bad enough
We don’t even have a battle you asshole, I write in a lily pad
Just a head with lines, a tad poll/pole
Monopoly say pass go I blast fo’s let the board walk
Put the rocket to his back, it’ll buzz for a light year if I let the toy talk
Boy walk with me, walk with me, walk with me, walk with me
Walk with me, so I can tell you… I got this one
Ya win some and ya lose some, but ya live to see another Day
To the batmobile!

[Round 3: CT]

Third round it goes down, bro don’t hand me the toolie
Cuz we all watched the nigga Rich Dolarz kill you using LA rappers
So it’s only right that I do it using Los Angeles movies
From Hood to Hollywood too, peep
We gon start with your PRETTY WOMAN
Aye you better GET SHORTY, she say she like it hood and I pipe it good
In other words, she really like THE WOOD
She said her man named Daylyt
I’m like who the fuck is he supposed to be, some type of APPRENTICE?
But then it proceed to poke she said sorry for the delay
Slow it down I said don’t b, I’m in this
She said what happens if my man find out
I’m like who? BABY BOY? That nigga better be cool
Cuz the hammer in my HANCOCK ready to put that daylyt kid in a box
Yeah that’s a SANDLOT, but wait
We still on LA movies so peep, let me guess
Me battling you was supposed to be my TRAINING DAY
Not all prick, see I came to play
See this battle was more like me giving you 3 STRIKES
And you done got to ya 3rd
Cuz when I catch you in traffic, either get the fuck out the vicinity
Cuz if it ain’t bullets coming out that IRON-MAN
Between us better be the SWAT or the NATIONAL SECURITY cuz
You in Heat brother, DEEP TROUBLE so run for DEEP COVER
Or you’ll be tucked in WAIST DEEP sleep under
You know that cal you say you carry around and that it’ll bust?
And how it’s the 40 year old version
Well I say the cal you carry around won’t bust
It’s like a 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN
I know he probably thinking this nigga a pure jackass, cool
Cuz by a show of hands
How many niggas in here feel that this nigga actually nice?
That makes you a jackass, you a jackass
And Daylyt nigga, you’s a JACKASS too
Peep tho niggas even said I was gonna get 3-0’d and had money on it
And I’m like, such funny thoughts then replied
What’s the difference between
Think about it… MONEY TALKS
That was just a lil something for you movie actors
Who claim to be uzi clappers, til a real fool with the tool clap ya
So to avoid that, be cool scrapper, cuz
If you get it backwards then, you’ll get it backwards
He probably ain’t hear that
If you get it backwards then you’ll get it backwards
And I know you probably thinking like
“How the fuck can I get it backwards?”
Stop it prick, think, when them hollow’s spit you’ll get hit with hollow tips
You ain’t get that? Still lost as shit? Think
Hollow spit, hollow tips, you get spit backwards it spell tips
See that’s the simple shit he don’t get like
I’m bout getting cake whether off rapping or flipping ‘caine
Or whatever I gotta do to my fam to stay fair fam
You on the other hand, about getting cake off rapping, flipping ‘caine
But you’ll catch a case in exchange for another nigga life
You giving niggas names in ya crew to the feds fam
But let you or any other nigga
Try to come in between me and my bread fam
And that lead blam, headshot til his top webcam
Two words for this nigga y’all, dead man!

[Round 3: Daylyt]

I see ‘em from a 3 point angle, so I wish you would try (TRI) nigga
Tell the truth or I’m a paralyze (pair of lies) niggas
Die nigga, that whip red? It’ll dye nigga
That whip you buy say bye nigga, you bi niggas gay, behind niggas
Pushing all the behind niggas
Played, they want the fade then I gotta rewind niggas
Fuck a buzz I’m a beehive nigga, I see y’all niggas
You’ll get stretched, I rubberband man, T.I. niggas
Blocking grind, chopping dimes, then I’m cocking 9’s
You thinking I don’t drink, you blink, then sir rocks (CIROC) is mine
Boxes pine, you grinding I need those
Shot CHIP his head, you will die if you read those (Doritos)
You better go at churches, chicken (Church’s Chicken)
I slowly coast bullets past here, but boys will get the holy ghost
If we peel/pill you would get the overdose
Guaranteed sleep, my crew coming with coma toast
The more they hating, my motivation make no debating
Man move I’ll can coons (cancun) but they’ll get no vacation
I’m like see silly, he’ll get defeat, Bille clubbed and go over the rocks
Well (WHALE) he Free Willy
I air it out like cough dropping, the coffin dropping
If I say freeze any nigga that cough dropping
Kids shot, you door mopping, door dropping
911 niggas you tall building then wall shopping
Y’all killers? Nah nigga, nah nigga really Jake
Ya whole city fake, you Godzilla
Nine peelers I feel the breezes
Ya beef just don’t taste right, it’s no killer season
I’m bout dollars so I hate these skinny niggas
Battling Hannibal ain’t even ate this many niggas
You? Softer than Danimals, yoga body, built in
I bump you ain’t no rumbling, just rumple how I stilt skin (Rumpelstiltskin)
With that being said, I really feel like I got this one
You win some and you lose some, but ya live to see another
To the- yeah, I got this one

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