Daylyt vs. Calicoe [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Calicoe]

Honestly I ain’t even prepare for you, I got about 2 minutes of rap
And in the midst of things I’m a freestyle about 2 minutes in that
Cuz you a bum, so there really wasn’t no reason to go hard for you
Me and my nigga QP can’t do that, boy I got so many bars for you
Detroit! It feel good to be back battling in this bitch nigga
Too bad they got me battling a bitch nigga
I came all the way here just to question my Uncle Trick, nigga
It’s this a image, the example of a Crip nigga?
You look like a fucking fruit
So that’s probably why I got this pair/pear waiting
The Smith or Pound will sit him down just like an interrogation
I got a clip full, I’m trying to free every bullet like they Masons
I’ll let a couple fly like Honeymoon vacation
Unbias Review, this one for you
Cuz y’all the niggas that’s bout be amazed at what I’m bout to do
All bars, no recycles, just watch at what I get this crowd to do
I’ma have all y’all leaning, I’m acting up, that’s what them lines will do
But truthfully you don’t even measure up to my altitude
I think strictly bars got this bout confused
Cuz I done took off damn near a whole year lil nigga, I been scoutin you
You’re a nobody, it’s amazin how a Crip just comin up out the blue
But this where the hollerin and riffin stop
I knew exactly when yo plane landed and when you hit the block
We could’ve got you!
But I’d rather catch you outside of the club, soon as I get the glock
You gon think it’s salt around my rim the way I lick a shot
All they do is diss my pops
And try to say he ain’t no gangsta and I’m mad he lied
But truthfully, it’s been giving me an aggy vibe
Let you keep talking bout my pops, you goin on that long caddy ride
This maggy 5 will give him the business like his daddy died
He Crip right? Who in this bitch ain’t peep me just call this nigga 5?
What up Blood? What up Slime?
I always wanted to know if you was tough in real life
You said don’t disrespect ya set but I do whatever the fuck I feel like!
See y’all niggas got it wrong
I was comin all the way to Cali to disrespect you
Why the fuck you think I’m not at home?
That’s cuz I’m the same nigga even when I’m not at home
Turn on me, this mac gon pay ya back like I got a loan
My deposit money was the only reason we even got a loan
Cuz really, I don’t like you nigga, I wanna fight you!
You let them people hype you to go against ya idol!
Knowing good and god damn well that’s what I do!
I could easily knock you the fuck out
But everybody know the grounds is not neutral
Plus shit can get out of hand, and one of my mans, they might shoot you
I could easily knock you the fuck out
But everybody know the grounds is not neutral
Plus shit can get out of hand and my nigga Mook might shoot you
Cuz we don’t participate in that clown shit that you do
All you crab ass niggas can leave out here leakin soo woo
But you dudes is from LA
You grew up lookin at that Hollywood sign, you are a actor
I grew up with lookin at my pops on that stove, I am a trapper
I want respect, fuck X my nigga, I am a Factor
I just be talking to you bitch ass niggas I ain’t a rapper
But listen to this, while I’m missioning in to kill em
I don’t got no remorse for the innocent niggas with him
I don’t give a fuck if he with mama, that glock gon bang
And turn that big ass dress into a Taco stain
What they gon say to me? Calicoe ain’t got no aim?
Aye Royce, I got a clip of John Doe’s that ain’t got no name
Is that an AK? Good cuz you got 2 choices
You can get shot or these niggas’ll stomp him til he dead
He try us he getting wired like he talking to the feds
They bang blue? That’s why these niggas flockin in with red
Just check his hat, he used to having a chopper to his head
I got real goons that’s ready to pop the nina
Pull out that iron and press niggas, they not the cleaners
Have em in that casket like he doing the Macarena
H will kill him for 2 O’s we call em Aquafina
H, 2 O’s, Aquafina, aww fuck it I’ll take a different route
Like run up in this nigga house and chop his leg off
If he wasn’t then, he Crippin now
Shootin outside in the driveway til he limpin out
Then I seen his mans lookin at me from a different house
So I took a different route, threw the 40 cuz them bullets small
Grab that long nose, fuck it I’m Pippen now
Shoot some more at him he hit the ground we dippin out
Naw we gotta kill the witnesses cuz Boone beard stickin out
Alright I’m trippin now, Beasley told me take it easy on him
But Smack White told me to take this nigga out
He got a dirty tongue somebody better wash this nigga mouth
Police better be at the doors to watch this nigga house
Lux gave y’all Exhibit A right
Well check my Instagram and you’ll see Exhibit B hoe
Something wrong with my nigga fuckin a bitch on the floor?
Well this where y’all gon have to rewind me at
Cuz now I gotta make a comment
On somewhere where somebody made a comment at
If you gotta problem with seeing instant fans sucking dicks and playing
And got a problem with me uploading pics from cam
When a bitch trying to hit my mans
Well bitch stop following me on Instagram
This new shit here for chumps
That’s why I’m just up here doing what I want
Fuck a roof, we in Detroit, the loser getting slumped
I swear ain’t no nigga with me get searched
We in the building and still strapped
So all that tough talk you gon fuck around and get peeled back
After a nigga battle me I make him feel wack
Cuz it’s a difference between metaphors and real rap

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Let’s put this bitch ass beef in one circle, I heard Cal had a crazy round
And he’s in full form, I bet it’s boring
Mark my words, you was born a mark, that’s my word
Man Cal/cow wouldn’t be allowed in my hood if he had a bull horn
Chill, this where it gets real, skill? Nah
This battle ain’t to see who’s the sharper Arthur
It’s to see who’s heart is marker
So here’s every one of my cards, pull one!
Grape Street Crip, nigga, calm it down, like I said he marked out
I been practicing chiropractin beef
Just in case Cal start spazzin and feel he back crackin
Snap, I be clapping with the LA Clippers from the acronym
Niggas dead, so life is exactly what this cat lackin
Don’t escalate/Escalade shit Cal cuz you know I travel with the LA C’s
And it’s time for you to see (C) A L, Cal, see, umm…
You done picked the wrong niggas son
They like, “Daylyt, how can Cal see ‘em?”
I reply, “let the Cal see him”
It’s CALCIUM; he’ll be hard bones when I’m done
I’m running with the arm out, HEISMAN!
Dead Rising, you may see ‘em all lifeless, fear harm
Whoever acting rude get off’d with Dots to the nose
When I BAM-B(I) God is where you going, Dear/Deer lord
Cal, you lust (Calculus) for the game
But the equation is you can get X boxed too, that’s times that I give you
The formula that this one have/half to slash
That means I got lines in the middle, riddle me this
It’ll be this type of shit overload, I am a net troll
Yo career based off one big “nobody” you took the Keith Sweat roll
As the sweat roll down ya face, sho nuff better fear these mouth bullets
Bruce Leroy punches to move y’all
Tell the groupies please, this is the Snoopy sneeze
Watch how I chew (“Ah-choo”) dog
Who y’all leaders? Y’all niggas gotta wait before I kill a ton
Who protecting you? I shoot ya reflection too
7 foot bullets go thru ya mirror side
Don’t run (Ron) here’s our test (Artest)
He wanted World Peace
I told him don’t run (Ron) here’s our test (Artest)
Answer the question, fill in the dots like a scantron
You don’t answer my question you’ll be feeling these dots, like a scantron
I got lines everywhere, it look like we playing Tron
They like, “How dude get to the card?”
I reply, “I’m just getting my Dan on”
You already snow, long lines, ice roll
Get thru the blizzard, I ensure y’all that this guy cold, you already snow
To defeat my double lines
You gotta SKI over these second L’s you see how I got SKILL when I write?
You could beat me? That’s what these playas thinking
I’m Jada Pinkett, I Will end ya life
Speaking of life, guys die over the violence, we make chrome noise
If they double look wrong, get ya ai ai (eye, eye) captain
I’m a Pirate homeboy
Like I’m off E, A, (EA Sports) I’m in the zone boy
And it’s time for y’all to see (C) O, OK, I guess I gotta COOK a nigga
I’ll be the Chef, boy y’all D (Boyardee) niggas didn’t understand
C-O-O-K spells COOK, I’m bout to Chef Boyardee niggas
Understand he not built like that
Everything he building up is stories like a building up
He not a killer, what you building up, I break it down, No Bob the Builder Build-a-Bear niggas try to kick it with the shadows, Johnny’ll get Caged Ripped! Finger ringing on that shotty I gotta be engaged
Shit! Flip the page
I show you not ahead in your career
Cuz everybody like “How can B see (C) Day?”
And I show em you not ahead
After I send your career back to the B.C. days
I mean if you get out of line I knot ya head
Ya career will go back to the B.C. days
I stand here nodding my head while you on ya career
Like “yeah, B seemed daze,” buzz, the beam seem raged
Buzz b see rage, buzz b seen rage, long shot, b see range
Long gwap, BC rangers, I cop, is you a cop? B seem Ranger
Those are lines for the body, I got chalk priors
Don’t worry bout the earth when (wind)
It’s the water that makes the heart fire
As all powers combine, he get Captain Planet
Trust me he’ll drown smothered
Get this kid here/hair stretched, Buck Wheat
If he try to mark us all (Marc Gasol) he get hit with the Pow/Pau brother
Now brother, I look you dead in ya eyes like, “who you?”
My guns peel, bury (Pillsbury) these dough boys, “woo-hoo!”
Flow dope, I focus, fed time
I’m an alien in the house, Alph-alfa, this kid got over the head lines
I still go over the head, even when y’all focus it happen
For example they adore the (Dorthy) pup when I sick em
Yeah, dog totally snappin
Before I go, show I’m sharp on the neck, dude be the blazer
Miles you know me, who the fuck is you? I’m doing the favor!

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