Dizaster vs. Cortez [Lyrics]

Tez, Diz

Coming out of the mecca of hip hop, and by extension battle rap, Cortez has been engulfed by the culture for his entire life. The Brooklyn, NYC veteran has been battling on camera for the better part of four years, honing his skills with each passing year. Getting his start in Grind Time,’Tez had his work cut out for him from the beginning, jump starting his battle career via trial by fire against names such as Real Deal, Conceited and Soul Khan. After working his way up in the ranks, Cortez began battling on URL, jumping in the ring with Hitman Holla, Marvwon and Tay Roc. Known for his entertaining performance and aggressive style, the Brooklyn battler is a handful for any opponent. With a successful debut in King of the Dot against Hollohan, Cortez returns to the Canadian battle league to take on Dizaster out west, in this next release from KOTDFC’s Takeover event.
Coming off of a loss of his KOTD title from Blackout 3, if Dizaster was bothered by his defeat, he has yet to show it. Steaming full force into 2013, Diz is primed to make this year one of his best yet, having debuted on the URL stage with a main stage battle against veteran T-Rex. The Los Angeles native has been putting in work for years, and has recently been seeing the fruits of his labor, now recognized as one of the most prolific and well known battlers. After a slew of battles that left him on top, including battles against Nocando, Canibus, DNA and Loonie from Don’t Flop, Diz has become somewhat more selective with his craft, taking on bigger names to help maintain his exposure. With his patented rapid fire flow packed to the rafters with punchlines, Dizaster is a volatile yet entertaining performer known for attacking each opponent as viciously as the next. Back on KOTD cameras, Dizaster takes on Cortez in this long awaited headlining matchup from Takeover.

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Diz vs Cortez

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