DNA vs. Charron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charron]
I feel like I’m being set up, I lost respect
Even with no prep I’ll still rock correct
Y’all were about to see Shotgun’s death
I would’ve embarrassed Suge, pocket check!
No respect for each other, I’ll rearrange DNA’s molecular structure
I usually bring jokes that are reckless and gutter
I’ll fuck anything that walks
So I won’t talk about having sex with your mother
You lost to (?) Big T, (?) (?)
You keep getting beat like you got bondage fetish
Yo Dizaster can I get the numbers to all your ex’s
So I can continue to run thru your sloppy seconds
Check this, I’m pissed Shotgun didn’t show up but god you’re a hoe
You’re the real shotgun, it takes 3 cocks for you to blow
Yeah, I’m on a roll, I’ll expose DNA like the Maury Povich show
Cuz he wouldn’t be shit without Clips like Tosh.0
I know by himself this guy can’t harm me
It’s like your Sheen invited party
You’re only winning when you get lines from Charlie
He’ll claim that he’ll shoot me with a fictional glock
You’re like Organik with the title, you ain’t ever gonna give me a shot
Forgive my amateur dreams, it’s like you spit in my face
I wanted the champ that this league was too bitch to replace
I put on with Canada taking trips to the states
I went to 106 and made up for Bishop’s mistakes
It’s Mr. 106, finally flipped the card
Beating dudes writtens, freestyling is really hard
Yo Arcane, it’s crazy how much alike we really are
We both won 5 G’s without writing a single bar
Crazy when I slide, they can’t contain me I’m a monster
I will take ya fucking head off and I’ll play a game of soccer
I say you shouldn’t play cuz I’ll straight up change your roster
I’m taking DNA out The Game like Jayceon Taylor’s Doctor
My flow tighter, Charron freestyling I’m a known sniper
Fuck DNA, yo Clips… I’m after his Ghostwriter
Yo your last battle is kind of tragic, I think Smack had to buy casket
Punchlines, cuz like Houdini you died from Magic
You have the worst setups, making stupid mistakes
OCD putting you in your place and with that Dentistry, dudes a disgrace
Corey Charron just told the tooth to your face!

[Round 1: DNA]

Even though he won on 106
Him mentioning that shit about a championship, I think that y’all lame
Why the fuck would Organik give you a shot
When you already lost to the champion, Arcane?
See me, I got punches all the time I can’t respect that
So you supposed to be Suge and be gangsta, nigga? Pocket check back!
Now what’s poppin’ Toronto? I know y’all finally happy to see DNA again
And shit, I’m happy too
Cuz this the first time they put the Canadian Savior versus a Canadian
My last battle was with The Saurus
Some might say I LOST, wait (WEIGHT), that’s a big STRETCH
Did all that RUNNING last year
But still found a casket that fit Ness (FITNESS)
His bitch be on my dick, if you take it PERSONAL, train her (TRAINER)
You’ll be long gone, if it’s beef it’s something you can try ‘cept (TRICEP)
When I PULL UP it’s a must you’ll (MUSCLE) get hit with these 4 arms (FOREARMS)
See y’all may know him as Suge
But since Jim backed out on the card he owe
For them dishing that purse out
So to save y’all REP I showed up so this whole event could WORKOUT
Soon as they set up this battle, DNA versus Charron
I said yeah, it was no question, I told ‘em it took no time to book it
Knowing the fans would be hyped like, “yeah I finally took it”
You had a chance to get 5 thou on a grand prix and at time you couldn’t
It’s no biggie cuz over hip-hop you died from Bulletz
Me I get that 9 and pull it, after that you ain’t look the same
We know you sweet so it explains why you couldn’t beat Suge or Cane (Sugar Cane)
Me, I’m good with aim, keep bullets to park in son (Parkinson)
When that 9’ll spray shots
And leave this Canadian shaking like Michael J. Fox
In that 3rd round I schooled you bout your father, Peter
I swear I lost it son
And since he got young money it’s only right I give Cory Gunz
I was taught when it’s war to (water) ride, like it’s Downey Park
Since he’s a nerd I won’t say I got that 45 or let that 40 spark
Just know if it’s beef you should never surrender
Cuz I’ll rip him all apart and show y’all how
Y’all don’t need a singer to get rid of Corey Hart
It’s round 1, it’s getting hot in here
And World Domination 4, y’all know my slogan
NO! Get some real rappers in the game the fuck in here!
He’s a lame, y’all should’ve got me a bigger name the fuck in here!
Organik, I want the winner of Pat Stay and Arcane the fuck in here!
I need that title shot! Somebody bring me that chain the fuck in here!

[Round 2: Charron]

Yo you’re the wackest in Smack you can’t start to get worse
It’s getting crazy, you’re Brenda’s baby, you’ve been garbage since birth
You ain’t got no bars that’s tough
I respect Hollow, Charlie, Lux, but a lot of y’all just suck
I’ll fuck Don Demarco up!
This chump battled Diz, son doesn’t matter
You tricked him with a Canadian gimmick
The way you function is backwards
Now you ask Ganik for thousands of bucks as a rapper
You’re George Bush, getting gassed after setting up a Dizaster
Yo Drake don’t look no any further
No Amanda Bynes this pussy’s getting murdered
You think I don’t have guns? Did you ask around?
I tutored about your son, he didn’t pat me down
We usually battle on the ground, get clapped right now
Your brains blown out on stage like Danny Brown
I’ll step to you for the revenue, it’s a stomp down, no F’in crew
I’m sending troops to execute
Head removed, mid air resembling a red balloon
Exit wounds, put you on ice while I’m next to you
The ending of 22’s getting hotter than a Titanic engine room
I’m in an aggressive mood, I will bend his tooth and dead this tube
Get this dude in another dentist room
Showing every special move I’m attending to
Hit ‘em with the force of a mac truck while I’m masked up like MF Doom
C’mon DNA, get in the loop
I’ll toss your mother in a pool, vegetable soup
You got booed in front of Eminem, murdered for choking
You put the mic down, you should learn how to hold it
You pulled a Tim Duncan verse your opponent
You couldn’t handle the Heat in the Spur of the moment
Hoeish, you ain’t really gonna scrap
It’s like a mixed warmup, beef with this chicken and it’s a wrap
You admit on tracks you never grip the gat
You do gun lines cuz they’re easy to write and kids react
Your bars are like your new tooth when it’s back
Cuz you need something false in your mouth just to bridge the gap!
You’re Charlie’s bitch, he clowns this queer
Every time he kicks you out the couch you tear
You called the cops to remove him from the house this year
Like, “y’all know my slogan, GET HIM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”
Nah, get his face the fuck outta here, get his brain the fuck outta here
Get his something, something, choo choo train the fuck outta here
His mom in a rap like shoot ‘em with your blade the fuck outta here
That’s my slogan ma’, get her triple legs the fuck outta here!
Nah, get DNA the fuck outta here!
Nah, get Arcane the fuck outta here!
You had that line?! Nah, get Pat Stay the fuck outta here!
See, I just rebuttaled his whole line, get DNA the fuck outta here!
Give me my title shot and I’ll get the chain the fuck outta here!

[Round 2: DNA]

Charron I respect you for getting gangsta with me
Now you supposed to be this tough white boy and his dudes fronting
But you let Dizaster come to ya city, call Canadian’s faggots
And you ain’t do nothing
Now at World Domination 2 you battled Cruger
And he exposed you for having a fake girlfriend on Facebook
And I know that shit touched his heart
Cuz everybody in that crowd saw how his face looked
The President hooked you up and you did that shit all for looks
And even though that was ya first lady, you still couldn’t get in Laura Bush
If they offered him a prostitute he probably would cop one
But it makes sense why he dated Laura
Cuz they both had issues with a Shotty and Shotgun
So for you having a fake girlfriend just shows that you a actual geek
Got no confidence, low self esteem and you’re a rapper that’s weak
Laura starred in a horror movie even though that shit only lasted a week
She was in London riding Shotty like the passenger seat
And since Charron don’t have sex y’all shouldn’t spaz or gas him (ORGASM)
Cuz Organik gave him his chance to be on the TOP
He tried to help this DICK
See you was on the verge and (VIRGIN)
This pussy couldn’t sell a bit (CELIBATE)
Me, if I see men I lay techs (LATEX) cuz they mad twat
So you can come squirting with 60 9’s (69’s)
My whole team throwing BACK-SHOTS
My flow is too RAW for Trevor, I kilt him on the real tho
And since he don’t roll with real gangsta’s or G’s
Then I’ll be strapped when I’ll be coming for Dil dough (DILDO)
Me and you got a vendetta, I guess they thought I wouldn’t spaz on dude
Y’all probably figured Charron would go off
And I wouldn’t BLACKOUT too (2)
See when I got a VENGEANCE
I’m bound to reap CARNAGE with that black 9
So the ending result is
Y’all be seeing him in the hospital hooked up to a FLATLINE
Why else y’all think Organik booked me for World Domination for?
To have the best performance, kill Charron at World Domination 4
See you tried to rebuttal my shit so get Shotty Horroh the fuck outta here
Get ya fake ass relationship, get Laura the fuck outta here
You wanna act crazy, get the spark the fuck outta here
Lose that chain and everything from 106 and Park the fuck outta here
Get everything from ya house, ya crib, to ya dog the fuck outta here
Had that nigga over there
That had to help you fuck bitches on tour the fuck outta here
I’ll expose you til niggas know to choke you the fuck outta here
Y’all don’t respect him, get him and if y’all don’t like him
Then y’all niggas should understand
Y’all should get the country the fuck in here
Canada y’all real, it’s ugly the fuck in here
You just Organik’s worker, get this flunky the fuck outta here!

[Round 3: Charron]

He said he’s coming for a dil tho, slow it down, he’s cuming for a dildo
No, no, you really need to function this now
He’s coming for a dildo, get it, I don’t even need to rebuttal this round
Talking all this shit, it’s nothing profound
You said I’m celibate? Yeah, cuz I ain’t fucking around
You battled my main bitch Tarsi playing the piano’s all you do hater
You bring up Tarsi again, you’ll end up in the newspaper
When I get Laura to start shooting like Tomb Raider
I could kill D on the spot
You should be thankful for this league that we got
I know why you’re here, you ain’t loyal to King Of The Dot
It’s cuz Smack does bad business and Summer Madness 3 is a flop
You threaten me with weapons like that shit’s scary
It doesn’t faze me, they’re imaginary
Fuck it, I’ll do a line about the gats I carry
I’m Charles Ramsey, break into ya crib with that big mac
Now I got a man to bury
It’s scary you’re the best replacement
I could kill you with little preparation
I had a casket for Suge, but that pussy could never make it
So I’m putting DNA in someone else’s boxes like artificial insemination
(?) and Suge couldn’t take me at the best
He didn’t show cuz I’d straight beat him to death
Fuck that I’ll roll out to Grape Street with some gats
And run him out of Jersey like Jay-Z did the Nets
Suge, as a man you can’t escape it
If you whine (wine) I’ll turn a grape into a California raisin
Yo Lush, I’ll fly out to Cali with some Grape Crips
And tap Suge’s pockets at Battle of the Bay 6
Stop telling girls that Drake is your dad
He’s not a fan of your music, the songs you’ve made are just sad
No artist would collab, you’re painfully bad
Even Dexter Morgan wouldn’t bring DNA to the lab
Damn he’s from the mean streets, bro it’s rough
He once saw a kid-napping, so he woke him up
Nah I ain’t on that joking stuff
I’m rolling up to put him in a Cobra clutch
To lay the beat down like Tony Touch
Call up some Crip friends if there’s chrome to touch
I’ll have you ducking a Hollow like Loaded Lux
But enough of that, where are your guns that’ll leave me in a casket?
Taking pictures with your sister’s the only time I seen you with a ratchet
I don’t look Hip-Hop so birdies are chirping
They won’t give me props even though I’ve earned and deserved it
They know I’m on tour with all the girls that I’m working
They see an ignorant birded reflection and it hurts and disturbs them
If you’re afraid to be my fan cuz you think I’m a nerd or a virgin
Who followed his dreams
Then all that it means is you’re insecure as a person
Put your money where your mouth is, we used to spit on the block
Put on our own caps whether we win it or not
All of your battles are promo and it’s pissing me off
Cuz Smack rappers are bitches that can’t admit that they lost
The way the sike or the handshake left
I just bodied DNA and Pat Stay’s next!

[Round 3: DNA]

Y’all niggas know I’m ill with the freestyles, so I can rap it faster
Nigga fuck trying to squirt a clip, I don’t got time for this virgin bitch
You’re Jaz The Rapper
Before you try to step in the lane with me? Nigga you killing me
I’d rather lose a battle, but first you gotta lose your virginity
See this nigga tried to spit ill bars like he’s Einstein
And said I can’t admit a loss like I’m from Smack
Stupid, I started in Grindtime
You know what, let’s switch it, we could respect that shit
I’m happy he got in front of the stage
So now when I get these bars, I can direct (Drect) that shit
First of all, honestly you need to stop it
Judge battle number one, I took a W off profit
Now he was tight saying it ain’t my day
A month later I had another judged battle against AKA
So what is he talking, getting ill
Saying I don’t take judged battles I start ‘em
I even took a judged battle in Florida and lost to (?)
So now they wanna get crazy saying don’t test me
I even lost to a Canadian judged battle, Loe Pesci
So now he gon talk like it’s on and they know this is on
When I couldn’t lose another battle so I battled Rone
And you saw with the props so y’all know I’m the bomb
Now I remember this shit just like yesterday
I landed right down in London, right in JFK
And as soon as I got there I watched his battle versus HFK
Now first I was like, “this dude is crazy, this shit is cool”
Til I saw him getting personal with his friend & I’m like, “this kid’s a fool”
Cuz in the hood loyalty with friends is one of the biggest rules
And you sacrificed that to try to get a million views
That’s why when I saw these fans laughing
I was looking like it ain’t all that funny
Cuz he should get hit with a hollow
For not knowing it’s Loyalty Over Money
This nigga was spreading rumors doing shit that was worse than a chick
Trying to disrespect ya man saying stuff that was hurtful and shit
You took your time to design those rhymes with every verse that you spit
So let me ask you was that $400 worth all of that personal shit?
I guess not, the closest you see me and Charlie Clips battle is that 2 on 2
Cuz we friends til it’s over
When I got personal with Dizaster it’s cuz I didn’t like him
I thought that beef would never be over
Even though we cool now
It’s a saying I keep in my head til I’m dead in a coma
You supposed to keep your friends close, but ya enemies closer
See Charron, I’ll give it to you
You nice, you can freestyle, all ya lyrics is hard
But you got no loyalty that’s what stops you from being a legitimate star
HFK gave you advice, probably help you finish ya bars
And to get a buzz you name dropped and dissed ‘em like Kendrick Lamar
That’s why everybody in Canada can’t fuck with you
If ya parents watched that battle, both of them would feel uncomfortable
You do that shit to me
I’ll hit you with an uppercut and start punching you
Even though we the same age, by the looks of things
You got a lot of growing up to do
You a boy, I’m a man, I’m Eminem, you a Stan
I’m all palm, you a hand, you HBO, I’m On-Demand
Now you on Summer Madness wanna talk about Smack fucking up
Cuz now he think he got stars too
He said it’s Bars Over Names
But he forgot I’m a nigga with a name and I got Bars too
Now I just put Corey in a box with that 9 and glock
And Organik I won’t be back until I get that title shot
Time nigga! Sike! I lied nigga!

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