Dizaster vs. Arsonal [Lyrics] (2013 Rematch)


As one of the highest viewed battlers in the world, Arsonal knows a thing or two about marketability. Both a league owner and battler, the Newark, NJ representative has earned his status at the top over the course of a very long and lucrative career. Getting his start in leagues such as Fight Klub and the Lionz Den, Ars honed his craft via trial by fire, taking on RemyD, Hollow Da Don, and Tech 9 while still a neophyte. Since then, Arsonal has extended his reach beyond New York and Jersey, having been invited to foreign leagues such as Don’t Flop, O-Zone, and of course King of the Dot. Constantly on his grind, Ars has amassed a resume that includes battles against names such as Illmaculate, Aye Verb, and T-Rex, just to name a few. After a failed first attempt to dismantle Dizaster, Arsonal is back in Toronto to finish what he started over three years ago.
Arguably the most ubiquitous individual in battle rap today, Dizaster has not found himself in the upper tier of battlers by accident. With more than 60 battles on record, the Los Angeles native has worked tirelessly to achieve his position, stuck seemingly forever on an upward trend. First seen in California, Diz gained notoriety during the Grindtime era, in which he established himself as a threat after battles with fellow veterans such as The Saurus and Illmaculate. Moving forward, Dizaster went into overdrive, traveling across the globe and taking on almost anyone who was willing to step into the ring with him, securing matches in Sweden, England, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Norway. Despite never finishing his first bout with Arsonal, King of the Dot arranged to make sure that these two would be able to tend to their unfinished business in what was one of the best battles of World Domination 4.

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Diz vs Ars Rematch

[Post Battle: Dizaster]

If a real freestyler challenge you
We’ll see the ultimate warrior get all timid
And choke up like he did against (?) f-f-f-forgot lyrics
You ain’t Watts with it, you got a false image
Ain’t no spelling BARS without putting ARS in it
Ain’t no Ars in authentic, fuck Ars, I’m Arsenic
I got an Arsenal of carcinogens, I’m an arsonist
I’ll set fire to ya apartment and throw ars in it
And raid in his office & fire like Donald Trump until I got the job finished
I’ll pour gasoline on his head, gasoline on his head
Then cut off his cartilage and when the cops ask me “Who?”
I tell em it wasn’t me the guy from Reservoir Dogs did it
I give a fuck about hip hop and whoever’s hot in it
Kendrick Lamar’s the only MC in the game that dissin is off limits
Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t give a fuck about Kendrick Lamar
I’ll take Kendrick Lamar’s spirit and ball it up into a ball
And play soccer with it in my fuckin backyard with it
I’ll trap him in one of those little Ghostbuster boxes & leave it boxed in it
Toss it in the front seat of my car and drive off with it
And knock it off a cliff
While I’m doing 120 miles per miles in my moms Civic
Fuck you, you get barred to death,
Ars my bars connect like an architect
I bar your head like you got caught in barbwire
I’m over your head like a barbers breath
My bars over your head like I’m writing bars on a charter jet
Don’t get caught in that crossfire, my bars fuego to Ars Halo
That’s why we haven’t seen Ars sing yet
I got my own island of bars I call it Barbados
These bars thicker than Barneys neck
We don’t barter with bars, that’s what Arcane does
Them bar stools, not the shit that you sit on
The shit that you shit on like bar stools
You taking way more shots, cool, I’m on a bar bender
I’m complex way beyond you, I got bars, Bender
Which means I also bend bars too, I’m an Arch Welder
Before you start serving up shots you need to go back to bar school
Cuz your bars tender, you everything Ars do is off centered
You soft tendered, cross gendered, lost member from Far side
Truth is your future would’ve looked a lot better
Rapping along side of B Rabbit
When he was freestyling next to his moms ride in 8 Mile

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  1. All lyrics have been corrected and updated. If you see any errors, feel free to let me know. There’s no need to attack me about it, I want to be as 100% accurate as possible.

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