Daylyt vs. Cityy Towers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Cityy Towers]

They said it’d be a minute before I saw Daylyt/daylight
I ask, ain’t those the conditions that made Bane?
I mean for you to crash into Towers leads me to believe
You and suicide bombers are on the same plane
But let’s keep it rocking
I know y’all thought about what he’d write for me
I pictured it clearer, him in the mirror pondering day to day life
But day to Day life is not an option
Cuz all you keep popping is our active set my niggas sold, cool
Now a drop of henny we’ll pour
Suspense is in the air then that’s what you gon get killed for
So fuck that mask Daylyt, cuz I’m finna get to your real core
Ya bars are under featherweight / wait…
That’s what you right with a quill for
You think you god gift to earth? I’ma make you earth gift to god
What I told Smoove? Watch ya front, I don’t bring it to ya backyard
For all my fans that keep asking,
“C, why you ain’t make it to the Smack card?”
Shit I don’t know, but if it’s on, I smack whoever on that Smack card
They said is he gonna touch me? How the fuck would I know
Ask the man with the Quill then
But if he touch me, ask me, would he make it out this building?
Cuz we can go eye for eye Lyt, like we finna play pong
That trey long doing the humpty hump spitting the same song
I throw up my hood like I’m rallying for Trayvon
Ain’t nobody fucking with ya clique, what? You Big Sean?
That thang drawn ya team frail, y’all niggas ain’t ready for that gunplay
You the first of the weak/week you gon always be a son, Day (Sunday)
If I catch you with ya bitch, he yelling, “run Bae!” That’s ya rose?
I put the metal to ya pedal and start ripping on ya hun, Day (Hyundai)
I’ll do 24 hours, to write for me you gon need more than one day
No to write for me, you gon need more than one Day
Ya street flow goes the same direction, that’s a one way
It’s 11:59pm, you done Day
I feel like this ape real/April 22 on me, it’s Earth Day
No this 8 will, 22 on me, this earth Day
After that I drive all the way to where mommy and daddy stay
Leave him on the porch on they steps that’s how I pass the Day
If you a killer nigga, kill a nigga, cock and spray
But saying I’ma lose, to who? To you? Not to Day

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Cityy ducked me…
I look you dead in yo eye like what you got on miss shorty?
Watch out, nigga what you got on my 40?!
As we gather here today for y’all to hear Day
Watch how I lower (lord) these heads give me some stand up prayers
They asking is he the luma, well not he (ILLUMINATI)
All seeing I (EYE) got the biggest look of my career
So I must give thanks to the man up-stairs (stares)
That day he said let there be Light/Lyt
And I knew I shall never be bothered
I’m gifted, they wanna know if he can lift it
Well before D.A.D. chapter
We gon show y’all the strength of the heavenly father
As he creates smiles, Cheese! Who’s greater/grater I shall say none
Who blessed me with a promising future?
Cuz when history starts off it starts off with Day one/won
This Day proves he’s too creative
It’s time to go at ‘em and aim (Adam & Eve) in the eyes
Although I see a couple who wanna Lyt resist
It’s about my rep to I’ll (Reptile) show these fruits this shit is forbidden
But that give y’all no reason to bite shit
So I ignite my strength knowing damn well the/D evil is gon hurt you
Cuz when D-EVIL get to connecting
I turn ino the DEVIL for the small crowd
Let’s say ten (Satan) people was in a circle listening to one fire ass round
That’s something the whole streets will fear/sapphire
I’m thuggin, yo GOD turn around, yup! The (D) OG is here
I got a itch, blood suckers better flee/flea, antics over the funs dead
I must proceed on sending lil dog to the sky
Just to put a roof over my sons head
Sons/suns dead, how can b see me and say I’m not a top
It’s either be jip me out of my wins, nigga I hate you
Some say I appear a mid (Pyramid)
Cuz I try angles (triangles) that most niggas afraid to
Well the flow water, damn, y’all see/sea it big as The Great Blue
They say I’m lucky to be in here at tall
Well look at all the niggas he ate too/8’2”
After Lotta a lot of tops weave me
So this here match I gotta put style to it
And testing my flow you know I got some shit to let loose
Bowel movement
Who’s this? Mr. Cooper? Well it’s time to make you niggas aggravated
These niggas is mad marks
Upset at the fact that I cut a frown and a top hair
And the sad part is that it’s artifact
What Day created equals Quill collecting the tax sales
For the last 6 months I been on every tape in the world
And I ain’t even reach my Max-well…
I say yo player, play ya part or get turned into yo player
Lay a part in ya head, crack egg shells spraying yolk layers
Joke later, partner you dead, it’s a zombie, no brainer
Dope liner, cocainer, fire propane a coat hanger we jacking 300 seeds
Spartan slump him for free
We black round these streets, it’s cold outside
I guess Martin ain’t want company
I’m smoother than a cup of tea, how could you fuck with me?
This the nigga that y’all labeled as the sewer killer?
What’s yo name boy? What’s yo name boy?
I know see you Toby, you say you made for the streets
But still a slave to the feet/defeat a coon to niggas
I just play the role out, (?) figure
I tell em save the sob sorry it bore me as an Asian guy
The crowd still gon boo the nigga
You the nigga that was snapping in the past
The man that choose or the fans choose
You take a loss, they offer you as Panda food, you been Bamboozled
I choose you lil nigga, like how you gon see Lyt? You loss son
Who or why you pretend to be Ryu, guy oh if you was Guile
You still wouldn’t be ready for the Street Fighting boss
Goodbye, son (Bison)
Once again I’m ballin
And I won’t take the motherfuckin Rucker Park route
For now on my new slogan is, “these motherfuckers Marked Out!”

[Round 2: Cityy Towers]

You good at getting loud, the most you just reconcile
How you speak, who you speak to
You’re a different Day every time I see you
But that’s what the weak/week do
That mask pulled down
Cool clown against this Richie don’t wait for the 3rd
Cuz word nigga I won’t even need a full round
Ya name is Daylyt you’re supposed to be heat, sit in ya stool now
You Carmelo, everybody watched KG make you cool down
I been holding back, I’m always on the block
I press up on D pad and jump him and give him
8 to the side with that infinite
Watch try to front in front of me I slide up
Like be careful with what ya asking me, that deuce five got a low kick
And I trip for nothing
I must’ve forgot my fatality, I thought corrupt, foul for this day to be lost
That’s information, this ya last day on this soil you’ll be passed away
That’s immigration
Y’all niggas gonna go up to god if my team get hyped
I lay you out with the cross like Jesus Christ
Nigga I swing on you for nothing, just for breathing wrong, I’m Helga
They hate how I rule so they try force like Zelda
Who’s really Batman when I’m always with Louise like Thelma?
You wouldn’t steal base or throw a fast ball
That’s why ya bitch sexing the Cityy boy she give me that Kerry Bradshaw
What you thought you’d make me at home run?
You pitched that blogging just for show
I’m known for the stickup, but if he’s Batman then I’m Robin/robbing
Son can know and ya bitch a hoe
My nigga Derek Jeter got his play-off so did Matt Sue when she see C
She backed in ya boys cum cuz that bitch come with every (A) Rod
She let the boys in free, that bitch is poison
I be getting us two faced, you love her and bang
She gets bruced way in (wayan)
She trade crack for pleasure, y’all get back together
Plus she burning she give niggas that Batman forever
So grab ya quills to the batmobile!
In front of what camera have we ever seen Batman kill?
If you a killer nigga, then kill a nigga, cock and spray
But saying I’ma lose, to who? To you? Nigga not to Day

[Round 2: Daylyt]

I think it’s time to snap on this nigga thru and win dough/window
I’ll be back…
SLOW IT DOWN! What I said was, since we in ya town
That round really sounded like you got some shit
I see they all clapping they ask me is dog snapping
And I say not one bit
Let’s bring them riddle skills in, they middle wheel spin
Cuz I been on a Spree, well (Sprewell) he shall call Lyt
(?) quicker cuz I am sicker than a female dog fight
Right, but as vicious as dogs seem keep cool Joe/Kujo
Cuz I’m about to Rottweiler/rock wilder
Than the rest of these pups in the yard
Shit, til the chain come, freezer pops, I’m cooler
I’ma show who’s the ruler in the yard
Stick up for where my name from, but there’s a problem
Most of my niggas always wanted that Sidekick 2
So some cats when robbing
Some lived a longly life as a citizen and some cats went Rodman
Spotted ahead with the Armstrong as it occur/Kurr younging
Basketball was the new Ocean
We ask could we get in the game, get a long nose
Nobody spotted us so we lose focus
It’s Harper every second you sit on the bench with the new shoes
But didn’t get to use those kicks
So we all dropped out of High School as a whole
Cuz we didn’t have cool coaches
It’s Jordan, War Zone, kill ‘em when the trap come
Nigga walk by you balling we got a feeling (Phil) that we gon Jack-son
Church, welcome to the pool pit it’s simple
That was my life in ’98, look at all the bullshit I went thru
Now we thugging, gangsta, y’all niggas can’t stress this type of street
For the web thugs, we on they heads cuz we crippin’
You see (C) a RIP then address just like a G
On a set tho, I feel like that one bum on the metro
I trained my whole life for this buzz
That’s how it bee’s well, that angle you took looking kind of Smokey
I hope he got some shit on the side
Cuz I’m about to win with ease, hell
Check the hands nigga
I’da had about 900 fights before I was a damn murderer
Beef, I was quick to get my steel/steal on, I’m the Hamburgular
Summer Jam, you heard of us nigga
And that was just a 3rd of us, we beat the clothes off one of them niggas
And that was just a 3rd in us
We showed the industry our real street side
And no wonder why they curving us
We send niggas to the doctor’s over them J’s, we Julius Earving rush
And the nerve of us to these niggas that say
I’m one of them niggas that’s on payroll
It’s time to extreme black, shoutout to (?)
I took one explosive step, mind field
And they wonder how my mind filled, I reply here’s Watts
For Cityy to get out this clear box he better have mime skill
What’s real is I see the crowd who wanna be blunt ghost
Blunt, ghost, but this isn’t a joint to boo
Keep ya eye on the index, let me express my point of view
I’m going for the soul food side package, y’all niggas better cabbage tuck
Plus I got lines that you don’t wanna cross, bitch nigga add it up
Bag, bag, bag, bag but this isn’t a joke
What I write side body retarded, but this isn’t a stroke
I quote, I’m used to this/diss, but I come from the age of the tapes
He thought I did this for the doe, nah, Homie must’ve made a mistake
Guns, I keep it a buck, they so honest
You won’t make it to the last dance and that’s a promise (prom miss)
I’m balling so I won’t take the Rucker park route
He got some of my 40 after this, he motherfuckin’ Marked Out!

[Round 3: Cityy Towers]

Masked up Day, Batman Day, KKK Day
I put ‘em all in depressed/deep rest cuz I hate every Day
You correlate one thing with another thing, that’s association rap
Then you get comments and shit from ya fans
Like “yo he’s too nice, that nigga’s nasty son, y’all just don’t understand”
But this a fight, ya minds gotta be as quick as ya hands
That comp you box, if a punch goes over head, dumb nigga it didn’t land
You don’t know how to land your punches, fact!
You just throw ‘em around, do gimmick shit
Little kiddish shit, nigga you look like a clown
I mean a face tat? You ain’t the first west coast lame nigga we seen do it
But you strip and you rap, this nigga Game from G-Unit
You invented illusion bars with just a slight of the list
But ya name’s Daylyt and you’re from Watts
So you should be brighter than this
I mean what’s the basis? Smiles on gimmick loving niggas faces?
Were you on a pill? I never met a son (medicine) of a bitch that get naked
Dayquill, it’s tiring son I can’t take it
I mean all ya name flips are forced, you spit them shits uncomfortably
So go ahead flip Cityy, that’ll put Daylyt under me
I’m starving like a 3rd world country that’s Hungary
After I address Young Homi, you got 3 months left to run from me nigga
It’s Maniacs, Frontline, there ain’t no template for our mode
I flow so well, holding cell, no matter what pen I touch they all cold
Too pretty for this camera, y’all got a nigga in star mode
Lines after lines, lines we live by the barcode
Ya names Lyt, you’re suppose to shine, now here’s the curve ball
You’ll never outshine the master, that’s the first law
Right eye on the scope, left hand under the ershaw
Silencer go “brrr” that shit sound like a bird call
This beef you could have it ya way, that’s BK
Three piece to the neck have him sit in coffin, that’s CK
I’ll pull up in ya hood and you pale white nigga, that’s 3K
I’m a Gorilla when I’m aiming the barrel, that’s DK
Y’all think D paint pictures? Y’all think D Michelangelo?
Let the mic go, he get naked like D’Angelo
If you a killer nigga, then Quill a nigga, cock and spray
But saying I’ma lose to who? To you? Not to Day

[Round 3: Daylyt]

I look you dead in ya eyes and tell you, “you wack nigga”
Ya crew don’t got no arms…. That nigga!
Let’s get this money bitch, I feel like I’m a gold digger
You thinking we gon get Even Steven
But what you don’t realize is I got you under a SPELL Cityy
You see (C) I tie (Tyy) with no nigga
I look at you like why front house?
This for my niggas back home in the projects
Who looking down on me saying, “I’m happy for Day
Wonder why? He the only nigga who ain’t die yet
That’s cuz he’s a rider,” and I look up to them like RIP to my nigga Rida
Although he lying mostly the path I making pride for
Thus you look and realize I’m just the best to be, how?
Destiny’s Child, I’m the Survivor
Crowd around, no cipher, accomplish my every goal
That’s why I get a fee for (FIFA) every round I kick
I flat tops to death, the cost is tall
For y’all the feet/defeat is swinging ya circle like a roundhouse kick
Shit, I remember the day
I used to look at you as one of my peers on the platform
Now Day up in here, Day gotta get up and hear on the platform
Watch how I keep my head above water
I’m gon build a pier on the platform
And eat crazy, turn this into a piranha platform
Lines up here I’m in plaid form
Lines, I am in plaid form with a cold 3 rounds nigga I’m frosty
The snowman melted water, Fugees, I’m Killin Em Softly
Well let’s go fishing, you water figure it’s a lake
Cuz what I bring upon (pond) these niggas is a tasty lure
No way they can escape a meal, lines got ‘em hooked
There’s no way they could debate the reels/reals
See stars you’ll get pulled in but they suckas
Jar footed oh shit, it’s goldfish, let’s get to the card pulling
I deal with gay diss after gay diss after gay diss
Now I gotta see these faggots
Get on stage and pose a fight scene but it’s a Poltergeist scream
Just a whole bunch of TV static
See we asked him if it’s beach grass they smoking
And they rely on a wave and I look back like, “I want answers”
So I keep A.I. on the stage
Looking at these niggas like, wait a minute, wait a minute
There’s something fishy, there’s something real fishy ab-
It’s something real fishy about you, it’s something fishy about you niggas
(?) got pocket checked like a man
And when you choked, you accepted it and I respected it as a man
And that’s power cuz the po’ got our people poor
And it’s taking us hours to peep that poll
They create new showers, the people that pose
As the man with the finger cuz they fingering man
They fiending for man to create they army on us
And I hate they army, honest, they wanna place they army on us
Opinions, they minions pretend to be cool with us
Cool it’s cuz moving thru projects, I bet y’all see no chains
You get fly, we all see gold chains
Then get robbed and we all see no chains
We dumb niggas, robbing for a chain
Which means we all remain hunting niggas, it’s simple slavery
But I look you in ya eyes cuz we brothers
Even tho you light skin we was made to be one
And it’s power…

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