Daylyt vs. Loe Pesci [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Let’s keep it a buck, he didn’t show up to the press conference
I don’t give a fuck what cuzz did, watch this…
When we do battles like this it shows y’all it’s a hella sport
I create these dead bodies, today is gon’ be umbrella corp (Resident Evil)
I teleport these bitch ass niggas, you gon’ vanish into thin air
You and ya lil booty gang, watch out…
Honey Bear get beat with the (?), Winnie the Pootie Tang
What matter is I go at ‘em (ATOM), that’s what everything is made of
He say he slang drugs?
We wouldn’t see him holding a big rock if he was a cave thug
I’m enraged cuz when BOY MEETS WORLD full of gangstas
Y’all niggas pretend, faggot, but I say I’m really hood
Then yell official, cuz I got ARM-STRONG and I been (BEN) SAVAGE
I put the 5 to the boy, gun it, he blind, he ain’t see the book comin’
So he lied on the floor, for sure, I’m in my prime, mate (primate)
That’s when the climate change
You softer than yogurt, Danimals
I’m from where the animals fight, I grew up in primal rage
I got a killer instinct, took the spinal route
Back bone snapping, you could see we G/Ouija
I’m just a-head with the flow/floor, that’s a DDT
I said these birdies wanna talk and now I gotta parrot watch
I left the pricer cuz I’m nicer than the nigga that share a lot
This where I over cop kill, I’m going for the sheriff’s spot
Transcribe it, whatever they read (RED) over the head
The flow’s carrot top
They gon be scared to watch this shit cuz I’m marking out
For today, my new slogan is “Keep it hip-hop-
Nigga, fuck what you talkin’ bout!”

[Round 1: Loe Pesci]

That shit you did there was disrespectful, no less
Right now you got my face smelling like Charron’s breath
To me you’re just a stepping stone like the next to Hov
Yeah you stand tall but you suck on the block, you Greg Monroe
My shooters cap knees like Westbrook and Derrick Rose
The shot clock’s an instrument, a symphony of weapons load
All you hear is “click, click, click” it ain’t Kanye’s metronome
Shouldn’t you be out somewhere grinding on the strip?
Not doing blogs after battles and whining like a bitch
Don’t tell me that you proud of this stuff
Battles done, you got paid, right? The amount is enough?
Your mouth should be shut
Just kick back with that paper like Howard the Duck
Your blog was some hater shit
You said next opponent who jokes
You gon sprain your fist til his face is split
But then you joke in your next battle, the one that you got naked in
If you really a G you’d knock yourself out like Jadakiss!
Hell yeah I seen your blog for Math
How you feel about your loss to Math?
Why you begged for a rematch when you talked to Vlad
And got LA BattleGroundz to setup a fucking boxing match?
Now I don’t know how behind the scenes how Math be coming at you
But homie that don’t sound like
Somebody who thinks they won the battle
Like what you trying to prove? Trying to diss than call out Yung Ill?
What you trying to do? Be known as the British Elvis and die in the Lou?
During Math’s rounds Daylyt was snoring
He should’ve lifted your frame out them Jordans
Disrespect like that, his clique should’ve had guns pointing everywhere
Like a Daylyt performance
Your Quill gang, real lame, you got a light quill
I’ll burn pages of what you wrote that shit with, I will Lyt/light quill
You got like 2 bars per battle, you only give ‘em slight chills
You think Dayquil/Day quill? I will pop and put him to sleep like Nyquil

[Round 2: Daylyt]

I run battle rap, y’all can see it, I been getting my cardio steps in
Y’all gon EN-JOY, STICK, to one button it give ‘em a good ol’ box
I got that Atari flow, yes, shit, what is this? Motorcycle wear?
You hardly (HARLEY) could dress kid
We wouldn’t see you in Louie, Gee (LUIGI) if you was Mario best friend
Bars I brought just ten (JUSTIN), Bieber
You would win, but I’ll be damned, house of a beaver
Break the happy home, spouse is a cheater, I could spot you cats
Check my career, look at all the people I browse (eyebrows)
Y’all thought only The Rock do that
Well you can smell when the rock is cookin
Yeah the block is packed, Bloah!
You no longer have to WONDER IF HEAVEN GOT A GHETTO
When that tool pop (2Pac) his back
What you know about that THUG LIFE?
He was in the house playing with Pokemon cards relying on his energy
But my inner G tellin me this where I gotta overkill
Double hurt, every round you pick I chew (Pikachu)
You better evolve and write you (Raichu) another verse
Matter fact… POCKET CHECK! Nigga, it’s over with
I just punked you nigga, I’m done with round 2

[Round 2: Loe Pesci]

I don’t care if they say you Crip, this kid is a queer
How come you ended your fucking round by licking my ear?
How you rock and get up in the ring playing dress up like a kid?
I said how you rock them get ups in the ring
You should be playing dress up with ya kid
You got a whiz, you having sex nightly
When you saw that bitch with the “Drake” tat on the forehead
You said, “that’s my next wifey!”
Ya family knows there’s something wrong, Granny know he fucking soft
How many time you spat in her wrinkled little hand to try and scrub it off
We all thinking he a gangster, but I know that he a sucker
Why? We just spent a whole month writing poems for each other
When KOTD took over out west, we really got you started over there
The Rich Dolarz battle is what got you known and feared
Organik’s part McFarlene, the Canadian spawned your whole career
I want alien guns and fuck what it cost to get ‘em
Rumor is it put a hole thru the moon, but that’s off the record
All I do is tell em tall (?), hit the flying saucer, get it?
Teleport back cuz it’s cost effective
And start unloading like the Boston Celtics
He get naked, watch son get blammed
Shoot him in the ass, now he really butt hurt, no upset fan
Should I put the metal to his mouth like Butthead? Nah
Shove that K in his nose like a dubstep jam
My life changed since I bought a 3D printer
Who said I ain’t got guns? My cannon beam these triggers
I print guns, assault rifles, CD’s, scriptures
Shit even a bottle of Henny with a 3D sniffer
You need a 3D printer? I hustle 3D printers
I got the only 3D printer that prints 3D printers
But wait, Daylyt you can’t be robbed, right? You’re a god in the making
Art Of War on his foes, he be causing frustrations
Tru Life tried to rob him on the strip
But got confused cuz he was already naked

[Round 3: Daylyt]

There was a time in this game where I was fighting for a rough spot
In a room full of nerds, they had this shit on a tough lock
I had to deal with them gay ass dick jokes, I felt like my luck stopped
Cuz they called me different cuz they don’t know what Watts
Put it to my head, I was bred to give you a hospital faster than expected
We bust glocks, you think the slugs funny?
It’s bugs bunny, soon as we say wassup, doc(k)
Why bother putting a child up versus a Godfather?
That got farther than you ever did
Gambling is illegal for children, so how are you BET-TER kid?
Shit, you not… constipated; I just waited for this match to strike
To call you a dick face, pussy, man whore, hermaphrodite
It’s Moses; my MO’S is (ES) to see (SEA) these niggas split
The shells like great Nintendo sales, you see we (WII) killin’ shit
Organik hit me up and was like “we don’t want the violence, shit”
It’s around that time of the verse and y’all know what time is it
Sike! I lied… you don’t get the ski mask, you don’t got ski masks like that
Organik hit me up and was like “we got somebody for you”
I said “who?” he said “hey, Loe Pesci” I said “WHAT THE FUCK?!”
This nigga’s horse food, that’s hay, Loe Pesci
I always wanted to meet you in person just so I could say “Hey, Loe Pesci”
Cold round, that shit look like hail, Loe Pesci
I was in ya ex box (XBOX) and I wasn’t playing Halo Pesci
Gold rounds to ya top, that’s a Halo Pesci, I fucking hate Loe Pesci
I should push ya shit to the side, give you them Stallone features fast
Or I should have my East Side Grape Street Canadian Crip
Charron beat yo ass
You joke homie? No joke homie, we gon choke homie
But it’s Loe Pesci, we know Pesci gon choke homie
No books, I’ma catch him waiting at the library
In the back of the library eating a pack of lime berries
Walk up to ‘em like “Aye, keep it a buck”
Soon as he lie, bury, the librarian gon find a box you could lie buried in
With that being said… I got my respect, so I’ma go out with a bang
Pocket check…

[Round 3: Loe Pesci]

How you gonna convince me Charron is a crip?
He might be the best freestyler on the planet, Charron is a wimp
Ya baby cry every time you pass the baby crib
Who’s the boss? You pay the rent? But that’s ya lady crib
All you do is take orders, that’s dictatorship
I wonder who wears the pants in that relationship
He be like, “don’t talk to me like that boo boo, I’m a grown ass Batman”
I seen your blogs with them guns, go hard with them guns
You won’t have none left once Obama is done
I’m on that real mean shit, globalist elite, try and kill you in ya sleep
Kill you with ya medicine, kill you with what you eat, shit
It’s about to get real, these lines over your head
Don’t know what’s in ‘em like chem trails
These bankers trying to steal these chips
Hands in your pockets, they already filthy rich
You thinkin they’ll kill you in a protest, once y’all fill these strips
Y’all gon feel these clips
Ask one question, then the gat at where your teeth is
Brain splattered into pieces, look at what’s happening in Egypt
You thinking “my country would never kill me, shit!”
But you’ll be off’d on purpose on some Lil B shit
I’m the shadow hands the puppeteers (?) six
I’m that Nano-thermite that steel beams split
I’m not an esse, I’m NSA, I’m foul player
I’ll listen to everything you and ya boys say on the phone
Even your town mayor
I bought a million rounds of hollow points
And them shits came from Al Quieda
So I’m saying dog, don’t get to know ‘em
Or you’ll be running round leaking like Edward Snowden
Check the poem, Republicans are red, Democrats are blue
Both funded and run by a small faction
If you a soldier, take orders and stop acting
How could his boys see him rock red in battles
Get naked and not bash him, you just blew it, you 911
And if you read a little more you would get it, you false flaggin!
He can’t even take that mask off when he old and gray
He be sitting round watching Matlock while he hold his face
To battle rap you’re a cancer or an open case
Your antics getting overplayed
Daylyt, you Obama’s birth certificate, everybody know you fake

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