Daylyt vs. Loe Pesci [Lyrics]

Pesci, Daylyt

With the amount of traveling he has done in the past year, Daylyt has secured his spot as one of, if not the most prolific battlers of the last 12 months. Although having made his debut years ago in the Fresh Coast, Day has recently made a resurgence, accepting battles seemingly left and right. With appearances in the UK, Australia, Alaska and Toronto, the Watts California battle rapper is clearly never shook to accept a battle in someone else’s city. Commanding a high caliber of opponent, Daylyt battled Pass and Locksmith while just starting out, and has since taken on Math Hoffa, Shotty Horroh, and KG The Poet just to name a few. Despite being known as somewhat of an ‘antic’ rapper, as he is quick to include charades in his battles, Daylyt is no slouch; often catching opponents off guard with heavy handed personals and slick word play alike. Returning to Toronto, Daylyt takes on one of his most dangerous opponents yet in character assassin Loe Pesci.
Right at home playing the role of the bad guy, Loe Pesci has made his name off of being the anti-hero in the battling ring. Despite his relative inconsistencies, nobody can deny that when Loe comes prepared, there are very few emcees in the world who can best him in a battle. The Montreal native came up through the ranks of King of the Dot, picking off opponents left and right before losing a controversial decision in the 2011 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix. Even traveling down to New York City did not cause Pesci to feel out of his element, as he posted a win over hometown hero DNA as the first King of the Dot battler to make an appearance in the Grindtime league. Since then, Loe has been making moves, aside from presiding over his own division of KOTD, in the music game, as he puts out consistently quality projects with his group OG Hindu Kush. Back in Toronto to take on Daylyt, this battle is sure to cause some discussion in the battle rap world.

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Daylyt vs Loe Pesci

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