100 Bulletz vs. JC [Lyrics]

Bulletz, JC

Arguably the fastest battler in KOTD to rise from unknown to top tier, 100 Bulletz has secured his spot at the top and isn’t stepping down anytime soon. The Burlington rapper saw his stock increase exponentially during his run in the 2012 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix, in which he lost to eventual champion Arcane, but has since commanded battles of a high caliber, including matches against Dirtbag Dan, The Saurus, and Bamalam from Don’t Flop. One of the best schemers in the game today, 100 Bulletz is known for breaking down his opponents through associate wordplay, making connections that many others cannot to solidify his victories. Back in front of what is essentially his home crowd, Bulletz squares off against one of his toughest opponents to date in this next release from World Domination 4.
Another emcee who rose to prominence rapidly, JC took the URL scene by storm and hasn’t missed a step since. Coming from his humble Proving Grounds beginnings, the Pontiac, MI battle rapper started turning heads after his now classic matchup against Chilla Jones, named one of, if not the best battles of 2012. Since then, JC has taken his talents on the road, accepting battles left and right with veterans such as Caustic, J-Pro, and Yung Ill to name a few. Using his charismatic and effortless style, JC wields one of the most natural flows around, which when combined with his venomous punches and wit makes him one of the most dangerous battlers in the circuit. Making his first appearance in Toronto, JC takes on heavyweight 100 Bulletz in what was one of the best battles from the event.

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100 Bulletz vs JC

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