Arsonal vs. K-Shine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Arsonal]

Once again I’m here, I’m in another nigga’s state
On another nigga’s stage, up in another nigga’s face
This Paid In Full, I’m Rico, I Money Mitch you in ya face
Rex already took the headshot, I guess that ugly nigga Ace
What you think you bulletproof? Like you ain’t gotta carry no armor?
You brought yo knife to a gun fight? Like you ain’t gotta carry yo llama?
Well let me tell you something lil nigga
Only reason yo daddy married yo momma is cuz that pussy was in Heat
Why you think you came out looking like Mario Chalmers?
You could be that nigga twin, except he wealthy and you needy
You get pussy off mistaken identity
Bitches thought they saw you on they TV
They thought you was paid and you was balling, so they friendly
Tried to invade your green
And since you look like Chalmers they wanna marry you (Mario), Luigi
You got any love in (and) hip-hop? If so what’s the 4 elements?
MC’ing, break-dancing, DJ’ing, Graffiti
Ya clock ticking like that Rolex that nigga Niko bought Mimi
He a Average Joe, but see he lying
And it’s easy to be an Average J O C E L Y N without a Stevie
J-O-C-E-L-Y-N that’s Jocelyn, without Stevie that bitch average
Like Shine and them, Lazy Boy press that button I’m reclining him
Y’all forgot why I’m number one? I’m reminding ‘em
They say they want that Hollyhood Ars, I’m rewinding ‘em
All bars, no jokes in my rhymes, I’m revising ‘em
Smack this nigga with the Mack 10, I’m T-Boz’ing them
Then cock and get straight to the point, I’m D. Collison
No deal nor single out, my reputation beyond fame
I spit vivid shit, you could picture it, Picasso in my mind frame
All I know is if the time came and Shine frame
I’ma let it ring, back to back, my 9 name Lebron James
He talk like Goliath but his heart living in Con frame
I couldn’t stand him so I sat him in dirt, that’s how this line came
I couldn’t stand him so I sat him in dirt, god damn
Either way that mean he was seated/ceited like the 2nd part of Con name
Them canines barking, I spray 9’s often
But if I feel a certain way then I’ma spray my larkin
Commit a hate crime on a base line for K-Shine talkin
Nigga you died soon as you came in contact with a Big T
You Trayvon Martin
He in a penalty and with that stick I’ma take the goalie shot
How many of y’all think K-Shine real blood? No he not
Well I’m Grape Street Crip today I’m ROLLIN with a 30 shot
That’s waiting to get fired like Ace Hood jeweler
After the bezel on his Roley dropped
That 9 millimeter retarded, meaning my Ruger spit
My hammer bang on any MC, nigga my tool/too legit
Shine, you always getting defeated/de-feeted, you on some Kunta shit
I’ll let my pistol smoke wherever like it’s a hookah stick
Now it’s a fact he had a troubled child hood, yeah true that
Cuz you a crack baby, but we already knew that
Felicia from Friday mixed with some Pookie off New Jack
For being a dream chaser and chasing ya dreams
I’ma send you where Lil Snupe at
Rest In Peace Lil Snupe, in ya legacy I salute that
But these slugs gon rain there (raindeer)
Meaning they land where his roof at
Raindeer, land, where his roof at
Aye Meek you still got 10 on that nigga?
Cuz I’ll send him a nigga to battle right now if you still trying to do that
Watch my hands? What you gon do? Nigga you don’t punch, you bite!
You Folger light and you bite, you ain’t fighting
You bite! You bite! Rex get pistol- no…
You bite, Mook get pistol whipped
And Rex be getting knocked the fuck out
But you comfortable with ya boys with you, now this freestyle
My fist look like they fight bricks, you gon need Adrien and Floyd with you
Now I see why niggas feel like they could toy with you
Cuz everybody in Dot Mob been getting smacked since lil niggas
Y’all name should’ve been Troy Mitchell
Bars after bars after bars that’s all you heard from me
I put bar after bar like I architected Bourbon Street
I don’t know if Heaven got a ghetto, but it damn sure got a nursery
Creep up in the hospital while yo girl in labor purposely
Purple rag over my face so they won’t notice me
Itching to kill, cripping for real, that’s a C section surgery
It’ll be ya newborn versus me, I snatch him out her ovaries
Kill him the day I graduate college, so that’s murder in the 1st degree
I’m a bachelor with a bachelor, an abortion type surgery
Fuck ya life I’ll cut ya wife until the butter knife burgundy
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
(You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it)

[Round 1: K-Shine]

To all my fans, I apologize for what happened in my last battle
My cousin died, my auntie was sick, wait.. y’all don’t wanna hear that shit
I was supposed to kill Big T right? Even though he’s a good contender
I mean it wasn’t his fault I had a bunch of rhymes I couldn’t remember
It wasn’t his fault I started preparing at the last minute
Wasn’t his fault the fat nigga escaped a death sentence
So who I got? Arsonal now, I guess it’s time to get back to that agenda
You say you can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it
Well I ain’t never hear a good ass BAR with ARS in it
You about to get worked out with these bars, bar tender
You ain’t ever had a shot at these bars, bartender
You ain’t tough, you get cooked fall off, ya bars tender
13 introduced you/Jew to god, Bar Mitzvah
Let me break it down Ars, that’s 8 rounds shooting that’ll have A-R’s sittin
My AR’s stock, meaning I got my AR’s shifted
That’s A-R-S wait y’all get it? What you can’t spell Ars?
That’s why I had to put them AR’s in it
You can’t spell ARS without putting that AR in it
I went thru everywhere in Jersey asking bout Arsonal
They said we don’t fuck with him now nigga, Ars a no
Well is running thru y’all city with an arsenal?
They say he live in New Orleans now, Ars N.O.
They said I know you not scared of him, I say Ars? N-O
I put a hole in that nigga, give Ars an (N) O
Cuz I got AR’s from my arsenal
Put ‘em together you get this K, NOW so Ars should know
Wait, wait, wait, what you can’t spell Ars?
That’s K-N-O-W, Ars that’s know
If I get this K and oh, done for you
That’s K-N-O-W Ars that’s know
If I get this K and oh, done for you
He gon get this K and Oh, W so Ars should know
When I put em together you get this K now so Ars should know
You a civil nigga, all talk, no rights, you on that Dr. King shit
You don’t fight, you take flight, well get your wings clipped
How y’all jacking swing that but you don’t ever swing shit?
And you a bus driver, you supposed to have the mean hit
My machine kit like Popeyes it got them great biscuits
Inf beam with the croc eyes, that mean I double lensed it
I’m kicking footballs to that goal, to be more specific
It ain’t hard to get the first down when you’re 4th and/in inches
I say that’s 2 clips long as antennas, where the static at?
Call my twin oozes suspenders, I be strapped with that
Haul ‘em to the side, shoot 3 times when I’m clapping that
They don’t know if it’s homicide or the cabbage patch
They gon make K-Shine catch another fucking case
Cuz another nigga mouth got another nigga traced
With another fucking 9 buck another nigga face
Nigga you snitch them (?) will look like a nigga was shooting baseballs
They putting 2 and 2 together, that’s why they made 4’s
Have ‘em in a box, no top, Nate Dogg
That cannon so big….. nigga I gotta shoot it doing the Drake walk
I should’ve took E. Ness, this battle was a cakewalk
40 cal usher him out, that’s what it’s made for
I advise you hold your liquor when that thing soar
The only reason you A1 cuz you had steak sauce
Yo it’s only one round, y’all niggas know how I give it up
Until 2 y’all know my slogan nigga…. (ZIP EM UP!)

[Round 2: Arsonal]

Smack, is it true that at Summer Madness 2 you
Paid his big homie Murda Mook
AKA Jonathan Ancrom AKA Little Johnny
20 thousand dollars to get on the stage and come body vets?
I mean like really fuck a nigga up do palates and leave his body stretched
He ain’t deliver, he actually got on stage and everybody left
When you gon start telling these Dot Mob niggas
You ain’t got money to BLOW?
And that’s why Shine paying Johnny Debt/Depp
Aye Smack! You’s a motherfuckin liar! You a motherfuckin liar
Cuz you told me this was Bars Over Names
You said everybody on this card
Always had a full 3 rounds when they came
Obviously you was talking to them so called Legend niggas
That gave yo ass all that fame, if not he wouldn’t have been included
Cuz Shine last battle he did the same
Now I’m a veteran but for some reason I ain’t considered as a legend?
What Mook, Jones or Lux do for battle rap that I ain’t do?
That’s the question
25 battles, 5 countries, I still body niggas sessions
I thought it was out with the old in with the new? That’s progression
Let me ask y’all a question, if Daniel son fought Miyagi right now
Who would win it when it was over? Miyagi?
Daniel’s son because of his new knowledge or Miyagi cuz he older?
So you mean to tell me Jordan ain’t better than Phil Jackson
Lebron won’t bang on Erik Spolestra
Cuz Frank Vogel Paul George coach
Paul George won’t put him on a poster
All I’m saying is them niggas teach us so we can do what we supposed to
Lux threw us both in the ring
But what I do to that nigga I can’t tell y’all better than I could show ya
It’s over! Obey your thirst Shine, get yo Minnesota (soda)
Mossberg ‘ll push your top half back, I bend em over
In 12th grade I had to strap like sit him over
The way I was shooting in high school
I should’ve had a full scholarship to be the two guard for Villanova
I’m for real a soldier, K-Shine, you still a Doja
I’ll shoot you and that bitch you catch them hurtful feelings over
Kidnap then expose ya, drop you off in the middle of nowhere
You’ll be lost on a road, Gorilla Zoe ya
I hate feeling sober, the venom I spit could heal a Cobra
Gun in my hand sir, this can, sir (Cancer) can kill a smoker
Life’s a bitch, she gets fucked and then it’s over
I’ll stomp his ass in Chucks and let Tech come Kenneth Cole ya
You gon need the cops with you, SWAT with you
Every nigga from yo block with you
A fully loaded glock with you, a bucket and a mop with you
A voodoo doll with my face on it, 6 or 7-
Nah you gon need every dread and tell nurse Randy
Reserve every bed out of Harlem hospital
You rather that shit on the side of Rex ear
Or a Bill Collector knot with you?
Aight so I’ma hold Rex accountable, he’s literally ear/irresponsible
They said, “Shine never say never” this here impossible
See ya bitch, shove my dick in her like she a Popsicle
I’m a UW thoroughbred, but yeah I’m back on Smack
You got the perfect voice for this shit, but bars you lack on that
Ya last battle let’s put a patch on that, them was free throws
Now you like an injured D. Rose trying to tap on Shaq
Little niggas like yourself I take ‘tack on that
You couldn’t beat me in ya dream, I put a stack on that
I ain’t gon shoot you in the head, I’ll put the strap on that
I love purple, but this violence/violet gonna be black on black!
Long nose Desert Eagle, I hit ‘em where it hurt
I said I couldn’t stand him, so I sat him in the dirt
Kick back when it squirt, make a nigga fade away
So every time I go to shoot it got me lookin like I’m Dirk
Rex said he ain’t gon stunt cuz he at home, that was smart of you nigga
Cuz if you stunt while you home, they gon target you nigga
I’ve now adopted to father you niggas
Without me there’s no you, every K that Shine’s part of an Arsonal nigga
You a Dot Mob flunky, Rex never gon promote you
Shine what’s your first action when a terrorist approach you?
And I got the leverage to smoke you
These niggas hate seeing you on they screen
You like the nigga from the Everest commercial
“Hey, you there, want a job?
Come on down, get a career, let’s go, I’m K-Shine”
That’s why ya views low, this a dream team verse a Juko
My 40 pop-eyes and you ain’t even know it blue/blew tho
Ya boo tho, she a dime piece, she said she want a tom/time piece
I told her take that risk/wrist or she watch if you blow
Hold up, time piece, wrist watch, Hublot
Shine why you take this battle nigga this midget versus Sumo
My shit is real, my shit raw, my shit is… you know
It’s already motherfuckin- let’s go to the 3rd round
This battle already 2-0’d nigga

[Round 2: K-Shine]

Yo it’s only one reason why I feel I should address that midget stuff
Cuz I’m a short nigga myself and I felt a lil offended, but…
Shoutout to every midget in the world, not just the city, the world!
That wouldn’t mind seeing him homi’d
And just a coincidence
That I’m equipped with some shit that’s the size of they body
I hope you ain’t got Suge when you planning to stop me
Cuz he show you just how good a short nigga handle a shotty
But who think he cold? Y’all think he cold?!
Well I buck shots like Pam that’ll cripple his posse
Give ‘em that Shanaynay, I’ll have that wig stiff in the lobby
You better go boy like Gina
Or be like Martin and never seen with ya mommy
And I thought of Bushwick Bill
In that episode when you said you hate midgets
Cuz all it takes is a nigga this size to make ‘em whip out a Tommy
That’s a bunch of short niggas with they fuckin K spin
Every time this nigga say that he fuckin hate midgets
Wait let me break it down Ars
That’s “M” multiple shots firing til a wig’s split
“I” run with niggas that’s dumping them til it click, click
“D(E)” packing making him take a trip and
“G”s all around, Gucci I keep my shit lit
“E” is the nigga yapping off what his lips get
“T” tummy shot, fire until his-
Wait, take a second put them letters together, that’s what his mid get
You all around screaming you gangsta and you pop them
When Trick Trick pulled that card, you was not one
I understand why Suge the shooter and the driver
Cuz friends, he ain’t got none
He drive the buses Suge, you know he wasn’t riding shotguns
Ya soldiers moving out Ars, I send ‘em in to you all
My soldiers move out, Ars, I send ‘em in a U-Haul
My soldiers will move out Ars, send ‘em into you all
Have all ya soliders wig like Arsenio Hall
Team hut, tell all ya soldiers that I’m clearing ‘em out
If loot in it/Lieutenant, I cap ten, and send ‘em into ya scouts
Have your attention at D’s when I’m handing ‘em out
Oh you bang right? That’s why I did that army scheme
Cuz soon as ya soldiers die, I drop them flags off at ya Family House, nigga
Y’all already know my slogan nigga…. (ZIP EM UP!!!!)

[Round 3: Arsonal]

I had a battle in Canada 15 days ago
I ain’t start writing for Shine til I touched down, no in zone
What you know about being in any other country
And bitches throwing pussy at you cuz of ya skin tone?
Matter fact, scratch that
What ya last battle and ya man Murda Mook got in common?
I been known, y’all both caught a choke in the 3rd round
That’s that Ray Swag syndrome
My niggas rich, I get on private jets and get floor seats to the playoffs
You a pack handler, when them 12 12 skinny’s gon pay off
10 shot German Ruger beak shaved off
Concentrate on your camp take all yo jewels/jews away
And only let 8 off/Adolf
That’s wild chrome, shoot til it click, dial tone
You battling ya idol only mean ya life just reached a milestone
T whooped yo ass and sent this crowd home
Smack said, “damn Shine stock dropped
To revive him we gotta dial Jones/Dow Jones”
They don’t even pay you to battle, they give you wild loans
He told Rex if you do it he’ll keep minutes on Star Smilez phone
I said, “word? The rap bitch with the low cut that gave Cal dome”
He said, “that’s her, copy!” Real quiet with a loud moan
Now you funny looking and you make niggas laugh, Dave Chappelle
And you such a bitch I can compare you to they favorite girls
Y’all some R&B Divas and you play it well
Mook-Beyonce, Rex-Kelly Rowland, and you real ass, K-Michelle
I’m such a business man, Smack offered me 8, but he gave me 12
I was dealt a shitty hand but to this rap game I played it well
To battle rap I was heaven sent, but I gave ‘em hell
You went from being behind bars to being behind BARS
Maybe you should’ve stayed in jail
Now honestly, what can y’all say he was at his best? As Professor Shine
The way them bars was crafted it was mastered, I’m like who next in line?
But my resume cooler, no one ruler can measure mine
And father I have sinned, so I’m feeling like it’s confession time
Now when Big T did that piece/peace up behind the head shit
I had to slide up on his body…. give it that (‘is he dead?’ kick)
Nah I ain’t kick him I ran his pockets tho
Put him in a backseat, black jeep, locked the door
He was bleeding like he just gave birth, I had to mop the floor
Funeral closed casket, ya body not for show
I’m a product of my environment, the hood made Da Rebel tough
Money’s the root of all evil so my cheese got the devil crust
They paid me with a motive, Smack & Beasley you should never trust
My lil homies will bust you for 3 roxies and eleven bucks
2 percs and 6 ounce of lean and a 7 Up
Then stand in ya body to have on red bottom leather chucks
Speaking of blood, ain’t you supposed to be a blood Shine?
What set you claim? The creator, what’s his name?
What year they started in this game? This young nigga don’t know a thing
He don’t know shit about nothing
Shine don’t know shit about nothing but he want everything to do with it
I bet you everything I just asked him, when he get home he gon google it
Well I’m Arsonal, I’m east side Watts baby loc Peda Roll Mafia
Grape Street Crip was started in ’69
By Tookie Williams and Raymond Washington
I been to Watts Jordan Downs projects 4 times
And I played the block with them
And I’m respected by real Bloods and today I brought a lot of them
If you a real Blood and they fuck with you, you should shoot
My bars felt, niggas paralyzed from the neck down could feel these
I don’t obey the law, I drink while I drive
And I’ll still speed all the way down the turnpike to Philadelphia
Just to steal Reed
I ain’t saying I’m superhuman, nigga I still bleed
Food, water, pussy, oxygen, things that I still need
But when I draw that Smith and then it clap
At ya funeral have all ya men in black
Cuz my handcock/Hancock at Will speed
I told Verb I’ma violate him in 5 seconds like he the nigga tryin to inbound
I’ma just bang on Shine like I’m Shaq trying to pull a rim down
Y’all gon think we went bowling after this round
After my finger go in that hole and then it strike
I’m guaranteed I knock 10 down
You from Harlem where the OG’s tell on each other
Where the riches niggas in the city can get ran out the Rucker
I’m from Newark, ain’t no love, ain’t no cupid motherfucker
My city was voted the most unfriendly city on this planet
You little stupid motherfucker
And you know what, I ain’t even talk about him getting his ass grabbed
But you could have that, that ain’t even what I’m mad at

[Round 3: K-Shine]

See real niggas that bang, we don’t color bang, that shit is dead wack
We bang for a cause that’s why all the real niggas respect that
But I’m happy you said that, that leave me room to address that
Cuz you’s a fuckin fraud Ars
You so much of a fraud that niggas starting to lose trust in you
Like O-Red said if he wasn’t from Jersey I wouldn’t fuck with you
Surf would probably call Joe Budden before he get in touch with you
And Suge can’t get a battle nowhere else so he stuck with you
But that’s only one of the reasons why everything you do is questionable
Like you use every URL battle and say Smack and Beasley hustled you
Nigga he started his career with warriors, not substitutes
You got ya own league and lose there, how the fuck do you…
Own Ultimate Warrior but still can’t get you (U) W’s?
You so much of a fucking fraud Ars ya niggas don’t feel comfortable chillin
You bang red every time you feel blue, what the fuck is you feeling?
Real niggas are they self no matter who should cover the building
I already knew you was a snake
But when it’s time to rep styles you’s a fucking Chameleon
You’s a fuckin fraud Ars
You so much of a fraud that you don’t even play by the rules
You got red on this side, on this side is the blues
You stuck in the middle, which side do you choose?
Nigga be like
“Yeah I wanna fuck with cuz, but I know blood might hurt me
Aight, fuck it, fuck it, I’ma fuck with blood
Nah, nah, nah cuz might murk me”
You don’t even know if you want red or blue in the circle
This nigga so fucking confused he went and turned purple
You’s a fucking fraud Ars, like in the D why you ain’t hold down Shotgun?
Where ya ratchets at? I mean Surf got caught with a hammer
But this nigga was absent, what happened bro?
Arsonal’s supposed to have weapons but he don’t clap ‘em tho
Cuz the only thing that got him out alive was a Calicoe
You’s a fucking fraud Ars, you so much of a fraud
He act like having a CDL is so bad and it feel wrong
Nigga any parent would be happy that they child starting to feel grown
But he’d rather be a nigga he not, fronting like he peel domes
He need to stop being the fake Arsonal and start being Darell Jones
Go ahead and sleep they’ll be bringing a stone for your mattress
Cross colors? I’m getting him patched that’s old fashioned
Revolver, you bugging my nigga, these old matics
Only reason niggas think that you RAW cuz you WAR backwards
I get all static, stretch like antennas when I spray off
It feeling like I’m handing him Hitler, I’m giving 8 off / Adolf
Only thing I’m declaring is war, dissing K arms
Just means that I’m getting the W with this AR
You a bird that’s why you get hit with the Dessie when the tool blam
Eagle with the hawk on the front in case the tool jam
Front, I’m plucking ya feathers using two hands
In other words, I’m letting ‘em fly, you getting two cans (Tucans)
But he lost all 3 rounds, who think he won one?
Exactly, this nigga suck
So I ain’t gotta go no more so what’s my slogan nigga?
(ZIP EM UP!!!)

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