Math Hoffa vs. K-Shine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Math Hoffa]

Put ya hands up, bet it’s longer than Shine when he stand up
Put ya hands up, I bet it’s taller than Shine when he stand up
K-Shine, little nigga, you got bars well tonight I’m in the bookens with ya
You work in Benihanas talking bout you pulling triggers
So all that heat he got for beef mean he cooking dinner
Buss boy, clean up behind me
Promise I never leave a tip that’s tiny
Rewind me, I bust boy and clean up behind me
And promise we never leave a tip that’s tiny
You fucking with a Brooklyn grimy
Ya chick tried sliding me her bush, she slimy
Heard she a star so I tried to wiff out D
I liked her so I tapped twice, that’s IG
You don’t got bars like that, you don’t even like broads like that
So try not to fall asleep you know his bars type wack
And I’ll be here next round to bring the bars right back

[Round 1: K-Shine]

Kill what he say, bars are all I brought, it could go either way
Got a whole clip for that gun shit so we could play
Only person put a beat on Shine is DNA
Multiple shots, now that’s clapping
Simplify him that’s one in the top, that’s fractions
Get divided, that equals a box, that’s no challenge
Cuz subtracting all problems is simple Math, Matics
Heat out the window, it ain’t no dodging that
5 guys equals 10 4’s, roger that?
It’s like a nigga saying goodbye, when that larking clap
As soon as a nigga peace out, it going Hoffa back
But you ain’t got bars like that
You punch niggas, how you get up on this card like that?
You know his bars type wack
And I’ll be back acapella to bring my bars right back
Zip Em Up!

[Round 2: Math Hoffa]

Ya name Shine, what you supposed to be? Good weather?
I came to bring them dark clouds like some good cheddar
Them niggas hood? Never
Y’all bout to see I get Shine boxed like Little Tommy in Goodfellas
I could knock you out cold, bastard
Just keep ya face clear, Proactiv
Hardheaded nigga, I don’t like to go backwards
Try to stick with this green like when you hold cactus
I ride out to get me the loot
Fake friends got me like I need to get me a coupe
I take headshots, please don’t get me to shoot
I red tops, no bottom like Winnie The Pooh
You don’t got bars like that
WOOOO! You could get the hand of god like that
So try not to fall asleep, you know his bars type wack
Come see my next battle, I’ma bring them bars right back

[Round 2: K-Shine]

They say yo Shine why you take Math? Cuz I ain’t serious, nigga
They say why you take Math? Cuz I ain’t Serius, nigga
What you think? We in ATL that I’m a different man?
Ain’t gotta be in NYB for you to get the Hanz
Plus I got some NY heat when my triggers blam
I take a nigga right off his feet just like Lieutenant Dan
You speeding nigga, you need to slow down
You function by yourself with Verb, you ain’t no pronoun/pro now
You ain’t MIA, Dade County, Zoe Pound
Me MIA, they county don’t want this whole pound
Cock back, reload, he get the whole round
Big Poppa’s, if you don’t know, then you know now!
Think this nigga tough
It’s round 2 I won this battle nigga, Zip Em Up!

[Round 3: K-Shine]

Math, you’s a class act kid, ya whole style is played out
You don’t set no fires cuz all ya matches strike out
You always land one in the kisser but ya raps don’t make out
If this was the Proving Grounds you’d have to deck ya way out
But the funny shit is you don’t do it so ya career can rise as a stock
You punch niggas to justify your raps not being hot
But then you call yourself Math, well that equals to a lot
Cuz who know Math?
Finding a common factor is just putting Math in a box
Well I’m logged in Compaq 40, I give em all 10
Spread them bullets equally, half and half til they all end
Left shoulder, right shoulder, left shoulder, right I go again
I got his arms waving, that nigga doing the Carlton
These bubble gum niggas get ate, so the double mint
I’m waiting for money to come thru, settlement
Threw my gloves aways, I shoot that weapon with oven mitts
That cannon so big… pick it up like I’m shoveling
See we all know Math good for getting ‘em first right?
But what good is starting a problem if you don’t ever finish your work?
I mean you never used a formula of getting your worth
But if y’all know Math it’s PEMDAS
You supposed to get what’s in the parenthesis first
But you can’t cuz you ain’t got bars like that
You punch niggas, how you expect to get up on the card like that?
Ya niggas slow for thinking you god like that
Little do they know that’s the reason they gon starve like that
It’s all about that money nigga, you gotta recognize
It’s get rich or die trying, if you ain’t getting rich, you next to die
You better use your brain before it bang
And they sketch the guy, that’s the cost of them dumb dumbs, SSI
Yes it’s I, K-Shine aka the weapon guy
I treat slugs like they don’t apply, I let ‘em fly
I violate ya whole situation, whoever left to die
Gotta do all they transportation thru Access-A-Ride
Big money but a short temper
I ball hard like I’m trying to get on Sports Center
In that ES peeing (ESPN) on ya whore nigga
Call her MMG, she want the boss nigga, Zip Em Up

[Round 3: Math Hoffa]

Yeah I spit punchlines, but sometimes I act ‘em out
I put the SMACK in Smack and that fact even Smack could vouch
Jones ain’t nothing to brag about
How I blacked out and blacked him out
But rappers rap and smack is smack, he still gon pack the house
I’m still getting battles and charging dudes the max amount
Niggas wanna play cat and mouse
Lying in they blogs looking like frauds cuz when the facts come out
You see he wasn’t throwing back, he was tapping out
But I ain’t worried cuz his ass is a barber
Jones should’ve known better than to take a match with Tarver
He went, “WOOOO!” I hit ‘em harder than a batch of karma
He was out before he dropped like the Magna Carta
But now I’m up against Shine, a Dot Mob soldier and…T-Rex Doberman
I heard you house broken, fuck it get ya house broken in
Soon as I see an opening I’m going in
To tell him pass the keys like a sober friend
Shine how you supposed to win? Don’t talk while I’m flowing
Cuz if I start choking, these hands gon start choking him
You and Rex got a complex, Napoleon
You remind me of the Olsen Twins, except you shorter than both of them
Don’t pretend like I ain’t Hoffaluyah
I still wanna battle Mook, but now I got this loser
He got a deal, but never got a future
He couldn’t get his disc played (displayed)
In that position like the Karma Sutra
Now I rematched Rex, but I forgot the tumor
A lot of rumors but everybody know that I’m a shooter
The type to pop up on ya block and put a rocket thru ya
With a old ass tech (Aztec), I call the shit Montezuma
But it be kicking like Liu Kang
Nigga you puss, I’m running thru the Bush like the 2 Train
I’m on him like zoom, bang, then I remove chains
Cuz Brooklyn niggas only find Jesus where ya jewels/jews hang
Jesus, jews, hang, I got some great rhymes
I need some more bodies so I’m here to body K-Shine
If it makes sense, I’m running down on him just like a canine
Hoffa leave a nigga stretched out just like a Drake liiiiiiine
Nigga I’m about my business, no playtime
Outside my state lines that’s why they hate mine
I’m holding down the fort, these other niggas just waste time
Cuz I don’t see what’s stopping you Shine, you like to play Mime
I mean, I hope you back up all that shit you been talking
Fuck what Kendrick yapping about, I’m the King Of New York and
You don’t got a leg to stand on, stiffen the coffin
This Christopher Reeves versus Christopher Walken
In the end I win cuz I’m the Christopher Walking
So I’ma do you damage for holding niggas spot
Two slammers I call ‘em Hogan and The Rock
If I hit you with ‘em both up close, fuck going into shock
If I hit you in the ground nigga you going in the block
You see why I be with ATL niggas and niggas from B Sty?
We Gucci, the G you (U) see (C) might be from CI
Or I have a Bankhead nigga just let 3 fly
Leave his whole top F’in red, Fila
You don’t got bars like that
Shoutout to MC War, they rep hard like that
So try not to fall asleep, you know his bars type wack
And I’ll be here next round to bring them bars right back

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