100 Bulletz vs. JC [Lyrics]

[Round 1: 100 Bulletz]
100 Bulletz vs Julian Carter, lets set it off with facts
Every battle he gon’ knock you out, lil’ boy talkin’ smack
Try swingin’ at my home base, that’s foul right off the bat
I will drop the gloves an’ son Carter… no hockey scrap
You lost to T-Dubb O; I put O in a bag! Dubb sacks
Left that Crip leakin red, now he safe where Bloods at
The Tommy for this Rugrat; No car seat but son strapped
Toe to toe, J’s getting’ stepped on like the clubs packed
Faggoty Twirls… he does that: gave Calicoe… a sponge bath
Jay, you are ass! I see that’s somethin’ I gotta run back
“J-u-r-a-s-s-i-c,” spelled Jurassic for this dumb ass
Cuz this Raptor City, we boo Carter every time he come back!
I’ll snatch Jay J’s, for Good Times, arms clappin’… Dynamite
If the Nina singin’ in front of ya crib it won’t be a silent night
The Feds want answers; lookin’ for JC but ain’t findin’ Christ
Cuz I’m speedin of with Jules in the trunk like a diamond heist
Head shot! Bullets follow the beam like a guiding light
Want suicidal I’ll pill (peel), caps in ya mouth, no cyanide
You a buster in the ring, but ain’t no upset this title fight
I’m Don King, puttin’ niggas in da box with an Iron Mic
I’ll bruise Carter with the Cowboy, when this star wars, I kill a clone
Stay schemin’! Long rounds put you to sleep… Chilla Jones
The way he talk like he hella hard, you’d think he caught a felon charge
His Caustic battle’s the closest he ever been to the cell n’ bars
You knew you was getting bodied; you a pessimist loser!
Why? Oh you see why! I see why n’ I see a “L” in ya future!
This dummy don’t get it! I shoulda spelled it out sooner
You cynical; Y-O-U C-Y-N-I-C-A-L in ya future
They didn’t stop you at the border, that’s the reason you lost
Read the bible; you know what happens when JC get across?
Jesus Christ, keep talkin’ bout the masses you lead
You gettin’ nailed with the hammer, for the trash that you said
Judas me, you get left hangin’, gaspin for breath
N’ this time JC ain’t comin’ back from the dead

[Round 1: JC]
So Organik hit my phone like
“Ayo JC, wassup it’s Organik King of the Dot Put ya money where ya mouth is, Toron…” I said “What?”
You are the reason that I’m pissed that I’m even here
Nigga, If I hear another muthafucking scheme this year
Let me break down why I’m so dangerous
We’ve witnessed me give the same JC on every stage and keep winning
The shit is too easy
Ya’ll just find somethin and scheme with it, so I’m start the show
We never really seen that TOMMY work, that’s what I brought it fo’
But surely (Shirley) I love that BIG bitch her heart is cold (Cole)
Mama got that stash, we ran in that apartment do’
Word on the street
It’s all talk and his momma know
So when a nigga wig with that ratchet it’s not a Martin role
Bullets are you going through a midlife crisis or something? Damn you finished
But ain’t you like a family man with a family van you gripping? Well that’s a perfect situation for me, have that family missing
Few shots flip that van he whipping that’s vandalism
Bro, this is not you, somethin also took you out and you came out alive
You a hair away from being the next fag, this is a jet crash Just a plane out the skies (Plain out disguise)
Now I have no other way to do it though
He’s a 30 plus, battle rapper who started off a scheme with Pokemon
You’re going through it bro
But they hype that shit, nobody said this niggas over 30 When pokemon was popping, you were too old to like that shit
But I would run from this?
Funny shit, they all know you gone die
Stomach it, I’m a glitch I fucked up the game I’m too cold for the game no
Sugar coatin the game but that shit feel like I just put a code in the game
See nothing about your swag say what you act
Except that Pokemon scheme, that’s why they call you wack And watch, next round I’m break down bar for bar how…
You fat
Your turn

[Round 2: 100 Bulletz]
You the same size as Chucky
This Child’s Play! Don’t toy with me!
The Arm out! Nap kins with the trey if you ordered beef
You’ll be floatin’ in a lake if you wanna test ya boy… and see
Fast forward: You’ll be floatin in a lake if you wanna test ya buoyance
But Bulletz never popped nothin’, yeah, that’s what they all said
I’ma husky Canadian! I got at an igloo n’ a dog sled?
Naw…To battles I led dogs… ya givin Bulletz easy wins, these niggas all dead!
Reverse that! dead all niggas! These wins easy! Bulletz givin ya dogs lead!
I been through Hell and back with Spawn powers, puttin’ in Lebron hours
When the Heat is on I’m suited for the win like Juwan Howard
A lethal sport! The People’s Court; bang hammers if we want it settled
You don’t murder guys, around danger, you turn n’ hide… Dr. Jekyll
You agreed to battle Daylyt, ducked n’ took a match with me
He got pissed, you got scared… ran… never paid back the league
When a killer in the hood plottin’ to sneak you… it ain’t Assassins Creed
This snake in the lawn, fakin’ so long we just had to cut the grass to see
Hold up
I bet they still bring you Crayon’s at Applebee’s, n’ you steal em when they not lookin’
You Bill Cosby in Jell-O ads; the way you make money is off putting (pudding)
Respect as a man, you get none; videos twerkin for a child molester, you did one;
If you ever been shot, it was the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” Gun
A said, “Little man bars is somethin’ you gotta deal with
So, no matter how far you go to battle… it’s still technically a field trip.”
You get that Joey Jihad in Flemo Park, grab his feet; dragged to Parma
I’ma leave you with a holey grill if I hit u with this magnum Carter
JC God’s Son? I Made You Look like and amateur either way
It ain’t Hard To Tell, All I Need is One Mic to Ether J
All that drive n’ hit a brick wall; that’s a bag for this crash dummy
You a Baby son, these punches lean Carter 4 that Cash Money
When JC poppin’ N’ Sync; too easy, I could flip harder
If I catch him dancin’ in a Backstreet… Boy, that’s when bullets Nick Carter
You better conceal vest or still own (Slyvester Stallone) gats; Cuz it’s Rocky when I Get Carter
After ya date with Destiny Child, that little I.V. on ya hip Carter
Now, that’s beyond say (Beyonce), your average bar; if ya’ll think this kid’ll play me?
You niggas crazy; that .40 blew/Blue Carter like Jigga Baby
Ya name’s Julian Carter, breakin it down shouldn’t be hard
When Bulletz hit J, you lying, on a cart in the E.R

[Round 2: JC]
You are so weird to me
And oh so lame breaking yo neck just so these people know yo name
Well I always wondered why you flow so strange
You know that DM I got from Chilla BM?
Well yo hoe came
Now her approached was strange
I got to lookin at her pics to see if she posed to show her frame
But her fat ass only had neck up shots
I said ain’t she posed to show her frame
But anyway I got dirt on this nigga just by talkin to her
You know the game, but see I had a hunch back (Hunchback) then
And didn’t know the dame (Notre Dame)
Bullets, put that mothafucking pad down, your last round, yo last round
Say something to make the crowd hate us I’m quick to tip, I got a proud waiter
Pull out that pin, explode on everybody I’m Al-Queda
Name a nigga who style greater, I’m too complex
They say turn that shit down I feel like loud neighbors
But this nigga has nothin cooking, but a bunch of pudding
And you funny looking
Crazy is you clone dudes, I’ll clone you
Load a chopper, have 100 Bulletz facin 100 bullets
Tonight, you will never be a star in this life
Deal with me, exercise your bargaining rights
My swag american flag, I’m a star wit some stripes
So realize this the defining moment I brought to your life and talk to me right
Now what’s your chance of winning this?
You know this gone cost you tonight?
You’ll probably lose a few fans, get laid but get caught by your wife
You thought of this right?
See this part of your life should be non-existent
Dan killed you, now me God tried to steer you apart from this twice, but you won’t listen
So now it’s gone hurt you to see
I don’t get personal, but you will need a nursing in the ring
Cause next round I’m a show you God didn’t bless you with talent
He cursed you with me

[Round 3: 100 Bulletz]
Okay, everything I’m about to say is 100% true

I talked to ya boys out in Pontiac; they said little Julie need to fall back
You got no car, no job, you don’t hustle, these are all facts!
You live with your cock-eyed sister, who looks like Bubbles, in a small flat
That’s a Trailer Park… Boy:, I’m leavin’ Julian dressed in all black
Here’s some more facts: You a deadbeat dad who ain’t’ raisin ya kid
You ain’t seen ya son/sun in a minute; you should’ve named him Eclipse
Every kid need a father figure, I guess yours wasn’t afforded one
Oh yeah, you scared of Daylyt? Maybe that’s why you avoid ya son/sun
He’ll say he got the mack on his lap, while he mackin’ on some chicks
Ain’t trappin, or 6’5″ but he imaginin’ he is
Look in the mirror; this reflection is what actually exists
Of course you want me to take that mirror down, you been actin like a Bish
You know it’s death when decay involved, Silky Johnson with all these haters ya’ll
Back slappin’ n macs clappin… it look like the Players Ball
This kid ain’t bussin in a school block, you supposed to be a pistol popper
You a No Limit Soldier, ya brother C-Murder like Siilk the Shocker
Missin’ longer than Jimmy Hoffa, find ya Granny, lift the walker
Now, you buyin’ her a cane (Hurricane), Carter, like the wrongfully convicted boxer
Versatile; Decidin’ which craft to kill him like Wiccan doctors
The GTA: But it’s San Andreas if you see Jay with the chopper
I’m on ya neighbourhood, the .45 singin’ like Mr. Rogers
You see the long nose in the jeans like Scotty Pippen father
On Christmas, I found Cole/coal in my house more than Martin & Gina
Sing and dance round Bulletz, you play the part of Selena
This match bring racquet to the net when I swing hard as Serena
Rock the Boat, you crash, burn and ripped apart like Aaliyah
Either J-Lo or that ring leave a Marc on a diva
For paper, I’ll roll up and leave J sparked like Khalifa
Ya bodies lyin everywhere if we sparred in arenas
No! Bodies, lions, everywhere… that’s a Spartan arena
Combine punchlines and wordplay and this here what you got
The illest rapper spittin on the camera since 2Pac
You shoulda wore a Teflon Jason mask, and a bullet proof hoodie too
Cuz they was right… guns don’t kill people…. BULLETZ DO!”

[Round 3: JC]
I’ve been everywhere, Bars, swag, I give you that feel with it I’m a pimp or the Don is a orthodontist
That’s why niggas steel/still grilling
{slight choke}
I barely arrived, they already expecting a scary surprise
These lames said I’m brain dead on the contrary my mind very alive
A terror to guys, erase a few, the hip, bluetooth capable
I pair it with nines Face it Bulletz, it will be so many headshots They will find yo face in bullets I will have yo whole team facin bullets
You got a sorry flow and I see Mario when I think of facing Bulletz
This all-mental yall temple don’t hold enough
See I perfect my craft, I go get by on shoulder shrugs World Domination 4
I’m the reason you got a spot on it
I mean Last time we was lined up, I curved Bulletz, he’s not Wanted
On Wanted the bullets curved see, that’s where dog buckle Cause that long shuffle was full of schemes in the wrong huddle
See while they still wait, that steel, steal weight, knock pounds off muscle
I brought trouble, that chopper is what I could let collect cholesterol from you
Now that shit sound like I studdered til you hear the thought bubble I said the chopper is what I could let collect cholesterol from you
Now Bulletz, I’ve never been a nigga you could just get by out here
You just in line out here
All I need is all the right angles to outline this square
I’m picture perfect
Picture perfect, picture perfected like we the same kind
But I stand behind what I do, we don’t even write with the same grind
Quit scheming, we get it!
That’s all that’s keeping you from a real win
Adjust all that and you found one my nigga, until then…
You just lost the battle

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