Dizaster vs. Aye Verb [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ayeverb]
Okay fans, out the gate let’s get some shit straight
In my eyes Diz is not a great, he’s out of place, out of date
Sloppy, lyrically out of shape
I’m muddy water, he fresh water, a pond, a lake
The reason that you failed in URL
Cuz you couldn’t reel your street niggas in
Cuz you didn’t have nothing on them lines
Translation: he don’t got the bait
Let’s not debate, he’s distant, type to send a missile and hide his face
I’m different, vicious, vindictive, this Saddam verse Jeffrey Dhamer case
Me and you have nothing in common, comma, wait
Cuz when I spit, niggas body’s shake, I send opponents souls outer space
When you go, the crowd be like, “ugh! Fuck!”
Nigga yo bars give niggas that same feel as when the condom break
Morphine injection, before I chop up my patients
I make sure they in a common state
Cuz words I throw can get surgical… it’s time for doctor operate
Preshow, every time I land in Cali I expect a certain vibe
Purple skies, different vibes, niggas lying, bitches, “hi!”
Getting high, whipping rides I never get to drive
You bring extra shit around dickhead? You getting circumcised
Extra shit around dick head, you getting… nevermind
Tonight I’ma kill you, but I am gon send you out in style
I just need to know, what’s your shirt, your size, turban with purple tie
What you want? Box with little Arabic inserts inside
You want ya hearse covered in slurpee signs, what?
I don’t fuck with this nigga, I been waiting to kill him for a long time
I hope y’all know my slogan, when it’s go time it’s SHOWTIME!
This the part of the movie when the killing starts
What you nerds ain’t ever seen New Jack City before?
I ride up on a llama, gripping a llama, Diz who I’m asking for
Boom box playing flute music snakes come out the baskets for
Let rip with one arm, spray y’all bastards
Back the llama up and it’s the same shit in reverse
Like spelling “RADAR” backwards
You out of control you on some shit
You got you a little bodies but none of them bodies is nothing like me
I’m in the (?) right now, I’m good standing, never on my knee
I knock him out, go like “this” and scream y’all shit
That’s “KOTD!” (KO To D)

[Round 1: Dizaster]

All them Arabic jokes you keep on saying gon get your ass shot!
I will take that black girl you brought with you
And I’ma leave her with a smashed twat
I’ma hit that shit from the back and I’ma make her ass pop
She said fucking you like being in a plane crash
Not because I’m Arab, but because I destroyed her little black box
This guy came up here looking like an LL Cool J fan
I mean scratch that, he came up here looking like the Kool Aid man
How the fuck you gonna tell me that this motherfucker is top tier?
When he literally looks like he broke thru the walls when he got here
Last time you came to the Bay
They remember you for letting the blicker spray
And bullets ricocheting and hitting Swift McVeigh
But tonight you showed up looking like a bitch today
I mean normally you have them curls plain
But tonight you rocking them in a different way
Ladies and gentlemen it’s the man that’s about to audition for Kid & Play
You literally look like Kid And Play
Get the fuck out of my face you black Nick Lachey
What was that shit about circumcising?
This motherfucker’s such a bitch when the doctor went to circumcise him
He said, “nah I ain’t gonna do that shit
Cuz I don’t wanna damage all the nerves inside him
I have never seen such a perfect hymen”
Verb is such a fucking bitch
He won’t go out to the club unless his hurr is shining
And so one day he said, “Fuck it I’ma go with my shit nappy
Wearing the same shirt that I’m in”
I wanna be like the boys for once, I’m sick of the person I’ve been
For the first time in
God knows how long, he finally made up his mind then
The inner girl inside him said, “Verb, grab the curling iron”
He went to perm it, suddenly heard some sirens
Got nervous and accidentally burned his eyelids
You need to watch out where you swinging that thing
You could’ve been permanently blinded
I mean you could say the curling iron damn near permifried him
Anyways, later on that day
I went to the club and searched for Verb to find him
Soon as I got up front he was right there, perfect timing
Except I couldn’t recognize him
At first cuz he looked like a different person without a purse beside him
Verb is such a bitch, fuck a record label, he wants Tory Burch to sign him
You live in a world where happiness means
Instant gratification from the purchases of worthless items
From your gold iPhone cases
Them rims on the whip you currently driving
That jacket, that jewelry, that shirt, those diamonds
How do you expect to advance any further rhyming
When every pair of Jordan’s come out
Your only concern in life
Is to be the first that buys them?
Your wants and needs in life is your enemies
You’re gonna get murdered by them
What happened to real men? Nah, what happened to men?
Men are not supposed to stand in front of the mirror
Trying to be like girls and look perfect like them

[Round 2: Ayeverb]

I heard Diz gal was a freak and she in love with brothers
She said she fuck with niggas cuz our dicks bigger
And we don’t fuck with rubbers
Flew into St. Louis to kick it with me, you know, get her drunk to fuck her
Hit a couple spots, got her slopped
After every 4 bars she scream “WOOO!”
Like the crowd in this motherfucker
See how I did that Diz?
That’s called being composed like a veteran’s suppose
See in this room you good as gold
But lyrically you can’t match what I compose
So on the lens I’m in control, this how this goes
Motherfucker you’re a worker, Lush tell you when to dig a hole
I’m a boss, I just tell my niggas put you in one, shit I just pick the hole
Big difference, no gimmick, this clip is volcanic
Straight from Canada, it’s Organik
How I can snipe anybody in the body from any face on the planet
Soon as I get the call, “Verb, get to war, can him”
Knock a patch out him size of a ripple ball
Shoot him from what you call, Kansas
Every shot I throw I pull a different card, Gambit
Y’all Mayweather? He stay dinner, this flow will put him on the canvas
Dammit, y’all ain’t catch it? The flow? The canvas? That’s the same shit
I give you motherfuckers a show, I don’t just be saying shit
A killer in this league, I wreck shit, like a mad train
I get 50 when I’m hot and get 30 in a bad game
I don’t give a fuck about yo damn name or your campaign
You just here for me to punch on
So Dizaster and Everlast the same shit, just a bag/bad name
I’m all up in yo house wearing you out
First round was the murder, second rounds the funeral
Third round is the burial, pick ya Paul Bearers out

[Round 2: Dizaster]

You called yourself a boss, bro, save that shit, trick
Cuz bosses don’t get chased in parking lots like bitches
Oh yeah, the sight of that watching it would’ve been beautiful
You was supposed to squab the dude, I mean it’s just a fight, bro
What could they possibly do to you?
That shit was supposed to be a fight, until you turned it into a Chase
Just like every other fucking Washington Mutual
And the funny thing is he got away before they stomped his ass
I mean there’s footage of this shit online, they put this mark on blast
And when they told him, you know how he responded back?
He said, “derrty, I wasn’t running I was just walking fast”
You’re a fucking joke to us Verb, you’re gonna clap who?
You pack tools? Let me guess, you’re gonna blast me
And then activate the strap by backing it up
With some gay ass fucking dance move
Well if you got them cannons did you bring them over here with you?
I mean you went thru customs at the airport
Surely you had to go thru some issues
I mean did they at least pull you over and strip you?
No? Nothing? You just walked thru the fucking metal detector
And they didn’t even notice them with you?
See what I think is, you’re a fag who raps about guns
But you don’t hold no credentials
But in Oakland we all know this that’s why we don’t hold it against you
We know you a hoe, Verb, you already know why we booked you
For them “clever metaphors that you spit”
This is California bitch
We don’t wanna hear about the wars that you been thru
Bitch I got so many assault rifles in my storage unit
I could afford to throw you a pistol
See what you doing is trying to go to war with a pitbull
When your core is built like a 4 year old Shih Tzu
So I’ma roll up into ya studio while your homies are recording with you
And K.O. you so fucking hard that the force that hits you
Will feel like an Ethiopian Cobra kissed you
And everybody in this Oakland venue
Gon witness me sliding morphing into
Yoshimitsu when I hold you up and slit ya throat
With a broken Ginsu and keep poking so many holes up in ya thick skull
The moment that I swing the sword against you I’ma galge
In a circular motion and keeping poking into ya solar plexus
Til I deform your organ tissue and leave you
On the corner of the table folded like a fucking order menu

[Round 3: Ayeverb]

See Hip-Hop has us brainwashed
That it’s a negative to have education or accomplishments
Cuz consumers praise, guns, murder & drugs, you know that kind of shit
Seems like I can keep it real with you people, you know be honest with
Well if I wasn’t so god damn good looking
And my rap career wasn’t promising
I would’ve finished honors college and been a psychologist
Now the first thing you learn in these studies is common sense
Whatever your patient appears to be, he’s the opposite
So if you would’ve came to my office to have a talk and sit
I would’ve opened your file, had a coffee sip, glanced at it
And analyze you in seconds, this one’s easy, this shit is obvious
Big bad Arabic terrorist who takes pictures posing with loaded weapons
Wow, that’s unexpected, nigga stop jeffin
Cuz I can read thru your perception persona and dissect it
I really think you are from the hood, just not respected
And you scared, you want protection, being scared brings out aggression
From my perspective, you want people to think
That you out here riding reckless in that direction
When the conclusion is, you were messed with
Your real parents probably treated you like a step kid
Your sister was probably the first woman you had sex with
Hit depression, became aggression
The movie GI Joe you became obsessed with, started to set trip
Started taking pictures holding choppers like you gon wet shit
But my guess is, nah… nah, you ain’t hard bitch, you harmless
You just got a fascination with weapons, you ain’t gon wreck shit
You just collect shit
Now for my next trick, all that wild shit sound good
But you trying too hard Diz, nigga I could read your childhood
Nigga yo daddy probably was a king somewhere, y’all own oil and gold
You probably grew up in a palace like I’m Coming To America
Except Eddie had lions and tigers, you had goats and ghosts
Like any teenager you start tripping with dad and start stressing on him
That’s when he decided to teach you a lesson
And show you life in its lesser form
That’s when he moved you to the hood in LA
Awww shit, you street now, you think you got it going on?
Til he transferred due to an all black school back in 1992
While the war of Desert Storm was going on
So every day you probably got picked on
“Let’s jump him, that’s an Iraqi!” bullies you had to adapt with
You had to learn to do something black, quick!
You tried shooting baskets but you couldn’t read a back pick
And got laughed at and that’s when you tried this rap shit
See Hip-Hop started with the black kids
It was our rhythm that boom/clap shit, our passion
But when Eminem started spazzin it certified that the white boys had shit
I’m only speaking facts, let me ask them, nah I’ma ask him
Name for me one rapper that’s massive with your look
Or your peoples accent
There ain’t none, you wasting your time, you moving backwards
A common job for y’all is engineering, go do that shit
You not authentic, you manufactured
This just an act that you just practice and mastered
From our actions to the weed smoke, to the tats
Our hip-hop, you jacked it
And threw it on like it’s a jacket just for fashion
Give it back Diz, unsnap it or I’ma snatch it
Bar for bar, you average, your pen game dirty
Won’t let no foreigners run hip-hop, bitch, Jin ain’t work
So how you figure you got the opportunity to be the next soon to be?
C’mon Diz, you ain’t fooling me, the whole thing is just buffoonery
You been battling for 14 years, you missed your time it’s too late, truancy
Be honest with yourself
Not to mention, when we speaking, it’s confidential
When we talking it’s just you and me
Today I seen emotion coming up out of you
I mean we making progression
But my time is over lil homie, Lush, send in my next session

[Round 3: Dizaster]

Give us the rap shit back, he wants the jacket back
That whole fucking concept is lame
Every other black dude I meet these days is Barack, Jamaal, Hussein
So if I can’t fucking rap then why don’t you guys give us back our names
How bout this? Let me know how I can spit a track
Tell Farrakhan to give me my fucking religion back
You wanna talk shit about my dad? About my dad?
Let’s talk some personal shit about yours, know all this is true
Right Verb, your pops took off when you were 2
And you put that in songs so people feel sorry for you
But your dad was young when he accidentally had you
And he took off in the blue
And I know that part of him is wrong as a father to do
But I don’t blame him cuz if I had a son like Ayeverb
I would’ve took off on him too
I’m just saying, but that shit pisses me off, right?!
Don’t talk about my dad! The fuck do we say about your father?
Your father won a gold Oscar for being New Jersey’s #1 home robber
As soon as your mother turned 4 years old
She got pulled over in a stolen Accord
And the po’s caught her with coke on her
That was the last time you and your pops both saw her
Those are your role models, my uncles are stock brokers
Your uncles are broke stockers
Bitch I got the bloodline of a War Monger
My shit dates back to known martyrs
You got the bloodline of a Mississippi poor farmer
You not expected to go far in life
When your forefathers were floor moppers
And your mother would sell crack to her own daughter
Just so she can make a little more dough off her, bitch!
Stupid mark, where the fuck have you been?
If you were smart you would’ve kept it moving
I’m a human consuming shark, body parts get chewed in
I’m ripping these dudes apart, what you contribute to the movement?
What’s your influential part?
You ain’t nothing but a music chart pursuing pop culture artist
That’s ruining the art
I’ll rip you and everybody in the Lou apart
I’ll leave the St. Louis Ark in ruins
After I post up and hit it with a supercharge Hydouken
Fuck a Don Demarco, when I rap all you hear is a sound from space
Like, *radio sound* “We got a problem, Houston”
I’m over your head like a LA smog pollution
This is life of a lost angel, my problems don’t got solutions
No happy endings like Vietnam masseuses
I use my fists cuz talking’s useless
Fuck a philosophy, I’m not Confucius
You hand me this book and tell me to read it
Then I’ll beat you with it repeatedly til you develop large contusions
Go into a coma and wake up talking like a graduated college student
I’ll gnaw ya arm off you, start to puncture you with
Sharper tools than pharmaceutical needles doctors use
To inject kids at hospital ICU’s with
You get chalked out like the top part of a pool stick
And get found underneath the water with at the bottom of a pool
With oxygen removed quick from your esophagus
You ain’t popping no tools, bitch! Your squad and never do shit
I’m KRS, you Jay-Z, all you ever did was copy my Blueprint
You wanna do what, Verb? I advise you not to do it
Stay positioned, call the army or the swat hostage unit
This ain’t the part of the story where the bomb diffuses
And the FBI wins cuz Osama loses, no
This is the part of the script the bomb goes off
Sending a spark thru an open box of fuses
That’s fused to a fuselage fueled by rocket fuel
Bitch I’m not human, I’m a toxic mutant
A cross between Mirko Cro Cop on embalming fluid
With… with… another Mirko Cro Cop when I’m bombing fluid
You get socked out til ya eyeballs get unscrewed
And your eye sockets get glued onto my two fists
I’ll stomp you like this was 1942
When you were caught being Jewish walking thru unit
I’ll toss you in the air and slam you on to a large body Buick
Lay you down on the ground of your living room
And Mortal Kombat stomp you thru it
Until you’re laying on the floor of your bottom apartment unit
BITCH! This the Bay pussy!
Well keep doing your Thug Life
And banging your heat til your chapstick drops
You should quit rapping, you’re more known
For them funny ass faggot blogs
You’re like a black Daniel Tosh, you’re like a African Asher Roth
All that gum flapping about ya guns clapping has to stop
You URL Rappers yap a lot, but fuck rapping
In real life this is what would happen if he even threatened to blast a shot
I’ll look at him with that poker face, right
Then I rapidly pull out a dagger and stab you in so many random spots
I’ll send your ass into an anaphylactic shock
You try to pull that strap then I smack him
And snatch that glock out of your hand
And twist it and clap you with it before you even have a chance to talk
Chaz just stop, you don’t wanna shadowbox
I’ll box your shadow if you even get to shadowbox
Catastrophic effects I have on cats who cross me
Get smacked and tossed, dragged across a bathtub
And acid washed until his body matter turns into apple sauce
Faggot! You ain’t shit to me! You little pussy, I’m the best in the world
So after this you ain’t nothing but a bitch
Starving for attention like my ex girl
I’ll put Ayeverb’s face in a box, S CURL!
Hold on, hold on, I don’t think I even prepared a finisher
So ima come with a rhyme style that could hair diminish her
This guy right here would rather
Sit there in the heat and bare the temperature
He’d rather spend all his money on hair conditioner
Then repair his air conditioner
This guy would rather trade his liver then see his hair get thinner
He has reoccurring nightmares of being chased by a giant pair of scissors
Razorblades and trimmers, hairless wizards
The only reason we in the Bay cuz he wouldn’t dare step foot in LA
Cuz he’s scared of the Clippers

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