Tay Roc vs. Ill Will [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tay Roc]
I’ma tell you like this, pussy you should’ve stayed in the Midwest
The shit you’re in/urine not a piss test
These shots that I let out the stock they go in-vest
Leave ‘em leaking red, now he blue, he ain’t switch sets
This bitch flex get chin checked or stretched by my index
I pull up then push up on ya niggas, you’ll get ya bench pressed
The afterschool program, I’ll get these kids wrecked
Like I left on the Caps Locks that’s big text/techs
I been stressed, I ain’t impressed with none of these new niggas
Smack should’ve told you, I don’t just give the shots I shoot thru niggas
I turn ya yearbook pic into a news picture
Leave you in a ocean of blood and let ya crew ship ya
Go ahead, tell me how you’ll drop me if my jaw get tapped
You like a motorcycle junkyard, you Harley/hardly scrap
Be all you can be, that’ll get ya army clapped
Everybody get hit with this cig, it’s a party pack
I don’t fuck with y’all fags, y’all on a gay team
You better slide I’ll hit you for real, I don’t play swing
I’ll clap the 9 leave him absent minded, that’s a daydream
They’ll find this artist underground or floating on a main-stream
Silly old you if you confess to the cops
No video shoot, ya whole set getting shot
Ya silly hoe too, she get stretched when I pop
I’m KFC, I wing the drumstick leave her thighs and breasts in a box
Aye Will, check out this floor scheme, I hope you understand it
I’ll give ya bitch HARDWOOD since you take her for granted/GRANITE
Caught that? Ya MARBLES on the floor when I spark that
Riding with a all black chopper that’s my car pet/CARPET
Carpet, marble, hardwood, them all floors
I’m strapped with a 22, 1 8, them all 4’s
Run down on ‘em I’m like, “here, they all yours”
Have him trying to recoupe from bullets from his car door
If I don’t off ball, my goons in line at his moms door
Trying to get ‘em like he Concords
I’m strapped like Goro that’s what I’m armed for
When they find this boy in a box it won’t be cardboard
Aw lord, I give ‘em flashbacks of a while ago
If will getting Cash, Eating I’ma host ‘em with a Calico
Speaking of Calicoe, I’ll fuck him up after ya
I will put Cal in (EN) D ER any day on the Calendar
That shit I did to Qleen Paper was a massacre
I will get X boxed no Soul Calibur
Will, I’ll scrap with ya if I lose
Before sunrise I’ll have you sleeping in a coffin, Dracula
I keep 2 K’s, you’re not that Live
This who I gotta kill to show ya Roc top 5?
Why not JC? He’d a end up getting popped outside
That mac could rain a/Macarena bullet
So when you hear that cha-cha, slide
Shoutout to my nigga Midwest Miles, I look at all y’all like
Y’all is Midwest childs
I’ll have you wishing you was back in the Midwest now
My Arsonal aimed at the only Trick in this Midwest crowd
Play Superman, I’ma play the Kryptonite
I’m Papa Johns, you get a slice when I grip the knife
Hey Smack, get it right, ain’t none of these niggas nice
If you ain’t from the east coast you ain’t winning shit tonight
Simple as that, I gives a fuck what this nigga said
I will turn a closed casket into this nigga bed
Rex told me go back to Maryland with this nigga head
I’ma hang it on my wall, y’all know this nigga dead!

[Round 1: Ill Will]

How many of y’all feel like
I ain’t supposed to be here tonight by a show of hands?
Well that’s cool, cuz I read the comments and I feel the same way
Just cuz y’all don’t want me on this stage tonight
That don’t mean that y’all gay
But dawggg, y’all don’t want me on this stage tonight?! Man y’all gay!
Second thing I just wanna tell you, tell my nigga right here, this fat fuck
Don’t say shit while I’m rapping cuz this ain’t that kind of sport
I’m the type of nigga that we can handle it after the battle
And I’ll slap him off his momma porch
You ain’t got no bodies! You signed this contract
You dicking yourself saying you a killer
I see y’all still slowing it down, well speed it up
I said, you ain’t got no bodies
You’s contradicting yourself saying you a killer
I told y’all I was on some other shit
Now I’ma show y’all how to smother shit
But I’m getting head in ya mother whip
She outer space thinking I’m her boyfriend but we only fuck in the car
That’s the mother ship
Niggas like you and Shotgun don’t say shit, I got a legacy already
Niggas like you and Shotgun don’t say shit
But if you spell it out ya leg will (A) see (C) why (Y)
This shotgun ain’t nothing to play with
I’m the same nigga from BET, you see how I spit it to him?
Same nigga from BET that said, “fuck it” then won it
Straight drop how I give it to ‘em
But them battle rappers, I was just sifting thru ‘em
But now for the dead prez I’m back
OD’ing on Smack like Chris Tucker in the living room
Ain’t shit fucking change, y’all gon make me say fuck the fame
And have this nigga looking like Alonzo when the Russians came
Nah that was fucking lame and this ain’t no fucking game
So if he go for the steal I put one round his head
And tuck it back in the shirt like Hot Sauce at a Rucker game
I ain’t fucking playing, you from the slums?
Nah you right, you is from the slums slums
But you acting like I don’t got young guns
That’ll come leave you slumped some
I still got young guns that’ll put dum dums in ya tum tum
For the bread, put a knot on ya head, that’s a lump sum, done
What you gon do if I come to Baltimore? Like fuck what y’all say!
You ain’t gon flip no rage or lift no gage
I’ll be in that hallway all day selling rock around Roc
Like a dope boy in the Flintstone age
But if you come to the Yak, you know what they gon say?
You have just entered hell, Roc, you can’t tell Roc?
You can’t adapt to where we dwell Roc
One night and you’ll hear “dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah”
That nigga feel like he shell shot
You from the booty gripping crew that’s why I can’t stand the bitch
You can’t even stand to piss, but pick a fight with me bitch
I’ll swing a cannon fist
Damage shit, big loads knocking down doors when we blammin shit
Attach that long ass banana clip when I swing it look like a….
Bitch it look like a long ass banana clip!
But when that 40 blow, that’s what? A rocket when it blast off?
No too slow, when that 40 blow that’s what Roc get when it blast off

[Round 2: Tay Roc]

They ask me why I ain’t been on UW or King Of The Dot
Doesn’t even matter
This is my 9th URL all my views are in the league that matters
End up like Samuel, I’ll reach and stab ya like Method Man on 187
That’s how I teach a/teacher actor
I’m mad I’m battling you for no extra paper
You have never been on a URL card so I’m doing the F’in favor
You should take caution or I’ll yellow tape ya
To my shooters I make sure Bill’s get passed, I’ll be the legislature
I don’t respect ya gangsta
Swave you my nigga, why you made him team Homi?
You shouldn’t let in strangers
I’ll hit this investigator with a heavy banger
Put this cock in a walker if he try to text his/texas ranger
I wish you would cross god/guard, no intersection
Leave ya Men in Black when I give Will Smith & Wesson’s
It’s ironic how when I raise hell he get sent to heaven
I funk flex, I let this Hot 9 give ‘em 7
Tay Roc lose to Ill Will, bad prediction
You’re from Pontiac and ran into Roc, bad collision
You swing on me, get ya life taken, that’s a given
Shot’s will have ya shit all outside, that’s eviction
I will get your bitch merked, Mike Vick shit
Chopper the size of Tori Doe, this some Slick shit
I will leave his Lady Red when I grip this
Pop the trunk, put you in it then make ya Ms. Fit
Tell this bitch quit, his money long I get em taped up for that
Like open ya safe or you won’t wake up for that
If it’s empty, I’ma find where ya mother at
When this mask scare her/mascara I bet she’ll make up for that
I could get you set up, fuck is you deaf playa?
You better walk-man, for the record, I could set/cassette playa
When I black over white blocks that’s a chess player
Get em clapped, find him out in Brooklyn like a Nets player
Exchange words? I ain’t got shit to say
If we argue, right in the middle of talking you get a K
Now spell it out and you’ll see that that shit was slick
Cuz if you spell out talking in the middle there is a K
I see you like rebuttals, well try that shit with me
Right in the middle of ya rebuttals you getting T now spell it out
And you’ll see that that shit was mean
Cuz if you spell out rebuttals, in the middle there is a T
Rebuttal that, if we wreck then it’s a wrap
JC try and break it up, his little neck is getting snapped
Cal step in, get him clapped, he’ll be Isaiah Thomas
Detroit nigga pissed on/Piston with 11 in his back
If I said it, it’s a fact, shit talking get you penalized
I could tell you soft looking in ya tender eyes
I be walking with a pump, sawed-off, minimize
One round knocking out every round that he memorized, niggas die!
I don’t change shit when I’m strapped on
Gun bar after gun bar cuz I’m strapped on ‘em
When I clap on ‘em it’s a wrap for ‘em
Since he from Yak town I’ll have his town pouring out Yak for him
Chill Will, if I don’t steal Will, the steel will
Headshots, he won’t remember a round, I’ll Yung Ill Will
I let the crowd choose how you get it, when I kill Will
Should I give him a Smith like Emmitt or Emmitt Till Will?
Fuck what you call him, I don’t find him that Ill
When I fire at Will, I just fire at will
They gon find his ass killed even tho this ain’t ya hood
You could end up in a trunk of a Pontiac still
[Round 2: Ill Will]

I’m the illest nigga moving, you get me?
I’m rebuttaling that last thing about rebuttaling so you can hit me
I know you’re not, so shut the fuck up
Everybody wanna battle Lux like he god or something
I don’t, so Jesus after him, you up
Nigga you cannot walk in my shoes nor fit in my jeans
They will have to hem you up
I come to funeral and alter everything on the altar
When they reading that hymn, you up, nigga I will hem you up
You ain’t feeling me? Nigga I will “him” you up
That’s Smack nigga, that’s just the evil thoughts of a Yak nigga
What you gon do nigga? Ice my house like an igloo nigga?
But tell the truth nigga, niggas be hating on that line like it was bad
But however, that igloo line put this nigga ahead of every battle rapper
Even Lux, he better
Cuz with that igloo line you said that was so fucking clever
That gave him the biggest Eskimo fan base ever
But I’m at his bitch crib tho, I’m like, “you got a fat ass”
Can I hit something?
You mind getting that thong ripped and getting some long dick?
She too reached down, palm gripped, said “aww shit!”
I said, “bitch let me hit something” she said, “I can’t right now”
I said, “bitch we is finna fuck”
She said, “well the kids here and Tay Roc-“
I said, “bitch, I don’t care if the kids playing or he is pulling up”
Five minutes later daddy was almost breaking a rib in them guts
He came in, I upped the tool, he said “kids run!”
I mean they did try to rush, but that’s why I had that Magnum on me
Cuz it catch kids when I bust
Damn, not here nigga, not here nigga
I can’t choke cuz I’m not a top tier nigga
I said I’m that new nigga that y’all need to know
Flow freezer cold, you just another bitch to me, you Keisha Cole
If you got that bag and don’t pay that ticket
You’ll be in ER if you owe ‘em b
And if you don’t live then you see more ratchets
Y’all think I’m choking? Y’all ain’t even peep that
I just said he’ll be in ER if O M B, that’s Bmore backwards
Let me hear you getting them dead presidents
I pull up in the Lincoln, that’s what the weapon in
Run up, bend ya men (Benjamin) for the settlement
And you gon get ya face on the 50 like Jefferson
Don’t say “oooh” cuz that’s his shit, but we gon talk about his shit
You gon put his face on a 50 like Jefferson? You fucked up
Cuz I’m either some dumb, I might be some dumb, but he plum dumb
Where in the fuck do yo money come from?
Aye but that’s cool cuz if that’s the case, that ain’t where the shit stop
Cuz I’m feeling like Roc
Cashed out when I’m at the mall or when I play with the bitches
Waving expenses, pockets stay full of Reagan’s and Nixon’s
Oh you ain’t heard? I’m the man on these city streets
Me and my niggas went to King Of Diamonds yesterday
And made it rain all Kennedy’s
I’m getting money nigga, but let me get off that
Cuz every bag I get, that’s another bad bitch to ask for dick
Ask ya bitch, don’t be acting pissed or you’ll get smacked and shit
Or use this target practice when I’m blasting shit
Let off 2, told him to move his shoes or get socked out his tru’s
That’s a fashion tip
But the 3rd round was the one that kilt him
That’s ironic that’s what we asked from Clips
Aye just cuz I’m fried don’t mean you can’t get ya dame boiled
Cuz soon as I saw Tay/sauté I let it cook
So his hoe can see I barbequed when that flame broil

[Round 3: Tay Roc]

You was on national television
You didn’t get paid and you still not poppin, what has it done for you?
You cocky off them 106 wins? I’ma humble you
Whatever you got paid tonight, I’m paid double you
I fuck up every rapper I come across, that’s nothing new
I don’t fuck with you, I make fun of you right in front of you
Even though this ain’t biological, I’m sonning you
You wanna win a battle well Roc ain’t who you run into
Now I’ma put you back in the Proving Ground for a month or 2
You be talking in codes using that fake Jamaican sound
We don’t talk in codes on the phone cuz we don’t play around
I tell my shooter clap any faggot you see standing around
Crucify him, that mean once you cross him get him hammered down
He like, “what if this fat nigga try to run?” I’m like, “track him down”
I guess y’all want me to define that, that mean map his town
When you see him, pat him down, if he smirk, crack his smile
Clap him down, leave him on his face, Pacquiao
Real life don’t get yours taken, I won’t play with you
This ain’t a movie, you can get ya kids Taken too/2
One clip but it holds 30, look like it’s taking 2
When I grip that lemon squeeze I ain’t making juice, Tay the truth
I came with all bars, I don’t joke besides the fact ya moms smoke crack
And smell like dope smoke, I’m loco
I run up on ya bitch while she’s solo
She’s Evelyn, her head get’s the butt of the Ocho
I’ll fuck his bitch and his sister in the same car
Fuck his bitch in the backseat then I trade off
Stroking ya sister then I pull out of that lame broad
Ya bitch clean my dick with her mouth, I got brain washed
This that old Roc, disrespect to ya whole block
This 4 pop, leave holes in ‘em the size of boat locks
Face shots, Botox, killing niggas, I won’t stop
Another Midwest nigga that ran into that road block
I’m so hot, you heard you had me you should’ve called it quits
You praying that I choke in my 3rd, but I ain’t Charlie Clips
Aye Charlie Clips, could I take it a bit further?
How he kill me but I lived to talk about it? Ain’t that attempt murder?
Fuck that, back to you, William must be high on crack
From now on I’m disrespecting niggas, fuck how you act
If ya bitch jump in between us while we trying to scrap
I’ma put baby to sleep when I give that dime a tap
How is that? Holla at me I’ma holla back
One On One I’ll make this nigga look like Kyla Pratt
Please don’t make this llama clap
When it POP OFF I’ll put you in the same place I put Rich Dolarz at
I’M NICE!!!!! I’M NICE!!!!! I’ll be that
You trying to Tango? I’ll box ya head like Oovoo for the tiny chat
All I know is this grimy rap, you swing, I’ll bob the cat
Once I right ‘em, I left ‘em like, “I’ll be back”
As far as my money, don’t get in between
I find ya bitch, take that V, head, that’s guillotine
You scheme in ya raps, I really scheme
With extensions that’ll take that whole party out like a limousine
I keep 2 quarters on me without a conscience
I could do 4 dimes for these 2 nickels
But if they find this here’s a penny for ya thoughts
Gimme 9 cents, that chopper holds a dollar when I shoot, that’s 99 cent

[Round 3: Ill Will]

I’m mad right now so fuck it I’m bout to talk shit
What you niggas mad at? Cuz I’m the new nigga?
Y’all have to go from A to B, B to C, D to E
I went from A to E, you think I give a fuck where Tay’ll be?
Just only wanna say one thing
I don’t wanna hear no “Don Demarco!”
No “Bang… Bang… Bang…” cuz that shit gay to me
But look, you told Shine that he got his swag from Rex
And that he was Rex foster child
You right and Murda Mook is his foster mother
But if he killed you and joined Dot Mob, what is he? His foster brother
Now Summer Madness 3 got pushed back but fuck it
We made his Fall bigger
These Dot Mob niggas all dinner
Come with the chop at his block
And make it mafuckin’ rain/ring all over the place like a call center
I’m walking up on him like, “Tay Roc, why the fuck is you nervous?
Fuck is your purpose? The only benefits you got with Dot Mob
Is if I do you bodily harm you under some nurses”
But if my mans get that call he’ll meet, greet, serve you
And send you on ya way, that’s customer service
Kill you then off yo spouse next
I hate you so much I hope a mosquito fly over to Magic Johnson crib
Then come to yo house next
I’ll catch Tay on the late night, hood on, brim low
I gotta creep silence with that 40, you know, tip toe
Soon as I see him I- man, what the fuck I gotta do that shit for?
I could walk up to this nigga with no strap, like “bitch what they hit foe?”
He ain’t do nothing on the nigga that beat his moms
But I bet he’ll hit a bitch tho
Fif blow, leaving him laying there like that’s berserk
See ya bitch, grab her purse, run in the room, stab the nurse
Blasts disperse; have this bitch ass nigga chest looking like a afterbirth
Fuck that old Roc, them 2 niggas 4 burners, and that stovetop
This that 112 blinking in ya face, that’s that broke clock
I know these niggas looking like, “aight, Ill Will you could tell he a threat
He ready for vets” Nah I’m already ahead of the rest
So fuck a vest, protect ya head and ya neck
I’m tissing on all these top tier bitches and waiting on the outcome
That’s a pregnancy test
Left him a mess, Tay we can box if you want, get socked if you jump
Mac in the car but not in the trunk, cocking the pump
It’s like I’m a virgin on a murder spree
I could kill this bitch and not give a fuck
I let that snub nose touch Roc
I’m the director of a rehabilitation center, fuck Rock
I’m silent Granite, he pomegranate
I cock it, blam it, it look like rocket damage when Roc get damaged
But dog, you from the booty gripping crew
Now look, I know it just sound like I’m chastising and scolding and shit
But maybe these words will mold you and shit
Homosexuality in ya faculty is noticed and shit
Niggas grab on yo booty when you flowing and shit
What if you spit a hot 3 rounds?
K-Shine gon come grab ya scrotum and shit
What if you in the studio and spit a hot track? They gon probably-
Dog, y’all see where I’m going with this?
But fuck it, if y’all get money why would I ruin that shit?
But at least we all know now what y’all do for that shit
I’m a Team Homi cuz every real nigga know me
I’m a Team Homi nigga because I’m good when I’m OT
I’m a Team Homi nigga because I’m everywhere hood be
Ayo Ayeverb, I’m a Team Homi nigga because yo momma said I could be
I got that glock in the right, push his wig left
Bullets Catholic Priests, touch his kid next
I’m trying to smoke, empty his guts, split his mid sect
I remind Tay of Ayeverb mother, toughest nigga in the Midwest
This nigga Math Hoffa said I stole his Jamaican shit y’all
So out of every battle rapper that’s the nigga I’ma steal from?
What the fuck is the reason?
Besides he stole Bonnie from me so if anything motherfucker we even
Did Tsu Surf pull an AR off his hip? Tell me that it’s not so
Tell Hitman to stop shooting empty shells, pronto!
And if Holllow wanna be Hollow he can get a hollow, blindfold
I don’t care if I get high or low
Straight up I made this shit, ain’t nobody gave me shit
Niggas talking bout they paved the way for me, nigga pave this dick!
Yak Town in this bitch, man…

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  1. I’m an upcoming artist and I love battle rap I watch it everyday. I wanna rap on Don’t Flop and KOTD thats my gift and I’m good I’m 20 and out of high school and I gotta lot of love for the culture please call me at 317-969-9041 or add me on Facebook Desmond Sims

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