B Magic vs. DNA [Lyrics]

[Round 1: B Magic]

So DNA the next smile I gotta smack straight
These cans is/Kansas where you’ll die call them Mac Dre
What I control alt to delete (Ctrl+Alt+Del) ya whole backspace
He trying to win jumping in a bag like a sac race
First Charlie now the seed of Chuckie, if this Child Play
Angry nigga hooving, it’s gon be a lot of foul play
I’ll say, I’ll break the whole side of ya shit
Then something hot will/wheel flame the whole side of ya whip
I get fried off the kite, I’m just being frank
(?) hecklers, a killer dog, you let Cujo check ya
Arm flip him with no judo lessons
He’ll lift up from the side like a sumo wrestler
Open caps in ya mouth that ain’t gold teeth
A flock of/Flocka niggas with me, ain’t none of ‘em from Grove Street
You lying thru ya tooth saying you gon smoke me
I will drop ya lil Precious kid, I’m Mo’Nique
A lock pick and a Machete what it took to kill him
All starting with ya crib like Tookie Williams
Get ya bars up, you getting the plot?
Come where the Lou is I’ll send a shot
I’m sick, too legit, hit ya chin, go sleep
Eric a strip and I ain’t talking bout a window seat
Killer, a real Midwest nigga that’ll bury ya
Don’t let me find Eric in the middle of AmERICa
Now breathe on it nigga, you never gonna kill a man
Turn Eric St. John to Gordon when I peel a can
You know, Eric Gordon from the Pelicans
The blicker blam, give ‘em hands, black half of his face like a Steelers fan
Ya freestyle is garbage, they make it seem hot
Nothing polite about this aim I got a mean shot
If I was prepaid for this card like green dot
You’ll get owned by the Ross that’s ya wing stop
So you can bring props, let me show you B the Capo
And I’ll take ya head off with the Sleepy Hollow
If he don’t follow it’s gon fall when it spark
Nas & X, get ya Belly blew off from the start
Listen, a butcher knife will cut him up until his liver show
Really tho, put his plasma on the wall like a Visio
Catch DNA trying to blog then the semi blow
VH1 niggas how I pop up videos
B Motherfuckin’ Magic

[Round 1: DNA]

Ya last event was named Bars Over Names
I felt that shit to be lame Smack
That was the worst event you threw in 4 years
That almost took you out the game Smack
I been on NOME, Summer Madness
As far as battle rap, those event changed Smack
So to get your company to where it needs to be
You had to bring these names back
Another Proving Grounds nigga, guess this who I gotta step to
Well like Kenneth Cole, I came here to address you
Whoever I message will get them text/techs thru
Ya last battle wasn’t a headshot, but it was a chest wound
Cuz you got the beats by Clips(e) for real/Pharrell like The Neptunes
Let’s move, all you do is punch, that’s what y’all call nice?
These fans couldn’t see me bare to can Chill like Coors Light
You ever been to prison starve for food or had to throw strong rights?
No? So when B see (C) time it was before Christ
All you do is punch make similes and got a bunch of metaphors
But these fans gas you up, that’s ya only attribute
That’s what they respect you for
You try to combine mad shit in one line, thinking less is more
So we gon call you Mr. Fantastic the way you stretch your ‘phors
But it’s B “motherfucking” Magic, you got a stupid flow
The type to say you’ll get fucked up here/hair like Coolio
You bout to get beat in this session like the studio
Once I put this star in a cast like a movie role
I’ll let it ring on him like he won the superbowl
It’s a sneaker event, he’ll get laced and lose his sole/soul
Fuck that, I live with the Dessie like the Lucy show
And it’ll leave B flat like a music note
But all them lines is simple and useless though
When I’m saying shit like I’ll leave ya jaw split, ribs hurt
Face broken, when you see this Hulk in the ring, nigga it ain’t Hogan
I’ma give him cig after cig like I’m chain smoking
So when I leave B flat, it’ll be deaf/death like Beethoven
I ain’t joking, I came here not today
I got the Diddy and Da Band both to let my chopper spray
It’s a wrap/rap when it sing like Lottazay
You Fat Joe cuz you lean back but couldn’t put Roc away
“Ehhh?” Ehhh?” That’s all you gonna give me like my shit is thorough?
When I squeeze treys it’ll give B K’s since we in this borough

[Round 2: B Magic]

Listen youngin’ you got a don on deck
Rapper Randy Orton legend killer, I bomb on vets
I creep up on the side of Eric, put the 9 on chest
Then bullets come out of St. John like Ron Artest
You wanna hear something? DNA check me
Center stage, Magic AIDS if DNA deadly
Put DNA hefty, that’s a DNA hefty
Let a tip swab his mouth if DNA test me
Rap with the Smith if I hear another Eric Sermon
Barbarian, Clips wrote you a verse for me? Then watch me school Eric
St. John University, standing over a nigga masked up, it ain’t surgery
You irking me, niggas gon see the killer in me, the Gorilla MC
Lifting heat out the Vanilla Caprice
Scope St. John and bank mine, he given some sleep
I wet the side of St. John like the Caribbean Sea, fuck him
You want a bar fest? Shit watch me kill a geek
This nigga with the Colt 45 ain’t Billy Dee
That’s a Sprite so the (soda) can got a lemon squeeze
You’ll die trying to Set It Off like Kim Elise
I’m too much for these lil niggas, sparking shots
Riding round looking for him like a parking spot
You want a bar fest? Shit watch me kill a geek
This nigga with the Colt 45 ain’t Billy Dee
That’s a Sprite so the (soda) can got a lemon squeeze
You’ll die trying to Set It Off like Kimmy (?)
I’m too much for these lil niggas, sparking shots
Riding round looking for him like a parking spot
Let him give me his best shot like, “that’s all you got?”
Serius, come and get the fade like a barbershop
I get it cracking when I’m styling on motherfuckers
Get the stabbing this extra forehead having motherfucker
I’m wildin on these suckers, cuz some of y’all trying to die
Cop a/copper wheelchair when this nigga catch that iron side
You know nigga, copper, wheelchair, iron side
Masked up, light his ass up when that fire flies
The type of guy you never know when his gun spray you
You’ll be sleeping around like you unfaithful
Go on and on about carrying damn tools
Add 7 Benjamins and I’ll bury this damn stooge
Nigga it’s COMMON SENSE that Eric a damn fool
Who you trying to convince that Eric a bad dude? (ERYKAH BADU)
Look I’m who you seeing when it’s war
Dumping the same gun Holla had to leave at the store
Or you get a night cap, give em the urn
You gon need more than an Ice Pack if you return
B Motherfuckin’ Magic

[Round 2: DNA]

They gassed you up in that last round
But I won’t lie that shit was hot
When you said that shit about the parking lot
Then you had some shit about a fade with Serius in the barbershop
But nigga you could be Serius cuz this shit seems odd
I’m Math, you gon get this hook after these 16 bars
Now punchline, punchline, setup, name flip
Everytime- hold on, I can’t lie, I do the same shit
The only difference is I perform, scheme, deliver, you never change shit
So in the words of Chilla Jones, this is where the game switch
How many of y’all on B side? Besides this nigga ass
Behind came here to take his honey, bee hive
You think you bad boy? When I get the singing I give B-5
You better behave before I take what B have
And see em in that black jeep and make sure these bullets are emptied
When I catch you on that black street
Clap heat, you’ll spend life behind bars when I get these mac’s/max B
You pussy, you shook to see violence
So when you see (C) D, make sure every bar cold like Pusha T’s album
My last battle was like Django, I left that nigga from the D, silent
So you don’t gotta join Big T’s group for me to make B, quiet
I’ma make this kid book when I’m unloading the chapter
They gon have to fix you in the US-B like a broken adapter
I get the hammer, reload it and clap ya
So when I give B 4 (before) he won’t know it til after
Before nowhere to after, damn my mind’s different
They gon say this nigga from New York won (NY1) when my rhymes finish
Ya life gon see and end (CNN) when my 9’s spitting
So when I end B, see (NBC) it won’t be an eyewitness
Now that might be news to y’all, but those line finished
Now you battle Trav and they amped you up like ya rhymes was ill
But you lost to B Real like Cypress Hills
Now you wanna get in the ring and try to play me?
Well if you knew what’s in store than you know I don’t toy with this KB
You trying to gamble but we ain’t in AC
I could battle a nigga in 12 cities, in 12 streets
Take the same nigga 12 times, kill him in 12 weeks
If this was ya album, all of ya sales weak
So what can I gain, wait/weight
When I give you this pound you’ll take this L B
Gain, weight, pounds, lb
Now you wanna act like you nice but you stupid, man
I heard Clark Kent’s in the building so he gon front like he’s Superman
That’s only gon get him killed when I hold them things
And since you playing Superman
Ya career will be in the lowest lane (Lois Lane)
Y’all niggas asked for a battle, this shit done got deadly
Y’all gave me a nigga that came out
When they made the song Rock Steady
Sneaker Beast, y’all know my slogan
Hell no, this shit is not heavy
This new shit I meant to do is called you are not ready!
No seriously, when you battled Young Kannon, you were not ready!
When you battled M. Ciddy, you were not ready!
That hoodie and sneakers suck, they are not ready!
Get him some new gear, he is not ready!

[Round 3: B Magic]

You already done from the last rounds, I dead ‘em early
With 30 Warriors and I ain’t talking Stephon Curry
30 more men before midnight, that’s 11:30
Bitch I’m bout to act a ass like Eddie Murphy
I keep something big tucked for the tussling
When I say them arms around me, I’m not cuddling
You ducking ‘em, have the whole crowd looking Muslim
Reload the clip so many times you think it’s buffering
Who fucking with Magic, the best ever, the next nigga?
To get 6 man (Sixth Man) who playing with a dead nigga?
I said, nigga, that hood shit we on it homie
Let’s see what DNA about when the chrome is on me
What? You ain’t catch it? Yeah, nigga, chromosome
I Rock N Roll with this Magazine, I’m a rolling stone
West Side of St. Louis, when the Loc is home
Bitch I be in that Trap House like Home Alone
Hang ya self, I kill niggas, where Charlie at? Boy I’m slaying ya little sister
The shit that he be saying is wack
The Maury show off, y’all think DNA is a match, fact
He been dead, left jab or light swing
But you gon have to fight the power if I Do The Right Thing
Release clips as it go down like live stream
Boy I clear shit out like Visine
My nigga, go dome shot for head kill
Better hope Harlem Hospital got a bed still
Cuz Charlie could hear the last time I let the lead peel
You beat? I’ll run in the same spot like treadmills
You on a killing spree? I’m breaking the chain
Raising the flame, you niggas better stay in ya lane
Ducking is cool now? Battle Rappers making a change
Wrecking Ralph ass niggas running away from the game
Google me, I’m legendary on the mic
You had ya battles but none of them was stepping to you right
Banana sitted in the chopper, hope you ask it for your life
Clips sing a long time like Karaoke night
I said it once, these motherfuckers scared
I’m from the motherfucking Lou, that’s how I motherfuckin’ play it
Beat me? Can you believe what this motherfucker said?
B Motherfuckin’ Magic, nigga…

[Round 3: DNA]

You wanna keep talking shit with Lux & Clips like this bastards deadly
They should’ve called Lux to come up to the battle
So I could get your casket ready
Now some niggas gon say it ain’t written, don’t act like it ain’t no free
But you gon get this work if you ain’t on yo JO-B
Now this the 3rd round right here, in other words the closed casket
This is where I kill you, you breakout, I make niggas breakout
The difference is so drastic
That last bar should make it clear as hell (Clearsil)
That this pro’s active/Proactiv
But I’m Jack (?) they only hired me to coach Magic
Since you from the Lou, I’ll send you to heaven to get a early view
They said kill him for the cream but I said he ain’t a worthy dude
You dying to battle O-Red, but I feel like he’ll murder you
So you’ll live up to the name Magic
You won’t get to that Jersey nigga til you 32
But you sick and we know you are so how you gon get the hoes cuz?
I mean they know you infected, so they ain’t gon let you bone cuz
Ya name Magic, that’s stupid, that’s equivalent to no love
But it make sense why you crip, cuz you scared of ya own blood
You never pop triggers, never been a block getter
Let off them shots quicker, you new to Clippers, you Doc Rivers
I spot niggas, it’s no Biggie so just be Kool G
Around here we face niggas man to man, fuck the 2-3
When I squeeze techs, it’ll get B X’d like Oun P
Or I could let this cig smoke him
To make this nigga from the Lou see (Lucy)
Cig smoke him, Lucy, that’s why the cops is chasing me
For bringing the fours to home (foster homes) like adoption agencies
And y’all watching while these bars rocking
In this ring I’ma get rid of Magic man like Bernard Hopkins
So you gonna need more than Obama to make it change
These bars like Drake, after you hear ‘em they ain’t the same
I reload once that 8’ll bang
I get rid of Magic when this appear (disappear) like David Blaine
You making the face like that ain’t shit like that shit ain’t hot Magic
You better shut the fuck up when I rhyme, you better stop Magic
Before I come thru and reload and I blam those Magic
Ya punches don’t hit or land tho (Orlando), Magic
This nigga think he got the iron pal
I guarantee you that last bar will make this nigga silent now
If it’s war, lock on his head I bet he’ll fall back
Got the sweeper and the long nose, both of them point caps
Who is Black kidding? Y’all gon see Magic lose
Oh y’all can’t spell? It don’t matter
I could kill him no matter which/witch craft I use

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