John John Da Don vs. JC [Lyrics]

[Round 1: John John Da Don]
Remember Summer Madness 3 lil nigga? That was ya big chance
It’s kinda ironic how you made it to the big dance
But I been killin you Detroit niggas, why switch plans?
In other words, I stretch the glove out, I got big hands!
You could ask ya city about me, nigga they know
I’m The Truth like Paul Pierce, what you think I keep this trey for? (34)
They’ll find this nigga buried 6 feet in that grave flow
To show y’all that I don’t gotta be Diddy to leave J Lo(w)
As for all my haters, time to teach y’all how to love me
When I pull up, he gon die per (diaper) squeeze just like them Huggies
It’s a wrap, I’ma put this lil nigga to sleep without a snuggie
Arms goin around his head, I’m trying to teach him how to dougie
I’ma black until the crowd yell “ohhh!” does that disturb you?
My guess is you don’t know ya colors well, so let me (?) you
If my gun got a infared and I keep my finger on the trigger til it turn blue
That means it’s gon get ultraviolet/violent per pull (purple)
You squirt tools? Is this some kind of sick joke?
A dancer that kills people? Get a load of this folks
It had to be breakfast if this kid ever gripped toast
Cuz the only time we ever seen him pop was for Chris Stokes
And that video made you gay and that’s a fact
Especially about how ya life became after that
Cuz according to Chris Stokes you got a platinum plaque
For spittin on the mic and you ain’t even have to rap
You let him be ya mack daddy, supplying you with lip gloss
I would’ve got my daddy’s mac and made him jump like it’s tip off
Wait a minute, that’s “mack, daddy” “daddy, mack” you see the flip dog?
That’s why you backwards now for the lines you let Kriss Kross
Don’t you know how much that shit reflected on ya hometown?
Cuz now you need the Motor City to get back on the road now
Cuz that transmission failed, meaning everybody know now
You got sugar in ya tank and that’s why Pontiac broke down
Good luck to you winning on the road, J
And don’t blame this New York crowd, that shit is so gay
Remember, I was there when Red bodied you at home, J
So you should try to get Jersey back because of O, J
No way I would ever lose to JC
It’s just way too many ways for me to flip JC
Like I could shoot 20 for 20, the perfect J, see?
Get it? 20/20 so eye can help J see
You see my lines got lines on the low, that’s an underscore
My 4 sees him (season) so win the (Winter) Spring break
I bet son will (Summer) Fall
I gotta hold it like a rope, I never seen this kinda gun before
So when I pull, the shit pull me back, we be playing tug-of-war
Ain’t we cool? What the fuck you acting hot for?
You still proving ya grounds, what the fuck I need ya spot for?
First round, BARS, but what the fuck should I stop for?
Just wait til y’all hear my 2nd round, cuz I got more

[Round 1: JC]

Alright look, I didn’t like his round and I know y’all didn’t like it neither
But it’s hopeless John, see tonight I need you to get focused John
I had violence on my mind when I wrote this, John
Leave all of ya men Holy, I will poke this John
But no, see you’re the most debatable battle rapper we got
You’ve tied with everybody!
Even the battles you win
They go back and find out you stole a rhyme from EVERYBODY!
But I mean, I asked Smack for a dope bout and he found John
And you suppose to be on Summer Madness twice huh?
Syah must be a proud mom
See the problem is you right here with a nigga light years ahead of you
Ain’t been on Smack all year
But still end up being that nigga you steppin’ to
See freckles, you level 2, I created my own lane John
You one of them same Johns, starting with that name
Ain’t Hollow the same Don?
But I know y’all heard that, right?
I don’t gotta name drop I could win a round myself
But damn it’s clear you shouldn’t be standing here
Nigga you Bow Wow help
Nigga you bitched to get on Summer Madness 2
I never seen a nigga sell they pride
I ride by throwing bullets from a Bronco, I Elway John
Stop the madness, I know how to get his block reaction
Show up with that shit you gotta call
You gotta hold it like a laundry basket
That shit’ll blow the roof off this bitch like a good party
The Bullets look like I’m shooting Sharpies
John, JC a dancer but do he hold a Tech? No (Techno)
That’s yo call for respect
If I had to sent a shot at John
It a been a hole they put a finger to check the pulse on his neck
It would’ve been a follow up shot, the Target, his chest
Bang… Bang…. That bitch got a Demarco effect
You wanna know why niggas don’t take you serious
When you talk with this voice?
That’s cuz you went on Freestyle Friday and multiple choiced
…and got WASHED!
That nigga used you for a welcome mat
And you kept repeating the multiple choice shit, what’s up with that?
See you thought we liked it cuz we was cool with a couple cats
But the problem with you is we always hear (hair) lines back
And even Bron know you can’t cover that
See John I let you have that torch last year
And I’m sure they grieved with it til it burned out
But you mad I made it, that was just navigation
I showed you when yo turn was, John you wildin’ nigga
If you needed help writing, dial a nigga
You did not have to take whole rounds from niggas
But then he get mad at you mafuckas and swear y’all quick to hate
Well get it straight, ain’t no more respect for you
We done gave it to the niggas you imitate
See these niggas acting like I can’t leave the kin folk smoking
I’ll smack his glasses off, shots at the car, either way I flip that Focus
Bitch get focused, battling? That shit’s so hopeless
I ride thru, drive thru, he get bucks soon as the window’s open
Yo turn nigga…

[Round 2: John John Da Don]

See when I battled QP in Chicago it was breaking him in
Shoutout to all the fans that all found a way to attend
But I said a scheme that pissed Detroit off, I wasn’t playin with them
And since Smack ain’t drop that footage, I’ma say it again
Nigga I’m from New York, overall Detroit can’t beat us
The Lions ain’t fuckin with the Giants or the Jets either
The Yankees will kill the Tigers, the Knicks will kill the Pistons
And if they battled up in heaven Biggie’s giving Proof the business
Now even tho Proof is up there in heaven, I know he spit hell
But he would lose to our New York legends, you want a list? Well…
Christopher Rios would Punish him, I know that wouldn’t sit well
And we all know Lamont Coleman would really give em a Big L
Nigga you from Yak Town, Me? D-Block
You think ya city fuckin with my city? Well I think not
I tell my niggas open bar, that means they all taking free shots
And put the Yak forever like they been Detoxed
With guns that’ll turn ya whole street to a rest stop
It’s so big I gotta put the trigger in a headlock
The kickback will turn a leg shot into a headshot
And give these pussies toys that didn’t come from a sex shop
Don’t get it twisted, these toys ain’t for play
And if this nigga think I’m just kidding I’ll send J, K’s
You pick a target, I pick a target, and we can spray J
But this beam will make sure I hit it first with that Ray, J
Make way, y’all nigga gay if y’all think J the shit
Cuz I do not believe in JC (J, see) I’m an Atheist
I’m like fuck fighting cuz I would rather start blazing shit
I’m usually a swinger but I will give J the (Jada) Smith
I ain’t gon lie, to prepare for this man was hard, I had to watch a lot of…
Americas Best Dance Crew and a little Dancing with Stars
But what I’m not gon do is get up here and spit a bunch of dancing bars
But what I am gonna do is get up here and try to actually dance with bars
Like… “what’s poppin JC?” nah, nah for real, “what’s shakin?”
Ah ah ah, you think shit “wavy?” til ya bones start breakin
I’ll put em in a box where his heart won’t pump again
And “Shut him down” he gon need the “hand of god” to lift em up again
Since hip-hop done found another rapper who could dance
Sorry you can’t touch this
And I don’t mean your favorite music jam
But this 357’s ain’t no backup dancers
So don’t confuse the affairs, so if I wanted this MC Hammered
This pair will shoot (parachute) ya pants
My crew got hands but we shooting cans
Fuck the hassle, bukkaki style I’ll have niggas bustin at you
With 40 9’s/49’s like Patrick Willis tried to rush or sack you
Or 40 K’s like they trying to get Lux to battle
So ain’t we cool? What the fuck you acting hot for?
You still proving grounds, what the fuck I need your spot for?
2nd round, jokes, but don’t worry cuz I got more

[Round 2: JC]

I didn’t like yo last round, I’m sure they didn’t either
Nah, this a cartoon game and you trying to play with me
Basically, I just been waiting patiently
But not only do you clone shit, when you say yo own shit
That’s make believe, bitch stop poutin
I’m top scouted, the one every agencies agents see
This can’t be me against you, I was gon let you live
Cuz honestly you just alright
But how I’m the nigga you gon devour
When yo whole last round was solar powered? It went off light
Nigga you had Hitman & damn near lost the whole battle in the 1st round
You thought that move was legit?
Honestly we ain’t even see you lose
Until you brought baby Wesson’s for niggas juniors and shit
You movin like this? Well that’s probably why I’m so hard to hit, John
To me you just a battling starter kit, John
I was in a call formation when I got confirmation
That you was dying, but this gon hurt his chance
You see, I’m strapped like Urkel’s pants
And pull both straps like when Urkel dance
This shit so worthless but so perfect cuz he been a joke
Already been exposed on how he clone verses, on purpose
But his bitch gave me the drop b
His pigeon told me something I do not need to make John bleed
He pussy, twats bleed, you don’t even gotta put a hand on this nigga
And NO! We do not believe
You getting rich off this bullshit you scamming on Twitter
You scamming my guy? Don’t even answer that
I don’t wanna give you a chance to stand here and lie
But I need you to pay attention
Understand the guy you standing beside
I stand for my pride, we grab hammers and ride
At any instance semis spitting push rams to the side
You flash gats, I flash back more than Family Guy
But the difference is I don’t just let that cannon flash
I shoot like my handles bad and flip bodies hammock fast
See Johnny said “okay, I was suppose to be booked for Summer Madness
This dude swaggin’”
Newsflash I watched you two years before I started, you slackin
Bitch I spray cans like cheap tanning
I’m ahead of you on the league standings
And run thru all you niggas with weeks planning
So tell this nigga keep standing
And the chest shot gon put his back on the ground while his feet planted
Then I hit his hood, artillery, that stock hold 50, big ass cannon
The other one dirty, now I got Chicago with me
What you need to understand is I’m better than you, on every level
You’ll say something like
“The chopper will knock him 3 Doors Down, that’s that heavy metal”
See I was ready to battle when I got off that same flight
Meaning I land in (landing) gear to take off and air lines (Airlines)
The moment you got in plain (plane) sight
Yo turn…

[Round 3: John John Da Don]

I been accused as a theft, right? So why not get my steal/steel on
Haters just hoping I fall off, but I’m still on
The next nigga bring it up, the next nigga I’ma steal on
Something like RoboCop, I can’t move without that steel on
But I’m still drawing cuz the barrel on my steel long
Or even when it got a sawed-off and it’s still on
Shots thru his pregnant wife’s stomach, she’ll have a still born
That pump will push the baby out for her so that’s steel born
So they say all John John do is steal, right?
Instead of prove the wrong, they can feel like they still right
I still might feel like letting steel spit
So it won’t be bars next time they say I steel/steal shit
You see I listen to the critics, they made me chill on the humble
I left that multiple choice alone but niggas still find a feel to rebuttal
So I’m back making Scan trons out of nigga
Soon as I peel off the buckle don’t matter which answer he choose
I still fill in his bubble
Like A) Holy Temple, send that nigga to church
Or B) that Hulk Hogan, it’s gon rip thru his shirt
Or C) wait, this scheme is old, but when I spit it it hurts
Let’s see what happens if I flip and spit the shit in reverse
Like, D) start from his feet but I just wanna hit his toe
Or C) go for the knees so he ain’t got nowhere to go
Or B) give em the mag til I make it centerfold
Or A) start from the face and shoot everything below
You still trying to be top tier? I’m a vet now
I’m 6’4” you 5’4” this is more than just a step down
But let’s put the bars away cuz he dead and this battle’s over
Now it’s time to talk about the impact
I’ve been making on this battle culture
See when I battled Hitman they said he was on a losing streak
And it was gon be over for his career if he lose to me
Which was true indeed cuz I was fresh off the Proving Grounds
He tried to show me how to control the room
I showed that nigga how to move a crowd
Then when I battled K-Shine, that crowd did me greasy
Cuz Bow Wow came to his first URL event just to see me
Hooked up with Smack, got to being shown on 106 weekly
So I’m the fuckin reason why URL was on TV
And Math ain’t beat me, I mean he’s a vet, but boring
And me going light made him look like he had his best performance
So add that up, my resume cannot equal yours
If you ain’t put 2 and 2 together, what we equal for?
X-Factor just took a loss to Goodz that was scarring him
And he knew he couldn’t let another sweater pull his card again/cardigan
With that being said, if you want a Hitman then Holla “Bars” again
Do the Math I’ve been X-Factor’d to help K-Shine be a star again
You see the statement that I’m making tonight?
You just a dancer nigga, moonwalk ya way to the light
So please don’t say the John if you ain’t sayin it twice
And if you don’t add Da Don you ain’t sayin it right

[Round 3: JC]

I was just telling twitter they could get rich real quick
If they send me all they money
How that sound to you?
Probably the same way it sound to dudes you make this promise to
You know how humble I had to be to stomach myself
And watch him cry on Twitter
And not just say “Shut the fuck up” myself?
Let me break it down to you like this
Notice these niggas, they get pissed every time you quoting these niggas
Then you go bitch about it on Twitter like you wrote for these niggas
Bitch we watched you on Twitter and Grindtime
You a joke to these niggas
But me, I’m some troublesome shit
With these niggas I’m comfortable with
Gun from the hip, running thru shit
This bout, not fun! Fun stop, guns pop, drop son
I’m with them same cats that shoot and bang flags like prop guns
Now John… you could be the first down from an offensive…
Nah… that’s too John John like, I wouldn’t bother with it
Instead, I hit his top with biscuits
And squeeze on a Don/Dawn like I’m washing dishes
This lame say he ready? And it’s game day
Everybody say I been battling bums and Smack gave me John John
So now I feel the same way
I kill niggas like you so often, I run to ya crib, toast sparkin
Face covered like the coach talking
You fake hoes make those stares, ain’t no care
I bang toast that’ll make yo crib look like they shot Django there
I’ve accepted that you not respected
But I’m way sicker than the doc expected
And ain’t shit sweet and tonight you gon die, I bet it (Diabetic)
Lying seconds from this casket, his core missing
I grab the mag, let it pop, won’t even hesitate to give em a 2nd shot
I’m forgiving, but be honest… dying is the only given option
Because you chose to gain TROUBLE
Now you gotta die in this ROUND, CLEAR, let’s get it POPPIN’
I thought about paying John a visit, bring them techs in, scare him
But shit y’all ain’t built for contact, nigga yo best friend wear em
Who the fuck gave these niggas the authorization to play ball?
That’s what get’s shit sent to his top, my clique raw
Chris Paul, I still/steal assist with the shots
Every time I hear yo punchline effort I’m surrounded by laughter, nigga
Cuz every time I break you down bar for bar
I pull out like 7 different rappers, nigga
See they shocked off this body, this like a fight with Blanka
They can’t sleep on me, but refuse to lose sleep on you
We two different types of monsters
See you could steal a name and bars, real niggas don’t need no help
But you walk around like you was the only Don
You should be ashamed of yourself
These niggas don’t mind saying Da Don and even saying it twice
But when they don’t add Da Don it’s cuz they saying it right
Yo turn… oh, it’s over, I beat him

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