Arsonal vs. Charron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Arsonal]
Honestly, I don’t know how the fuck this battle got set up
Me and Charron has no history
So to the gods above, all the fans I love, it’s still a mystery
Eurgh told me last in the hotel, “Y’all are both undefeated.” Literally
He said, “Ars, you already said you never lost a battle. And we all know Charron has never lost…his virginity.”
Don’t Flop Fifth Birthday, what’s up?
It wouldn’t be complete without the Rebel present
I took a pay cut from the usual, so I’m already un-level headed
You gon’ get [?] Satan’s son, on Father’s Day I send the Devil presents
This Hell on Earth, in this verse you gon’ feel the Devil present
AR’s? We bang those
Sometimes I go days and don’t change clothes
Cause I’m ten toes down in the trenches, my fate looking like Djangos
Y’all move back when my bird pump, yaah
But it flame throws
Y’all gon’ think I was testing Charron’s blood pressure the way I squeeze arms until the vein shows
Now like I said, I said I have Lux and Hollow
I’m officially the smartest nigga in battle rap
Fuck the industry
I’ma ride this horse until the saddle crack
Money I get, then I flip it like an acrobat
Never stand on my pivot forth and inches that tackle that shit
For instance, Lux wanted 40 thousand, Hollow wanted half
I said, “Wait brother man.”
No Hoffa, but then I thought about the math
And on the other hand, if I charge $100 general admission to 2,000 motherfucking fans
That’s $140,000 come up right? 200 fucking grand
So I spent 60 to make 200, that’s before the Pay-Per-View
That bitch Laura Tarsi that you love?
With that type of money you know the things that I can make her do?
While she was travelling with Shotty, you was doing your pivot
That makes you a hater too
And what UW paying, compared to Don’t Flop, I would be a hater (hate Eurgh) too
Now in the USA, all we pray for today is having cheap gas
My level of success is a pedestal he couldn’t leap past
The shit is spit is genius, my saliva was in the geek’s class


That means my lips is way too smart to be anywhere near Mystique’s ass
You talk like you’ll fire your pistol but you ain’t got one
You claim that you banging a G, right? But you not one
Where I’m from, it’s shootouts until the cops come
In broad daylight, niggas will strip you ass naked with a Shotgun
You embarrass him, we’ll do anything to demoralize your character
Unbalance ya, subtract remaining months off your calendar
Your life clock ticking, your wife stop stripping, I’m proud of her
I’m Mike not Pippen, I like my grip with a silencer
Now Corey, I’m real to the core
Why you think it’s hard to be cloned?
C.O.R.E. Y/why you think it’s hard to be cloned
Let me call my brother Swag
Ayo, in Canada they said he was a C.O., right?
Right? That’s your story Charron?
C.O. Ray/Rey, now I get it, that’s why that’s why your mother named you Corey Charron
Now last night I got a call from O-Red he said
“Yo should I fly to Leeds to battle Unanymous?”
I said, “Why not?”
I heard he got it in for Red (infared) but I’m the cyclops
I’ll take Charron to my block
If he don’t die after these five shots, I’ll finish him
Down, down, back, down, block, jump
I’m Noob Saibot, fatality
But since you the kid, [?]
They asked me why I don’t just charge Eurgh a straight salary
Long as he Pay Paling me and killing as they challenge me
I’ll be here the same time every year like I’m they allergies
Now I’m here to snatch…
Every bit of facial hair off your face you hear?
But you ain’t got facial hair that’s why I gotta fly to Leeds and face you here
I’m disrespectful, I’ll spit in any battle rappers face, you hear?
I’ll call my pistol a mobile spar to get his crack on face you here
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell “bars” without putting that “Ars” in it

[Round 1: Charron]
He said he hired Laura Tarsi for UW
Thanks, that’s sick man
And he also said the other day he paid her six grand
She’s my main bitch, I’ll pimp her out
She knew to put 80% in my pimp hand
Why do you keep going when this rhymes done?
Think about this, he said he’s a cyclops, but I won/eye one
I keep this shit going like David Blaine
He said it’s a mystery and it’s straight insane
We wanted this to be promo but you know you got a crazy brain
If we made this the title match he called himself “Django” that’s straight insane
Cause if this wasn’t promo and this was a title shot I’d take your chain
It’s the mirror match of the century
Folks on their toes, how this was set up…nobody knows
You’re about to see his hood pass revoked by Charron
So like BangBus, it’s time to get the fucking show on the road
No one respects you lyrically
You have simple schemes backed up with top notch delivery
And frankly you should be whispering cause you don’t say shit like a PG scripted scene
Eurgh set you up to get killed for the British scene
You have no quotes and got played by Rowan like Mr. Bean
He’s a gangster, he’s a gun toker
He’s a True Blood…season 1 owner
You rolling with Crips, this is a breeze
I’m Moses with his staff, split up the seas/C’s
Get knocked off your high horse I cripple MC’s
You’re in the Lois/lowest Lane, I’ll turn this Crip tonight/kryptonite to Christopher Reeves
Meet Darrell Jones, he relies on the crowd in his rap
When all you have is filler you don’t get an ounce of respect
Call me Math Hoffa when I pounce on the set
I’m Serius Jones, you’ll get a Dose of these punches they shut down the event
Every battle it’s the same crap
Having 15 slogans ain’t rap
That’s like shaking hands with albinos and I motherfucking hate that
My shit is real, my shit is aww shut up
Ars’ is pathetic
How many times can you spit those bars in a session?
You’re writing the same line over and over like Bart in detention
Spitting mixtape verses what we hear is a scam
For recycling garbage it’s clear you’ll get canned
Slogans are for lazy rappers who appear to be bland
You’re just an uncreative bitch who can’t provide new material to fans
Have you ever improved? We don’t need to go dwell
You’ve spit the same shit for years you’re in need of some help
You’re like Timmy from South Park with the schemes that you’ve dealt
You’re just a big headed Crip who keeps repeating himself
Yo, but I got some dirt on you
Is it true that you snitch to police?
Okay, is it true that you’ve never been in the streets?
Okay, is it true you sucked your friend’s dick for a fee?
No? So you did it for free?
Did you beat Shotty Horroh?
Okay, you think you beat him, if that shit’s true
How come deadmaus doesn’t wanna collab with you?
This diva got bodied, you’re Laura Tarsi
You came to the U.K. to get beat up by Shotty
Shotty, I retract that
You can have that
That ain’t even what I’m mad at
I go to the club and buy Somalian girls drinks
You go to the club and put some Molly in girl’s drinks
My shit is real, my shit is authentic
Like I said, I pimp out my main bitch, I’ll even let Ars’ hit it
Cause you can’t spell “Tarsi” without putting the “Ars” in it

[Round 2: Arsonal]
Kid Charron, I’ma do you filthy in the worst way
I’m the nigga that killed the nigga, that killed the nigga with all the wordplay
Fuck what the nerd say I’ll let that ‘burg spray
Daddy gon’ make this a night to remember
That’s what you do to the kid on they fifth birthday
Now let’s play Truth Or Dare
I dare you to tell the truth
If the rules still apply and the loser gotta jump
I dare you to come battle me on the roof
Well I can lie with a long nose but you wouldn’t (wooden) boy
Cause you’s a dummy
That sound like that Pinocchio that shoot from Tokyo to yo’ country
Except my shit sneeze in threes whenever the nose runny
Meaning I aim at you (atchoo) at you at you and then line up your whole country
Now I’m pull out the phone, watch this Charron
Hmmm, let’s see

Wait, what?

I fucked up
(I lie!)
Nah, not a lie
I troubled you, thought I lost words- nah, fuck all that
Charron, ain’t you like 21?


22, with an imaginary two kids and a wife
Laura Tarsi
Well I’m 26, with two cars, two cribs, and they nice
I’m ’bout my cheese, once Eurgh hand tossed me that doe/dough, that’s your life
For half a P.I. make you Z.Z., A/eh, that’s a slice
P.I.Z.Z.A.- that’s a slice
Hold up, y’all ain’t get the other one
Cheese, hand tossed dough, that’s a slice
So for the price of a slice you can lose your life, that means you hoes die
Clips I hate to see the damage that can get done over a whole pie
Both hands wrapped around your neck like a bowtie
I’ll choke the lie outta him but pray to God that he don’t die
Stab wounds, bruises, I ain’t just leaving him knots
He got a big mouth, why you think I gotta feed him the pie?
Right now it’s cold in Canada, why you think you make your region so hot?
Tell Organik, every gun in my arsenal got a beam on it so I’m really the King Of The Dot
I keep heat for when it’s chilly though
What’s on your mind, really though?
I’m from Newark, it’s not a month where the crime really low
I reload that clip every six seconds
Same shit, open open, it’s repetitive, I say I’m shooting a Vine video
AK chest level, I point at the nine really low
Flatline death bed you, they bury your spine really low
Your bitch brain great she suck dick her mind really show
All she needed was One Mic like the Nas video
B.E.T. specifically told him
The winner of Freestyle Friday guarantees a spot on the cipher
In Greek scripture
But what Black Entertainment Television does to white boys when they move in is, they evict ya
Now, not to pull a race card, cause the black got ya back, I mean we with ya
But I dare you go and call the good folks at B.E.T. some renegers (re-niggers)
I mean they reneged on they word so call ’em some “re-niggers”
And get yo’ ass whooped by me, myself and I, three niggas
End up on a coffin, on an alter, where a pastor will read scriptures
Look you’re so polite alive I’ll bet you when you die you’ll be a friendly ghost nigga
Your Casper will be withcha
Now you spoke a whole lot of shit about Shotgun Suge at WD4
But we shooting, we on an offense so what would UW D for?
I gave you open shots, I don’t play games even when the tokens drop
I killed Rex and Shine with the same knife
They spit lines while I poke a Dot (polka dot)
Charron, get your shit straight
You was the cracker in the corner, mad when I dissed Drake
But fuck you, fuck him and everybody on your mixtape
You from Canada, y’all got Providences
That’s why I don’t believe nothing that your pen/Penn states
Get my drift?
I’m from America where the states at
You can lose your life out in Canada
But in leagues is where your wake at
Your mom face? No she in my inbox
My genital region? Where her face at
I’m like bitch, you can taste that
You ain’t even ’bout the waste that
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell “bars” without putting that “Ars” in it

[Round 2: Charron]
He brought up the B.E.T. situation, they hate what I do
I never said that they’re racist I can only speculate on their view
But you went on Freestyle Friday and lost in week six, what I’m saying is true
So why does it feel that a white Canadian made it farther in black entertainment than you?
There’s nothing you can do against Charron
Ayo, there’s nothing you can do against Charron…
Uhhh, one sec’ let me check my phone
Something something, [?] dope, ahh, oh shit is this a flip that I wrote?
Why you trying to do this shit, trying to convincing the folks
Don’t pull out your phone
Stop being a diva and just admit that you choked!
People think I’m dope cause I’m really on you
Wanna talk about guns well this shit is honor
He said he got them Vine videos when he’s ripping Slaughter
Well I’m like Instagram, get the picture cause my clips are longer
Real talk I’m becoming Spartanius, you ain’t as smart as this
Stomping around the stage freestyling like I’m Spartacus
Survival of the fittest, I’m on that Darwin shit, you ain’t as smart as this
Ayo, you thinking that Ars’ is sick?
Well I’m a motherfucking arsonist and his spark is lit I’m starting shit
Like Locksmyth when he spilled his drink on Charlie [?]
You think I’m scared of Grape Street, I ain’t honestly tripping
The two day wrist band is purple, half this audience is Cripping
You’re such a diva, it’s hard to match it
When Eurgh asked him to battle, you know what Ars’ demanded?
4 Slinkys, an offensive [?]
Jefferson Price’s fat wife’s wedding gown
Rest in peace
A handbook on what to do in Detroit with no friends around
A fucking parrot, trained to say you beat Hitman…every round
One million pounds
A home video of Mickey Worthless trying to swim til he drowns
A plane ticket for Shotgun Sugar Tits, every Crip in his town
And a sign on his hometown door that says “No Midgets Allowed”
It’s Arsonal Da Rebel, your mother I’ll [?]
I’ll wipe my ass with your dog and take a dump on yo’ sister
Why don’t you put some substance up in there?
This whole scene is fucked with your sister
Cruger, [?], everybody’s been with her
So many character’s in that box she can’t upload a picture of her cunt up on Twitter
I make noise in T Dot like when Scott Jackson beat box in the streets
Beat me? Stop, better chance of Detox dropping this week
Your bars are always shit, you gave a rim job to a freak
The way Ars’ is getting lit we should call him Mystique
You’re not a gangster you’re a fucking freak
Quit talking about guns like that stuff’s unique
When you’re in other countries we don’t believe that you’re bucking heat
It’s like when you muck Mystique, it’s all tongue and cheek
He’s acting like a Big K.R.I.T., believe he’s strong and violent
But when he sees a Trick Trick he gets awfully quiet
You turned on Suge, I bet you can’t deny it
You never throw a boy under the bus, especially if you drive it
DNA is your boy, you dissed his dead dad, I can’t respect what you do
You denied the existence of Shotgun and the rest of your crew
You needed Calicoe’s assistance to get out the room
Ironic you battled Calicoe and he treats his dogs better than you
When it comes to gun bars I’m the best in the business
I’ll give this Crip metal like the Special Olympics
If you don’t do what I do and these bars are [?] your crew
John Q need a heart that’s stronger I move with the troops
Like I’m Sargent Slaughter 22, change a View
Called it Barbara Walters
Get Buccaneer like Tampa Bay
That can will spray like a pop being opened up by Cassius Clay
We’re born to die so I ride, no [?]
This killer sons another country like [?]
If I see him, I’m like Liam, when I capture his frame
It’s a body bag in all when I shoot at rappers like [?]
But Darrell, you’re the most viewed, why you acting this way
You’re a role model, kids look up to you and think that shit’s okay
Why perpetuate a lifestyle that should be changed
Even kids in Birmingham are getting stabbed up and slain
Maybe if untalented rappers like you weren’t rapping this way
Then talented rappers like Depzman could still be rapping today

[Round 3: Arsonal]
You stepped up to the plate to take a swing rookie
But a pop up equals you washed up
There really is nothing better than clean pussy
You ask me how I claim Crip but never seen Tookie
Well cause I cripple any rapper that these leagues push me
I’ma set the record straight, therefore expect the hate
I’m a winner, those who contest they fall when the weather break
Some are better than others and others need to just meditate
When the trigger’s pulled the spring fire, that’s killing season to you feather weights
Now I know you Charron, Laura Tarsi told me about you
You ain’t never have to duck to avoid taking a head shot
You ain’t never ran from the cops till the bottom of your feet look like a taxi driver from Bedrock
I’m a Bad Boy, you see these Lox, they keep my head hot
Aye Puff it ain’t no Biggie, after this Mac/Mack spit that Flava In his Ear
You gon’ want me to take Craig’s spot
Now you don’t deserve another round
Make another sound I’ll bust a round
I’ll make it to where you literally the best Canadian…underground
I got a Lethal Weapon, I’m shooting with Danny Glover [?]
Disrespect your whole block, do a drive-by on a hover round
What goes around goes around
If Charron ever come around y’all gon’ think we battled for 30 days straight
Cause I’ma give him 100 rounds
Now you dissed everybody in your cipher verse
That’s soft shit, clean your diaper first
Bad look for you, your fame might reverse, that’s kinda gay
You call it taking shots, well it might get worse
Cause to throw a bullet, the nigga bent over in front of you gotta hike it first
Pause, go pull it
You say you a G, show footage
I’m Trayvon after Halloween, to your door I go hooded
I’ma keep your name alive Tray, Ether this coward
Give him that Nas/Jay
I was unemployed until my brother told me that crime pay
So I went and got a full time job letting that nine spray
[?] and to show you I hate you I fire sideways
Now, how you gon’ body Suge?
When you ’bout as real as the Real Husbands Of Hollywood?
My girl pregnant, mean she got another body in her body good
Breast feeding, she prolly should
I should let you suck the titty, cause from the looks of things you gon’ need it you little scrawny little motherfucker
They say that milk does a body good
But you might scared to suck on that titty, cause I heard you was gay
That’s what’s floating through the night air
You got a visual on the suspect?
Roger that
Quiet, clear
It was Pat Stay and Corey Charron sitting in a nice chair
But my question to you is, what the fuck is that man hand doing right there?
Now, do you dream about this day?
Do you ever have nightmares
Of a seven foot Canadian whispering in your right ear?
When you look at this picture you might stare
Cause from the look of things, Pat wanted to say
“Charron, I’ll fuck the shit outta you right here.”
Now, you mention DNA my man, he is my man so what?
You ain’t my man so I don’t give a fuck, you ain’t fam’
But if I had DNA new tooth I wouldn’t bite your flow
Honestly, this picture is just a prop that I like to show
The real question, and all your fans would like to know
Is are you a virgin?
He told his pops, “Pat once put his hand on my penis but I didn’t like it though.”
The moral of the story, this match up, I don’t know where it came from
It was a bad match
But I still gave y’all some good bars, never a bad batch
But if that King Of The Dot sterling silver chain is enough for you to want to give up your ass crack…
I ain’t even gon’ diss you cause look at where we at
I’m outnumbered, but this is where we at
I feel bad for your asshole if you lost your cookies to Pat nigga
I mean, no homo, I ain’t judging, don’t get me wrong
You put rookies on the map nigga
But this shit here?
This shit here?
Wouldn’t let the Snooki fucking Shaq nigga
Like I said
Moral of the story, this was a bad match
I came and showed y’all some good bars, never a bad batch
If that sterling silver King Of The Dot chain is enough to where you give up yo’ ass crack
Charron, you can have that
That ain’t even what I’m mad at
(My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell “bars” without putting that “Ars” in it!)

[Round 3: Charron] {27:20}
Yo that angle is so played, I ain’t even giving him daps
You think you’re winning off of that, just like this I already ripped you in half
Right now he’s whiff and squeezing with clips
I don’t even care he’s depressed, he can bleed from his wrists
Talking ’bout Pat Stay raping me, now I need to have flips
Cause these days he can’t touch me, so he’s ducking me like a bitch
He be like, “I got two million vers’ Shotty.”
Wow, so creative
What’s the point of being the most viewed when you’re no one’s favorite?
Finish him, your soul I’m taking
I’m stealing your thunder like Shao Tsung and you’ve chosen Raiden
Arsonal has a boyfriend and stays at his house
Nah, you’re the one with a boyfriend, you stay at his house
You’re like Jack Wilshere the way you got caught with a fag in your mouth
He wants to throw that shit in my face
Well, before this battle a [?]
If you a sold your opponent you forfeit every dollar you were paid
So acting all tough, not G!
Rowan made you sign the contract, not me!
Throw a jab and I duck it
Slap him up with his man; shadow puppet
I’m an animal with the hands
This guy’s so weak we can’t fight a fever
I’ve got skeletons in my closet like a science teacher
I’m the chief and tribal leader
Smearing blood on your head til my palms are red/read like I’ve seen a psychic reader
You brought up Nas
He brought up Nas, well you and Nas have the same last name so it’s a final feature
You’re more like Jay-Z, you built your empire cause your rhymes are weaker
So It Ain’t Hard To Tell who’s lines are deeper
Two Crips, you wrote the Blueprint so this guy get Ether
If you’ve seen What’s Eating Gilbert, this bar is great
Call me Johnny Depp, cause I’m out punching this retarded Grape
You think that I’m a fake Crip, I’m ’bout that Grape life
Grip the blade tight, you got marked out; Daylyt
I’ll have your girl walking like a Crip when she takes pipe
You said she’s pregnant right?
Cause I blue/blew in her box and had her covered in blood gang fight
Real talk, you’re my Grape grandfather
And for a fellow Grape I’d do time
We need to put an end to this Grape on Grape crime
He thinks I’m a fake Crip who’s giving the folks lies
But little does he know, I’ve been Cripping this whole time
{Charron tries to put on a purple Grape bandanna and Arsonal snatches it from his hands}

You can’t do that, you can’t do that. You spit your bars. That’s not happening. You not Grape, that’s not happening

This guy’s a disgrace, he said I’m not Grape
Arsonal just lied to your face
Oh snap, Charron ’bout to go scrap
He’s repping New Jersey so I know that he don’t throw back/throwback
It’s nuts, got him cornered like a cul-de-sac
He won’t swing when I rub this in his face, how low is that?
No it’s nuts, which are lacking it’s called “a sack”
He won’t swing when I rub this in his face, how low is that?
Cause he used to hate on me, my status evolved
Now he’s battling Matter cause he don’t matter at all
Talking ’bout B.E.T., that situation is wack y’all
But Pesci, I guess we both know how it feels like to get black balled
I’m the illest Crip in the world, straight heat
Don’t comment saying “Arsonal 3-0’d this lame geek.”
I won this fair and square, don’t start any fake beef
I took the B. out of B.E.T. but put the G into Grape street
See, they said I’m the underdog but I got the heart that’ll fight
Call me Man’ United, cause I just beat Arsonal/Arsenal tonight

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