Charlie Clips vs. Yung Ill [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Yung Ill]
They put Clips on this cliff, I tell em leap from the edge
But it’s discerning cuz
This the type of sermon I should’ve been preaching to Red
But I’m back Smack, I feel right at home
Can get my rifle on to detach every vital bone
Between his feet and his head
Give his casket a microphone and tell his fans he can speak from the dead
See you an industry nigga, I’m a “in the street” nigga
So the streets how I play it,
Quarter mil tucked between the mattress, no sheets on the bed
I’ll have a cell phone the first week in the F.E.D.S.
Handsome, but this handgun a beauty, I’m a beast with the lead
He pose beef but petition for peace when I put this piece to his head
He said, “them dope lines will bring Yung Ill back”
Boy that sound like something my niece would’ve said
You more butt than the first piece of the bread
Cuz dope lines like “I will get tired and slow leak ‘em
Or just air it all out”, but why weed thru the lines that I care nothing bout
I’m a straight shooter, I’ll just crack heads from here on (heroin) out
Do you know what kind of drama you are in b? (R&B)
Um… well, machete with the Jagged Edge, he’s taking more than one L
Y’all brought Boyz II Men? Well these End Of The Road gun shells
When these straps are drew (Dru), he’ll (Hill) see ‘em lift like dumbbells
I told Smack, “We Could Do It Anywhere,” 112
You dealing with that Carnivore that was born for war
Get ya armor tore, I’m in Harlem armed with fours
Swarm his corner and snapped his arm in four
Bounce to his parents house unannounced
But what I need to give a warning for?
When I’m bombing shots that’ll open mom and pops like a corner store
But tell this cat to stop it, get this body in HD
I tap his pockets and come after dough/Doe like Ray Me
You’ll get put in a B-A-G for trying to be a G
All that G-A-B will have me on his block
With the windows down like I need AC
But y’all already know what I do to this nigga…
Just in case y’all forgot, who is this nigga?

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

You was on drugs when I was battling B-Magic!
And I stated “If that’s one real fact
Then these cocaine lines a bring Yung Ill back”
Welcome back my nigga, a lot of fans thought you died
Not from the ass whoopin O-red gave you
But from all the drugs you tried
When I found out you might be smokin crack, man I almost cried
Remember when I called yo phone like “Yo, its gone be alright!”
Well I always lied
Nigga I’m a hustler, it’s my job for me to gas up a crackhead
Nigga, I don’t have 3rd rounds, you don’t have no rounds
Which one of us owe Smack bread?
But see, Beasley wanna keep ya career goin, well nigga that’s dead
Cause your career will never grow here (hair) again, it’s like Smack head
But let me pause that, no homo
Cuz gay niggas like you give off a different feel
You probably wanna run naked in the daylight (Daylyt)
That’s a different quill
I shoot this cal, boy (cowboy) them bullets a run in backs (running backs) That’s a Emmitt drill
This gun I got ain’t never hang out with Bishop, it’s a different Steel
I’ll lace 6 of yo niggas when it get to peel, Lasix, get the pill
I’m just trying to see what a mode he in (Imodium) when shit get real
You soft, my I see cotton (oxy cotton) when you in the field
I’m always whoopin St. Louis niggas ass, that been a drill (Benadryl)
Lasix, Oxycotton, uh what else I said?
Imodium, Benadryl, that whole scheme was drugs
Literally, I went thru like 4 different pills
But for the people that ain’t catch that the first time

I’m so mean with it
I’m a peel those bars back and do a whole ‘nother scheme with it
See you niggas in the Midwest gassed X (Gas X), like he the shit
But I told that nigga, breathe with it
See you make niggas fiend but when I rap
I make more fiend (Morphine) with it
I’m a pharmacist, that aint register? Well let me open this machine with it
Price check, load the beam wit it
Two caps a fly thru ya… woo let me leave with it
Wait a minute, two pill thru ya capsules
Everything inside a leave (Aleve) with it
That’s 2 pills and capsule, y’all don’t get it y’all gone have to leave with it
You know what, let me breathe with
Cuz I’m startin to sense that it’s a lil drama
You ain’t worth a buck fifty, I pull out this blade, give him a lil comma
That shotgun will blow his head clean off so I’ll use a lil llama
When I’m finished, they’ll have to give him a fake Left Eye like Lil Mama

[Round 2: Yung Ill]

He say we gassed X? Well it’s time to knock a Target down
X was passed gassed and I ain’t come to fart around
Well I questioned ya character and every nigga you kick it with
But not merely on a personal level but on the business shit
Cuz you spread fictitious foolishness about folks you still do business with
Speak bad on Smack but then go battle on Smack, like a hypocrite
But do the math, it’s serious, you not my partner or my homie
I had plans to say fuck this 2nd round like Math
Let this left jab rock em and be gone
Charlene, fag, you probably wear Dockers with a thong
Computer thug til it’s choppers to his dome
And his brains rolling off the screen like Stockton and Malone
But consider yourself just informed it’s probably best not to flex
Cuz it’s not a sketch when weapons’ drawn
If he look confused he’ll get hooked to tubes
Like a baby that just was born, I’m in reckless form
In a black mask like Zorro, or like Goro, I come swinging extra arms
But y’all know, them Mortal Kombat references overused and too bland
But you still more bitch than Kitana that’s why you only got like 2 fans
But y’all giving promo to this homo
So that just mean y’all on the DL with him
The 3 shells hit em and the Eulogy say “He Fell Victim”
I’ll head wound ya, get a tumor
From attempting to spread rumors with no details in em
That just shows you are a bitch behind them bars like a female prison
This battle rap patriot, Hernandez working the pistol
I’m back to work, it’s official
Won’t go on Twitter and get personal with you
See me in person and question me about my personal issues
But what I gotta do? Hit up Hitman, get a Hitman chopper
You know, the one with the kick stand
And kick back that got a big bounce on it
But y’all wanna see a mark down? Just put a price on his head
And I’ll put a discount on him
But y’all know it’s DOWN-BAD BAD
Cuz he talk to K-Shine old girl, y’all know Ash Cash
But wait, you with ya girl and you want beef? Well I got what you crave
That pistol pop, I’ll slide her (SLIDER) in a casket and zip the top
And treat you like White Castle fries
Nigga I’ll put you in a different box
Fly Fam

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

Now I’m not the one to repeat myself, but pardon me
But you was on drugs when I was battling B-Magic!
And I stated “If that’s one real fact
Then these cocaine lines a bring Yung Ill back”
Wow, never knew I was a psychic, for now on call me Mr. Cleo, nigga
And in yo future I see Ayeverb hugging you
Skinny jeans and you losin this battle 3-0 nigga
You on drugs now, so I guess you think ya aura cool (oracle)
Cuz you poppin pills like Neo nigga
Oh yeah now its bout time you get pissed behind these bars
I’m ya P.O nigga
See it’s lines like that that separate me and you
See I show the world we got different skills
See the difference is, you throw up, I’m Precious on her period
That’s a different ill
You know Show Out, I know how to show out, we see different Bill’s
Shout out to my nigga Chilla Jones
But when I scheme, I give a different Chill
Like I got a .38 a 357, a mac-11, and that AK is a yopper
All them guns look like I’m tryna make the band and the AK is my Choppa
But I named it Dylan cuz it spit hot fiyah and it blast dummies
I pull it out and bring the bitch outta niggas, I named it Babs Bunny
I can shoot and make this whole crowd Puffy
Everybody gone have to take a deep breath
That mac-11, don’t nobody wanna see it spit, I named it E. Ness
And I got a gun from the 80s tucked in the closet, but show it respect
That bitch black and got a special delivery, that’s G-Dep
Now that was light scheme
I was just tryna show you that I been a threat

You just getting on this stage ill, why fuck wit me when I been a vet
I’ll catch this nigga in Missouri, at a club, on line like the Internet
Pull out the cig and let everybody in the Lou see me smoke him,
Like a cigarette
Pull on the cig in the Lou-see (lucy)

Fuck it I’ma freestyle now right cuz everything he do is on crack
Even when you battle rap you on Smack
And when you don’t battle you on smack.
What you called all them niggas in the Midwest
And X-factor aint never call back
He on twitter Ill, you could’ve DM’d X (DMX) that you was on crack
But I see your career goin through a ruff ryde
So fuck it, sometimes you gotta breathe with it
If they don’t serve you right on that D-block
then I guess you gotta leave with it
I’ll Drag-on ya fuckin body, this whole scheme with it
Back out on me and yo career gone be short here (short hair)
Like Eve did it
Wait a minute, yeah, I got that old gun like I said it was G-Dep
You disrespected me, I can’t believe you wouldn’t show me respect
You know what I’m a shoot this gun right
Since you wanna hang with T-Rex
I’ll shoot ya Tee, but I aint aimin at a V-Neck
We flesh…

[Round 3: Yung Ill]

I get stamped cuz I press the envelope
Well lets address this male/mail with semis and snubs
Send him these slugs to put his face on every paper
That reads “in memory of”
Cuz on my mama if Clips want drama we can play
Clips came close to be something honored just to say
This strap look like it came with a speedometer, but hey
It’s gon help me shoot em from a few kilometers away
I know Clips he a goldfish, I’m that piranha in his way
I’ll make his attitude change with this chopper
I go Obama with this K
But lets talk plainly, I could slip in a jab if he act angry cuz I scrap mainly
But I rather slide the clip in the mag
You’ll be a clothing store cashier, I let him throw a fit in the bag
Aye Lux, this Harlem quarter back?
Well he won’t make it past the first first down to the quarter
If I throw him a quarter
Pack and he don’t report it back down to the corner
This man will get the lake if I get my mans the .38
And jot down a few orders, ironic
How a strap I lend (island) could have him surrounded by water
But you a rap wanksta that act gangsta, but ya heart’s so queer
Hollow shells, I will parallel park those here
Before his background can start those cheers
The paramedic start those “Clears!” wait,
[Insert “Don Demarco!” here]
See this faggot the type that’ll go to the mall matching his wife
Everything, shirt, jeans, jacket and Nikes
Down to the hat with the spikes
But this ain’t happening right, see ya acting just like
I played on (?) tonight, when I should’ve been back slapping this dyke
With a steel bat or a pipe long before they started detaching his mic
But what I should do?
Save some of these hollow’s for a rematch with Hollow
To show ‘em that he not Da Don?
See Clips wanna scheme, try angles ever since he seen me and Rex tango
But he know I run circles on him like an Octagon
That’s cuz you out of shape
But if I’m mad and 2 K’s on me (Madden 2K) just beware
You’ll get more than tackled when I press this square
I’m back like I never left, y’all ain’t met a nigga better yet
Get ya weight up I’m doing heavy sets
But it’s Fly Fam, y’all already know what I do to this nigga
Y’all know the slogan, Smack, who is this nigga?

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

They say my 3rd rounds on King Of The Dot be amazing
But when it come to URL I never have these
See when I was itching to get back in the ring, they tried to dog me
But come to find out I never had fleas
Smack like “We got steak Ya-nahm sayin!”
But then you sit at the table, they only have peas
We Smack got the juice but he cheap
So I had to meet (meat) with the crackers to have cheese
You think like cheese/crackers/juice/meat pause, that was odd nigga
I just broke a lunchable down, to the fat people I’m God nigga
They say battle rap is like being in prison
Well I wanna welcome you to the yard nigga
But I’m a bang yo head so hard against the cell
Yo cause of death gone be BARS nigga
I’ll have 100 hundred niggas lined in yo hood, that’s a congregation
You at work, I’ll run in yo office, inauguration
38 on ma left, but the 4 to the right that’s a tragic combination
I’ll clap you see more eyes rollin than a ratchet conversation
I got a bitch I call Coretta, she’ll visit you King
She keep a duece-duece in her bra
The wrong chest (chess) move a get rid of ya queen
Her real name is Christina, no lie right her vision is mean
I send him in his crib while he sleep
Christina a throw the milli on (Milian) and get rid of The-Dream
Cristina Millian Dream, some of yall might be sleep
I’m on the block wit that cocoa (CoCo)
This nigga Yung Ill, Ice Tea (Ice-T) sweet
I got a fiend that’ll knock you out, this nigga might be cheap
Cause he’ll floor you for a knick, that’s a Spike Lee seat
Speaking of basketball
All you battle rappers using the same bars nowadays
And I’m thinkin that’s crazy
Everybody 9 ringin back to back like Lebron James
I’m thinkin baby
If I catch this nigga child in Brooklyn, I don’t need 2 rings or gotta spray 3
Cause I’ll let a bullet Pierce through his King wit one ring, that’s KG
Yea nigga, I shoot you out ya clothes you better be on ya third sweater
And I choked on purpose in the second round
Just to make sure ma third better
Yea they want me to battle Daylyt next
I’m thinkin what’s this stupid shit the speaking bout?
Well put the money up smack, I’ll fry day (Friday) before the week is out

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