Rum Nitty vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Yo, there’s a difference between idiots and brave men
These bullets are like rain fall on Neanderthal, they make niggas…cave in
Old school revolver, provoke me it’s blown
The barrel spinnin’ reminds you of a rotary phone
In the hood we had to fire the gauge to survive in them days
Them 60’s I know ain’t retirement age
I got to do him bad cause this fake is testin’ me
.38 to his face, we’ll erase his legacy
You ain’t go out with Beyonce and her group to a movie and a dinner
But you still got a date with Destiny
I got a deuce deuce but that’s for you and your wing man
For KG I got somethin’ as long as KG’s wingspan
I seen friends hit licks, prepare for they shackles
In a field with flags is not cause they scared to play tackle
It’s guaranteed we bustin’, yo’ guns is fo’ sho’, like how black people say they agree with somethin’
So stop it with this gangsta talk nigga
This punk lyin’, we dump iron
He think it’s all cool til we come find him
We roll to his block, do a drive-by and shoot Rum so many times we’ll crash from drunk drivin’
THAT is not punchlinin’, his team is corrected
That’s a set up usin’ bars while the scene is directed
I cock it then I clap lead all he’ll feel is lighter
Like he’s searchin’ through the pockets of a crackhead
My nigga just got out so you might see tears
They don’t trust a soul so they may seem weird
They case is like child support
Why I say that? Cause they bust once and pay for it for 18 years
Whatchu know about sharpenin’ your spoon
Depart with your tool or strappin’ up just so you can walk to your school?
One slip, then it’s off with your jewels
I guess Arizona niggas don’t live the Cardinal rules
I’ll put the pump to his mama’s mom
Best thing a Phoenix nigga did was when Kevin Johnson dunked on Olajuwon
You will get your boy shot, yo’ bitch got a moist slot
Her throat and pussy inspired a battle league called Voicebox
And even though he already on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Rum Nitty]
Shit just got real Myers
I’m like the end of every Halloween movie…I’ma kill Myers
Ya top dame, will get sausage to her grill like Hilshire
That Glock aim, like your tire caught flame, I will (wheel) fire
Baseball game, a shot’ll hit you from the range of home base to outfield Myers
That nine raised and you’ll be number 9 from the Rays
Cause you won’t think you’ll catch it but you Wil Myers
You finna die, I ain’t with black on black crime nor am I tryin’ to kill my kind
But tonight, I’ma kill me a nigga
I’m a Hennessy drinker, I push that [?]
So believe you’ll get slaughtered
First round kill him, second cook him, third chop him and then eat him
It’s like I’m bulimic cause I can only eat in this order
I get on one, show up to your mom’s mom’s house with a shank and a box of bonbons
Act like I’m finna feed her one…then stab her like nine times
Tactical knife with the holes in the blade like Don Juan
I should use the Michael Meyers knife on Myers, right?
And go fucking HAM
Like I’m in the kitchen cuttin’ ham but he fuckin’ ran like Cunningham
Furious, shit gets serious when a gun in hand
I’ll let a sawed off send him bucks like MoneyGram
This ain’t the same guy vs Pilot
Spiteful tyrant
You will lie lifeless cause my rivals die twice as violent
You feelin’ hype then try it
Get clapped at, fold out shoulder stock on the MAC got the flat back like Miley Cyrus
Your bitch got an Adam’s apple
Ratchet bastard I point a ratchet at you
That ‘matic clap you fast as an Urlacher tackle
You try some bullshit? I’ll pull a Magnum after
And have a battler shakin’ on cam’ like Jaz The Rapper
Whatchu wanna scrap cause you mad?
Swing I’ll grab and snap it Addam’s Family, they’ll have to put your hands [?]
Get ate, goddamn it he bad; Anthony Hopkins
I had to show up to the battle on a dolly with a Hannibal mask
Kill yourself, you know we shine
It’s Money Hound Gang, Carnival Crisis, 4th Quarter that’s it, no overtime
A lot of niggas got bars, but me I need doe for mine
I’ma battle til I’m paid off the ring like Kobe mom
I’ve been ill, I’ma big deal
That’ll still put a small fry in a box like a kid’s meal
This shit real
Pop a 110 pills while drinkin’ and drivin’, no seatbelt
Purposefully crash and catapult yourself through the windshield
Kill yourself

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
I dreamt of an American soldier, mourning the loss of his best friend
Then transported back to the station, shrapnel on his side, missing his left leg
I’m in his hospital room, he whispers to me and he just says, “Kill that nigga Rum Nitty” before he dies on his deathbed
I wake up, sweat, dread, not understanding the meaning of it
Heart racing, mind spinning, I mean the nigga had a mean concussion
Call the round table meeting, sat down and had a team discussion
Like, “We got to kill Nitty and his whole squad if they seen in public.”
I mean destruction, I wanna see you and your soldiers fall
Two straps across my shoulders suspend yo’ life, no overalls
That’s just protocol, this nigga’s trash but he’s gettin’ cash
Five niggas in the dope spot, we pump fo’ like we gettin’ gas
It was me, two of the homies, three different straps, three different masks
Rum Nitty bitch ass showed us where the safe was at, and we didn’t ask
But I, got a different task
Punch you and KG til police come for me
One nigga beatin’ up two bitches, that’s ‘Three’s Company’
I’ma man in the flesh, but look closer, there’s a beast under me
My childhood consisted of situations that were at least comfortin’
For example, no stable places to stay, I was lost alone
My house was made of Australian beer, that’s Foster homes
My mind state, off and on
You try to be live, I love that TEC but that snub nose economy size
I’ll send your mother a dozen roses, you thinkin’ you blessed
Note attached says “Secret admirer” she thinkin’, “Who dis?”
I kick in the door, bust her ass, the flowers fly towards you, you catch ’em that means I’m (w)ringin’ you next (necks)
Don’t fuck wit me Nitty! I’m bringin’ two TECs
MAC and Pro form a group and they singin’ duets
You can lay low for some months but I’ll catch up with you and shoot ya
A lima bean in a time machine, I’ll make you a vegetable in the future
Or I’ll catch yo’ ass in traffic spit drums at your car fender
Pop yo’ tires, you lose control, I flip Rum like a bartender
I save my bread, shit’s too high
But if it can make you die it’s like that famous Arab city
That’s the type of shit I do buy (Dubai)
I’m from Los Angeles, a scandalous city where they burstin’ chromes
Even senior citizens get peeled (pilled) on the hour like nursin’ homes
I’m in a perfect zone
And you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another round of this shit

[Round 2: Rum Nitty]
This shit is over, right?
You get that big pound and after this round? You gon’ scream more than “Yikes”
To beat me, you gon’ need the Lord’s advice
40 days, 40 nights, you need to be Mormon nice
Study ancient survival techniques and live immortal life
And you still fuck around and get 2-1’d…so ignore the hype
You look like a 38 year old…Ninja Turtle
So I’m finna kill ya middle aged Ninja Turtle ass
Do you bad
Big ratchet squeezin’ out the whip like Rasputia had
School a nigga, take you to class
You pass? I’ll one/two yo’ ass
Add it up, I’m Serius…do the Math
Nah that wasn’t right, that wasn’t right
If you add up all your punches and do your math right
Then you should get mo’ crowd reaction than that Math right
I’m that type, don’t try me brotha; pause
You can’t fuckin’ rap like Ryan Pumper
Your cap get hit, I cap a nickle (Kaepernick) plated pistol and hit up niggas
Then dump 20 dead bodies, that’s how I fill up (Philip) Rivers
If a nigga get animated, I point that Magnum at him
That ratchet blow, snatch ya soul, the only way to come back’s a ghost
I’ll turn Danny, Phantom
Check how we work clean
I don’t stress over regular niggas when shit gets sour
That AK-47 will give ya G13
Mean, I pull somethin’ heavy out that spins
Gatling gun, you ain’t got you one? You destined for an end
Shit on yourself, get .[?] weapon, get it in
So how many men die per second? It depends
Everything you said wack, where your bread at?
Bet that cake, I be done, beat you spent half and let half save up for a new chopper
True shotta I let that spray and knock the head halfway off of Red Cafe
Peep this though, stop the games
We are like two identical bows tied, we are knot the same
It’s all bad when that hammer pull
If you don’t dodge like a matador it’ll eat off half your arm
My can’ a bull (cannibal)!
I had to kill you, just know that
Since you think you the GOAT then you the one I’ma go at
Bring it to a nigga front do’ on his do’ mat
He get stole and whip, no lowjack
Your bitch a freak she jacked me off with her feet, bet you ain’t no dat
So the base of her foot on both balls we call her “Bojack”
Side factor
All my bitches be lookin’ like models and all Dan’s be lookin’ like linebackers
He’ll die faster if get to rangin’ these shots
30 hit you
Empty the chopper and leave the K like King Of The Dot first initial
This shit real, pop a 110 pills while drinkin’ and drivin’ no seatbelt
Purposefully crash and catapult yourself through the windshield
Kill yourself

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
There are those that do this and then there are those that are born to do this
Yo, I’m disturbed in the mind, niggas wanna send me to the sky
So I keep a plain/plane gun for turbulent times
And I will make kiddos leak
I’ll put the triangle to your forehead, it’s look like a widow’s peak
I aim for greatness
You can’t Xscape what I wrote on a Brownstone that’ll have niggas Changing Faces
This lame is basic, I came from dangerous places
Red or blue strings on the Chucks, niggas bang they laces
I’ll bust his head, then give him lead two mo’ times
More armor than Robocop versus Ed 209
I’ll pass away sayin’ “Thank you” that means I’m dead nice
Your ho suck me up for crystal meth I call that bitch Head ICE
Let’s get to the disrespect, it’s comin’ down to the drama hour
I’ll fuck yo baby mama raw dog in yo’ mama shower
I go to your dead grandpa’s grave and spit on it
Rip the plastic from your granny’s white couch and shit on it
I’ll have 50 niggas in your house shootin’ dice, they poppin’ all night
Rip up your daughter’s spellin’ test and that’s the one she got ’em all right
Oh, you wanna brawl, right?
Bitch nigga don’t even play yourself
I’ll cut you into so many pieces your funeral will be on a conveyor belt
I’ll take my homeboy’s .45, spot his ass then pop at him
Then give him his Nickleback like I’m returning a rock album
Send gun shots at him
Cops will be tryin’ to trace my prints like my girl tryin’ to figure out my unlock pattern
I sat back, took some time, regrouped then recouped my mind
Rejuvenize, utilize, so the next nigga that try to shoot the five better be Duke Nukem size
Bitch nigga! This is suicide
You will get your head spun
Turn around and shoot, murder him backwards that’s how red Rum
You love dat ho, I be gettin’ head until my legs numb
When the homies through, we make her fuck the headboard and give the bed some
You can’t sleep on me, I’m like a mattress full of breadcrumbs
All y’all do is hype him or gas him, I make the lead come
Y’all got me fucked up! This nigga can’t see me
I’ll pick up this surface and put Oakland on his hat like a beenie
And even though he already on the ground with this shit
Thank the lord he don’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Rum Nitty]
This you can take as a warning, my niggas, don’t play, they be on it
If you get outta place, then we’ll bring it to your place and be swarming
5:30 AM you’ll see the K when you yawnin’
And you’ll dread being woke up this way (Sway) In The Morning
With that TEC in your house, lead flying everywhere, hit your head ’till your scalp’s red
You wanna bet? Then bring out bread, I’m stretching him out red
I don’t give a fuck which language you speak, cause after we meet I bet he pronounce “dead”
You said “I’ll put AT&T bullet in his brain so he can rethink possible”
Use your brain, rethink, is that possible?
If that’s the case, I use Squidward’s clarinet but I’m not Arsonal
But in the word of my nigga Sponge Bob, I came with all BARnacles
If your bitch owe me money, fuck her right I’ll be on the ho
Hop out the car son and open palm her like the Cardinals
I’ve been jonesin’ for a murder keep a millimeter in hand
Get hype I will kill him tell him chill or be a dead man
Put the nine to his head like this and let that lead blam
So he get the mill(er) upside down like a keg stand
A one in the right, one in the left hand, two TEC’s nigga
They both sing with a lisp, so they do wet (duet) niggas
I don’t play those game
They can’t see me, I’ll put these lil’ hoes in a bag like a Django scene
My block thick mobbin’ nigga
You ain’t want these problem you shoulda stop shit talkin’ nigga
Hot shit poppin’ in ‘em
Your squad tough? Shots ‘ll open ‘em all (mall) up like Rockridge Shopping Center
If you don’t square up and get the hands, Charlie vs Dirtbag, I’ll put Clips in Dan
Pistol blam, give your boy the business and you get the work second like a middle man
Now I admit, in my conscious battles, I choked on about two lines
But you admitted to get choked out in real life a few times
You got a cool size but wouldn’t do nothin’?!
Dan act like ‘roids (Aykroyd) in the system but I still give him The Blues Brother
You’re a true buster, a real hater expert
I’ll fuck his lady bare ’till his gal say her head hurt
I got the head first then smashed her, cool
She ate the dick and threw the balls back like a lateral
And if you ask her too, she’ll get busy, fast we call her “Bone” no clavicle
Is no savin’ ‘em he dead, just pray for him
I’ll bring a dozen black roses at his wake for him
Dual action, two .45 blow from aiming ‘em
Aye Verb alias
I’ll cap ten (captain) mark get a bowl size hole in your cranium
This shit real, pop a 110 pills while drinking and driving, no seat belt
Purposely crash and catapult yourself through the windshield
Kill yourself

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