Charlie Clips vs. Tsu Surf [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

We keep everything in code now, niggas tattle talk
On the phone talking about his death, but it sound like battle talk
Call the homies for a quick Holla
“It’s Summer Madness, bring a team with capital in case of Rich Dolarz”
He got Big T? Oh put Mook on top or maybe Math right?
I mean Calicoe proved my point with Shine he mad nice
I know, I know, I know sound like silly shit
But that’s a code for a body, let me tell you what that really meant
I called some Hitmen, this some madness he getting knocked off
Bring the extra T with a capital
Tech 9, in case of Rich Dolarz in case he’ll Pop Off
Big T, he getting “Quiet” money?
I’ll put a Dot on his head if the Math right, he’ll be very sad
I mean the Calicoe cool, but that K will do him very bad
I hope you came with crack, I’m not Roc these different lines
You know I’m on some shit
You’ll get drugged if I connect then throw em in a ditch
He’ll die for wifey? Dope, he going with his chick
Bobby & Whitney, I’m talking him laying there smoking with his bitch
You was putting in all that work for Harlem, never break yo grind
Pick and choose ya battles, cool, take yo time
All that to get noticed is like you waste yo lines
Cuz Lux came how he take yo shine? That don’t ache yo spine?
Lux got everyone in the world saying “you gon get this work!”
All niggas remember you for is “Sike”
And killin Verb at Summer Madness and Tay Roc, but “that’s light”
I tie Clips to a chair then smack him in the neck
You gon love the show, 40 in DNA mouth only thing left is to buck it tho
You watching Charlie? Splat! And the gun’ll go
I Ray Charles, last thing he seen was his brother go
For them Washington’s we’ll really Training Day something
Do you hear me? Charlie house, his new 40 got Siri
Even if everything was debatable, I never gave a dub up
Fuck if you in the living room, kitchen or bathroom
I got one to lift the tub up
Me and my two sons burn em down with the snubs up
Them 3 4’s bark and leave Charlie choking blood up
A lot of ya bars average, to cover that you be jokin
To make a scheme about anything and “sike I lied” when you choking
Ya freestyle cool, but that poor trick done worn out
He think we never get the picture, his lines be drawn out
You Chilla Jones grandfather age, that’s why ya schemes old
They label him a killer but nothing ever seem cold
Me? I feel like the old Vince still banging when that can drawn
I should name what I carry/Kerry Kittles, no kiddin, I want that man gone
Miss me with ya Nets jokes, I am New Jersey, fuck is this man on?
Mama told the D’s “I don’t know he took the keys,”
D’s told mama, “we just found him head slumped on that Van-horn”
They say I got a problem but clappin tools help
And if that bitch did say something to the D’s
Them tutor/2 to ya moms like afterschool help

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

I said Rajon “Tsunami Surf” Cox
Wait a minute, your last name is…whatever dawg
So they put a nigga that only got 1 clear win
Against a nigga that arguably never lost
I be beaten the best niggas in the world with only 2 rounds
So that should show y’all who’s the better boss
See we both kings, but I’m Martin you Sacramento and Coretta soft
What’s poppin Surf?
Around what month did this battle get locked in Surf?
Wasn’t it like November?
Well thanks for giving me this easy ass win, I got you Surf
Got a dot and that O Red if that’s yo man then you’ll let him spot you Surf
Flash in yo eyes like “That’s light!” then Roc you Surf
And I hate when you be throwin shots
And you swear yo bars go over tops
So you say shit like “Urn and Ash is Nash” nigga no it’s not
Urn and Nash is Urn Ash wit ya bird ass
If you were Nash you probably wouldn’t figure that out til ya 3rd pass
I’m a legend. Gave Magic a shot, now he graduating out a bird class
Dismantled Roc and a couple of my nouns made Verb crash
The cal a bung ya (Cowabunga), flip this nigga board make Surf splash
You the champ? Well you gone get yo title (tidal) waved cuz Surf trash
Pardon me y’all, I always wanted to go through a Surf bar
I’ll give shots at yo bitch at the beach like I’m creatin a surf bar
Or I’ll give “shots, shots, shots” to everybody that’s a Surf bar
If he given shots to everybody he just buying out the Surf bar, Surf bar
Google that, for those who ain’t know that’s a Google fact
That was so outta this world some of y’all just might need Google maps
I’ll search for him then click on Surf, that’s a YouTube app
The gun under this Big T goin “bink bink biggity boo boop bap!”
You wanna know what’s so crazy about this bro?
Is I’m fuckin you up with all wordplay
I’m actually winnin this round and I ain’t spit a punchline since Thursday
You want one? Ok cool, you about to get a few of em in the worse way
From now on Dec 14th is National “What the Fuck Happen to Surf?” Day
You had a AR on yo hip against Hollow right?
Ever since then it got my mind puzzled
So I went a bought a black K that’s about this tall, it look like Shine double
Sit that shit right on yo back I make yo spine buckle
The clip take 20 minutes to load I’m havin Vine trouble
But that gun is light let me throw that one away
Now we on to the next page
You know what I got too? A Smith
That’ll have yo team runnin back, look like the Jets played
Got another gun that’ll cock back blow ya squad to the next gauge
What kinda gun is that? Shit I don’t know it’s unidentified it’s like Rex age
They like damn “what happened to Surf?”
I don’t know he got retired on Doomsday
Tried to get rehired then got fired when tools spray
You ain’t never spend a G on yo sneaks
If you do you’ll be lying by Tuesday
Yo created player gotta be tired as hell
For you to have a G on yo feet in 2K
But let’s get these bars crackin, some of y’all might think that’s light
I did that line on purpose for y’all, see what I just did was some bold shit
I wanted to show you niggas somethin right
To show y’all that’s some cold shit
Proving Grounds niggas only get 30 thousand views per battle
And them niggas be spittin some cold shit
But Hitman get 800 thousand fuckin views & he be spittin some old shit
So y’all mean to try to tell me I can say “I’m the nigga that gave Tay Roc..”
And I can hit Smack for cheddar
If that’s the case on some G shit I’ma be wack forever
But don’t worry bout this round tho…yea. Smack you extra
I fucked up… sike I lied nigga!
You told them earlier, I couldn’t fuck up if I tried nigga
Let me explain these bars to you
Hold on, bullet on yo head like a cardinal
You think ya squad wit me? Got that Shotgun it’s in my Arsonal
How you want yo ribs nigga? Action Jackson, you want barbecue?
Nigga I’m just here on this stage nigga, I came here to slaughter you

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

See this one be the slightest bit blurry, I’ma make it very clear
You need more than jokes Charlie, this is where you’ll get buried here
To stomach this shit, he should be good cuz he heavy there
The cops said “it was just DNA and DNA everywhere”
Rest In Peace Paul Walker, Clips drop from a Fast 6 when I’m shootin shit
He in the whip? No VIN, diesel/these will
Have that car scene lookin Ludacris/ludicrous
They said “Surf you gotta battle in the D
Better take a pair a nigga might clap you”
Aren’t (ORANGE) you even half concerned I did what I have to?
Why? Cuz the MAN-GO 10 hours with the LEMON squeezed to a battle
Probably mean he definitely brought the BANANA clips to the APPLE
And you from Harlem right? Tell Randy I Shotgun Moss niggas
Tell K… don’t tell him nothing, I already killed that soft nigga
Tell Lux I headshot red dot boss niggas and my Daddy wasn’t a lost nigga
My Daddy had plans, goals, dreams, we had scams, foes, schemes
My Daddy was driving towards family, a gate, a fence
We had gloves, a mask, tents!
And why the fuck Roc keep saying my name?
(?) Tay is he in these hear/hair lines, that’s Lebron, Tay
Send some Vikings thru, did you how I do Da Don, Tay (Donte)
You never seen a bitch like this til you seen mine, Tay (Monte)
Cops come, I don’t know the dame (Notre Dame)
Beef I’ll rather face you straight like playin bluff at a Poker game
All I know is aggression, press him, wherever you and ya friends play
Puttin more bitches in a box than Woman Crush Wednesday
I got a great resume, can’t say who he battled
Fed X a box, put a million views right on Shine
Practically never had a weak battle, I was alone in Detroit classic
And with Con, duhh I been to snake fights, Clips why should I be rattled?
This a Desert he ain’t been ready for a gun this big since the Big T battle

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

I committed a few sins in my life
So Lord knows I’m the wrong one to be preachin nigga
But somebody gotta pray for yo bars
It’s either gone be me or a deacon nigga
Cuz you told Hollow “ain’t nothin in him G” to make it sound like MMG You be tweakin nigga
And you said “When we get up we gotta Meek”
Question: How do you “Meek” a nigga?
Lord knows I wanna bar you to death right now
But I gotta teach the nigga
This my son I haven’t been in his life
Well now daddy’s back to beat the nigga
I bought Playstation 4 3 weeks ago
And played Street Fighter for the whole weekend nigga
You remind of Dhalsim cause you got flame
But when it come to punches you be reachin nigga
If I had a chance to do that Maybach scheme
Cool, only if I could have it my way
I would’ve told Hollow I need Millz by Thursday
If you don’t have you getting Gunplay on Friday
Hung the phone up on Hollow, call my little bitch her name Sharde
She 4’8” give great head standing up so why lay? (Wale)
You said “If you want ya life crawl for it (Crawford)
You want tickets to the gate then it’s Access Granted
I’m on the block with something Deandre’s size
One word to describe that night, Brandon!”
That thought process was fire
But the DeAndre shit I would’ve threw it away pronto
I would’ve been at a nigga door 6 AM with the long nose, it’s Gonzo
Soon as he open up “errr!” heat to the center of his chest, throw a combo
One word to describe that Morning/Mourning, Alonzo
Fuck I gotta put in subtitles or somethin?
Or slow it down and just diss you?
Y’all aint get it? I said fuck I gotta put it in subtitles or something
Is slow it down I just dissed you, I see what you like to do Surf
You steal niggas shit and you know I don’t condone it
You went from Dhalsim to Tsang Sung
Cuz you battle niggas and steal the life of yo opponents
Well I’m a tell you something, it’s time to wake up
Especially if you wanna dream like this
I dare you to steal my life cuz you need it in order to scheme like this
I said um, the Nets lost they team right? Well come and work for me
You a nigga I’d be proud to hire
It’s coke residue everywhere,
You need goggles around my Knicks, Stoudamire
I’ll turn you into a vegetable, put you in a garden when that AR spit
Aye John-John, I got a baby Wesson, but my shit name ain’t JR Smith
I said nah, difference is it’s Spike Lee, this nigga party with the Losers
I’m in the center of the block I’m Bargnani to the shooters
I got a JR Smith clip right cause the God a spray Rugers
So when I sub the clip in it take ya heart away Junior (Hardaway Jr.)
To keep it 100 I had more, it was about to get worse for you
But you begged to go 3 minutes and I still made this hearse for you
But I’m give you bar after bar in round 3 it’s gone feel like God cursin you
They wanna hear bars Surf, they ain’t pay $60 cash to hear personals

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

You ever wonder what Mayweather would do to Pacquio if they fought?
What Elmer Fudd would’ve did to that Bunny if he caught him?
Think of dismantle, destroy, destruction, distort em
Sometimes and ass whopping ain’t always an ass whooping
If at the end of the day you taught em
100 bars, hella punches and kill schemes
With a few jabs at ya bitch they gon have to get her a cane (Hurricane)
If she feel a pain (Philippine)
Hurricane, Typhoon, whatever all destruction same shit
I came with 3 Clips Charlie
Look I name flip even when I don’t wanna name flip, but
Back to the main bitch, offer a pill-low when I come for her (comforter)
(?) when she was sleep now the cops bring the sheets
Left her on a bed spread, I didn’t comfort her
Crazy, I could make ya bed and kill ya bitch in the same line
I still wonder how I could think about
Kissin my daughter and killin a nigga in the same mind
A bunch of top tier niggas lookin regular
Guess I’ll throw my weight around
I’m afraid ya (Frazier) gonna end up in a Holy-field
Ain’t time to play around
No tie son (Tyson) Hitman (?) vers’ Martin I won’t waste a round
Feeling like Cashis, wanna play? Clay I’ll shake him down
Ash Cash ya girl?
I can’t say nothing cuz beauty in the eye of the beholder
You might think you got a bad chick
Boy I got something to put Cash aside like the last flip
Only Ash is the ash, play body like a bad bitch
Bitch you’ll come home and find Cash on the table like the Fast Six
I won’t my shit on the 12th at 12 on the dot
Play you getting shot cuz everything timing
I mean OJ Mayo (may owe)
But for them Bucks I’ll put Grizzlies behind him
A $100 bet for anybody that don’t know what I’m a do to this nigga
Split him in half they gon have to bag two of this nigga
It’s fucked up, Mother still need a view of this nigga
Cover the body like “ewwwww/Ill who is this nigga?”
Hoody, snorkel and strap how I hide from the wind-shield
I catch em in that car, say ya goodbyes, it’s been real
Take two steps, squat, breathe and sit still
Then sweep from the side like parking on the street cleaning side
His brain what you find on the windshield
I’ll have 100 Bloods out ya house, (?) pop
It’ll sound like study hall but look like the files about to drop
Clips sick?
Well should I give that man a cure (manicure) when them shells done
Options, well run, left trigger, (?) run
Duh, he a frail one, besides we treat them dogs like Asians
(?) cuticle out give em that nail gun
Manicure, Cuticle, Nail Gun, Asian play on dogs, that’s a lot of shit
Surf that type of Hitman that just wave thru, I ain’t gotta Holla shit

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

Let’s get this funeral service started
Cuz this shit here should’ve happened a while ago
Notice I said Funeral
Cuz yo face was dead in Phara’s box you be wildin bro
I won’t even judge how you almost gave her the clap
Cuz that’s a talent show
All I know is when I’m Loaded niggas get caskets
When I wrap shout out to Calicoe
Is Tsunami gone get this work? Well I mean of course nigga
See it’s my job to help you work on yo drive to make yo Porsche quicker
I’m just here to expand yo mind and make yo thoughts slicker
Man I told Lux this shit ain’t gone work
Let me get back to being a lost nigga
I’m from a back block
Where kids had to learn to play hopscotch around cracked tops
My shooters computer smart
but got a whole different way on how they using a laptop
Hit yo back space, watch yo spine get deleted once that mac pop
Yo body shift, then yo organs shut down when them caps lock
You Tsunami but yo wave on the block makin the fiends mad
My work can make Lebron stop jumpin, it do ya knees bad
Got 3 fiends, they call me every morning sayin they need bags
I send the work out and watch em run to the base, it look like freeze tag
See to you that’s a punch but to me that’s just a mean jab
My real punches Mayweather like, I know you seen Zab
Let it ring at a square, bring yo box in when I squeeze mags
Get him zipped up in about 8 seconds, that’s a speed bag
Y’all want bars? Well I got em whether you want em or not
Extended arms hit yo hood, look like im huggin yo block
Fuck yo girl, leave the condom on her pussy when I’m done with her twat
Watch this hamburger help-er/her and try to take my glove off her box
You like her, you wanna wife her,
But me and my niggas we get to share it
My gun a motivational speaker, that shit’ll lift ya spirit
Tools so big I gotta propose when I get to air it
On one knee letting it ring like I went to Jared
But you big homie crip Tsunami Surf, fuck outta here wit ya boring tales
See you get caught with guns but you never do time
You do more than tell
You front like you wanna get locked up or got to war in jail
You let them put the battery in yo back
But I know you can’t endure a cell (Duracell)
Ain’t yo last name on some gay shit? Yeah, isn’t it Cox?
Well listen Cox, I don’t wanna hear you rap about grippin a glock
And Suge real name is Jimmy, yes Jimmy, just stop
Yo parents had to be crazy to name you niggas Jimmy and Cox
He like “Nah, may last name Cox
Cuz I’m hard on the block and I get big bread”
Nigga yo last name Cox cuz yo pops was a dickhead
And tell that nigga Jimmy to watch his mouth
Cuz on some G-shit he can die after
For actin hard I let somethin peel (pill) at Jimmy, that’s Viagra
Big dot on Suge face like Chrissy when that llama blown
And you see is somethin ratchet buckin on Jimmy, that’s Mama Jones
Run in Surf crib while his family there, make em all lean
This clip put every Cox in a box, that’s a porn scene
Look at them I got em tight
They all probably wanna jump me if they could
You know why? Cause nigga know my aim is way good
Put that Shotgun is Arsonal mouth, make em say Suge
Head shot watch his brain leave from The Lox/locks like J-Hood
Nigga I’m back, this the Charlie Clips that fucked up Tay-Tay
Made X-Factor cry and made Verb take a vacay
You better call mayday, I start grabbin that AK
That shit go (smddd), I’ll finish that when you pay me my 8K

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