K-Shine vs. Yung Ill [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Yung Ill]
Before my last battle I had 8 months off
So I may have looked a little off to tell the truth, nigga
But Shine, you be off in all your battles, what’s your excuse nigga?
I mean really, let’s have a man-to-woman, look me in my eyes
Toronto, Canada in January, they barely wanna book you in the States
We battlin’ in Brooklyn, but I’m thinkin’ Spike Lee in Crooklyn
I can smell this bag! I’m back cookin’ get a plate!
This my land Lord, I didn’t need first and last months rent
To put him in his place
But the best back
They want a Rook to put a King in check, this not a chess match
Call it a night/Knight if this Pawn act Queen
He’ll need a Bishop if I let this tech clap
I could talk about his priorities, but X that
I’m a contract killer, I’m just signing where the X at
Somebody yell body I’ll body em, give em just that
Arms, head, shoulder, knees and toes, neck back and if I check scrap
You’ll find his neck snapped with him lying chest flat
And blood all over the ring; Celebrity Deathmatch
Let’s get this shit goin’ like egg slacks, where Rex at?
Dot Mob won’t have to pep talk him on this one before his next match
When Joe Lite was knockin’ you out
Nigga you ain’t give him that double fist reply like “let’s get it guy
Hit the car, pop the trunk, grab the pump let shots from the trigger fly”
He swung for ya jaw, missed, hit your eye
You dropped down, hugged his calf and bit his thigh
Like what type of shit is that? But that’s not all man
I found out from a generous fan
That he works downtown Manhattan at a hot dog stand
If it ain’t true, when I first heard it I ain’t know how to take it
I’m like, “you get your buns grabbed
And you play with Weenie’s on a daily basis?”
I specifically told Beasley, “I ain’t bloggin’ for this battle
Cause why promo for it?
If I’m homophobic, then my patience for this faggot is wearing thin
He gon’ play a game like David Blaine, but the fact is
I got a counter-attack for every trick in that bag he carried in
Oh shucks they want a classic, but no Lux, I brought a casket
I bag and bury men
You gon leave today with a loss or an imaginary win
As far as ends, you just a lil nigga ballin’, AAU
Came a long way from the days
Where Momma had to make due in Diaper Season
October them days we just fight through
Chop a brick and if it’s two of them we slice em and make two
But I’m back on bullshit, comparing flows to Derrick Rose
Enemies get injuries they can’t play with
So Smack when you bring me a nigga, think premium liquor
Get his cap blue like Grey Goose, Snub .38 you
A right hook will knock every feature on his face loose
What I said to Rex apply to K too
Why not light up Mook yet
Why give a nigga on the bench credit when he synthetic as K too
Your brother’s on ya turf? About as gangster as a Mother at a church
I do it till (?) screw
Go Amen and lay hands on him like he lookin’ for a breakthrough
From June to May through, this hood (?) stuck with me
I go double overtime, 6 quartz give him a buck 50
Or you (?)
With a blade I give a green light and my team might say fuck ‘em 30/30 Do you dirty and keep a clean knife
One hand a quitter nigga, I ain’t gotta swing twice
This hook will make him fade away, you know Kareem, Mike
Ya’ll already know what I do to this nigga
That’s easy, who is this nigga?

[Round 1: K-Shine]

Ayo Smack hit me up like “Shine, I got an ill idea”
I said “who the next nigga to die?” he said “Ill I dare”
Nigga Ill only nice when Ill out there
But immediately I came up with a couple ill ideas
We’ll start with Illinois
When them springs filled (Springsfield) you gaining a cap or two (Capital)
Like Illinois cause Springsfrield actually the capital of Illinois
How these springs feel? I’m coming for capital
If Ill annoys me he’ll get A K that’s in capitals with an iller noise
Or I can illustrate
Like I put that nigga picture in the papers, that’s how I illustrate
The caption reads “he was aimin’ for Verb but he gave Ill a stray”
Holla got hit man they trying to see if Ill is straight
The caption only read “nigga tried to eliminate”
Wait, wait, wait…
Eliminate, that’s twin beggars in both hands, I give Ill and them 8
But they goin’ intercourse I let Ill and them mate
I walk in that nigga kitchen like I’m ill and them maid
Only 3 dishes there, only Ill and them ate
So I’m holding these two fours, give Ill and them eight
With two clips that hold 12, I get Ill and them ate
My bitch tougher than you Ill, I say how you want him? She say dead
I said “well girl I left my gun at home,” she’d say “take mine instead”
All she gotta tell me is bust one in his fuckin’ head
I be clappin’ my bitch ratchet, I call it chicken head
Fuck what you do in the Lou, nigga we ridin for real
Out here you ain’t getting no Juice if you don’t ride with Steel
Pull up on these cartoons, pull on Sapphire Steel
Let’s see if you a Family Guy when y’all dog die for real
That’s two grips on squeeze nigga, these on pliers
These heats will knock the lent off your jeans nigga, these on drier
Nice balance, accuracy the other one, wet a nigga like he’s on wire
So for this NBA jam thing, “HE’S ON FIRE!”
I seen ya rebuttal with Clips, you need to get back to your pen pal
When I rebuttal the clips I see myself goin’ back in the Penn pal
Give him the butt of the clip, cockin’ back on the back of the pin pal
Wait for it…
And hit em up long distance like I forget to get back to my pen pal

[Round 2: Yung Ill]

Ya’ll believe all of the lies that Keisha told?
About his Uzi’s, Bazooka’s, 9’s, .45’s
All of the pie’s that Keisha sold
Well since ya’ll like to blow smoke, I came prepared with the Keisha roll
To close that gap in his mouth and do Keysha Cole/cold
Worldstar, I will Sharkeisha Keisha through my left hands swole
Rex gonna play The Best Man role, this ain’t even competition
I ain’t hit the archives and pull out my best damn flows or bilingual, Pitbull, I can kill him in English or Espanol, Example
Pobrecita y tu no me hombre
He act scared and frantic it’s like I’m saying where in Spanish
It’s goin’ be his dyin’ day
What I’m trying to say is I’ll bomb him from East Harlem to Bombay
Hoodie down the Trayvon way, masked up sippin’ Andre
See my 3rd round against DNA, I pulled out floss, you know, classic shit
I damn near had the crowd dying K
Then your third round with this magnitude
You pulled out bulletins boards, creative but that copycat shit aint flyin K
How it feel to use my formula for your only clear win? No lying K
But battlin’ you is like breaking a pen, I see a whole lot of I in K (INK)
But Mook and Rex your big Sisters
You just living in an older siblings shadow, the Solange way
While I’m dropping jewels only dudes could go above and beyond say (Beyonce)
But if this guy try me I lift the beam and NYPD gon’ flip the screen
So take me to court, I ain’t gon flee the state or skip the scene
I’ma hire a Zimmerman’s lawyer, let em beat the case if shit get mean
I just show up suited and saying nothin’ like Mr. Bean
But I advise Shine to stay out my way before I go out of my way
To leave both your eyeballs on ya tongue
Tell you watch what you fix your mouth to say
Break every pinky on his palm for cryin’ wolf like he blew my house away
Gregory Hines, hollow’s will tap dance out this K
When I get the snappin’ like I’m tryna remember what I was about to say
Who put his name on the top spot? I’m comin’ to take it down
3 battles booked since Clips, Smack, I ain’t come to ring around
I’m back in that top spot swingin’ my weight around
Will I get my best on? Think toilet in a public restroom
I’ll shit on him as long as that paper down

[Round 2: K-Shine]

He asked y’all did y’all believe anything I do
Y’all probably said yes, some said no
But I ain’t need no help with y’all responses
Cuz do ya’ll believe a nigga bussin’ his gun with a coach belt?
Now, I took 29 days, 23 hours, 53 minutes and 59 seconds
To finally figure out what I wanted to…. do to this nigga
I wasn’t gonna pull a midget out or professor Shine… tutor this nigga
I wasn’t goin’ to have a heart-to-heart cuz there ain’t not getting
Thru to this nigga
I don’t know if it’s the Southern hospitality or the Lou in this nigga
That’ll make everything that I do look cool to this nigga
The night he battled Clips all I thought about was… move on this nigga
In the club, sip after sip all I could think about was… shootin’ this nigga
Like takin his whole top off… Mr. Cooper this nigga
Called him 25 times… shoo boots at this nigga
Pull him up on his side, flip his ride, Paul Walker… ruin it nigga
Have everybody he love or knew this nigga…. viewin’ this nigga
Like he don’t even look like Ill… who is this nigga?
He look like “Ewww! … Who is this nigga?!”
When a nigga take subliminal shots, I can’t accept that
My homie say if a nigga talk crazy you supposed to check that
I had the best battle of the year, even with that boy and they respect that
But when a nigga say the same shit over and over then y’all respect that?
Well Holla, I need to remix it?
Like my homie say, a nigga talk crazy you need to
Like my homie say when a nigga talk crazy you need to check that
Had the best battle of the year and they respect that
He said the same shit over and over and y’all respect that
He said the same shit over and over and y’all respect
He said the same shit over and over…
He said the same, said the same, said the same, said the same
He said the same shit over and over and y’all respect that!
What I gotta do nigga? Grab a pistol here, pistol here
Dessie in the back, Llama on
Shotty with a knife and the strap lock, y’all can respawn it’s cool
Cuz I’ll be creepin thru that back block
They gon have to respawn like on the death line for Black Ops
Nigga all that plastic come in a box nigga, Glad bag
Kill Ill smack his mama and then bag Dad

[Round 3: Yung Ill]

Say you wanna crucify me, you have little faith, what a foolish line
You need every miracle in the Old Testament, one Bible and two Qurans
Moses, John The Baptist, every popular Prophet you can find
And I’ll still walk on water to come after this Mark like Luke and John
Shine, desert, you sweeter than Peach Cobbler Juice
Scope with one eye open, hit him from a mile or two
Bam Bam Bigelow, headbuttin’, follow-through
With two jabs that’ll leave him double-knotted like a toddler’s shoe
Summer Madness you was gettin’ yo ass grabbed, that’s too gay
Booty Bandit on Facebook tried to message a drag fag
Will slice Shine in half now it’s 2 K
I’ll British map the private scene, all the paramedics will find is you K (UK)
But see, just the part where you get upset
Wanting to strike or interrupt me it’s cool
Act like you’re finna touch me, scratch or even budge me
This battle gonna end abruptly
I’m pullin’ out two choppers that shoot for 50-80 secs a minute roughly
They been in the closest since DNA and Lil’ Rusty
But fuck patience, I’ve never waited, upper-cut, devastated
Raise Hell till Heaven praise him, leave him so levitated
New York your home nigga
I’m on your front porch with the weapon waitin’
Kneel down with both arms out like I’m mediating
Shine take you longer then (?) I’m leaving
Cause Rex gave me a schedule, I’ll be back this evening
I’m talkin’ 3:51, 9 to 4
I’m at Shine door trying to find war
G-code, he play the G role
Til the forehead get a peephole through the peephole
(?) I’m Duncan, he (?)
What’s a meow to a Lion’s roar? 9’s 4’s
Load, unload, reload, give em the encore
Never been to College but I still got knowledge where I can help the kid
Like if I turn to these (D’s), I’ll send him the Alpha and Omega
If I Kappa hanger or give the cue (Q) and he’ll get Delta seen
On a scale from 1 to 9, what’s his rating? I give him the eight then
But I brought the devil with these bars, so what’s mine? I’ma say ten (Satan)
Ya’ll already know what I will do to this nigga
My foot in his ass, they gon’ have to pull my shoe from this nigga
I told Rex I told Shine, they gon’ have to get Mook for this nigga
Or have a three-on-one group for this nigga
Who is this nigga?!

[Round 3: K-Shine]

All them lil homo ways is just blasphemy
That’s why when I’m watchin’ you from the crowd
You can’t even get a clap from me
Cause you gassed everybody like your strategy
Is buildin’ up bars with tragedy
But using those extra lines, wasting all that extra time
Just shows your mind ain’t got that much capacity
Like you stretch every single line, Ill
Like you would go McDonald’s, wreck shit
Leave a neck split, girls over here, boys over there
Break everybody in sections
Drum, drum, drum, everybody let the tech spit
Just to find out if them niggas still servin’ breakfast
You stretch every single line, Ill
Like he’ll pull up to the gas station
Jump out the car when he’s driving, pull his (?) out
Hit the nigga that’s making the cars, then (?) him up
Then go to the nigga at the side, hit him with a Beretta
And all he ask is if he can $5 on Regular
Like you stretch every single line, Ill
Like a nigga be like, “wait for it…wait for it…wait for it”
I mean for a minute that shit was lookin’ type of hard
But then I looked back again and it just seemed kinda odd
Cause you pause for 10 seconds, do some gay shit and then yawn
Then pause for another 10 seconds, do some other gay shit & then nod
See to me that shit lookin’ kinda odd
But he’s short-changin’ y’all
Cuz all those seconds he took, them shits could’ve been bars
You stretch every single line, Ill
Don’t think I forgot about you using hard
Cuz you stopped for a minute stretched every line
And then started using Hard
He left his fans for a year and his family out to starve
I know you got a bad decision but I’ve got to question ya’ll
And that’s supposed to be yo nigga, and that’s supposed to be yo dog
Why you lettin’ him throw all his lines away with bars?
Doin’ all these muthafuckin’ lines at a bar
You remind me of Kobe in ‘04
The nigga had his whole life lit, and almost threw everything away
Fuckin’ with that white bitch
That bitch wasn’t with you shootin’ in the gym
Them niggas wasn’t with you creamin’ up yo stem
This is why when you (?)
I get mad at you when you say them niggas friends
Cuz you supposed to worry about Ill and stop worryin’ bout them, nigga
Time nigga, zip em up!

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