Tsu Surf vs. Calicoe [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]
Anything anybody ever wanted to say, don’t worry, I’ll say it
Jersey vs Detroit woulda never been if you woulda pressed Suge when he violated
You waited to get all the way back to Detroit to address a situation you slacked on
You shoulda socked him, or pulled him to the side, but that’s definitely something you act on
I know how the rules goin’, I respect the street
Proof amazin’ man, and may he rest in peace
But you? You really need to stop
If Uncle Proof was that important, tell me why he ain’t pop
It couldn’t have been the money, that can’t be a fact
Cause that was 3 years ago, niggas was barely gettin’ stacks
Ironically, Smack booked all Jersey niggas in Detroit after Cal ain’t clean up the mess
He figured if he put the bounty out, uncle Trick Trick’ll clean up the rest
You can’t make it to the league with that game and I just wanna see you dunk
But moves like that show you ain’t comfortable in the D without Unk
And if you really feelin’ how you rap, we can do it now, nigga
You play with birds, I play with birds, wow, nigga
That’s “Cuckoo” vs “POW”, nigga
Named that 40 December, that’s a Cal ender
And what kind of advice is “Lay down and act dead”?
In Newark, you better get up and bang, nigga
[?] put Calicoe on my line, that’s bait, hello? You rang, nigga?
Everything ain’t always straightforward
Sometimes you gotta look at it from the back
Pay attention Cal, it ain’t what you got, it’s what you lack
Oh, you read the scouting report, did your homework?
Man, fuck that, you dead meat
And I ain’t Moses, so pardon what you Red Sea
Its no real amount of money that can equal up to your name
And no matter how many practice shots you took, it never equal up to the game
That mean you heard I be strapped in, sparking with the clips
But it’s different when I’m standing there barking in your shit
A lot of niggas watching this prolly never heard of Cal
Good, less of a connection when I murder Cal
Beef, just chill, this a different type of burger, Cal
I lift it up then lift him up, that’s how you Vert a Cal
How you do it? What you ’bout?
It don’t even matter when that barrel in the roof of your mouth
I seen this shit break brick, imagine what it’ll do to your scalp
Oh we home, get the pick up truck, we movin’ him out
Feel like Tyrese in Baby Boy how we Snoop in the house
You battled Suge and said you had a show with Rick Ross
When? Where? Did he know you was there?
These battle rap niggas say whatever and y’all let it slide
I say I’ll blow his fuckin brain out and y’all look at me like I lied
(You know we gotta talk about it right?)
You was skinny dippin’ with six bitches
None of them was pool, none of them was in the picture
And it got Gram’d by your man
Six bitches, none of them in the picture? Bitches love the Gram
I just need a little of your time, I’m tryna see what’s on your mind
You said when it’s real shit, that you don’t gotta rhyme
Where was the bitches? Was they standing there watching?
Why was your ass turned around to your man? Headcount
How many niggas pull they pants down, turn around and look back at they man?
You can’t lie to me, Cal, just rap to these fans
You don’t like me cause I know the real you
Miss me with that slick shit
I can get trafficking charges for shipping Calicoe in a box back to Trick Trick

[Round 1: Calicoe]
Rajon, Rajon, Rajon
It’s been a long time coming, nigga
Just keep it real, we in Jersey
Did you get your gun in, nigga?
Cause I know when we had the battles in Detroit, I definitely got all of my guns in, nigga
But the difference is we in the same everywhere, we got them guns here, nigga
Remember a couple of weeks ago, you called me extra-contract
Sayin’ “We can’t speak on none of them legal issues”
Cause’ you know I was gon’ end you
But I had something in that contract, too
I wasn’t rappin’ ‘less my gun got in the venue
Cause who’s to say Rajon won’t act tough at home and turn into a Supa nigga
And I’ma have to say “Fuck this battle” and just shoot the nigga
Nigga, I came all the way to your house to offend you
I mean, if we was battling, you wouldn’t want me to talk about the money I lent you
But that shit we can’t speak about, is exactly what we gonna get into
Cause taking the easy way out of a real situation is not what men do
(Yeah, yeah, this nigga first time here, he don’t fuck with y’all)
Hypothetically speaking
[turns to one crowd member] (I’ma talk you to)
Hypothetically speaking
Let’s say a nigga gets caught a pistol, this one is simple
Tough at home, but on the phone, the nigga sounding so gentle
And you’re supposed to be back in Chicago to take back a rental
Instead, you stay in your city to bail that nigga out, that’s just official
Now, I ain’t sayin’ y’all are the closest of friends
But you treat the situation like a nigga that you was kin to
Cause you’ve been locked up before, and that was one of the worst situations that you done been through
And he got out of jail and tweet “Fuck you”
The type of shit that makes you wanna break his jaws, wanna have phone conferences on the radio [Turns to Surf]
Nigga, I ain’t even take his call cause’ this battle is real, my nigga, it ain’t fake at all
So did I speak on the situation or not? Did I break the laws?
But in Detroit we got codes, we call it giving Drake a call
Cause first, they gon’ start from the bottom
And nothing’s gon’ be the same after I make the call
You a snitch, and a bitch, the type of nigga that gets the ‘jects involved
He might testify against me on my case after I take his dogs
Gloves and revolvers, nigga, I ain’t leaving a trace at all
Make you call all your bitches before you die
I’m a step ahead of the forensics, tryna trace the cause
But face it, dog, you thought you could eat off of me
And then you noticed I’m not for lunch
Scheme, I put your team in a box like they tryna block a punt
Shoutout to my acting bad-niggas, I could’ve went to Michigan state, or probably U of M
Instead, I’m out of town with Michigan plates, like give me two of them
Matter of fact, I got a couple of racks on me, give me a few of them
Cause when I get back to the D, I know exactly what to do with them
Y’all think I give a fuck when I’m on my knuckles robbing niggas if you with them?
Nigga, that’s the first thing we asked when we was walkin’ in, nigga, is “Who with them?”
Fuck, I gotta put in a subtitle or something?
Nigga, that’s the first thing we asked when we was walkin’ in, nigga: “Is Tsu with them?”
But he the type of nigga on Instagram, on some “I’m living so lavish” shit
And end up gettin’ smacked with the burner for not havin’ shit
Now it’s a tragic switch cause you done get your cabbage split
The goons feel me
When you rob a niggas for nothing, you be mad as shit
You ’bout to get stuck up, ho, but you a average bitch
I had to bring the Social Security since you the baddest Crip
Behind this Tsu-surface
No, nigga, I said I’m gonna sue surface, tooth bursting
Clap both of y’all, and now y’all need two hearses
Scalpel from his head to his chin, boy, I’m a true surgeon
Everybody wanna be B.I.G ’til they in that blue Bourbon
But I don’t disrespect vets, so rest in peace, B.I.G
I know B.I.G died in a green truck
But he a Crip, right? So he fakin’ now?
Well, I’ma make sure they all in that C-section when they take him out
These guns ain’t leaving no chicken pox when we break ’em out
You ain’t have no plans after A? You better make ’em now
That’s being C [B and C], cause when they pull up inside that GMC
Jump out asking questions and shootin’, they ain’t TMZ
This battle on steroids, I wrote the shit that a Genius see
This battle on steroids, I wrote this shit in a GNC
Focus on you, and stop focusing on being me, nigga

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]
The difference between me and you? Everything, especially how we bred
I’m only gon’ talk about shit that came out your mouth, not what somebody said
Not no shit I heard, not nothin’ that I read
You can talk about them bitches and what you heard from some other nigga
We only gon’ speak fact and why I think you some sucka nigga
Vs Rex, you said “Mook was in Lucky’s, I was ’bout to make him bleed”
Bitch please, cause when you was battling Shine, and Mook came from behind, it was “Mook, listen, listen”
So tell me what’s the difference
You wasn’t making nobody bleed, that shit wasn’t goin’ far
Cause Mook got in your face and you said you ain’t even hear the bar
Pay attention, this how you pull a nigga plug
Vs Rex, you was ’bout to make him bleed
Vs Shine, you swore to God on your mother that you was showin’ love
“On my momma, on my momma, Mook was in Lucky’s I was showin’ love”
These battle rap niggas say whatever and y’all let it slide
I say I’ll blow his fuckin’ brain out and you look at me like I lied
Vs Rex, you said “If he came to the strip he prolly wouldn’t last a day with you”
Ask Smack, we went to Detroit, he invited us to the strip and I ain’t last a day with you
I tried think, why? If he come to my hood he’d be good
Then it hit me, cause they with you
I mean, we locs, but they in blue
Talkin’ beef, invite me to your strip, I see pork
Well, who you tryna cater to?
Somebody shot up a precinct in Detroit right?
It’s just something I’m tryna get clear
Cause vs Rex, you also said “We lost half the staff when he was in there”
I just need a little of your time, I’m tryna see what’s on your mind
Cause you said when it’s real shit, that you ain’t gotta rhyme
Who is we? What do you mean by staff?
Staff mean all the people employed by… whatever
Keep talkin’ ’bout what you talkin’, I’ma stay on the same route
We only gon’ address shit that came out your mouth
(This all fact, this ain’t no raps, this not raps)
Why should I think you from the hood why should I think you from the streets
Vs NuBorn, you said “My daddy bout to do 10 for fuckin’ with Meech”
No, your daddy a grown man, made some decisions and got cuffed
And you the sucka nigga that just clearly threw Meech under the bus
Shout out to Meech, but fuck you and that whole Detroit orgy
Only BMF I know is this big mothafuckin’ forty
Your daddy was a trapper, that might be true
But in our face off, you said “My daddy had bricks since I was 2”
(Shhh! You gotta be quiet bro, for real, you gotta be quiet)
Any objections, go head
Cause I never seen a battle rapper with a police escort until you battled O-Red
I mean, you had some tough lines, but that protection shit was corny
And if you did bail me out, you know my protection be on me
I should send that picture back to your dad
Cause if he a real nigga, you make a real nigga look bad

[Round 2: Calicoe]
I watched Goodz tell you, “Shut up ‘fore I give you a pack and let you flip that”
And you responded, “I’m the shooter, I don’t sell drugs”, but I don’t get that
Cause he attacked you on camera right after that and you ain’t get back
That’s when I noticed this battle shit wasn’t for me cause it was just rap
What, you been workin’ out? Well, what’s a six pack to that click-clack?
Arm and legs, mismatch, tshh to the dispatch
Just moved a hundred things out in the road in some gift wrap
You worried ’bout this battle, I’m worried if my shit get back
They say “Cal be slackin’ in these battles”, that’s how I feel, right?
Nah, Cal ain’t slackin’, Cal just live a real life
Cal got family, Cal makin’ sure they bills right
Cal got bad bitches that let me buy them Jordans occasionally, but they in that red bottom heel life
See, Cal focused on music, cause that’s what Cal love
So Cal went to Humboldt County and got a cal[ifornia] plug, huh
See these battle rappers only talk about what they see
So this my last battle, but in a sense, they’ll still be battling me
See, what I tell you? These battle rappers only talk about what they see
So as long as I’m in the streets, shit, they still speaking on me
My pops home, yeah, and I’m one of the best at this shit
So we told Smack “Fuck rap, we wanna invest in this shit”
Notice I ain’t even been talkin’ to Surf cause it’s a lesson you get
I was taught you wasting your time with tryna question a snitch
And who’s the snitch here? Rajon Cox
We told y’all that tough talk gon’ fuck around and get Rajon shot
We showed up to Rajon with a blindfold, got Rajon John Doe’d
Put a 9 in Rajon back and left Rajon Rondo
But now we ridin’ slow, pull up to his crib, I’m tryna find bro
Lock pick his door, eee, make sure the blinds low
I heard he got a blue check on Twitter, what’s your sign, bro?
Well we gon’ put the same amount of money on his head that he signed for
Long nose, Gonzo, I wait with the shotty
Bring pain like Martin, but I’m on my job I’m never light with this tommy
I send them boys through in broncos and have ’em wait in his lobby
Omaha, Omaha, nigga, I’m Peyton Manning, that’s the play for the body
How many guns you brought with you? Cause I bought a few
I bought two 40s and a chopper full of
So find the nearest exit out the door is what you oughta do
Cause you don’t give a fuck about your life, but your daughter do
I see her on Instagram, you a great father
You keep that Gucci and that Louis on her
Boy, she so pretty, it’s gon’ hurt me to pull this toolie on her
But you be makin’ money from the documentaries and movies on her
Battle rapper’s daughter found slain be the movie on her
See, we rolled out here for the Super Bowl, in a bitch car
Yeah, the Lions made it, but we throwin’ bullets before the shit starts
You said you had family in the D, nigga, I’m like “Which part?”
Extendos on a 40, it’s stickin’ out by my hip part
Can shoot for 30 seconds fore’ my original clip start
(Go ‘head, nigga)

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]
Broad daylight, that disappearance won’t B Magic when he hear the Boom
Red everywhere, shit I ain’t even gotta Holla when I give it to him
Calicoe Loaded with Holl… wait, we might as well shoot the card in his living room
He’ll be laying there dead I’m talkin froze out his skin
Guess I was just on some bullshit when it Rose out again
Surf vs Cal on UW
Well, you gon’ need two you’s, can you double you?
Pull up in two Vs together, that’s a double U
With somethin’ to spin two cars, that’s a double U
I named that bitch Alf, no joke, it’s not funny, believe me, he G
Cause if I gotta lift Alf a bit, none of y’all will be seeing the D
You came to fight, stupid? Where your matics at?
It’s cocky under this Tall T, imagine that
Blah blah blah, all I hear it chatter rap
The biggest nigga get touched every time, we hack a Shaq
Suck my dick, it’s nothin’ you could for me
Lux put him in, I’ll take Cal out of the box like a new forty
For the cheese, we come ’round with the toast, grill him
Send a magazine at the door and probably won’t bill him
He’ll be paralyzed from the neck down, that’s torso, he probably won’t feel ’em
Two straps, overall, the objective, kill him
Brooklyn Hanz invited you outside, tell me why you ain’t go
You would think I was a Love and Hip Hop fan, I hate to hear he said no
I been wylin…

[Round 3: Calicoe]
Clap it up for the UW battle league
Alright now hold the applause
Cause we still got one more round to make ya’ll go into awe
I heard you burned a couple of bitches, you like to go in it raw
But then your name’s Click Raw Blunt, see, now you’re going too far
See this clip, I make you slip, while he holding the wall, and stand him with an uppercut, looks like I’m bowling a ball
I got a gun so big, looks like it grew and it’s tall
That bitch’ll put a hole in wall, the size of a hole-in-a-wall
Being the first nigga out that hall is what best to do
Cause I’m shooting cops first, and I’m shooting the niggas arrested too
You know I got two twin 40s and they just for you
Get him inbox, no emojis, I’m trynna get that message through
Who the fuck are you talking to, then I’m shooting before question too
Don’t disrespect me, you know I never had respect for you
You called me like “Can we not speak on this, can we not–“
I’m like “Nigga, do what’s best for you”
How you call me on defence, and I end up checking you?
I told Shotgun Suge, face to face, it’s not safe for him to come to the D
He said “Not even if I’m rolling with you?”
“Not even if you coming with me”
Then Arsonal said “I need some money, I’mma come to the D. Plus the niggas looking for Suge – they ain’t coming for me – plus I’mma call John Wee, he got the guns in the D”
Then they got there and noticed
Everybody got the guns in the D!
So they did the same thing every other out-of-towner do when they come to the D
Got ’emself in a sticky situation and came running to me
But Ars’ is my nigga, so I gotta keep it a hundred-and-three
Cause I know if the same shit would have happened to me in Jersey –
He probably wouldn’t have done it for me
There would have been a bunch of Jersey niggas out gunnin’ for me
But I would have been busting back, screaming “Bitch, I come from the D!”
None of these niggas done want it with me
Niggas be getting beat up at battles, them niggas ain’t done it to me
That’s why I’m all up in yo section like “Who want it with me?!”
And that wasn’t even in my battle, just how a nigga feel
I was listening to “The S.O.U.L – Tape Two”, it gave a nigga chills
Niggas be getting beat up at battles, they ain’t done it to me
That’s why I just walked through they section like “Who want it with me?!”
And that wasn’t even in my battle, just how a nigga feel
I was listening to “The S.O.U.L – Tape Two”, it gave a nigga chills
Cause now we chill
They loaded up some steel
I was wishing them niggas would, cause I know ’em niggas will
No disrespect to Serious Jones, cause I know that nigga for real
Nothing wrong with getting knocked out, but you gotta wake up knowin’ them niggas kill
So my entourage, not just entourage, I know them niggas for real
And they was gon’ get hands dirty, I told them niggas to chill
I did battles in Brooklyn
Battles in the D, too
I’m way up out his division
Nigga, you’re like D-2
You’re see-through, from California to Queens Zoo
Why is this the fourth battle in Jersey, and first time they seen you?
This nigga dead
He’s the only nigga bragging about robberies that he didn’t do
He was the look out-man
Police just happened to ride by and they seen you
None of you niggas ain’t fucking with the king
I could tell you real life stories about your bitch
And that’s a sucka nigga’s dream
That’s why I’m all up in yo section like “fuck you niggas mean?!”
I clutch him with the thing, while he’s tucking in his jeans
That 4-4 mag will make a sucka nigga scream
So many shooters we can show up at The Rucker with a team
I just killed Rajon Cox, in his home, and made him feel whack
Cause there’s a difference between metaphors and real rap!

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