Danny Myers vs. Mark Miner [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
First Smack back, we got a nigga to back smack
I’ll put him underground with what I’m bringing out that backpack
You lack stats, I clap gats, if you don’t die, I’ll paralyze ya
You’ll be out of this league in no time
I don’t know why they herald (Harold) Miner
I’ll terrorize ya, I should show him where that Sig’ at
Daylyt told me to Mark you out but your parents already did that
I wig black, you my second opponent from Michigan pimp
But I tire of being over niggas head like the Michelin Blimp
Tire, overheads, see I be overheads
Why would Smack give y’all 40 racks when he can’t make back his overhead?
If you try to run, when I take out this semi, you’ll see this cat slaughtered
You’ll be like the PS4 sold outta stock, you’ll need a back order
If my nigga pull out a strap, I’ll pull out mine then I get beside him
It’s like you took the pegs off a bike, you don’t stand up when yo’ nigga ridin’
I’ve been decided, bang Bloods or join the set with the Crips
But I decided to get money and flex on the strip
Make sure yo’ ammo’s stocked, cause even if yo’ shit go Kaboom
By the third round there’ll be nothin’ left in the clip
I’m from California, so my bars fair to scritinize
I’m not just a nigga from LA, I’m the west coast revolutionized
From AHAT to Smack in a year? I’m on a roll Miner
Norbes found a diamond in the rough, that means I’m cold (coal) Miner
I’m an old timer, January I’ll be 34 in fact
Let’s get back to these name flips I wanna give you some more of that
Dig a hole in the middle of the forest, throw this man in the dirt
FBI will be looking for Miner (minor) like an Amber Alert
I’m a well known grinder and superior rhymer
Who got better bars between us? Give ya Marks “no” minor (Miner)
You don’t know a day’s work, you trip I let them cans squirt
I’m a battle rapper, but honestly, I’m a fan first
But don’t get it twisted, cause when it comes to the streets
I’m Altered Beast before the power up nigga, I’m a man first
I should slap you ’til my hands hurt
Then go upside yo’ mama’s head
Then slap you in front of psychic, she’ll tell me my palms read (red)
What you know about war, nigga? You don’t know diddly squat
My whole life has been an action film by Ridley Scott
I was raised by a Crip family, they ain’t the ones to act ’round
Niggas was dyin’ overseas (over C’s) without a military background
Speaking of overseas, let me show you how I do fam’
I should rush ya (Russian) but it’ll leave (Italy) a bruise and this nigga will try to sue Dan (Sudan)
Man I wasn’t born with two hands, shoot you, shoot it out with the cops then shoot up the news van
Read about it at the news stand
He’ll be on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Yo, I literally have ten children
Y’all may feel that it’s strange
I’ve been buyin’ diapers for the last seven years but I still haven’t changed
Baby mother trippin’, like, “Nigga fuck yo’ mic skills
You’d rather buy a ticket to New York then sit here and pay this light bill?”
Bitch! I raise ’em all, I don’t even know why I keep this ratchet
They never went without food, clothes, Halloween masks, Christmas shit or Easter baskets
I go to work, take them to the park, then hit the block just real lifein’
Then I ask you for some head and you talkin’ ’bout you don’t feel like it?
That’s why I’m still writin’
These bars I’m makin’ out- I’m stressed, lucky for me I got a nigga to take it out on
Huh?! I’m the one to love, you probably wonder why I got so many kids
Bitch, I’m not from the Glove
The cloth of Rakim is truly where I’m rooted
Nigga, I wig out like the beauty supply looted
The duty of my shooters is to see a dead man desicrate
Show ’em there (Dare) Iz A Darkside like Redman’s second tape
Yo’ head been separate, nigga you better play yo’ part
If you did a movie, the part where you die would be my favorite part
I exploded on the scene, you didn’t even make a mark
My niggas will send Mark to his maker then sip Maker’s Mark
And you have a hater’s heart
You look like the jealous type
You niggas can’t bar with me, it’s like I cancelled fellas night
I’m being serious, what I spit punish the worthless
It’s like I took a Bible to the second floor the way I come up with verses
My bar game is bar none, that’s perfectly unmistakable
I am winning this battle, that’s certainly undebateable
I’ll take a power line, run voltage through his body
Then tell his mom that he’s currently unavailable
Yo’ skills ain’t like this, you a Danny imposter
Plus I’m known for pushing snow like Andy LaRocksta
My niggas hand me the chopper, load up, then wait for my call
URL goin’ through a tough period, I’m the Midol
If you run to the precinct and say, “Let me tell you what I saw.”
I’ll have you and your lawyer bound to a chair, that’s how you tie (Ty) Law
My flaw, is that I’m too complex, but that’s my fault
I’m like a wave in the distance, I’m the dopest nigga by far
He tried to sell me work undercover, that’ll get this nigga fired
“Five cups of coffee” is the code word, that means this nigga’s wired
This nigga Myers, is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before
Furthermore, why would you match a flesh eater with a herbivore?
I bring that MAC ’round, I’m dumb hard
I got a gun so big, when I walk they hear this nigga pat down my gun bar

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Too many gun bars in first rounds, but bitch nigga them guns peel
You think those straps are fictional but the way you’ll die will be unreal
South Central, [?] empire, all them niggas dumb skilled
They say I’ll get a stack for being almight’ I told ’em “Done deal”
I’m a monster, eat rappers, I plot with cannibals
A Zoo Faculty are just the people who watch the animals
I was ordered to use a silencer, that plan was awful
But I took it off so he could hear the bang I call that an audible
I touch down in the field, I’ma clap this guy for hatin’
Two niggas behind me, shoot his pupil that’s the I (eye) formation
I’m forsaken, I was cast down from Bar Heaven
‘Pac, BIG, Pun, L, all of ’em bar legends
They told me in a dream I was born with a star’s presence
A czar’s essence, so I’m here to feed these stars peasants
These are bars brethren, they never gave me no action
How does it feel to know me and your lady go smashin’?
I busted a nuclear nut, she fell back into yo’ speakers, hit the “on” switch now your (you’re) radio active (radioactive)
Yo’ bitch left yo’ dumb ass, now she fuckin’ wit’ a boss, soldier
She stay between the legs like she workin’ on her crossover
Over the pettiest things that my homeboys was lost over
That’s why I keep somethin’ that’ll fuck around and flip yo’ loft over
You just a body to put a cloth over
You ain’t nowhere near this
Michigan got some cold battle rappers but where are you on the tier list?
JC, Miles, ahead of you, if they dope then I respect rappers
If I did you Ill, would you have the Will to shoot a Calicoe? Now that’s the X-Factor
Please come to the next chapter
I’m schoolin’ this nigga
J here, Ty here, wait…who is this nigga?
I’ll put a few in this nigga, you can see me from the side hurling
Then I hustle to the Twilight with them Zones like Rod Serling
Everything I’ve learned in the hood, I put out worldly
First service on Sunday morning, you will see God early
I told you not to fuck wit’ me, now I’ll make yo’ life a living Hell
Shoot yo’ phone while you dial for help, I call that a Splinter Cell
Lure you into the open, you drop dead
Leave detectives baffled
No one would notice the window cleaner that snipes you from the scaffold
On a side note, Norbes, you got a rapper named Law
That don’t stick wit’ my niggas
All the DMV does is identify niggas
Not one nigga in this whole PG class can compare to me
Ironically you got the hopscotch champion in the square with me
Small of the back, ankle, hip, waist, you don’t know where it be
Just know this cannon will take this clown out, this ain’t fair to me
This is clear skill, it’s like I stabbed the Fresh Prince with a pair of scissors homie
This is sheer Will
I keep that work handy boy cause I’m tryin’ to support my family boy
Cause Danny boy ain’t tryin’ to have a career like Danny Boy
See how many Death I gave in a Row? I don’t give a fuck about him
Wasn’t nothin’ Suge about my Knight’s it was always somethin’ corrupt (Kurupt) about ’em
I’ll Snoop to Dogg’s house, find his bitch, then I’m killin’ her
She’ll need a doctor
It’s miss, she’ll lay (Michelle) from this Dillinger
I’m a bar machine runnin’ on all cylinders
I’m a savage ’cause my whole life has been intense (in tents) like a villager
I ain’t feelin’ ya
And you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord you don’t got another round of this shit

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