Soul vs. Sketch Menace [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Soul]
Yo my Blackout announcement dropped you should’ve seen the words typed
“He doesn’t deserve to be on the stage.” You look at me as worse, right?
So I came to Blackout to give the best performance you’ve all seen the first night
And if all that sounds familiar it’s because it wouldn’t be the first time
So let me guess, KOTD and Don’t Flop are beefing, he’s gonna make me out to be their poster boy
I’m captain of my own ship, black sails when it’s shore ahoy
The first time? Let the animal out, like that Trojan ploy
The second time? Drag your prince face first on the road to Troy
And if he still try to play me like I’m Rowan’s toy solider
Oye, I shake him up til he get the picture like a Polaroid
They said he can beat me? Now Soul annoyed
His current flow is going ’round in circles like a solinoid
I was supposed to battle Aftershock
You put on your moany voice, throw your toys
One of them had to die, you picked the bitch: Sophie’s Choice
When clones deploy, drones and droids both are point show his void
This motherfucker is dead: ghost of Freud
Yo you don’t have the pedigree to “class in session” me
So diss Eur’, like it hurts, I don’t need a man to mentor me
I don’t have to rep a league, move transcendentally
Try Mocking Jay you Catch Fire: Katniss Everdeen
And it doesn’t matter how great your shows ratings grow
They put you on, if you’re Game Of Thrones he’s HBO
And you are like Game Of Thrones, not cause you got us mad hype
But because your content depends on what another man writes
You don’t live that Son Of Sam life, you ain’t some crazy character
Don’t make me lose my ride Charron vers’ that Grape Street battler
Yo I’ve had 50 Cent against me, I don’t make these Massacres
My work inspire assassins, I’m J.D. Salinger
Wyatt, sonning my nephew I’m Jaime Lannister
So let deceptive talk, cause unless he walk with the 7 gods of Westeros
His flesh is notch and arrows rain bows til the spectrum stop
I watch your battle with Pes’ a lot
You said you let the weapons pop? You extra soft
Should’ve been shot by the Bay like Megatron
Yo, he even scared to rap beef with frat geeks it’s pathetic dawg
He wouldn’t Sepiroth if he was the Final Fantasy 7 boss
When Sketch rhyme, this MC bend time, like Escher’s clocks
But when you tell me “stop” you see Sketch in chalk like the renaissance
Fuck outta here man

[Round 1: Sketch Menace]
So, what the fuck is this, Organik? I mean, I’m getting enraged
I do a couple bad battles and you throw this shit in my face?
I mean, at one point I was gripping the chain. but this is insane
You got me feeling I’ll take anything…man, I’m Nicolas Cage!
But yo, if I drop from my top spot, now I’m stuck here with you
You get that Sketch that beat Bender when I had something to prove
So if I got nothing to lose then you watch me Jim Ross kick stomp him like a government mule
So from the moment you left Heathrow you’ve had a swollen fucking ego
He got the confidence of P.H. when he’s rolling up to Beast Mode
Just because you were named top 10 this year by T.O. Battle Blog
Bitch I spent a year streak undisputed as the T.O. battle boss
So you think I fell off? Hell nah, you boxing with a psycho
I’m back in that mentality that got me to the title
So this uni-verses-me, this is university
You wanna be well read, I leave you well red this ain’t my first degree
See I’m the sturdy beam that birthed the scene
That Albertian beast that Wolverine
The wild Mayan environment I thrive in it, survivalist
It ain’t to keep a fucking chain no more it’s to breathe another day
So you think you put me up against a beast? I’m Liam Neeson in The Grey
So feel honored that I’m tearing through ya
Parachuter with a pair of shooters, you in troubled waters I’m a barracuda
Rivaling your idle threats, I’m from that wild west like Gary Cooper
Witness this disciples death without a nine or Tec like Larry Hoover
And run throughout Soul’s household in that final stretch like Ferris Bueller
See I wanted a name not some AIDS crawling disgraced Scot with a H problem
This stray dog get a straight shot while he ain’t watching like Trainspotting
This lame’s not in his lane watch this your train stop so get off pal
Aims flawless, a trained marksman, JFK caught with the top down
I ain’t Caustic, don’t play drama
Wanna trade shots and get knocked out
Til the only time that you ever hear of a “Great Scott” is from Doc Brown
So you wanna play God this a seance, all you gather around me
We’ll have Toronto lighting candles during a Blackout like it’s 2003

[Round 2: Soul]
Yo, why’d you leave your country for battles? It’s absurd, an enigma
I said yo, why’d you leave your country for battles? With Absyrd and Enigma?
It’s like a name gets offered, you snap ’em up like, “Deal”
And then you’re standing there, listening, to their crappy fucking spiel
And you’re staring ’em down like, “I crossed an ocean for this shit? Are you actually for real?”
Trust me Sketch Menace, I know exactly how you feel
Yo Organik, Sketch Menace? Fuck me
I’m top five in my country, he’s top five out of us three
You run a fucked league, it can’t be fixed Fraggle
If Organik wasn’t your friend, he’d have it dismantled
Matt Daley is your entire top tier, now I’m a bit baffled
Cause even he got bored and walked out…of HIS battle
That’s why at Meltdown some crazy dude brung his hammer
Shot an audience member in the gut, stomach splattered
They had to rush him from the event, to get some blood to transfer
I know, right? Lucky bastard
Let’s give a brief timeline to the contributions Menace has given
2011: Organik goes to the western [?]
2012: Organik gives Sketch the division
2013: Organik regrets the decision
We remember you winning that dead out chain, but forget ’bout fame
This is my bars vers’ your bars and your best round’s lame
They could have the judging panel be from Calgary or Sketch’s housemates
It’s still 5 for S that’s deadmau5 name
Cause when you battled Bender, that was his ascension
You went from maniacal depression to dismantling a legend
To be an actually expected champ that will defend it
Don’t give a fuck I’ll son him anyway, immaculate conception
Yo he thought the path thrown for peasants was Damascus road redemption
That shit was just a captured moment on a path to slow regression
When you sacrificed survival for a plaque [?] stretch him
More than half the quotes that’s said in any clashes from the sketching
Amoebas on the Atlantic Ocean’s bed became mammals known ascension
In different environments cause they adapt to those they’re set in
So take your stagnant old, never changing raps back home and dead ’em
Cause what’s the chain of evolution without natural selection?

[Round 2: Sketch Menace]
So why is it the new thing to be a Smack rapper?
Like they’re upping the ranks
Half these dudes still list being “lyrical” as being one of their strengths
So this shit is getting out of hand and pocket like, he bangs a Glock when he back in Scotland?
I’m here to put the camera on him while the fans are watching
And call him on that Smack he’s talking like Dan and Caustic
So this dude got game? You a tube sock stain
Long lost Hanson brother still going through his fucking doo wop phase
This the river Styx for Soul when he get pulled off stage
And I put that nickle to his eye like a Boondock Saint
Cause if you wanna bring this to gun bars, you leave in a hearse
Punches leave Soul full like preachers in church
But there ain’t no need for a grip lifting a Tec when I come to his listed address
The fun stopping, fuck shots it’s blunt objects, pistol whip him to death
This clique/click will take your kicks off like the Wicked Witch of the West
Oh but you Soul, right?
Ironic cause the body I’m punching is lifeless
Feeling like a speed boxer in a meat locker
Got this dead locked in a head shot like the sea monster
But aside from the shit views and the chokes
The way that he rips dudes is just cold
But every compliments got a consequence see the higher I lift dude the lower he gets pushed in a hole
So when I uplift this punk bitch it ain’t chicken soup for the Soul
So I noticed one thing about you and I found it amusing
Every book reference you make are ones that have made into movies
So let’s get one thing straight here bro
You’re not smart cause you reference Game Of Thrones
Like he reads the books, admit it, it’s your favorite show

No I did!

[Sketch Menace]
You just sit in your tainted home with a subscription to HBO
So he wants us to believe he picks up novels and reads?
There’s a Wire reference in every bar that he screams
So you confidently say that you got knowledge to preach?
When you are obviously…just watching TV?
Like, when your favorite author is Mel Gibson, you outta feel threatened
When these words turn to actions like the novels you reference
See it’s like these battles Jed, look around you this a movie
What’s the point of all those useless setups if when you perform it you don’t put in effort?
You think anyone out there is transcribing your wack rhymes like your words are clever
Going, “You know watching Soul battles, they’re okay, but the books are better.”

[Round 3: Soul]
Alright, I watched you versus Pesci to get a feel for Sketch Menace rhymes
Had the pleasure of hearing about Sketch Menace names
They definitely exist
Smack changing their slogan, “We on Sketch Menace time!”

[Sketch Menace]
That’s my shit now. That’s my shit now

You’re literally Sketch Menace…time
I can’t believe this shit this dude just said
Another URL wannabe who pretends he’s shooting TECs cause of all the views he gets
But what’s the point of writing bars that are different from your music Sketch?
It’s like your advents are hats and scarves and you only sell shoes and vest
Yo you get your Eyes Wide Shut, thought he cruising in it’s Kubrick lens, you moving like Jack Nicholson
This one is for my movie heads
Cause he never stepped on crack in the street, that’s As Good It Gets
Cause the ratchet would put him to sleep like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Yeah Loe cost you, I’ll low cost you
Biblical swarm, this head bites like Medusa and her sisters the gorgons
When these conspiracists swarm in, it ain’t lizards mid morphing
Cause this your last event, I’m Planet X elliptical orbit
You just a symptom of all this
The system has warped it
Where Sketch had to rap about guns so you kids would support it
Now everyone raps about guns and every shitty performance
Ain’t worth the e(L)ectricity used on the rig to record it
And the result is fucking Sketch Menace saying he clap tre’s like a mobster
That his fam’ stay in the dock like his last name is Sabbac, you damn fake, an impostor
Your act made for the Oscars cause you shit the fucking bed when Pat Stay said he’d stomp ya
Cash payment get property crack, blaze in the squalor
Cop more than Tom Ford on a bad day at the office
His last days in the locker, ass-raped by the coppers
Ripping prison wings off like Matt Damon in Dogma
I’m feeling like Jules in the diner
He the partner with the Heckler
Cause I’m surrounded by these sheep, trying hard to be the shepherd
The pen game? Death Note, never really stopped to think about it brother
Always thought it was some bad ass shit to say before I killed a motherfucker
But what I think what it means is
Sketch that dude who loses because he doesn’t try and they let that through
So it means you won’t catch an L my dude
The pen game’s a Death Note, you take it light and that L catch you

[Round 3: Sketch Menace]
See I already been to Don’t Flop; bodied a Brit
So try to make fun of my division? You got the body of Brit’
I treat your girl’s pussy like a bottomless pit
Roll up with a mask on and gave her an anonymous tip
Yo, your girl’s Canadian, right?
Well what you think happens when that dame you’re dating when you back on them Scottish planes debating?
I give you a hint, I break your lady like a quake from Haiti
And then let all my dogs poke her (poker) like a famous painting
So I heard you like throwing punches Jed but we’ll see how tough he get
Cause if Don’t Flop won’t teach this punk a lesson, I’ll be the one to check him
I hope you get mad, hit me
I wouldn’t swing back in a fucking second
No pun intended but if you want a boy band here there’s only One Direction
But I ain’t come to talk about how you did Caustic
Cause to be honest it ain’t worth the debate
But what it does is your actions leading up to punching dude in the face
I mean, some girl gets broken hearted and you get enraged about to burst into flames
For whatever reason fell you have to shoot to her aid
Like who are you, Drake?
So if all that shit that’s in his veins make him want to swing today
I got a few hits that could obliterate him they have a pedigree that could Triple H
So now the evidence ample of how I left him in shambles
Head sent to Japan the rest on separate travels
So don’t be surprised at what those detectives unravel
When they start digging through crates for Soul and find 70’s samples
But to all your boys back at home you a let down Jed
Can already hear Eur’ back in England screaming, “S.O.S.”
But yo I ain’t gonna diss Eur’ to make a punch go off
And if he wants he can tell us how to run our shop
But we doing cross country tours and that bus won’t stop
With a sign on the side that reads “Fuck Don’t Flop”
But I ain’t with them cheesy tactics, trying to stoop that low to win a match up
But when you see Eur’ back in England, yapping crying about OUR league’s expansion?
You can tell him the only thing we jacked from his sleazy antics was cheap reaction
Let’s go

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