QP (Quantum Physics) vs. QP (Qleen Paper) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: QP (Quantum Physics)]
I’m glad you don’t got no cap on, you can give us all that Rogaine picture
You got me feelin like ya father, so I won’t play with ya
This for the QP? That’s the camera man? No way mister
That mean John Doe shootin a body of a no-named nigga
And you ain’t takin MY name nigga, QP you wouldn’t dare
Shoulda known I’m a trained lumberjack, I ain’t cuttin back
And that I would/wood prepare
But is superman out here movin faster than a speedin bullet? Swear
I guess the only way to slow it down from that tempo
Is to put a bullet there
You know what I don’t like about you Qleen Paper?
You spell like a teenager
Using my name for free, illiterate fuck
Couldn’t even have you sign a fee waiver
You don’t have to be a spellin bee major or the alphabets creator
To see the “C” in clean, can’t be “Q”, I’ll say it again
I know it’s Qleen Paper I say who you seein Qleen?
Can’t be Q ’cause Syrup met a son (medicine) that can lean paper
See I tried to be Meek, it’s a nightmare, I’m a Dreamchaser
Created Innuendo to watch the flow I crafted as a team player
You need Miles right? Click and deletin, wipin your slate clean paper
You get paid to crack heads, no crackhead you a free-baser
You wanna blow fine off dope lines since we are both coke sniffers
Just know *sniff* that’ll help you overdose quicker
Based on our threads they say we better than them so and so niggas
But we ain’t cut from the same fabric
Because we ain’t nowhere near close/clothes nigga
How should I expose niggas?
Chilla Jones, for real a clone, y’all think y’all seen schemin?
See I do this all year for me it’s always scheme season
Is it Winter? Naw! I done Fall, I mean everything leavin/leaf’n
Street sweepin the whole house some will/Summer call it Spring cleanin
You squeamish, food with the world let it digest you and spit you out
See that’s what it does when you out cast as a rebel they stitch you out
Like retired umpires you at home and settled you missin out
But today’s Qleen’s exorcism
Because it’s harder than a devil to get you out
Now there’s level’s to spittin writtens out
But that shit you did in the D, I wanna start out you wrong
Why sell/cell yourself short, that’ll get you marked out alone
Now I knew you were roaming/Roman, wasn’t too smart I condone
I know why you thought you got reception
Because you read 4 bars (IV) off your phone
Now will he start off a clone and start chokin?
Will you look to the crowd for the beef?
When this gangster’s cripplin himself then the crowd’s gonna see
Now out of town fans look, like ya brother, miles from the D
But when you chokin’ out of town you look like ya brother…
Miles from the D!
He’s probably now gonna see he’s chokin up in 60 seconds
That’s a minute’s time
You can’t work at the shoe store with that performance
You can’t “Finish Lines”
That’s why each step gets blown out of proportion when it slips his mind
But I can’t say you’re not a real coke head
You know us coke heads we don’t forget the lines
Now you did switch the grind with the QP shit
But why’d you have to go and take the greatest
And make yourself Public Enemy number 1? You went and Flava Flav’d it
You? Bishop? *pfft* I’ve never heard a faker statement
That’s someone flimsy dishing it out
If you saying that Paper played it/plated
Fuck it, you made it on a whole other scale I made way for you
The combinations of the letters Q.P. I made safe for you
Hope see serve things I couldn’t wait to do
No matter how you spell “Qleen” Q, I can still see/”C” the fake in you
Your mom looks like a dried up grape, yep, the bitch raising/raisin you
The same old bitch that told you good things came in two
I’m not feelin the AOL so let me explain my AIM at you
When you free…style I should still get paid for Paper/Pay Per views
Even when you choke in frees, I’ll still get paid for Paper/Pay Per views
You spelled it Q-U-E P, didn’t get great reviews
Then you changed it to QP, we started beefin over mistaken views
My buzz big as a livin room at the time, U-Haul, I was makin moves
I’m Don King promomotin you, I should get paid for Paper/Pay Per views
I called Surf like “yo Surf, Surf, Surf you think it’s okay to sue/Tsu?”
Should I kidnap his bitch? If this is what he’s been “Taken 2”
That’s like takin my baby, my hard work and my labor too
Ain’t this a mother cuz after all my pushin this pussy breakin through
Flow nastier than hospital patient food
You’ll get hospitalized and a nurse will bring you hospital patient food
I see you (ICU) not makin as big as hospital patient food
(?) it’s unfortunate that’s a doctor that breaks the rules

[Round 1: Qleen Paper]

I say niggas in the streets ask why I don’t take Smack serious
I told ’em it ain’t that dawg, it’s just that when you in the streets
Fuckin with that smack it’s hard to take Smack serious
That shit had me on some “I got 50 here, 20 over here, 80 over here”
Nigga I got so confused with that Math (Hoffa)
I wanted to smack Serius (Jones)
Now let’s stop with the games
It’s been a while since I hopped in this thang
And I’ll be a lie if I said the block ain’t to blame
I told myself the day I hop in the box with this lame
I might have to box with this lame
Now even though I fuckin hate you, I must thank you
Cuz the only reason I hopped in the game
Was cuz I seen’t this twat with the name
Now puttin this fake ass Q-Peezy to rest
Might be one of the easiest deaths
He ain’t do shit but try to scheme me to death
So this a plot for the brain now, hop in the range, bangin ‘Pac
Before I hit his block, I was cockin the thang
Caught him somewhere around Stock with his dame
I hopped out, cocked, put the chop to her frame
Broke her/Broker off, he got the K with the Stockton/Stock in exchange
You know what I don’t like about yo soft ass dawg?
How the fuck this nigga go from S.O.N.S. to Innuendo?
Then he always do that bullshit ass intro in form of Innuendo?
This nigga be on some,
“How you goin beat me if it ain’t in you to win dough?”
“No I said in you to win dough, no it ain’t in you…”
Bitch that shit mean the same thing!
Put a couple holes in you and you a window?
Hold on, that was garbage?
Well let me see, you gay, you ain’t in the closet
We all see you gay, you in the window/Innuendo
I really showed up this time I ain’t finesse you bitch
Did that surprise you? Oh!
So you ain’t tell all these muthafuckers about
How we was finna battle before when you sent that 5 through
And you ain’t show up, bitch I fried you!
Reason being…
He had my nigga Cal come up all the way to Vegas and didn’t pay him
So guess who I gave that 5 to? *who?* ME MUTHAFUCKA!!!
You know what else I don’t like about yo soft ass dawg?
Nigga I got a whole list of things
And in the midst of things this faggot ass nigga
Gon pick my shit out of a whole list of names
Compared to what I do on the daily, nigga this a game
If we was the same whip?
I’m supercharged, the newer car in a different lane
Now I’m just tryna figure what the fakin’ about
Cuz real talk, you ain’t did half the shit that you say you about
You ain’t did half the shit you claim you did
And on top of that, the people don’t like you ain’t who you say…
I know I know…
Let me see you got, QP, Heartless, Remy, 100 Bulletz: Innuendo
Naw! I said if QP get heartless off that Remy
I’ll throw 100 bullets in your window/Innuendo!

[Round 2: QP (Quantum Physics]

Frosted Flake, feelin Tony The Tiger great, my nigga keep the views
Moe, tell everybody I wanna make it sweet for you
But I might turn to Ike Turner re-enact that Anna-Mae scene with you
So I can at least slap this bitch since he wanna have his cake and eat it too
Between me and you, my nigga, I can outsmart you when it’s scheming
The mascot for gettin mopped up, well aren’t you Mr. Clean/Qleen?
No A&R’s ever attempted to charge you interest-ing
Cuz they know if you did sell, dumb nigga, it’d be far of you in between
What seldom nigga that’s far of you in between
Check the check which is too far few in between
I thought being smart you would give us a Qleen explanation
a Nose in need deserves Puffs indeed now thats a Qleenex-planation
“You know what I don’t like about you dawg?” that’s a Qleen explanation
You a career choke artist you need recessitation
Now this battle rap shit show and tell, you goin need presentation
See you done learned but you done forgot see this your re-education
You know practice makes perfect and you gon need preparation
You know how you know your soul sent when you see levitation
Now that’s altitudes climbing thru peaks, elevation
I done doctored this all up this shit’s premeditated
Now I’m a do 42 shots, this gone be record breakin
A Hollow Man, he see through, now QP Kevin Bacon!
Yellin’ basic, to get rid of this shit stain I’m supposed to shout
I’m feelin like Rick James at Eddie Murphy’s as he approached the couch
You food with me not the safe way even in a frozen I’ll/aisle
Mop Qleen up so nasty the cashier come it’ll gross her (grocer) out
He from the Motor City, I know you got that motor mouth
I always get told yes my nigga, somethin that you don’t know/no about
I’m like an umpire sittin at home signaling I’m always showin out
This shit Corey Holcomb material, nothing you should joke about
See what’s cold is now
You goin against a draft so you not playin to win/wind
Stop sayin shit that don’t mean shit else when you say it again
Or I’ll Stephen King kill a/killer clown if I have to say “It” again
You know what I don’t like about you dawg? When you say it again
Cuz it don’t mean shit else, I mean they could pretend
When I say it again you know since I made up the trend
It’s a double meaning on the double meaning, I’ll move the pace up again
I get paid through Western Union, Moneygrams, paystubs, depends
You fabricated so it seems you should be makin amends
Every rule or regulation you either break or you bend
I should goatee/go T-off on this bearded lady
Sideburn style, straight for the chin
Now did you really not write a 3rd round? Only time will tell
You won’t be able to see your way/weight out of this one
When you can’t provide the scale
You slippin with them gun bars that you done tried and failed
So once your chrome will spark I guess I got Jonah’s heart
Because I’m still alive and well

[Round 2: QP (Qleen Paper)]

I’m a tell y’all niggas why I stopped fuckin’ with this battle rap shit dawg Cuz it’s pointless dawg
A nigga like him, jump in this bitch all day, and do all this fuckin ramblin And never get the fuckin’ point across
So I’m a save the “oooh’s” and “aaah’s” for the 3rd rounds
This one; I’ma just get my point across
I heard someone say when I walked in this bitch,
“They glad the real came back”
I’m a let yo soft ass know, off top, it ain’t a game scrap
When you spittin, keep yo range nigga hang back
Cuz my nigga Money Maine strapped
You in the Midwest where shit can get fuckin’ wild
This ain’t Southern Cal where it never rain at
It still ain’t rained yet?
ain’t no question where these niggas want the name at
you gotta look at that shit from the world eyes
You made that shit west coast local
I made it worldwide bitch you will never gettin my name back
You never made it to where the big stage was at
It was never no need for me to outline you bitch
Cuz I always outshined you and you hate that
But let’s face facts, real niggas don’t wanna hear that lame rap
So can you blame Smack?
Now I want y’all to take this thought for the mind
And don’t get me to gettin it wrong, I’ll give it to dawg
He’s smart with the lines, lyin’ about how he sparkin the 9
Now he even walk with the pride, but how he present it, and talk it, is jive
He want it so bad to get that look from Smack
So I know every time you thought in yo mind about
How you took the back to Heartless and Con…
If we speakin real nigga shit, this man is an act
We gon take it from that Swave situation
Cuz that’s what led me to believe he just a lame nigga fakin
Cuz in all yo verses you handlin straps but that nigga touch you
And you let that man give you a panic attack
Not me! That’s ironic
He the clown but I’m the one that’s known for jokin
I don’t give a fuck, that nigga touch me, trust me my chrome is smokin
Swave, I would’ve laid that big nerd down
3rd round, my hands would’ve went around his neck
Since I’m known for chokin!
Now this nigga mentioned before I was ever mentioned
You had a million views right? Okay I’ll give you that
…so that mean all these muh’fuckas came here to see you right?
Shut the fuck up Dirtbox!
Go on YouTube hit that search box nigga I’m the only QP you notice
Temptations nigga you been hatin, nobody comin’ to see you Otis!

[Round 3: QP (Quantum Physics)]

He ain’t lyin, 2 years ago I had my (?), contract this Crip right out the blue
even though you was amongst those gettin eatin
And havin dine-out reviews
I was in this kids corner, hell I took time out for you
Figured like a pirate I’d patch it up and keep an eye (I) out for you
400 dollar deposit months before it even happened
Then I went to jail for weed infractions, as I heard he was smackin
No show after no show, that’s a re-enactment of how he was actin
They started burnin bridges, few will/fuel say cuz he was gassin
But they gon have to point someone to your aid cuz I’m bringin the magic
You ain’t know who you was fuckin with online
And now you bein’ catfished
I would swing a burner, that’s kitchen cabinets
You’d be dealin with some of salt/somersault without hittin backflips
Attractive, trained, steamed, I’m a baller maker
That’d leave this panhandler MIA now that’s a Florida Gator
You Charmin soft, thank you for the favor
I make sure you get that issue same shit different toilet paper
No make sure you get that tissue, I aim shit, different toliet paper
I was supposed to fade ya, UFC.com we was supposed to fight on sight
Even with Kevin Hart’s father’s heart you gettin all right all rights
I’ll positively charge at him, split you up right on splice
Since particle/part will cool you down and put your eye on/Ion ice
You spent your life on white, oh now I get it you Qleen Pachino
Keep it 100 before this battle when was the last time you seen a C-Note?
You act with my Dinero I’ll turn this into the last movie scene Casino
it’s to the cornfields with you, off bat you gon be DeVito
Not DeVito, Joe Pesci, but y’all get it they both short as fuck
It’s like every battle Paper gets ripped but also tore it up
It’s a fact, you’re a QUACK, it woulda benefitted you more to DUCK
Cuz this rebound battle will be is what’ll get you boarded up
Now…you more than stuck on smack for 2 years, in vain
I’ve been watchin things
Coke Cained you, murdered you brother enablin’ a prophecy
That’d make your nostrils sting
You can have more to peel/appeal if you were a Roxy fiend
That white powder kept gettin you washed up, try Oxy Qleen/Oxyclean
Easy nigga!

[Round 3: QP (Qleen Paper)]

He couldn’t of did no homework, give a fuck what this nerd say
You must ain’t seen the John John battle when I told niggas
Buck what they heard and say
Bitch I bet you I got that 3rd today
This bout to be the most ridiculous round
Cuz this shit get mo’ ridiculous every round dawg
Now y’all gon flip and go crazy after I let this round off
The fuck y’all ain’t get it? I said y’all gon flip after I let this round off
Nah I said dawg goin flip after I let this round off
I couldn’t lose if I threw this fight purposely
Now if you a fan of the real QP, and you be site searchin
Then you know there’s no way possible this bitch might murder me
Now y’all might notice a slight urgency, of me tryna get it out
Like I’m tryna get in and out like burglaries
So lets get it, everything this man say nice, courtesy
Me!? Whenever that cash goin I put my mask on like flight emergencies
Now Quentin hittin ain’t tough, he’d never think anything like hurtin me
He just talkin trash, I’ll spark his ass, open him up like surgery
Catch his walkin ass at the bus stop, bust shots
And leave him lyin on the bench like purgery
All y’all goin hear is *click* BOOM! *click* BOOM! *click* BOOM!
Like that shotty spittin bombs
I’m a have everybody stretched out
Lookin’ like he holdin class for pilates on his lawn
But make it fast ’cause knowin his fakin ass, police probably get along
And ain’t know fear in me bro, so let yo cheerleaders know
I’m catchin bodies with my arm
Nigga that glock stick to me, I am velcro strapped
You?! YOU?! A hoe for starters, niggas can tell by your whole persona
You ain’t never held no straps
Up here talkin ’bout off’n me…NAW!
Niggas be cautious about crossin me I’m like railroad tracks
You disrespected my nigga Tall-T, rest in peace, that’s a real nigga
It just so happened that Tall-T rapped
Fuck that nigga? Nigga I’ll kill yo’ bitch ass to bring Tall-T back!
In his block, 2 glocks under that Tall-T strapped
He talkin’ all that Tall-T this and Tall-T that
What you gon do when I send you up where Tall-T at?!

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