Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

Daylyt, Chilla

Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt

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Chilla v Day

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6 thoughts on “Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

    • Just haven’t had the time like before. I plan on updating it eventually. But I can’t promise anything for now.

      • There are a lot of great battles recently man like b magic vs rum nitty and Brizz vs young x you gotta do something with those battles.

  1. Huge chuckle is wrong. It should be “you suck.” Couldn’t believe y’all got this wrong

    He’s referencing Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn is the boss, he laughs like that, then he says “you suck”

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