Danny Myers vs. KG The Poet [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Yo, they got Danny versus Kevin, well I’m ’bout to put you under here
If you call me a bitch this [?] in yo’ head like Kevin off The Wonder Years
I don’t care if you got somethin’ over yo’ chest, I’ma still let them sparks nail ya
Your vest will (vessel) be clogged once these pumps give out, that’s heart failure
I’m top tier, but they hoped I’d stay PG
Look up “Killer” in the dictionary, you may see me
I knew this would be a Cold War so after I spy
I’m rushin’ (Russian) to where ever KG be (KGB)
If my niggas catch you in the passenger seat and it’s war, they’ll do it
They’ll rush the faggot in the shotgun like Kordell Stewart
This a prepared vengeance, I was born with a rare sickness
I’ll shoot you in the woods when no one’s around, bear witness
I grind, stretch or grind, the TEC or .9
I never slip my gun reminds me of “wet floor” sign
Let this nigga talk that shit, I’ma weaponize my mic
Stretch him out with a lazy left and exercise my rights
I jeopardize my life, this goes far beyond the crack pack
What you know about living in New York City with $200 and a backpack
Gettin’ off at the Greyhound, lookin’ at people you never met before
Sleepin’ on trains, wakin’ up in places you never slept before
I’ll open him up with a pump, be a nigga [?] for
Or spit a couple metaphors in front of the Virgin mega store
Now watch me take five racks from this nerd palm
I feel like Wesley Snipes after Woody Harrelson missed that third dunk
You propose to bitches to get pussy, that’s not a pimp side man
That’s called “trickin'” and I thought that shit been died man
To get the box, you give ’em rings you got from the jewelry store, them Zales (Denzel’s) the only reason you Inside Man
I fuck yo’ dumb ass mama and yo’ sister, I usually get the brighter types
At first I didn’t feel them two hoes (holes) like spider bites
I’ll smash your face into the pavement if we beef in the flesh
The imprint will look like I did it when the cement was wet
I got a rifle and a tripod, those shots are enormous
But I could take the legs off and still shoot like Oscar Pistorius
Shots fly out
You’ll bleed on my Rolex meaning you’ll die on my watch like I didn’t keep an eye out
I know you joined a gang, that’s not why you catchin’ flack guy
It’s cause you did some other crazy shit, that’s why
The leader said, “You can get jumped in or sexed in”, later on you came back home without a black eye
That Mag fly, like Goldie at the Player’s Ball
My instincts spoke to me and told me not to play wit’ y’all
Okay, you better give me every dime you owe K
You moved to Phoenix cause you wasn’t fit for The Glove like O.J
Battle rap don’t have an open door for you, Heaven does
I’ll put that .40 to (42) everyone Kevin Love
These is bars nigga and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: KG The Poet]
When you said my name in that battle against Nitty, inside you knew what you had coming for you
You and them fake ass guns, let them lies stop
All I need is a .9 Glock to put you in a sky boxed, that’s a wonderful view, nigga
You been my son, before you climb to rise you gave me tired lines on how you idolize
And that’s nothin’ but truth
And for them fraud games, Don’t Be A Menace, you Shawn Wayans nigga
I’m yo’ pops and I’m younger than you!
I’ll give his ass tre’s, jackin’ with two straps, this a damn asylum
You don’t like can’ do, that’s ass backwards
You wine and dine bitches when candle lightin’
The damage excitin’, so sad
This toe tag tryin’ to throw jabs at a nigga with the hands of Tyson
I’ma bump that off and this house cat guardin’ (garden)
So, what make y’all think Dan a lion? (Dandelion)
And I got hoes that get a five piece, with the mindset of a jail lifer
Won’t spark they fifth but it give you a scar face (Scarface) bitch; Michelle Pfeiffer
Crack you wit’ that chopper at any male cipher
You’ll hear him yell hyper
And out that group I predict you the first that get picked I’m Mel Kiper
There’s real and fake niggas everywhere, so being from South Central don’t make you tough
That’s an embarrassing fad nigga
Talk is cheap if we scrap by, lock on cheeks like I’m starin’ at ass
Show me where you got that bread at like you did with M. Ciddy
Comparin’ the cash, kick in the door, sparkin’ at ya mouth
My niggas marchin’ (Martian) in ya house like American Dad
But check this Wesson douljah
You run AHAT, so most niggas fuck witcha bars but others low key expect a quota
See my niggas get money but we do it for the love
See that’s the difference between mercenaries instead of soldiers
I said he concha, and let this man bluff ’bout cans dump
Y’all fake on top like Dan’s rough (dandruff) then I’m knockin’ off his Head & Shoulders
If Dan spit Rugers, nigga them dog shit rumors
If a sawed off shoot ya, it feel like a log went through ya
If ya broad get nude I’ll give hard dick to her chin
Ug’, but sucks the brain out like Starship Troopers
These hands? Will fold a mark
See it’s funny cause only with battle rap what you do, I know this hurt
Plus half of what you poop ass, but pass gas, trust me I know a fart
If I got that Cal it’ll blow ya heart
You gon’ have to split my doe apart for me not to load and spark
And even still to keep it real, I still rain the .40 days (daze) like Noah’s Ark
So where that bread at?
Hurt you got that boku cash
Give your dude this stash or get a red head around K, that’s NuNu ass
You let a .2-2 blast? D.E., sendin’ them shots, Vivica Fox, .50 will do you bad
Y’all gon’ watch him sit calm (sitcom) over the web for nothin’, it’s like I just gave y’all a Hulu pass
You softer than a peach fam’
I tank tops, the arms dark with rays (raise) on it
So it’s still (steal) light on his chest like a beach tan
If I beef witcha fleet Dan’, all I need is three men to ghost you
No Coupes, I’ll all four doors when we see Dan (Sedan)
4th Quarter man, we in this bitch

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
I’ll punch you in your face 70 times, it’s gonna be hella wounds bro
You ain’t gonna understand all these bad bitches like Telemundo
We play for keeps, you should see the type of heat they keep
You’ll be flat lined if my pockets on E, KG (EKG)
Don’t move, or I’ll let this .45 flair bitch
I’ll be flooring this nigga like tile if this square itch (inch)
Rare shit, type of flow nothing can be compared with
You better pray this battle comes up lost footage like The Blair Witch
You dare snitch? I’ll release the beast growing inside of me
I’ll shoot up your home town and name it the Dead Poets Society
Your style weak, your rhymes got too many kinks
I’ll make sure they get a kick outta the bar like they had too many drinks
You really think, just because you hold the toolie that I’m scared?
I will disarm this nigga like Pookie in the chair
Yeah, bred from Michigan but this frail bum brittle
I will ex (X) this opponent if my mail come little (Malcolm Little)
I’m a street nigga for real, don’t think this is opposed
Keep a ratchet like I’m not attracted to bitches with goals
I get wit’ the hoes cause they say I got better rhymes
Bitch wouldn’t think he’s dope if Kevin fed her lines (Federline)
I’ll catch you eatin’ yo’ bitch pussy, force yo’ mouth wide with the Glock
Blow yo’ brain onto her clit and you can think outside the box
We clap tissue, this beef ain’t pretty but that gat whistle
In spite of (spider) what you heard over the web your wife will be a Black Widow
Bar God
Next few battles, you’ll have to cancel ’em
Wolverine pistols mutate bones, I just gotta add a man to ’em (adamantium)
My mans and ’em, be like, “You always got to bring a gun B.”
You done put another man down under, look what you done D (Dundee)
What’s crackin’ nigga? Keep it rap and show some respect
In this arena (Serena) I should backhand you for that racket over the net
I’ll clap a ‘fo at ya neck, but I don’t have to let a gat pop
I’ll push you from a building so tall, detectives will be looking for a black box
You’se a gun nigga, I would’ve fucked ya hoe but she ain’t the type for Myers
Only brave men run in that burning bitch like fire fighters
In my battle with Nitty, I said, “I got something for you and your wing man
But for KG, I got somethin’ as long as KG’s wingspan.”
I said that, despite having thoughts that we never battle
But once we confirmed I upgraded to the wingspan of a pterodactyl
I’m a nigga you’ll forever shadow
This west coast shit is mine nigga
Daylyt and Dizaster paved the way, you Belize you’ll take they shine nigga
Wait, Belize, take Shine, you see correlations
You look at Arizona, you know all about deportation
I’m from a long line of killers, us murders are all related
Dig up a murder weapon from my family tree that shit will have to be carbon dated
My bars the greatest, every battle, Danny proves it
I clock work (Clockwork) aren’t (Orange) you feeling I’m still Stanley Kubrick
My family ruthless, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: KG The Poet]
More Poet flips
See the thing is, I’m moonshine, you Moet sips
That ain’t half as bad, I had to laugh
Cause if that Natty flash this Poet will snap…yo’ motherfuckin’ back in half!
I had to spaz, I [?] with that Pistol Pete
You Tebow, got presence but no aim so even with a shotgun you incomplete
You ain’t live it, you witness beef
So what? Til the world blow up we throw up everything but the kitchen sink
You pussy, everybody in my Reservoir Dogs so if we shoot these bullets won’t miss the pink (Mr. Pink)
You not in the street
You think you slick with bitches when you graze the tush up
You’re a True Detective, you killin’ and cagin’ (Cajun) hookers, I flame the kush up
Especially in yo’ scheme when you go from a shotgun gauge to a blade and a push up
Nigga this ain’t Gang Of New York, so this won’t be Daniel Day to play the Butcher
Trust me, you don’t want beef sucker
You wanna know what KG be (KGB)? Well shit, I’ll let my Russians thump ya
This busta’s through, it’ll be more white boys jumpin’ Duke than the [?] brothers
Your smut’s a fluffer
Your baby mama Danny be [?] sayin’, “Danny be lame.”
I had her drawers, the dick padded walls like insanity came
I don’t do business with outsiders, it’s a family thang
Maybe an eighth of a gram but you ain’t Making A Band if I give Dan any ‘cane (Danity Kane)
Why should I think you ain’t the law?
Is this Alaskan state trooper coppin’ ice? Well I guess I’ll let y’all make the call
And to face my ball, it look like you take ace of raw to the vein to score
With visions of dirty dishes
Meaning you shoot from the plate like BASEketball
You like fire? Well I’m right by ya like, “Try liar.”
I fly the can’ or Glock or hands up top, I’ll high five ya
Guy wise up, it ain’t just you, you got ten kids that could die by ya
I’ll let one live, but over the green I’ll hit ya tee and give 9 iron
I could sock this dude, my option two, the chopper too
But it’s not like rockets ruled out, either way this heat make Danny Tanner, when I popped a Full House
I got a pair of .25 ACPs, a shot to the face or stomach he dies
I named him Mary Kate and Ashley, watch these twins raised in front of his eyes
Don’t from for the guys, be a grown man nigga, suck in ya pride
We won’t let this metro pass so if my public bus (bust) it’ll be an uncomfortable ride
They say they searchin’, but it ain’t hard to see me and we ain’t cool like that nigga
We can squab on GP, these bars the only reason why you next to the poet, you outta BC
I’ll palm and squeeze it
Temple shot, bakin’ his brain, all he’ll see is bucks in the air like I’m makin’ it rain
The shit’s I press seal, I’m insane in the brain
I’ll fold ya family, and this ain’t no bowling alley
So unless you wanna roll up in the gutter nigga, stay in your lane!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Yo, there are those that do this, and there are those that are born to do this

Ya style’s an error, you wanna be with ya gal forever
But everything she talk about be head (behead) like Al Jeezera
Yo’ bitch suck me up, ask her, she’ll acknowledge that
Then I got accepted to more head (Morehead) without a college ap’
A lot of straps, long range shit, I’m talkin’ knowledge black
I could shoot from here and cut a split end off a koala’s back
If I ain’t nearby when they catch you, then my folk’ll get ya
Then light yo’ ass up if you move like a motion sensor
Shooting you will hurt you more than it hurts me
Cause life can get real when you peeled
Cause from a headshot you won’t feel a thing but I gotta live with the guilt
This L.A. gang life is real, O.G.’s bringing up the next wave
I knew Harlem 30’s way before I met Swave
[?] these young cats doomed for the future
I tried not to get swept into the vacuum of the Hoovers
Don’t start with me, I ain’t the one to beef with, you don’t know me fella
Walk in ya crib, whoa, MACs (macks) everywhere like an oldie’s record
We snuck guns in here, act up, see what those straps do eventually
I got Hecklers in the crowd like people that boo intentionally
You deal with history, I will kill you soon as I eye you
Japanese sword cut the Poet like a haiku
You made a bad decision, this rapper’s spittin’ on a path of vision
The crime scene will need a ballistics team and a mathematician
I’ll 12 gauge you on your porch
The wind from the blast will make your front door float by itself like an apparition
My existence was foretold in a block of stone written in Cuneiform
I am the manifestation of the Anunnaki in human form
Fo’ fo’ magnum to his kids, I don’t give a fuck that he’s rattled
Pull the trigger, watch the .4 split the kids like a custody battle
Bar God
Y’all don’t know what the fuck I’ll do to y’all
Pump down his lungs will open his chest like Albuterol
You fuckin’ wit’ a vandal
Your Russian K will have you rushin’ out ya sandals
That means I’ma Russia or Japan you
I’m an animal, I ain’t thinkin’ rational, D a savage
We was on B.E.T., now I’m puttin’ you on National Geographic
My bars are like Native Americans relocating
You don’t get it? Nigga think it through
My impact (Mayan) will change the landscape, this is what my ink will (Inca) do
South Central lifestyle was fucked up, salvation was only a gun
But I had to adopt it like a lesbian couple wanting a son
I’ve only begun
If I use my true power I would kill guys
I (eye) made contact with you pupils this is what you don’t realize (real eyes)
My steel lie, my bars get props way out in Italy
Even a clone of me half my size couldn’t be little (belittle) me
Listen Poet, I’ll take these pistols and flare ’em on you
Twin guns expose ya ghost, I call ’em my “pair of normals” (Paranormal)
The gat’ll burst him, this is the part where you ask for mercy
I’ll put the gun down and steel on this man like Alex Murphy
That’s Robocop, you didn’t wanna give me my total props
I’ll pull a gun on you so fast that shit’ll look like it’s Photoshopped
And you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: KG The Poet]
Yo, they say I’m all wordplay and bars
To me? I think that’s not only absurd but wack
Y’all must’ve forgot my other specialty, gettin’ niggas murdered with facts
Like you yell all that South Central shit
But it took 34 years for L.A. to even say they heard of this cat
Nigga I know the game, nigga you soft so for you to get hard you had to turn to the crack
That dyin’ overseas bars, that shit was cool, but a bit gassed
Especially since you was never tough enough to actually that Crip rag
Nigga life, love, loyalty, wisdom, understanding, knowledge
Tell me what you know about it witcha bitch ass
See I ain’t gotta take you to an amusement park for you to know about these Six Flags
I’ve been mad
You see dude’s hearse, a casualty
You not battling me, nigga this is you versus reality
I’m an asshole in real life, you really a nice guy
But when that camera lets the tools spit rapidly
It’s like Me, Myself and Irene, you carryin’ two personalities
FACTS! You wasn’t gon’ get paid for this battle ’til I told niggas give dude a check
Been battling for 20 years and you payin’ for this shot
So y’all tell me, who’s the vet’?
This tool will flex, nigga that shit’ll run through ya flesh
You think I’m jokin’? Well caps will (capsule) clear his chest out so let’s so who I’ma you send next (Mucinex)
I’m sick in the head, I think I need a dose of Excedrin the way I have send Dan’s soul into Heaven
It wasn’t even remotely expected like have Danny and ten of his home boys borrowed a buck for some testin’
Through the Pacific but not knowin’ the explosive is connected
Then BOOM the boat is in sections
Not only did I take out Danny but I gave the Ocean 11
Yo my plan is to shine
Besides fam’, no man before grind
Every sale, I take 20 off top like Earl Mandigault
Y’all wanna amp him then fine
I don’t gotta blam him with a hammer or .9
It’s like that old dinosaur tune, watch these hands Land Before Time
Straight shot, no sideways will snuff him
You would think he died from concussion
And you wonder why yo’ baby mama ain’t givin’ up vagina for cousin
Well while you out here whining and fussing
She out there grindin’ and suckin’
I bust in her face like an Instagram pic, no filter, didn’t wipe it or nothin’
Kick the bitch out and told her be a good fuckin’ wife to her husband
This is how I leave him in his place, you could never pull a bitch of mine
Especially with those characteristics of a salamander and Smeagol in the face
The Eagle give him eight, the shit feel like typhoons
Light too, like Louisiana wetlands, by you (bayou)
I know the poll lines are uneven, I’m high cool
But split the cake or it’ll be Blood, that’s Piru
I’m type cool but straight business how I hold my grind
We killin’ ’em in the 4th Quarter, no overtime
We out this bitch man

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