Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]

We almost battled last year, you told ya squad it was a big decision
But ya circle stopped you from getting drunk, that’s an intervention
I’m bout to take it back to the Old Day, like you reminiscing
Why talk? I let that four warn (Forewarn) him like a premonition
You get attention riding this gimmick wave
Are you for sale? Item 2, bar heavy, so you gon fail
Like soon as you break/brake you getting lit up, I’m on yo tail Lyt/taillight
I know they told you (Jew) that shit he brew (Hebrew)
Is real, Lyt (Israelite)
That Magic may trick (Matrix) some but ask me if I’m impressed
40 with the ski mask but I still fire techs
Ya Mike Jack by the schemes but you try and flex
Don’t fuck with me, I’m bout to show my ass with this Dialect
See I confess play ya position before you end a rhyme
They receive a cue (Q) B, a girl is who they sent to find
That attack’ll (tackle) put a DE against the spine
And send a running back for safety if you give a offensive line
Now man to man, I’m in my zone
You wanna prove that you real cold
But soon as Chill touchdown I just another field goal/failed goal
I feel bold so I’ma scheme and I’ma punch til my hands swell
It’s hard to bare/beer Lyt/Lite, he watered down like Amstel
Tell ya (?) I got a pump full of damn shells
I cock back, give the V 1 and watch his camp bail (Campbell)
Hell I’ll tap yo mans and ask is he real rapping?
The clip extends to rock a set, we got that steel clappin
At a van riddling doors but we still clappin
Prozac like I Ambi and fake so we throw peels/pills at em
Guy you my realness, I’m making light/Lyt shine like Edison, Cali
I’m cold but this is stuff he/stuffy knows/nose the flows better in Cali
That been a drill (Benadryl) but he’ll deny Quill (Nyquil)
So put him to sleep this penicillin is fake since he met us (medicine) Cali
The chick you met in the Valley threw me the Alley that’s beyond clear
Cuz what I ride in attract her/a tractor like John Deer
See I’m a risk to watch the level I’m on, clear
Plane escalator, you can’t move me with long stares/stairs
I’m strong here, so I don’t care where they found y’all Day
But I respect where you from, it’s real around y’all way
But tell Lyt if he don’t bounce the round ball way
He’ll die over and over I will Groundhog Day
I hope you came with 4 4’s and war forts
If I lose think women’s basketball, I’m a poor sport
Trust me if they see (Daisy) Dukes it ain’t short shorts
I’m getting money out of this ring, it’s like Divorce Court
I got the torch, who could match the heat that I bring?
Fuck Brock I stop The Deadman streak in the ring
Fuck props, you gon never see Chilla in disguise
Fuck ya mask, I want you to look yo killa in the eyes

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Let me ask the Mass, was it the mask
That got y’all newbs (Noob Saibot) attracted to the black dude? MK, MK
They say I might get robbed at Vendetta 2 if I’m not still armed with lines
Judges I’ll probably dot y’all in a Jax move, MK, MK
Well lets go back to UW when I hit Arsonal then I hit Ray and told him
I’ll beat thunder head, MK, MK
In the shortest year a sharp line up, how did I GET OVER THERE?
I showed you I can score, peon (Scorpion) niggas don’t understand
MK, MK, MK… (Mortal Kombat)
How much I get paid *sigh*? Racks! (Cyrax) My network ring
Every sector (Sektor) know I can draw with the claw out, MK, MK
$500,000 in my paypal, I got money in a web spinning
I showed you I could ball (Kabal) out, MK, MK, MK
This one’s for the women, I wonder can she (Kenshi) see
I would leave B lying folded (blindfolded) with the knife, look, MK, MK
I told you I’m nice, you seen what I did to ICE, good Night Wolf, MK MK
My purple niggas they red king, if you think this is a big joke, MK, MK
Bro please you’ll get left toasty
If my man come from the corner and press start at the right time
Nigga you will get smoked (SMOKE)! MK, MK
And Verb dumbass think he could beat me
He must be sniffin that Lou ‘Cane (Liu Kang) again
Nigga he gon need some huge luck
Moral of the story is Verb bringing them weak ass punches to the boss?
HAHAHAHA! Nigga huge chuckle! MK, MK
It’s the simple arms of the boy with the chopper
Any kid who lift that K knows/nose (Kano)
He have/half to/two face the metal, MK, MK
Or else it’s a curse, he get fucked, life LIVED in reverse
They have to impress the DEVIL
That’s constant battles with Constantine
Any you guys show talent inside this dream (?)
Drag him into the entrance cuz I adore you
What I got for you is something I call a catastrophic scheme
Pay attention, they say be antic free
Granted the agreement I need true gossip, beside the wealth
All I see is pussies at the top of that animal kingdom Mufasa’s pride is felt
But oh am I Scarred, I see Chilla wanna rumble with the king of the jungle
Some know the pain that a Lion felt
When he get called out by the little cats, are you kidding (kitten) me?
How can the meow be mistaken for a cry of help?
Forsaken, casualties, they die and melt
By any means, long as the crew is first to check
Rapidly, the galaxy is on a wires belt
You know what that means? The whole universe is next/necks
Ya plan of attack is to scheme? That’s your weapon? Cool
Guard deck and move, everybody should expect a snooze
This is the die section, split and dissected
My suggestion is Lux is who y’all best to choose
You got put in for a second move
Lesson bruised, undercard name shame but I kept it cool
Under one exception, lose
I am who you can’t defeat Boo Boo cuz this match is a stepping stool
Price our logo, know I could rock or dial (Crocodile) any stage
Fear for the codfishes
I’m a boss Chilla, I remain a G
P.S. that’s why I could never be a lost nigga
I am just a divine hero
One who will leave no remainder but could divide zero
(?) that’s a mission impossible, I’m watching you
Anything in my vision get I see you (ICU’d)
I see you the one (?)
Die bag slip, sad shit is I gotta NBA off the block with stick
For real my stats sick
Who’s next to get stretched out with dots?
Glocks my number one draft pick
I had who’s necks to get stretched out with Dots
Glocks my number one Giraffe pic
I caught ya raffle ticket
I told you I’m nice round here/hair like I’m afro picking
You fall out of place and break I send dog out of space
He’ll get a taste of how Astro kickin
I want a lil body to pass, no midget and I told you that’s the game plan
That I’m on
Every word they get wrong lead to a body, I hope you could hang-man
I got em saying “dang, man what is this nigga about?”
I told you I’m a-head with the lines, and if that don’t stick, figure it out
Thought you was gon win the battle today, I got this one
Ya win some and ya lose some, but ya live to see another Day
To the Batmobile!

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]

You used gimmicks versus Magic for two reasons
To see ya green grow like Chia
And so they wouldn’t cheer (chair) for what was in store, IKEA
He from WATTS plus light/Lyt be over heads
I got an idea
I’ll make him wide since you’ll get ya head shot before they ID ya
He up front like he snatched my plate, I hate cowards
I will split Day in 3rds for saying he ain’t hours/ours
Leave anywhere I peel, grilled and get em shipped like the Mayflower
Kill Lyt (light) inner G (energy) before son (sun) down to stop Day power
You trying to red our back (Red Auerbach)
Cuz Celtic pride made it from Boston?
I’m bulletproof with the pen, I know you hate what I’m jottin’
Lush offered me more money since he paying I’m rockin’
Now I’m here IN LIVING COLOR, so who you slaying and robbing?
This ain’t a BLANK MAN, it bring MAJOR pain (PAYNE)
When the tool squeeze
So if Day men weighing move E (Damon Wayans Movie)
It’s cool cuz (?)
I’m truly sick, niggas don’t get the win from me often
Remind me of a ventriloquist, how dumb he (dummy) talking
They dial Jones (Dow Jones) then my stock market, watch money droppin
Now I’ma bring it to em B, like a Mummy’s coffin
TOMB, see that’s Tomb, like where you going b
You’ll see Dots in front of Lyt/Light house, that’s an ocean view
I was coaching you cuz I support everyone’s grind, truth is../
I only took Daylyt to see my son (sun) shine
Now in some minds they like “why you using synonyms for?”
Well why not? Words is weapons and I’m sending him foes/fours
Catch Lyt with all his friends, now I’m sending him foes
He hit my phone like, “Jones what you sending them for?”
It’s cuz you snitching and told the pigs I’m sinning
You sending info so now y’all all fucked, it’s like I’m sending Nympho’s
But let me jog ya mental, to take you they sent me 2 checks
Joey Crawford I’m official with these two techs
I’ll blast, split his house in half, that’s how I duplex
You told me he was slammin in the ring, ask ya suplex
Get X with magazines, I don’t Play-boy
I’m bout to put holes/hoes in ya man shin (Mansion) no Hugh Hef’
If dude flex in the ring and start the worst trouble
I’ma snap with the shoulder strap like purse buckles
Take rounds, get em let down, I’m here to burst bubbles
Get at ‘em and even (Adam & Eve) the score with the FIRST COUPLE
Shout out to Cali Smoov, he had a similar bar for Nitty
But while I’m at it, let me respond to that little shot Nitty threw
My city crew good with blades, so if he run they’ll still split em
Do him and his brothers great
That mean if Rum pull steel, skin him (Rumplestilskin)
And if he still living on December 25th
I’m a pop and spray this can it’ll (Canada) kill him
Then after Christmas it’ll be (?) Day
Boss town!

[Round 2: Daylyt]

A lot of y’all know me as Daylyt
But since my mom in here she know me as noobie
She asked me what it means, it means I spit nasty, it’s a lugie
True b, you see how I’m fluent with the speech?
I know how to surprise the slore
I spit a line (?) that’s for the geeks
Don’t worry about how who’s saliva flow-er
Just know before you ever spit, ya (?) cry
For help and I’m holdin, you stole it, give me my credit
I said it, you’ll never get it down
Prime example of who I am, I’m on par talent, I tell em it’s down time
Look at all the niggas I under ate (8), that’s a star for the crowd shine
Four lines in one (#), dial 9, that’s POUNDS SIGNS
Speaking of pound signs, niggas been coming at me with that L BS, wait
Pound signs, LBS, weight
We are not on the same scale, frame frail, under all pressure, yes sir!
But its lesson in vain, swell, slug my back? Man, snail
He lying (Lion) out that ass, I guess it’s the same tail/tale
My game real, I get paid for every bar I come up with
Y’all can see all of my brain cells/sells
That’s the way I was trained, double lines, A Trak, take that, way back
Before you could talk man
See these (CD’s) babies got DRIVE
Way before they could walk man (Walkman)… to the station
But I say F ‘em (FM) in the AM cuz that’s where I’ma bury yo life
When a baby goes, death gets broadcasted thru the radios
I guess he’s just another stereotype
Tune into this one
The last nigga I battled in front of him, they was saving his time
I hit em with a Gangsta Paradise line
That’s what happens when you dealing with them dangerous mind
My name over them headlines from them over–the-head lines
Coolio, he legit
Lines like that, they like you need to quit
How could drool, I’m like you see the spit
It’s my duty (doodie) to be the shit
They need a fix, it’s cracking you all but you all broke
Wired, house shattered, they need to fix that crack in the wall
That y’all broke
Free writers, house shattered, they can’t fix it when I’m cracking you all
And ya jaw broke, wired, fire nigga
Whoever in front of me will be flat, I retire niggas
It’s the ocean of flames, see (sea) fire nigga
Get a whole honeycomb silenced, be/Bee quiet nigga
I told em I rely on my rage
Niggas who got em how come the outcome is Malcolm X?
You hand out of pocket, you’ll die on the stage
And I rely on my babe cuz she a Cap and wild gunner
She’ll close her eyes point the deuces to ring like Pacquiao mother
And I really feel like I got this one
Ya win some and ya lose some but ya live to see another Day
Not this one

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]

Alcatraz bars, who the fuck gon break you out?
Ya Day 26 that’s how I’m gon take Que/you out
Face blew out, you’ll be done if I give D1 for acting
I leave em (Liam) on the floor from this knee son (Neeson)
Get it? Liam Neeson, you must’ve missed Taken 2
But get ya aim up, cuz I’ll never miss taking two
Follow you and shorty to wherever Miss taken to
Oh, you don’t believe that you and ya miss taken too?
That’s why I kill you then kill her, she was staked in 2
1) you taken this battle was a mistake
And 2) she see I’m fly and yes, and guess who ya miss taken to
And that’s why I got the pipe that ya miss taking too
Could kidnap him, you could get ya miss taken too
You’ll see D (CD) split like I broke his mixtape in two
Breaking news, I’m officially a beast, family cursed
I’m leaving every kid and he (Kennedy) deceased
Capeesh! See they love me in Cali I’m like (?)
Put Lyt on his ass in secs, when that fire fly
Your wife’s a bird, you’re like “that lies absurd”
That’s cuz she gave Ghost, face and blew Meth like Heisenberg
That lines disturbed, I’ma relapse
Be sharp D, mine are (D-minor) dangerous
To see major (C-major) stacks they’ll leave a G-flat
And some will rise but, whoever do getting recapped
I’ll fire on the front of your head, now that’s a heat cap
Repeat that for thinking that a tool can’t blaze it
You’ll defense (the fence) for ya face like the tool man neighbor
I will send two shots just to make sure your death comin’
First Pop teach you how to crawl, he the best one
The 2nd Pop raise the nigga up like a step son
Both made (MAID) of metal when they rose he jet son (Rosie Jetson)
I’m getting paid to check Day like it’s check day
Plus I aim high when that tech spray
You five deep? Well I’ma let two heads roll aiming for necks Day
After I make two more roll (Tomorrow) you next Day
I’m who the best say is the best, in this whole game
Chilla, that’s my code name, plus, that’s a cold name
Niggas acting bold cuz they at home, shit is so lame
But I make dick heads pussy in the ring with no shame
And tell ya whole gang I’ll practice bangin where they hangin Day
So if I’m washing 10 (Washington) with the Hawk(e), I’m just Training Day
I hope you praying Day, any gimmick you better use it now
Against Mr. Jump To Top Tier From The Proving Grounds

[Round 3: Daylyt]

To be amongst the All Stars they say bring all bars, nah…. I need my fame
Cuz that last battle versus Rich Dolarz
He got broke in HALF in that 4th QUARTER
Oh my god, things have CHANGED
I seen the plot to get a crazy feat, what a dream
The little King Of Pop, it was ABC, what I mean
It don’t matter if ya BLACK OR WHITE, your career I got to BEAT IT
They ask why? I tell em it’s HUMAN NATURE to attack son
Niggas like me don’t care about love
Cuz we Gorilla niggas that might go jack son
I was lookin at my reflection in the mirror, the one with the realist curls
Thought I was (?) ass tellin me
“Day you are not alone, you can HEAL THE WORLD”
But who’s BADder than me with them bars?
Nobody, I do niggas dirty, die in a (Diana) box in the sky
Soon as the night slid
And I got an underlying mission inside of me remains black power
The media shows I got the white kids
Who thinkin sharper? And I tell em fuck these lil boys
And they wanna throw me in the rapist route
Soon as I come up with something positive
And they hand me the Mic/Mike son, they blank it out
But I’m proud to see
Mama I made it thru all these bitch niggas that doubted me
I knew how to get their attention
All I had to do was hang a lil white son off the balcony
But that’s just the normal rules of the slum gang
Rock man on a treadmill, nigga I run game
Nigga you gave me the shot, I shoot stupid, I got dumb angles
And I heard you work at the Quik-E-Mart
Yeah, so I’ma catch him waiting at the liquor store
Pass holmes, put the mask on like “yeah I’ma lick the store”
Run up to him and ask him
“Hey my nigga where’d you get all that high price liquor for?”
He run he gon fall, blow his tongue on the wall
Now you could lick the store
If it’s money to pay (toupee) why owe?
You be in the street left wide homie
Family screaming out “Why homie?!”
Half ya body in Boston, the other half in Wyoming
If I chase a nigga, glock break a nigga, funeral homes, box wake a nigga
You get the open hand, the fist or the deuce, Rock, Paper, Scissors
I’ll cock at his feet, these birdies better learn to dance
Or it’ll be arms in the front, arms in the back
It look like the Pee Wee Herman dance
Off the bat this how I know I got ya
You get ya shit shot in the Matrix ……… “Blocka!”
And I really feel like I got this one
Ya win some and ya lose some, but ya live to see another Day
But not this one…

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5 thoughts on “Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

    1. Just haven’t had the time like before. I plan on updating it eventually. But I can’t promise anything for now.

      1. There are a lot of great battles recently man like b magic vs rum nitty and Brizz vs young x you gotta do something with those battles.

  1. Huge chuckle is wrong. It should be “you suck.” Couldn’t believe y’all got this wrong

    He’s referencing Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn is the boss, he laughs like that, then he says “you suck”

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