Ab-Soul vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]


Battle Rap has really come a long way.

Nobody would’ve expected Daylyt to make an appearance on Ab-Soul’s newest album, These Days, but that is exactly what happened on the very last track on his album. The song “W.R.O.H.” (We Really Out Here) serves as a hidden track for it plays the song for a few minutes before switching to the true bonus which is an official battle between Daylyt and Ab-Soul. Ab-Soul even credited Daylyt for being his favorite rapper while at an album listening session at the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica, California.

“A lot of people are wondering why the last track is 23 minutes,” Ab-Soul said. “I actually battled one of my favorite battle rappers right now. His name is Daylyt. Battle Rap is very popular these days. Like I said, I want this to be a time capsule of the times right now and it’s more exciting than it’s been at this point. I wanted to try to see if I could do that if I could—blur the lines between the battle rapper and rapper who battle raps.”

Ab-Soul certainly held his own and even did so well that many fans argued the victory in his favor, however a large amount of other fans believe Daylyt clearly won. Daylyt uploaded a few pictures of the battle on his Instagram account and by the looks of the post, the battle appears as though it was filmed as well and may possibly be available for purchase in the near future.

While Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don was set to be the first battle to merge the present gap between mainstream and Battle Rap, Daylyt has once again succeeded in making his actions the center of attention, as he and Ab-Soul have become the first official Battle Rap vs mainstream clash to take place.

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Ab-Soul vs Daylyt

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