Charlie Clips vs. Tay Roc (2014 Rematch) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tay Roc]

For six years, all I’ve heard is you murdered me, I ain’t make a sound
Lux set it up for six minutes but knew you had six minute rounds
That there is true, I ain’t here to complain because I missed the shot
Real niggas know when you miss, you spin the block
I kick in your door without a second thought I’m like who first?
I will RIP a pussy that’s a new birth
I do work, I will buck your neck, give you two smirks
I ain’t see a nigga choke and die like that since Tsu Surf
Lead pop, I doubt that I miss a headshot
Like if O was down with the Mob, that’s a red dot
The mac will leave a piece of your apple on a desktop
Bird, snake, sleep with the fishes that’s a pet shop
Charlie, the pistol is long, my temper’s short enough
My bars cold, hot headed nigga but I’m just warming up
Ay, you know how an abandoned house be bordered up
I pay my shooter a band then your house be bordered up
You doing what? I look at DNA like “Hoe, what up?”
He crack a slick, I crack his shit, you help that boy get up
Toy with us, I’ll pop up in Harlem, you’ll take a nap, g
I’ll hit Charlie in his wind gate with these macs, b
Light bars, I’ve been waiting to send your soul to Christ
Charlie gon’ see clips singing like karaoke night
You know I’m nice, say something my bros don’t like
My niggas start randomly spitting but this isn’t open mic
That nigga Roc don’t care for niggas, get striked for getting bold
With the ball I ain’t sparing niggas this the danger zone (DanjaZone)
We airing niggas
I ain’t here for a tie (TY), L, just A W, they’re my Marland niggas
Peep, I’m the king of my state, and I don’t share with niggas
Never been the one to duck, I’m more like a bear to niggas
Step in this ring I’ve been daring niggas
You taking this battle
That’s like trying to take Roc’s paper with a pair of scissors
Stupid ass, think he a rider until he carsick
Cops gon’ find the insides of Charlie on his carpet
It’ll be grocery bag that’s what this mark get
I said it’ll be gross sure he bagged that’s what this market, fuck you
This rematch, unnecessary
Who’s the legend? Beating me is what made you legendary
Charlie get hit with the first and then the secondary
Then DNA get the business like it’s hereditary
Shout out to the PG’s, but I ain’t a new guy
For example, you must be high of that snow that you buy
Mister thinking he wavy until I have him in a new tie
Hop out that Audi boom then make him woo side
This shit easy, just peep me, our first battle?
Ike Turner in the back of the limo, I let a bitch beat me
When my pockets low I get greasy
I swear to God I’m whipping out if anybody on the strip tease me
All bars, I’mma get mine off, throwing bullets like Brady
Try to pick mine off, you can keep thinking this slim guy soft
I’ll leave in a state of shock when I cock nine and send five north
You know, that interstate 95 north nigga this battle simple, blindside him
With a Louisville, that’s a shattered temple
When I hit his mouth with a hatchet, it won’t be accidental
I said I hit his mouth with a hatchet, I axe his dental
I trapped you into a box, nigga you gone
You don’t attempt to murder a killer
Fuck is you doing? Paramedics will get you hauled if you don’t move on
I’ll throw a bullet in ya window (Innuendo) & hit ya new born (Nuborn)
Crack slick like it’s something you niggas want
That pump slump him by the 2’s I dump if you niggas front
Niggas talking about my battle with Charlie I’m like “so what?”
Ever since I took an L I’ve been fucking these niggas up
Light Bars

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

My grandmoms had the nerve to call my phone
Like “baby, word on the streets is you straight hot
But that boy got a vendetta against you
I might gotta put my money on Tay Roc”
I’m like “grandma what the hell?!” she like “oh lord the boy cursing now”
She said “you got a third this time?”
I’m like “yeah grandma I’m rehearsing now, what do you want?”
She said “nothing, just show Tay Roc you in a different class
And don’t play around this time
Cuz that’s how B Magic almost whooped yo ass”
I said “B Magic?” she said “mhmm”
I said “rounds 1 and 2 I was looking ‘flameable’
But the third…” She said, “exactly, it shouldn’t have been debatable
Now when you battle Roc
I want you to throw a left, add a good ass hookin
Oh and by the way I made yams, peach cobbler and some…
Now there’s only one way
You could get some of grandma good ass cookin”
I said “how’s that?” she said “give Tay Roc that good ass whoopin”
I ran up on Roc like “what’s poppin pussy? What you barking for?”
He ran in his pops crib, I shot through the apartment door
Big Roc jumped in the way, I let the larkin roar
He moved then the bullets tore through little Roc that’s Arkansas
I’m only 5 bars in and y’all already want me to bring it back
Like what if I’m in Roc’s pops crib with no strap, to make it clap
I would’ve grabbed Roc face in front of his family, started shaving that
So AR can saw Little Rock get the Razorback
Nah that’s not reach cuz if I reach that’s cuz I hate dog
Decision; should I kick or push him? That’s Lupe with a skateboard
Roc, we fight, good night, I let that 8 roar
You’ll die before the hook get delivered, that’s Nate Dogg
You call yourself the Rocadile, that’s a BS name
I should put this beam in the back of ya 3X, bang…
The red light remove ya disc, that’s a PS game
The chopstick spread ya noodle, that’s PF Chang
I wanna introduce you to my man 50 cal
But nah I got another plan
Deuce deuce tucked in the boot, that’s my other man
I call em Young Buck cuz he small, I keep that gun in hand
Let Young Buck perform with the 50, that’s Summer Jam
When I heard you joined Dot Mob I was thinkin like “yo that’s so absurd”
I thought about calling Mook like
“Murda since when y’all brought in herbs?”
Roc I could have niggas in Dot Mob jump you, like if I throw the word
You’ll see dot after dot on his face, that’s ROSENBERG
I’m too RAW with all these lines my nigga, like if that KANNON fire
Yikes more dots on his face, oh now he DANNY MYERS
Let me rebuttal your Proven Ground scheme Roc
Cuz trust me they got a lot of room
The STEAMS inside the jeans, I reach more than AH DI BOOM
I let it sonic boom, bring it across your wide jaw we could fight
But ya punches too slow, you like TY LAW
You could be 8’9” or 5’4” I shoot this tech out of ya
You’ll lose DNA from every round that’s PREZ MAFIA
You said you peeled niggas wigs back when ya glock air, scrap?
Nigga please yo YOUNG KANNON ain’t make a top tier gat
Cuz you’s a Proven Mid Tier Ground Nigga Roc
And honestly that’s sad to know
I keep a gun, you don’t got ya semi? You better tag in SCO
You confused cuz how yo name Roc but you be baggin dro?
Ask Smack I got an ILL WILL for baggin SNO
So come to my block Roc, where we chop rock and move them real crills
Sellin bags of white, look like I’m moving bags of REAL DEAL
I give niggas the real feel, I could let bullets out that mac spread
It’s ironic…
How squeezing on a long nose could help me take out a blackhead
Say my name in vein, these two arms will be shooting up
To hit your back/head, that was dope cuz I left Roc with a cracked head
Listen Roc, this the 3rd mid tier nigga I gave a shot to right?
I’m trying to give all y’all fame
Proving Ground I love y’all niggas, sike I lied, I think all y’all lame
If y’all wanna jump in this top tier water, I’d bring all y’all pain
Snatch Tay out the whip & throw Roc out the glass that’s an All Star game
Y’all niggas know my slogan… Oh I don’t got one, that’s right
I’m a hustla, cuz I done put this nigga Roc in a bag twice
He nervous, god callin his name, it’s mad bright
Don’t be scared, god know ya slogan, THAT’S LIGHT!

[Round 2: Tay Roc]

You started this problem nigga, don’t hide from it
He smoked Roc once, here’s where he die from it
Yeah I took an L, most niggas don’t rise from it
Last time I tried, this time I’ll be triumphant
You don’t know Roc, I don’t play games with nobody
I be looking like a fool trying to tuck a whole shotty
You could end up getting knocked out ya own body
Get sent to where everything all white, you won’t see Yo Gotti
Aye I’m no copy, faggot, I am official
I dug ya grave deep, ya bitch could be in it with you
Once I roll up with a Hershey kiss and a pistol
Nah once I roll up on her, she kissing a pistol
That’s Light, I ain’t Surf or Conceited, nigga it’s going down
I’ma use more than a subtitle to slow em down
What I tote around, I brought Clips, extra bullets
I’ll have Clips sweating bullets, it’s plenty of em to go around
Hold it down, there’s more in store from me
When I say put bitches in bags they don’t get Christian Dior from me
Know that, I come at niggas accordingly
I’ll have the docs stitching his cap that’s fitted embroidery
Niggas annoying me, that’s til I clutch the pound, dump around
I hit em Clips slip on the fucking ground
And then I hit em until the clips slip on the fucking ground
I don’t fuck around, I’m trying to put Clips in a casket or in a oven round
Fuckin clown, it’s obvious this ain’t the same Roc
You body me? If that’s what he thinking I think not
Fuck around catch a headshot right on ya mayne block
Tried to tell you lightning don’t strike twice in the same spot
Nigga I don’t have the time
Question: what ya 5 o’clock shadow gon look like after 9?
That’s how I kill em coming after mine
Chiropractor I’m bout to put this nigga back in line
This AR got a hell of a bang, peep how this AR put me ahead of the game
He hear a “ch!” then that AR lie Clips with a shell in his brain
“Ch!” AR LIE Clips I was spelling ya name
That’s light, tell the pigs for something I ain’t ever did
He shot me in the head, I survived so I can’t let him live
Besides a turtle you ain’t ever seen a shell this big
I’m trying to leave his wife with a story to tell his kids
Tell this kid I should’ve killed him awhile ago
So what I’m skinny, you better dip from this Calicoe
Skinny, dip, Calicoe, I be wildin bro
On this stage you could get schooled or let ya talent show
If I catch a bus out to Harlem, ready for action
Look soon as I hop off that Peter Pan you getting capped and hooked (Captain Hook)
I’m face to face with my killer, why you acting shook?
I swear to god this can’ll bus (Canibus) tell this rapper book
Nigga this my second, you gon get this round Clips
I hit em with a drum, leave bullets all around Clips
Naw, since this nigga Clips round, I brought a round clip
Fuck a Clips round I shoot whoever around Clips
Remember you told me you be blacking it out
Cuz you from 8th and Lennox where they be clappin it out
Well I’ma show you what a savage about
Ya grandmother called me like
“Kill Charlie so he don’t bring his ass back in my house”
Picture me lose! See how good that’s lookin?
For ya grandmother you’ll do time in that hood as booken
Well I will spit in her good ass cookin
Knock her dentures down her throat, once she choke
“Hhaaa” sound like she getting that good ass whoopin… THAT’S LIGHT!
[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

I killed you in 2008, Worldstar showed the death in 2009
Ya mother had to wear an all black dress just to watch that battle
The whole state of Maryland was losing they minds
Nigga you even thought Lux set you up “ahh Beloved”
You was looking like the new dude next in line
And if you felt like a Harlem nigga set you up
Then why would you join a group with Mook, Rex and Shine?
See it’s my fault Roc
Cuz honesty I don’t even think you know what’s going on
You probably thinking we battling in Tobacco Lounge right?
But you really in ICU holding on
Oh, y’all look a little bit confused
Well let me take it a bit further like this lame said
What I did to you wasn’t attempt murder, but that attempt murder left you brain dead
Right now this ain’t a rematch, you not really battling Clips
It’s 2008 and you in the hospital, URL don’t even exist
The nigga Beasley ain’t ever helped you in your life
There’s a tube inside you helping you piss
The nigga Smack got a dark Caesar and his beard little as shit
Hold on y’all cuz the story gets deeper
See ya daughter by ya bed side, she trying to play with you
“Mommy he not moving again”
She jump in the bed decide to lay with you
You escaped death before
But this time I’ma make sure death stay with you
Next round is where I pull your plug, but for now I’ma pray for you
“Dear Heavenly Father
I wanna thank you for letting me become a monster
But honestly I need another hobby
Cuz the skills you blessed me with is too deadly
Lord for example I’m bout to catch another body
But see this time it’s out of self defense
Oh you see they book him to try and kill me
Why am I praying to you and he ain’t dead?
That’s cuz the next round he will be
So can you please forgive me for my sins now?
Cuz what I’m doing to him and his career is not fair
They say heaven got a ghetto
Well if y’all got a URL can you please make him Top Tier
And if you happen to wake him up out that coma
Can you please bless him with some substance?
Don’t only let him rhyme about big ass gats, please give em swag
Take off these Jamaican clothes and no more big ass hats
And please tell him stop wearing green
Before he get cut lookin like somebody grass
And if you let him be Dot Mob
Bless him with the strength lord to grab nobody’s ass
I’m beggin you lord, now can the congregation say “damn”
And if y’all ready for Roc to die, let me get an “Amen”
Roc I might’ve just won this round with no bars, that’s the actual truth
Word to my Detroit niggas I got bars, here’s the actual Proof
I got two snubs inside my waist, I’ll let em clap at ya roof
Mind you I said “noses” right?
So the witness thought he got shot by X-Factor and Mook
This is bars of the century mixed with flow of the year
Oh let me guess, you got two pistols from Indiana and you roll with a pair
You keep 2 4’s like Paul George and you’ll go on a tear
You Lance Stevenson, get to the Heat and just blow in the air/ear
I’m not feeling that, I’m so motherfuckin mean with it
Let me bring that picture thing back and do a whole other scheme with it
See you remind me of the Pacers, got so much potential
But I got too much Heat to let you win this rematch
Bitches say you like Hibbert on the block that mean ya D wack
He’ll be on his back like George, I let that Heat clap
It’ll spin this Pacer backwards, get him shot again, now that’s a recap
That was amazing cuz PACER backwards is RECAP
I’m in my zone nigga you got gold teeth good
My bitch Nina, she a gold digger
Tell my shooter “Rasheed Wallace”
That mean the bullet from this Piston will make the hole nigga
Then I tell em “Ginobli” that mean the long nose make the hole bigger
See the problem with you is you don’t have performance
Yeah you only got just bars
You’re not gon beat me with that Roc, you know why? I’m just hard
And honestly ya swag is kind of off, yeah I don’t mean to hurry you
And I’m glad you wore flowers on ya shirt, cuz you knew I would bury you

[Round 3: Tay Roc]

Tell this fat guy he can’t keep up with me at that size
If he’s moving large coke I drive thru, this big mac fries
We call Macs, Whoppers, you eat a bullet the snack size
Hit a nigga’s apple, turn over, that’s a bad pie
Bad guy, fat nigga you should get this scheme
You donut built and soft as the jelly in between
I put a hole in em, have em lookin like a Krispy Kreme
When that Tray comin out a box it ain’t a kids cuisine
Wack nigga, I should spit in ya face
You don’t even drink alcohol unless it has a licorice taste
Here’s where I put this nigga in shape
Closed mouths don’t get fed, open yours it’s getting fixed with a plate
Fat nigga you should forfeit all of that pork shit
You pay for pussy, it ain’t free to lay (Frito Lay) for this corn chip
Ya bitch be on some whore shit, she love smoking chocolates
I gave her a graham, she let me crack her and some more (smore) shit
I’m on shit, that St. Louis nigga kinda hurt him
He had a hard time with Magic, Donald Sterling
I’m trying to murk him, if this hoe tell (Hotel) he’ll sleep Inn
A casket that says do not disturb him
I’m a different kinda person, nigga Tay trippin
Nigga tried me before and he caught Tay slippin
Well if I get the banging on top of this car like Blake Griffin
Malaysian Airlines, you gon be plain/plane missin
Never been a follower cuz I lead the way
FYI we don’t fuck with the DEA
I put a bullet in Clips the same bullet will go thru DNA
I hit both of them bitches at the same time, I’m Stevie J
Nigga bring ya back up with you, I don’t care if it’s ya grandma ma
I should kill (Shaquille) whoever shack/Shaq up with you
This mac buck hit you, it seem like a Mack Truck hit you
Docs gon do the autopsy and find the gat stuck in you
That’s light, these hands are similar, that’s Siamese
The right hook will leave ya chin slanted, that’s Chinese
My man brought me two new glocks, I’m like “where you find these?”
Verizon Fios bullets, travel at high speeds
Light bars, I leave you with a smoked wig
Hit em with a Malboro, nigga that’s an old cig
Peep, all I gotta do is find out where this hoe live
Fuck which room he in, my niggas shootin up his whole crib
Wait… I hear Hitman saying names, why Holla mine?
Tell em get off my dick, his whole style is mine
Enjoy ya college time nigga, I will ruin ya career
Leg shot in the low shin (lotion) from the Cal of mine (Calamine)
But anyway, robbin your connect that’s what I’m in it for
I will get ya plug stretched out, that’s an extension cord
Niggas don’t live long here/hair, that’s what extensions for
Watch ya mouth ‘fore DNA asking you “what’s your dentures for?”
Give em more? Nigga I will disrespect your world
Catch you slippin on a dinner date and chin check ya girl
Real shit I will have you eyeing down a double barrel
Try to run get a backshot, that’s an Epidural
That’s light! Aye y’all gon see Clips get banged
Then y’all gon see Clips get bang!
Whatever remain in the clip goin in Clips remains
Some of the Clips you can’t see, some of the clips’ll hang
Worldstar/Vine compilation, none of my clips the same
You gon beat me? Nah, still niggas lying
Tell you like I told the others, I don’t feel niggas rhymes
Who he fooling with them steel grippin lines?
Tell em, fucking with me he’ll get SMACKED we on real nigga time

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

My name is Charlie Clips… every bar is Piff, that mean it’s very potent
So don’t bite my lines or recite my rhymes
Cuz it look like you don’t do no heavy smoking
I spits that good shit that get in ya lungs, have you doing heavy choking
Bag ya baby moms, do some heavy stroking
Condom pop, skeet on her buns and rub it in like Keri lotion
Now for those who never heard me rap before
You probably thinking “damn he’s wack”
But those lines destroyed his life back in ’08
And they the reasons for this rematch
No other league wanna book em, it’s ironic how Roc always need Smack
They put me in rehab for cutting up Roc, well this the relapse
What’s poppin Tay? Word around town is you joined Dot Mob
A rap group that gotta ask Mook for permission, them niggas NOT hard
20% ass grab, 30% left went and got jobs
And the last 50% we look at Rex and think they got robbed
And that’s who you wanna be the leader of? Dot Mob
Knowing you not Mook
Stop reaching Roc before I give ya hand-some, that shit is not cute
With this beam I dot mobs, that K Shine I let it Roc groups
You’ll see a long can in this hoe nigga mouth, but it ain’t thot juice
Aye Beasley, this y’all favorite? Well you gon make me smack you Beas’
If you tip Roc I’m on a way to kill him, I’ma clap you Beas’
Tip, waiter, guess which restaurant I’m in? I let the ratchet squeeze
I’ma serve Roc with the tray and hit ya apple Beas (Applebees)
So stop promoting Tay Tay like this nigga what the game missing
He have a little battle you give him $2,000 okay his change flippin
He have a big battle you give him $2,000 that’s the same difference
You might as well work for Halal you keep giving niggas the same chicken
But me I got my AK and my AK
I’m in yo bitch crib with my nigga Ray Ray
Both got guns at her head but I HIT IT FIRST, I guess I’m Ray J
She tried to block the shot, it left her (?) that’s Day Day
Silencer on, kids never heard the Pop, that’s Bebe
I don’t deal with opinions, before Mickey I was speaking Factz
Like if yo bitch wanna get Saved By The Bell
I advise you to stop speaking back
Or we ring her bell then she open, we start squeezing macs
Bullets’ll be in ya bae side (Bayside) more than Screech and Zach
Remember when he told K-Shine how he over-win?
And how if his girl see the battle he gon be Living Single like Overton
You ever went to sleep as a kid, got pussy
Ya moms call you and fuck the dream up?
Well that’s how it feel when a nigga like this fuck a scheme up
I don’t give a fuck if you living single or not or if ya wife or ya kids there
Khadija life, promote a magazine my best friend is a Max/macs
I bring my friend there
Move the kids, kill every nigga that’s over 10 when that clip flare
Clear the scene, hit church, pray then that’s sin clear (Sinclair)
Here’s a few reasons why a nigga like Tay Tay won’t ever get Clips
For one I (eye) cover the scene that make me Slick Rick
You better Jet or be face to face with a Smith on some Vick shit
You pull ya gun out, we laugh at ya Arsonal, that’s Trick Trick
Oh let me guess, you gon put my bitch in the trunk make sure my Ms. Fit
I’d rather put this mac in ya bitch mouth, make sure her lips stick
So the bullet can tour (Couture) through her body, that’s a quick trick
The Cal on me and my .40 O’fficial without the big tits
Now that’s how you scheme lil nigga
Next time you learn how to do it proper
Roc we could box but good lord, you could use a doctor
You open hand smack me? Shit, I will use the chopper
You’ll get shots all night for that Smack, that’s Exclusiv Vodca
Y’all niggas know my slogan… Oh I forgot I don’t got one, that’s right
I’m a hustla, cuz I done put this nigga Roc in a bag twice
God call em, he nervous lookin up, it’s mad bright
Don’t be scared, god know ya slogan, THAT’S LIGHT!

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