Daylyt vs. Arsonal [Lyrics] (Total Slaughter)

50k; that’s officially my price now, yeah….
For those who don’t know me check my past role
You’ll see that I’m the shit, asshole
It’s an afro… nigga, I’m nice round here/hair
Or I could just put the fist to the side of his head, BLACK POWER!
Or I could give him (M) LK’s, headshot; sleep
Let’s who’s got the bigger dream
Check my past role, you’ll see that I’m so warm
It’s Mr. Hanky in a snow storm
This gon be the coldest shit you ever seen
I mean remember when I (eye) was to the side? Debo
He know my energy Subzero and that’s why I’m cold hearted
They got me here for one reason, to kill all these white niggas
Look at all these Jack Thrillers
It was over for them before the show started
But this is when I make you look like the feather
Wait (weight), wait (weight), wait (weight), wait (weight), wait (weight)
That’s called Quill nigga!
When I go rage niggas cry on stage, that’s cuz I’m Ill nigga
I had screws loose since I was a baby
These kids better know the drill nigga
You seem frightened, like Teen Titan
I been robbin’ (Robin) since a lil nigga, that’s real nigga
You better have them pockets assured or I get to score
Candy bars you can’t cop at the store, I’m cocking the 4
If he fuck with me, it’s Three’s Company
I’ll have 2 bitches, “come and knock at your door”

Ya bitch love me, she been reachin’ out tryin to let my dick drill her
Her weave ratchet but her bun be (Bun B) on point, that bitch Trilla
Pistol on a car dash she in (Kardashian) I let Kim kill her
While this Gaylord watching me fuck her (Focker) you Ben Stiller
You try to win this battle with intellect
What about those who don’t catch it? They can’t intercept
I become the bigger threat
In these streets, I’m linked like the Cuban around Jigga neck
I always got some iron in my jeans, I keep my denims pressed
Keep plenty heat, stick a knife thru any beef before my dinner blessed
I Swizz beatz/beets
Did a bid for some dope, floatin’ up shits creek
But I’m home now, no longer am I state property, Chris/Neef
First nigga think shit’s sweet, before that shit steep
3 niggas stompin’ with both (2) shoes alive we bury Day 6 feet
How you real? Why cuz a face tat? Got a new deal?
Hollow get Lux, I get stuck with the weirdo nigga from Drew Hill?
You ain’t get Ars cuz you nice and gots Mook’s skill
You get Ars cuz you lowered your price nigga how the truth feel
We both Loc’n, Blue Steel, get his big body a Coupe feel
Chop this nigga down a size, he’ll get his roof peeled
I keep live bands, give you that Roots feel
Just like being on Death Row with No Limits
He done signed where the Snoop deals
My bars crazy, I don’t need sign language to let my hands speak
I throw out punches in a circular motion like I was Zangief
You rap/wrap for instrumentals, I saran beats
Whatever they want, I don’t got, I’m hustle man chief
Next is death on the same vehicle as Professor X
And my young niggas drawing you, call that a Etch-A-Sketch
Heavens How High? Ask Red & Meth
You an gigantic asshole nigga, a rectum stretched

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