Arsonal vs. QP (Qleen Paper) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: QP]

Said dog, listen dog, welcome back to the Mid West Ars
On some real shit
I didn’t even expect you to be standing in this bitch with me
But start panicking nigga, I might have Trick with me
Yeah, now I know you done heard that shit from a lot of lips
But you ain’t hear it from my lips, sissy
On my hood I was in the building when they asked you if you know Suge
Bitch you shook yo head head like it was a no good & that shit shifty
Now Uncle Trick, run the D He got alotta of goons and that’s a big city
But fuck denying my brother, nigga, we woulda had to get busy
Aye Ray Swag, ask me if I know X, ask me if I know Miles
Ask me if I know Cash
You said you was gonna ask me if I know Cal
I ain’t bout to tell that man, no nigga that’s yo style
All them niggas my niggas and bitch it can go down
That nigga Has he told me about
When you sent that nigga up there to knock me out
How come I ain’t get off right thing?
You sent your goon to come kill me, I ain’t die and he’s still alive
How’s that boss like then?
When I came to that state you live that false life in
We put our back to the bricks and we talk like men
And that’s the real fucking story
Bitch boy running around with his emotional thug issues
This some battle rap shit dog
Personally, I’m not ‘bout to hold no grudge with you
Wouldn’t give a fuck if a bug bit you, you little fudgesicle
Just don’t fuck with me cuz I love pistols
Now I peep, you keep about two or three Bloods with you
That’s cool, I got a mac-90, y’all gon see rip out skud missiles
And every Blood with you gon bleed blood with you
All that gun smokin’ will I have his lungs open like bud crystals
30 out that 40 or a couple pokes from that knife
Will have you pourin’ out that pipe like you got mud with you
Now let me guess
When you ain’t pedicure toed glossed steppin’ or cross dressin’
What you in the hood bussin Eagle’s probably?
Nigga get the fuck on
I’m comin’ thick and all my fuckin’ people follow me
But pause this shit for a minute
And let me know if I’m fucking speakin’ properly
Cuz I heard that nigga Treach own UW
So basically you livin’ off of other people property
Speakin’ of that, I know why they call yo league UW
Cuz against that nigga Hollow Da Don & Tech 9
We heard bars that you double used
He told everybody in Jersey that he checked out on me
Let’s say that did happen, if that’s the truth dog
That just gotta prove that this nigga ain’t even ‘bout big action
Cuz I ain’t sayin’ you gotta kill a nigga but if it’s problems like that
I’ma at least steal a nigga and leave the kid napping
That’s crazy right cuz when you steal a nigga that’s kidnapping
You show up on Twitter about me whippin’ out the phone
But the other day me and my nigga watched your battle with Charron
He like “I hope he kill the white boy”
I’m like “nigga, I hope he kill the white boy with you”
Soon as I thought you was ‘bout to zone out I got hype for a little
Cuz I thought you was finna go your own route
Here he go dick suckin’
Pull one of my moves and whip the fuckin’ phone out
He like you choose like knife or pistol and y’all believin’ this fag nigga
Just like them comedian ass niggas lettin’ them white boys bitch you
This nigga Ars think he bout to school a nigga so now I got to teach yo ass
I might pull that mag out, hollow heat seek yo ass
Aye Paul George, for that clown shit you said in person
I wanna meet yo ass
Cuz I’ma do you like the NBA did him and use the Heat to beat yo ass
Light work!

[Round 1: Arsonal]

Once again I’m here in another niggas state
On another niggas stage, up in another nigga face
Now they say when you love someone dog
You supposed to put a ring on ‘em
Well I love my strap
That bitch ring so much it need its own answer machine on it
She ain’t ever let me down, in her hole I shove a banana if she want it
That bitch jam
I’m taking the bullets out and I’m slammin’ them clean on it
Cuz your effort poor, you ain’t around Vice Lord so what you reppin’ for
Gun to his head like ‘say it again’ like Picky told Craig in the record store
Niggas gave him five hundred and got em and got em thinkin’ less is more
Closest you’ll ever get to being king is playing Tekken four
Yeah I’m crippin I’m young Nipsey of the gang
Clean for real? You should’ve let Dingy be the name
Yo bitch I F her up and down, my nickname Fendi to the dame
I have your whole body in a black plastic bag
You’ll be lookin’ like Missy in the ring
I drive thru, window rolled down
Send me to his frame and leave junior bacon/bakin
I just order Wendy’s on the lane
Now let me guess dog, yo gun so big though it needs its own zip code
Well my gun so regular dog, it shoot Hollow tips that leave big holes
You the type of nigga midway through the conversation
You hit a nigga with the sniff nose
Implying that what you buyin’ and supplyin’ need to go get those
He really fiend, he wanna get high, scope em a willie bean
You’ll never be top tier, you bankin on an empty dream
I’ll define pupil to show y’all what I (eye) really mean
An upper cut will have his brim to the sky lookin’ like Sidney Dean
I hate you nigga and I put that on a Nazi flag
I’ll leave hoes in Qleen face to have him lookin’ like a hockey mask
Y’all know how I predicted this battle will be a body bag?
Cuz these lines all over the place I’m like a liar taking a polygraph
I’ma show you how to break down bricks, no karate class
Put your face on a shirt and this ain’t no Versace ad
You ain’t never on wax, you done made Mr. Miyagi mad
I catch em I stretch em, turn the stage to a pilate class
Anton Tyler died right after the slam, so you the sixth man
I give QP a buck fifty and I’m only purchasing six grams
I’m AR and I keep a AR, after that click blam
I sit that bitch in the corner and use the clip for the kickstand
A banana clip shootin’ out the canon, fuck the camera shit
My trigger finger naughty, it ain’t never makin’ Santa’s list
You shoot up and you sniff against Kannon that shit was a Dizaster
You forgot everything you was gonna say and didn’t even hit the Canibus
Now this shit here/hair is a wrap, that’s a doobie dude
I’ve been getting 5k for a battle since a newbie dude
Call my New Orleans niggas to feast, now you truly food
Cuz once them niggas from the Noia Clap, you gettin’ whoodie who
I take a hammer put a nail in his coffin that’s what I do with tools
You’ll think Hell Rell got that eviction notice, I’ll make that Ruger move
Your bitch treat my dick like a teething toy, all she do is drool
Both hands on it, look like she trying to complete a Rubik’s cube
She cold hearted nigga, she suck dick daily without her caring
I can’t look down while she toppin’ me off without her starin’
I mean I gang bang, so we gangbang mean I’m doin’ a lot of sharin’
You started as a PG under 13, not admitted without your parent
I ain’t the boy who cried wolf, y’all think I’m bluffin’ I’ma kill him
I keep a power tool once I press the button I’ma drill him
Knock every cavity outside his mouth and tell his dentist I’m Chinx Drugz
What that mean dog? I can give a fuck about your feelings
I wasn’t trying to trick y’all, shit y’all in Detroit the nigga big y’all
He a PG nigga trying to cross over, he think he Chris Paul
One quick call get him hit y’all, blood stains all over his wall
But y’all can’t seen him until a black light hit him they like a lint ball
I take him to your face nigga, you can suck my dick and these big balls
Insert a quick pause and then knock the nigga out for gettin’ involved
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it

[Round 2: QP]

I said this ain’t even no battle dog
This just a real nigga preachin’ again to get his point across
Nigga this church, first round, I discuss some real shit with y’all
Do a little bit of bars, it’s finna get worse
But before I get into that dog, I’m still on that one shit
About when you sent your mans up there to get me and I ain’t get hurt
I don’t understand that cuz I was with M Ciddy
I wasn’t with Suge, I wasn’t with Surf
I mean help me out cuz I’m just tryna figure out
Out in Jersey how this shit work
Cuz since when do a Crip send a Blood to put in Crip work?
That’s why I don’t respect you Ars
That nigga Smack Shoulda left you where he let you start
On my momma, you’s a bitch I don’t respect you Ars
That nigga Treach shoulda let you starve
Break up out all that street shit you try to stress too hard
Now this cocoa butter clip I palm’ll stretch you mark
You a grape right? You’s a grape right?
Always see you with bloods, never cuz… that shit is wild and crazy kid
Everybody in here know he ain’t dumpin’ no techs
You for damn sure ain’t get jumped in no set
So where you get your purple rag from? Off wild and crazy kids
Man this grape I smoke got more purp than you
And you ain’t even worth a dutch you thirsty fuck
Y’all got him juiced thinkin’ this nerd be tough
I’m just here to show some of your light
Since he always off that purple stuff
Nigga you’ll get blew across yo blue shield
Bitch you better have a healthy plan
I’m tryna tell him fam it’s funny
Behind these bars, he’s tryna get every cell he can
You’s a grape right?
And it make sense cuz every time they mention jail he jam (jelly jam)
Let yo mans Ray Swag woulda pull some shit like that wit one of my dogs
Nigga it would’ve been a big riot, a lot of gunplay
This ain’t no airport runway so ain’t shit flyin’
It’s gon be a clack, clack boom then everybody in this bitch silent
Why you over there actin’ all grimmish, claimin’ all that purple
Knowing damn well he ain’t gon get violent/violet
You a grape right? You’s a grape right?
You knew you was gonna get crushed
Ain’t no need for the wine/whining bitch
I swerved and bang make purple rain but they can’t find the prints
I ain’t bring no nines and shit, I got a scope so I can find and hit
Y’all know how it go, the softest grape on the vine get picked
Who in this bitch wanna smoke?
You, You, Fuck you want some lit purple?
Cuz that’s exactly what’s about to happen
I’m burning everybody in this bitch circle
Blue and red, now explain that to me
Y’all gon’ say y’all hang together cuz this gang bang shit purple
Nigga fuck that, it make sense why you claim that grape shit
Cuz when you mix blue and red you get purple
As far as this battle rap shit go, I can see how y’all comparin’ us out
But as far as life, I took the real nigga road, he ain’t steering that route
This cartoon character swag, boy you wearin’ it out
I dare you, get hard, I play with drums, he bringing clarinets out
No I said I got guitars, I’m bringing drums bitch I’m clearing it out
That fat ass Ruger bitch with the ruler clip, I bet that’ll learn him now
Or that 223 with the scope I ain’t even gotta lurk around
I’m hittin’ him too with Surf around
Since they haze ounce how I break this purple circle down
By this time y’all should be thinking how a lot of my bars
Has something to do with purple now
Cuz it’s purple rain gang, that’s my squad so I had to do a purple round
You, mad wack, but in the midst of all that real shit
I just spit some mad facts
But fuck the bullshit, you can have that
Third round I’ma tell you what I’m mad at

[Round 2: Arsonal]

You know how I know I’m yo bitch daddy dog?
Cuz yo bitch call me daddy dog, in front of her daddy dog
He knows she be referring to me and he ain’t mad at all
That’s how I know I’m yo bitch daddy dog
I say you fuckin’ right, she said “you fuckin’ right”
Then that convo get out of content
But that bitch ain’t nowhere close to a dime, so that’s some nonsense
That bitch ain’t nowhere close to a dime, so that’s some 9 cents
Here’s a penny for your thoughts
Let that simmer down on your conscience
Now you said: you got QP, Heartless, Remy, 100 Bulletz, Innuendo
Nah QP get heartless off that Remy I put a 100 bullets in your window
I said, damn, but right after that battle you went and joined Innuendo
So either this shit a joke or the real QP sprinkled
Some coke in your window
I’m sayin now Innuendo got two QP’s, that’s a half a pound & some Remy
The same 100 Bulletz he tried to shove in that Civic
A nigga named Heartless that represent the weak S.O.N.S. tour
And a bitch named Bonnie
That can suck peanut butter thru a Caprisun straw
And that’s your clique right? Them the niggas you gettin old with?
Well this stage can be your die area (diarrhea) that mean the whole shit
This steel here bang at that negro league wheelchair gang
What that mean dog? I’m hittin’ every nigga you roll with
Now let’s attack yo demographic, leather pants defending faggots
You’re the furthest thing from straight my nigga, you bending backwards
This shit is tragic, that’s the circle of love you interact with?
Young Kannon scarred you went thru salt in your womb
Well I’m finna patch it, dress you nice but you slackin
What’s in your jeans don’t match your jacket
Your chromosomes now XY and I put faggots into caskets
Now slowin’ down I just nod, go long so you can catch it
Cuz I’ma bring it back, bring it down, watch the reaction
Said I’ma patch it, your dress shoes nice but you slackin’
Your jeans don’t match your jacket, you ain’t suited up like the average
This the funeral that he wanted, I let him have it
The chromosomes and he got XY cuz I put faggots into caskets
You went long so you can catch it
You caught it but they flagged it
Penalty on the play so now I gotta bring it backwards
My name alone attract views, why is that? I give ‘em classics
Quality over quantity, attack it with different tactics
They say who the best in the Midwest? Calicoe, Hitman or that faggot?
A.K.A. Verb, oh see the answer to that is my nigga Magic
He’s the newest and the smartest, better than all you niggas there
It’s funny it took a Midwest nigga named Magic
To make all of you disappear
I was told I can’t step pinky toe past the Mid West
I’m like who’s stoppin’ me?
I got a extendo banana, my clip shaped like a apostrophe
The way I see it, niggas lied to me
Obviously cuz I done skipped to Detroit and landed on Qleen property
Like an ongoing game of Monopoly
You’re moving backwards chill
Your career got the bumper to bumper traffic feel
You got a stack for real
You here on behalf of the
“I live two states over and I could drive there” package deal
Your total view count on your last battle don’t add up to my half a mills
You keep talking out your pussy lips and you gon get your Vagisil
I started off with my twenty-two, “click, click, click” a lil wrist action
I tried to shove a forty clip with a thirty-two I was mismatching
I shot rockets, missiles, grenade launchers, that was just practice
Now I’m comfortable around Miss Gracie, what that mean dog?
In other words I’m used to them big ratchets
I don’t toss that, move out the way and let my brother clap
Hand off the little .22, lil quick pitch to the runnin’ back
You know what I wanted to ask you dog? where your mother at?
Cuz that pussy makes noise when it’s drippin’ now that’s a Thundercat
You make niggas laugh, you make niggas laugh Qleen
I make niggas feel bad, real bad, I slap the shit out your real Dad, real fast
In broad Daylight (Daylyt) with a Quill Mask
Brenda baby all grown up but he still trash
Now I got niggas in the crowd who pay not to see a battle, they goal is flip
Niggas got a fourth grade education but below the fifth
Your whole goal is to battle, my goal is flip
Y’all gon’ think I was Kendrick Lamar with a private dancer
How I CONTROL the strip
I told this bitch, this nigga ain’t cold, ice, he cold as shit
Take the “C” away from cold that nigga old as shit
This promoting bitch tried to load his disc
His CD got tossed out the window like Latifah in Set It Off
I’m Cleo every time she stole a whip
Don’t nobody want to hear that shit
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it

[Round 3: QP]

This some shit that I got in chest and I gotta stress it
You think you cold?
I’m looking at this problem we got like wrinkled clothes I got a press it
Cuz ever since that Hitman Holla session, you just been not impressive
I’m the Real Deal
He tried to show me how school works so I gotta check it
He might be bigger and older, so? The harder he can fall
All snitches get stitches, I know it’s hard to be the law
I catch him in the A in his Dodge bangin’ Tha Carter in his car
I slide up, let that chrome spread
Y’all gon’ think his fuckin’ phone dead how I put his Charger in the wall
Now it’s crazy, at the beginning of your name we see A-R
Cuz against Jus Juice, I did the scheme with the C-A-R’s
But fuck it, you finna get the replay Ars
I pull up, you gon’ see 8 C-A-R’s
Niggas hoppin’ out, no K’s you just see AR’s
I tell them bro’s start clappin’ when they see ARS
And give them the business like the rappers when they see AR’s (A&R’s)
It’s Vice Lord in here bitch, I say it’s Vice Lords in here bitch
I get you fucked up with one lil word boy you better calm your little nerve
If we face off its baseball, I’ma slide and throw a little curve
Or give my lil dog a lil sherm
Cuz my youngins ain’t shy (Chi) about rackin/raqin’ nigga, Lil Herb
I know I’m blazing bitch
You know I would tell you to fan yourself but
It’s only right you wave for me cuz you’s a fuckin fan yo self
Got bitch on cam in front of your fans? Nigga you should blame yourself
I know you ain’t gon stand for none of your mans
Cuz due to that bitch you did in the D you can’t even stand yo self
Now what’s yo angle? Every round you shootin a drum?
Or I ain’t got a 3rd I be choking & I be jokin’ how everybody usually come
Well in my hood, we don’t talk, I ain’t used to the tongue
So fuck the 3rd round cuz you only need one when you using a gun
Hold this, I don’t need it, little niggas like you can’t hang around me
We got RPD issues, fuck that trade pound beef
I truly doubt that you know about that lay down beef
That shit hard to sleep on like Greyhound seats
I knew this dread head bitch ass nigga
Was gon try to play that crackhead role cuz I sip lean
Bitch please, you’ll get these but peep this scheme I jotted down
Since he’s gonna say I’m Bobby Brown, that’s a big fiend
I guess I got a crack heads with knees (Whitney)
I don’t usually do them bitch schemes
But I’m about to start one now y’all need to keep the ball rolling
I called his bitch Miss Rebel shot her a dm, she said y’all spark done now
On the phone all on a nigga dick
“QP, you in a location I ain’t far from and yo dick hard? Come now”
I fucked the bitch, got her pregnant, she called
I told the bitch “you trying to start something now”
She said “QP, fuck Darell, this is our son now”
I said “bitch you trippin, I’m dippin, that’s Ars’ son now”
In this third round you might try to come with some shit from a…
Bitch ass wanna be down ass nigga
Or a rat ass, worthless bitch that I ain’t even get personal with
Probably my weak ass baby momma
I thought that bitch was real ‘til I found out she’ll slurp the clique
But I’m such a beast I gave that hoe to the streets
And made her work the strip
We don’t do that he say/she say shit in the D
You better ask the last man, that’ll be your ass fam
For talking garbage I shoot some shit that make you walk retarded
I be in front of yo house dumpin’ like a trash can
With a nine throw-a-way glock, that’s a trashcan

[Round 3: Arsonal]

The contract came, Qleen why you cared to sign?
I was like fuck it, battle rap is a puppet controlled by this hand of mime
I said I’ll battle Qleen, but here’s the grand design
He get paid $250, he gotta pay to get in and he gotta stand in line
The “say it again” fiend want my fame and the shine?
Well YOU CANT TOUCH this, I’ma let em see (MC) that it’s HAMMER TIME
No silencers, no suppressors, I want it “QUIET” when I speak to him
I put Mr. Potato Head in front the barrel and then push the beet thru him
No question of how you live, the doctor add another piece to him
For slackin’ bend him in half with the iron, I’ll put a crease on him
Snap on him, take tack on him, pull a strap on him
All you hear is “brrrr,” all you hear is “brrrr,” all you hear is “brrrr”
Y’all gon’ think I called SMACK on him
One shot they haul ass it’s like them niggas ran track for him
His jaw wired all year he gon’ need a nigga to rap for him
Larkin’ bust, cig explode, yeah I toke the biggest bird
A shoulder shot from a Desert Eagle leave you pigeon toed
Drop his body, lift ya soul, throw him down a chimney hole
He’ll get a mug shot like he the nigga in the prison pose
Show him a ‘K, see (KC) but I ain’t introducing Kenneth Cole
Headbutt him then hook the nigga like a fishing pole
Y’all know what’s gonna happen to this nigga on this fine day?
One to the head a clear shot, y’all gon’ think he was drinking bombay
He a OutKast, how you wanna battle rap Big Boi’s
But don’t make three stacks? You ain’t Andre
That pistol explode, you at the end of the road, next to WonYe
Y’all want gun bars, well I’ma give you gun bars, I let the nine spray
You shoot, I shoot, “We be all night” like Beyonce
I drop down on one knee, let it ring and Qleen the fiance
All I do is carry the Heat sound like something you hear Lebron say
Hands wrapped around ya throat ‘til your neck break
What’s dope is how you really sniff coke off a chef’s plate
Just wait, drugs attack his heart make his chest ache
Claim to getting HOW HIGH
Til his face turn RED-MAN trying to schedule another METH date
Bars nigga, you’s a fiend nigga, only think clean/Qleen is your alias
Nothing ‘bout him is real even if he was Israelian
His life’s A LIE (N) and that only mean that the kids alien (A-LIE-N)
He rap, I then bury him
Now let me ask you a serious fucking question, you spell clean with a Q?
Is that what the cool boys do?
I mean you choke every battle dog that’s something that the new boys do
A dirty nigga named Qleen/clean, total opposite
I guess I gotta teach y’all about a Oxymoron since you still a ScHoolboy Q
Now the shit I did to Yung Ill for real could land me jail time
They like “Ars why you always rappin’ past the time limit?
What be going thru Darell mind?”
Well I’m a performer, you know I gotta sell mine
And I ain’t been on Myspace since ’08
I guess that’s why I really can’t tell Tom/time
Keep the metal in his face like Kano
Your bitch suck, I got your Shawty Lo, “Dey Know”
I put a X thru Cal, I cleaned Miles before the day go
I’ll leave everybody in the D silent, that’s Django
Fuck all of these, y’all wanna hear a gnarley scheme?
I run through that nigga house like a Charlie scheme
Clap both sides of his face, “bop! bop!” now you part of Macaulay’s team
Fuck wrong with eem? You on the same drugs as Charlie Sheen
Fuck wrong with eem? He couldn’t even buy an outfit
He got on a cartel shirt, how the fuck y’all gonna call him clean/Qleen?
Fuck wrong with eem?
Man my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it

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