Daylyt vs. Dizaster [Lyrics] (Total Slaughter)


This is the story of Cain and Abel, my brother…
The sires has put us in a world full of fire
And in that case, we both gotta go thru hell
But Joey told me he don’t want two Shamu’s on the stage
So this isn’t gonna go two/too well/whale
No roller coasters, no show promoter but my niggas be bookin’ shit
You fear me tho nigga, you hear me tho nigga
I am a wolf, cereal/serial killer nigga it’s Cookie crisp
Now I gotta catch the awkward body and that’s no Snooki diss
Last week was the rookie list
Bars, performance, aggression, I got a flow to practice
I am The Wizard of Oz dog dickhead, the total package
Think about this, Curious George eating his first meal on Vine
What’s that? A banana clip
Niggas who play ass, god it don’t matter how (?) he is
The hulk still gon slam his shit
That’s light, do the Math boy, we rock with the handz/hanz too
Cuz with the blicker it’s little Richard, all you gon hear is
“Bop bop bollubop ba bop bamboo!”
And the nigga in the background like “woowoowoowoowoo!”
First thing I tell em “get yo tooty fruity ass over here!”
We was looking for him everywhere like trying to catch em
Catch the mail in the dress, I mean we hit everybody
Like “Yo what’s this niggas mailing address?”
He said don’t go to house, why? He a faggot-
We kick the door in guess what the first thing we see, this male in a dress


You owe me like 3 dollars from like 2006
Where the fuck is it at fam?
Do you guys? Goddamn, do you understand
How it’s like to have to wake up every morning
And convince your best friend that he’s not batman?
Like yo bro Gotham doesn’t exist, stop acting hard
“To the batmobile!”
What fucking batmobile Day? You don’t even have a car!
Yo I know it fucking hurts for me to say that
Man this fuckin pains me to say that
But I have to get my game back and some things have to be this way
I have to take that you can’t change that
Sorta like your fucking face tat
This motherfuckers always been in a roughed up place
You know shit is bad when I’ve known him for 10 years
And my dad still refers to him as that one friend
You know? The guy with the fucked up face
I mean what the fuck you gonna do? Dog give me the offer
Anybody who steps to me, your girlfriend I’ll drop her
Your grandmother I’ll fuckin sock her
I’ll rip her life alert necklace off her
And beat her in the fuckin head with her metal walker
Your girlfriend wants to step up she could get the chopper
You try to be her bodyguard like Kevin Cosner
I’ll let it ring more times than a heavy shopper
You and your bitch can spoon together in a box like Betty Crocker
This shit is gonna end up being his defeat
Yo you remember that one time you and your girlfriend
Gave me a ride to Laguna beach?
Well guess what? I left my boogers under your seat
Yo I hate this shit cuz me and him grew up together, we fuel each other
And now you guys got us over here so we could duel each other
Just for the sake of doing numbers
But I ain’t gonna do this just our views can suffer
If I don’t beat em today then the motherfuckers gon keep talking shit
And I don’t wanna lose another
So I’ma snap and one thing gon lead to another
Then I turn into Cain and that’s how I’ll be able/abel to shoot my brother

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