T-Rex vs. Big T [Lyrics] (Total Slaughter)

[Round 1: T-Rex]

Dot Mob we usually come 100 deep
And everybody with me is grippy, we got a gun a piece
So let a nigga play with me in that house like I’m something sweet
And watch how fast a one and one turn to a one to three
I mean pussy is what I’ll never be, for thinking that you better b
A coffin’s what ya bed will be
Aye b, I’ll paralyze him, take his legacy
I AIN’T NO JOKE I rock him (Rakim) like Eric B
T-Rex versus Big T, for thinkin that you Big, T, I send you to BIG, T
Give em that lifer talk, like what you in fo?
4 or 5? This .45 will blow out ya info
My niggas brought about 5 guns, I snuck in 4
You punch but never won in the ring, you like Kimbo
Drama? I’ma shoot first, I’m like the intro
One of em will do it, but I let the whole clip go
Silencer, sound like the Uzi trying to tip toe
He dead? I’ma keep fuckin going like a nympho
Niggas call you Carl in the hood, that’s cuz ya wins-low
Rex just murdered this nigga, that’s a tenfold
Nigga keep on playing we showing up with them trench coats
Have hollows going thru his mouth like a mentos
My moms told me shit, I didn’t understand her though
She told me to survive that mean I have to have the antidote
I said “mom what you mean?” she said “the crack, weed and the dope
And I gotta be good with my hands in case my hammer broke”
What happened to that boy? It’s like the Nolia clap
*pweh* Silencer *pweh* Silencer, you don’t even know ya clapped
Shit it all started from his mans trying to hold him back
Didn’t hold his back now his back gon have a hole in that
Don’t go acting like I’m not gon play
No football, I’ll show you my shotgun play
I’m a man, there’s certain things you not gon say
And you can say em, certain things I’m not gon take
The short nigga from the Dots, he spray off
Had 2 K’s since 11, no EA Sports

[Round 1: Big T]

I treat niggas how they wanna be treated, so I don’t care who they was
I don’t care if they was GD’s, BD’s, stone Blood, if you was Cuz
They said this was supposed to be like the Bad Girls Club right?
So keep it moving cuz
A nigga put my bed in a pool, I’m putting they bed in a pool… of blood!
Walk around this bitch like I live here
Like the Chinese bitch from Menace II Society
I’m checkin every nigga that walk in here
In this bitch with razorblades and they ain’t for fades
First of all, ain’t no fades
We’ll be in here like Jersey Shore, in this bitch laying grenades
Hit his block spraying with K’s
Unload the clip, people float over the whip like it’s the Macy’s Day Parade
Me and my goons like wild Cowboys in high noon
Difference is your guns bang, mines’ll BOOM!
You trying to beat me with artillery that’s used?
It’s like finding Martin Luther King High School
All white school…
I get to creepin up, you gon be sleepin and leakin up
Anybody come up around quiet money, they think it’s tough
Don’t nobody want it with me, cuz who you know fuckin with me?
Nigga I be in ya residence with enough presidents to fuck Lewinsky
Tell me who fuckin is he?
I don’t wanna hear you spit, I got bitches tied up to lined up on my dick
I’m fuckin busy!
Plus I’m dizzy with this Remy in my sippin glass
Pimp her ass, I hit the block with E like I’m thinking fast
This nigga talking bout bring the pump out, squeeze and blast
Miss! I’ma make this bitch wish that he was getting gassed
Boy he getting gassed, you look like you just started getting ass
That bitch is trash, she out licking ass and you kiss her ass
No homo, she suck my dick, put the kids in the trash
So what’s the difference between that bitch and Brenda ass?

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