Reed Dollaz vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Verse 1: John John Da Don]
I said, NOME IV! This is what it comes down to Reed
Now if you don’t kill It, they’re gonna clown you Reed
You ain’t never had a name flip
Or scheme to make a crowd move Reed
So this round gonna be like Hooked On Phonics
Cause I’ma show you how to Reed!
You see, English? Well it’s my favorite subject
It made mad sense, it makes me wanna see him bleed
Until he mad drenched, I know ya’ll wonderin’
What the fuck that gotta do with some English class shit?
Cause I was thought if you turn Reed red, that makes him past tense
I’m snappin’ for the fans that think this nigga really go hard
Ya’ll should get your money back for the bullshit he sold ya’ll
He’s following Meek so as long as he tread Mills, he can’t go far
How you gonna win dough in the hood but ain’t go no bars?
Where’s your book bag? War paint? Your vests and the ammo?
The “K” over the shoulder, shit, I thought you was Rambo?!
What happened? What happened? Where is it?

[Reed Dollaz] It’s a battle
[John John] Where is it?
[Reed Dollaz] I can’t bring it here. It’s in the car. It’s in the car. It’s in the car!

[John John Da Don]
Whoever told you that was hot, could of sold you a better dream
Cause a nigga like me would of took Sylvester Stallone movies
And made it a clever scheme
Like, you say you run Philly, you one “Rocky” individual
I gotta Demolition Man named “Wesley”
It only takes him a few Snipes to put an end of you
So you can Get Carter or get your partners, don’t make a difference who
I’ll put all you old actors in a casket cause ya’ll Expendable!
You’re getting schooled so I’ma help you elevate your game Reed
Hopefully by breaking Dollaz down, it should change Reed
We was supposed to do this out in Philly
I would have came, Reed
But now, you’re getting drug in New York, I’ma Duane Reed!
Official, you ain’t even gotta see me ref
But, I got stripes for giving niggas whole teams these TECs
But I’m sharper as an archer, pull them strings he’s stretched
When I see Reed, it rain bows (Reading Rainbow), it i ain’t PBS
You see, he stressed, I only took this for the bread Reed
So, don’t let this shot I’m giving you, go to your head Reed
This is the zombie show, and you walked in dead Reed
You couldn’t Jet for safety even if you was Ed Reed!
But, enough with the name flips, fuck the name flips
Now, I wanna try another scheme
But this is no laughing matter, so I didn’t prepare no funny scheme
I mean, I know he’s starving
So I could’ve wrote a hungry scheme
But, I’ve figured the best way to flip Dollaz is wit’ a money scheme
But, if I got my ones, washed in tons (Washington) would be clean Dollaz?
Or, drop 5 on the Lincoln to hit the scene Dollaz
10 bucks will rip like Hamilton off the screen Dollaz
With two TECs, I’ll jack son (Jackson), that’s twin tees (twenty) Dollaz
Granted, they spend 50 each, see what that mean Dollaz?
I’ll let a 100 bend ya men (Benjamin) for that green Dollaz
Just in case ya stupid ass didn’t get the scheme Dollaz
I thought I told you I’ma show you how to read (Reed) Dollaz
Ya’ll know the motto, reading is fundamental
Nah, I brought a box so I figured how to put Reed in (reading) is fundamental
But I don’t mean the easy way of doin’ shit by fundamentals
I mean donatin’ bucks to his brain that’s fund da mentals, stupid
I’m only here cause I’m gettin’ that cash
This a body, and it’s time for you to get in that bag
Just know, when you get done spittin’ that trash
There’s still two more rounds of me whippin’ that ass

[Round 1: Reed Dollaz]
I said, for all y’all that was wonderin’ on where the fuck I been
For all the fans that prayed on this day, that I’d touch that gem
I ain’t been home in awhile, I thought I’d touch back in
The man, the myth, the legend, yup, that’s him
Now is he John John, John Cena or John Legend?
Give him nine bombs out this Nina from my Wesson
In a pine box with nice words from thou reverend
Cut his chest and take out his soul we dissect him
Pussy you ever seen a head shot up close?
So close before he fall we see the ghost
Barrel hot, long nose, you can see the smoke
Top open, top smokin’ like a key of dope
You don’t wanna rock wit’ an animal
Cause you ain’t never ate wit’ a cannibal
And you don’t wanna swim wit’ the crocodiles
Llama blaow, paint his hood wit’ his blood; Basquiat
And I hope you on ya game, shit you better be
Cause what I am you can’t be, gotta be bred to be
This is legend to peasant, not even legend to be
Though I’m not battlin’ you, I’m battlin’ my legacy
And I asked a couple niggas, and these young dudes be like, “You the truth.”
I’m like, “Dude a fluke. God told me it’s just you and Mook.”
The trash man, for ten years I knew they route
30/30 I can hit his head through a movin’ Coupe
Hitman, break the rifle down, remove the suit
Runnin’, duckin’ from roof to roof, I lose the gat I lose the proof
It’s ’bout time somebody put you in ya fuckin’ place
I got a dot for every dot on ya fuckin’ face
Ain’t no boxin’ when this Glock’s on my youngin’s waist
They pull it, he turn pastor, what a fuckin’ Ma$e
Nigga I’m hotter now and I was hotter then
I will never lose to a nigga named “Jonathan”
When niggas get the drop on them spots you be hidin’ in
Bullets get to slidin’ down the ladder like a fireman
See you lightweight, and for this battle, I ain’t really have to write
For this hermaphrodite
Dickhead you just my sacrifice
Illuminati, I saws off and shoot a shotty
Pollute the party with buckshots through new Bugatti’s
You don’t wanna rock wit’ an animal
Cause you ain’t never ate wit’ a cannibal
And you don’t wanna stomp wit’ gorillas
How I know? Cause I be out in Yonkers wit’ the killers
You’se a bitch, that use rap to validate ya street pass
64 out this Nintendo cartridge will fuck up ya Dreamcast
Don’t run trust me, you don’t wanna be in that bean path
Cause one hole will knock everything out you like a beanbag
I know what you thinkin’, all these Philly niggas talk about the same thing
That’s cause we leadin’ them- and we don’t even gang bang
Shit if you come from my city, you would say the same thing
Niggas will rob you for that Rolie, no ice, Plain Jane

[Round 2: John John Da Don]
I know it’s real in Pistolvania, but these rappers got it lookin’ sweet
Hold on, Dose got chin checked, Jihad got put to sleep
Ness got choked but at least he ain’t get knocked out
But they had my man Bill Collector
Lookin’ like a heel collector, he got stomped out, y’all lookin’ bad Reed
You gotta be the one to put an end to that
So snuff me for your city right now
Pussy…exactly, you ain’t into that
But if he do sneak me, I hope another jab follows
Cause one punch ain’t enough, I’ll still fuck you up, just ask Hollow
He was scared to battle me, that’s what made him that upset to swing
He didn’t want me to put him in a box, right next to Qleen
So his mind been screwed up, now I see why he’s so obsessed with lean
Cause he been tryin’ to avoid the coffin (coughin’) ever since this pro met the scene (Promethazine)
But question Reed, is that beef with you and Meek real?
Or are you just mad cause you ain’t get that MMG deal?
It haunts him every night, bet this nigga can’t sleep still
Cause he be havin’ Dreams And Nightmares of gettin’ Meek Mills
I know that shit burn you still peddlin’ ya niche
While he’s young and he’s gettin’ it, collectin’ all his chips
And when he threw that house party, you was never on the list
Cause you’re here and he’s there, boy there’s levels to this shit
He was like, “I’m young Reed southwest representer.”
You 5’6″ talkin’ ’bout steppin’ up to a center
Leave him in the air conditioned if he don’t learn how to control his temper
Or they’ll find his baby lyin’ over a cliff, that’s Simba
I remember, when I first hit the scene as a no name
Summer Madness 2 where Hitman gave you that shot, remember when I took it? Close range
Now that match was lit cause I struck wit’ my own flame
Now just because you gas doesn’t mean you’ll bring any pro pain (propane)
You was hot, for one year, then missin’ for twelve
Suckin’ that glass dick and prolly sniffin’ as well
So ya name ain’t hold weight since them digital scales
It used to ring before the crack like Liberty Bell
And well-
That’s bars, you wanna know why I know that’s bars? I know the game I’ve been doin’ this shit for too long
I ate so many pussies on cam’, they think I do porn
So what battle rap top five lists you think you on?
When you lost to Kaboom and Kaboom lost to Nuborn
So you lost to the nigga that lost to the nigga that
Lost every time we every time we heard that nigga rap
I see you lost ya groove, I ain’t sayin’ you can’t get it back
But I’ma make it hard to Reed (read) like chicken scratch
It’s a fact, niggas keep guns in Pennsylvania
Them shooters shoot it out just for fun in Pennsylvania
So I don’t understand how you from Pennsylvania when keepin’ lead ain’t in ya blood
There’s not one pencil vein in ya, that’s wordplay, somethin’ you know nothin’ about
You wipin’ fingerprints off and throwin’ pumps on the couch?
While I just played the side nigga like I’m fuckin’ ya spouse
Then spray and Raid in ya crib like it’s bugs in the house
I’m only here cause I’m gettin’ that cash
It’s a body and it’s time for you to get in that bag
So just know when you get done spittin’ that trash
…It’s still one more round of me whippin’ that ass!

[Round 2: Reed Dollaz]
After this battle, ya name “Jonathan” cause ain’t nothin’ Don about you
You talk that Don shit in Philly and they’ll smack the Don up out you
And when them hollows hit ya shit, them doctors gon’ reroute you
If you survive, we shoot that ambulance, no goin’ to the hospital
We heard about you in Yonkers nigga, you been a faggot
You Prince and ya brother Bart look like Lenny Kravitz
Now close ya eyes, when he rap you’ll hear a livin’ savage
Open ya eyes, what you see? Bow Wow’s little magnet
Is he helpin’ ya career? Is he gon’ put you on a song?
Are you his bitch my nigga? Does he make you wear a thong?
He got you poppin’ molly’s now? Bro, tryin’ to fit where it don’t belong
You left Yonkers for Atlanta, traded ‘Kiss for Lil’ Jon?
Nigga you been a clown, but that was confirmed the day I met you
Big shoes, red nose and a wig, them fuckin’ freckles
And we were strapped in NY, word to Peanut Live
I had that .38 Special cause if he sneeze wrong I would’ve let that trigger bless you
But today is where the fun stops
Hundred round drum stocks
Cops won’t save you, they’ll come when that drum stops
Pop another hundred in, spit it ’til the drum drops
Somebody call maintenance, tell them to bring dumb mops
Whole NY love me, niggas give me dumb props
Cause I was killin’ raps when you was packin’ ya lunchbox
So you finally got a shot at that title huh?
Finally got to stand right here with ya idol huh?
But I’m a rap god, these verses is from the Bible
Can turn an angle into Satan all because he despised you
Now he thinks he’s ready, now he thinks he can try you
But that’s the devil talkin’ my son, you’re bein’ lied to
Follow me my child, and I shall guide you
It is me who takes the breath outta men or could revive you
But since you pussy, we gon’ fuck you, soft nigga

{Crowd starts booing. Reed tries to do damage control}
Pause? We from Philly we don’t do “pause”. We from Philly we don’t do “pause”. Real man shouldn’t have to say “no homo”. That’s from Yonkers. The hardest part

But since you pussy, we gon’ fuck you, soft nigga, cause we know you moist
Hit ya mom crib, no talkin’, cause you know my choice
Mask on, six goons wit’ me, six loaded joints
Kill everything movin’, plus the pets, no multiple choice
Latex gloves, duct tape for the mouth, so we don’t hear the noise
Thanks to John, now we gotta kill all three of Tera’s boys
For those that don’t know that’s his mom, I’ll bring a pair of 4’s
With two potatoes on the barrel so they won’t hear the roar
You kinda tall, so play tough, jump nigga, I’ma cut you
That K? It got a big ole’ butt like Ms. Hustle
If we catch you out in Philly, my young nigga snuff you
Knock you the fuck out, and let my young niggas trunk you
Niggas prayed on that day they see my die in the ring
Made me walk in my cross, do or die for a king
I came back in seven years, them niggas eyes open up
I made the ground cave in and made the skies open up
Just when you think you at the top, we can cut ya rope
And everything you built, it just go up in smoke
Everything you worked for can tumble down
Now you gotta show ya face back in the jungle now
Now you know the meaning of “humble” now
You better swim for ya life or you gon’ fuckin’ drown

[Round 3: John John Da Don]
Other niggas bars is somethin’ you gotta deal wit’
So it don’t matter how much original shit you say it ain’t gon’ equal up to how I steal shit
But see I never stole a bar in my life and that’s real shit
He can suck a dick, if y’all don’t appreciate me, y’all gon’ appreciate this steal flip
Since niggas got used to callin’ me, “Mr. Steal A Round” then they shouldn’t be surprised if I start bringin’ steel around
Give it to whoever in they circle, that’s how you steal a round
And leave, just to come back and get whoever still around
The nerve of niggas sayin’ this a match I don’t deserve
Cause he’s a legend and I’m a thief, save that for the birds
Cause I’m a vet, and he’s the thief, just to back up them words
There’s footage on YouTube of him jackin’ a verse
Search “Reed Dollaz Rapping On South Beach” the shit is bogus
Cause that whole verse he spit was Philly Swain’s, yeah you stole it
He even threw his name in a bar like he wrote it
But left the last half of the nigga’s name like we won’t notice
Nigga bein’ that you and Philly Swain have no relation
You’se a fraud and a thief and that’s no debatin’
Ask anybody out in Philly, they all know he fakin’
He’s an actor like Liam Neeson cause he known for Taken
What y’all gon’ say? I’m the pot callin’ the kettle black?
No, I’m more like somethin’ that’s hot callin’ the kettle wack
I settled that, and I’m mad I had to battle a fraud
But fuck all that personal shit…let’s get back to them bars
What you thought? You could come back and bar wit’ the best?
See I’m like prison time, that’s some hard bars to expect
This ain’t no PA role, all my bars is correct
I said this ain’t no PA role, that’s no parole, I’m ’bout to bar him to death
These TEC twins, best friends, ready to go through whatever
When shit’s rough, I’m like that counselor I hold them together
It’s never one without the other, bitch they goin’ together
Now keep in mind, they Cheech & Chong they love smokin’ together
And we Rolling Up, but I ain’t tryin’ to burn no old Philly blunt
I’d rather have this bitch go get a Dutch so I can split it up
But I get kick from Backwoods, they slow when you fill ’em up
But he be on the papers, so an L ain’t what he really want
Now to catch that, ya gotta dig deeper in my rhymes to see how I was killin’ if you read between the lines
Nah, I said you gotta dig deeper in my rounds and you will see how I was killin’ Reed between them lines
I said we rollin’ up, he gon’ get burnt if he feel he blunt
I catch him and his bitch goin’ dutch and I’ma split ’em up
That kick back wood burn slow when I fill ’em up
And he’ll be on the papers so that L ain’t what he really want
I really punch, which is why you goin’ to die
You drop tier after tier (tear) like you going to cry
I get bored, you get aired, that means you go in the sky
To keep it plain (plane) that’s the part you’re (departure) goin’ to fly
Even if, you got a grip, will he squeeze? Yeah I doubt it
I disrespect him, while he got it
Just to see if he about it
I pull my dick out and have his mother on her knees tryin’ to down it
And to be extra extra, I’m tellin’ Reed (read) all about it
I heard you said you paved the way, and you right
But thanks to me, you got on the biggest stage of ya life
So please don’t say the “John” if you ain’t sayin’ it twice
And if you don’t add “Da Don’ you ain’t sayin’ it right

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