T-Rex vs. Daylyt [Lyrics] (Total Slaughter)

[Round 1: T-Rex]

Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many costumes he put on
It ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
This remind me of Hov versus Beans or either Kiss versus X nigga
I mean this ass whooping is actually gonna help Daylyt
It’s only gon make him better for the next nigga
To show em my forearm/four arm I get ya vest shot
I’m a vet nigga, that forearm will show you that arm strong
I’ll leave you stretched nigga
It’s either a car in his counter or a couch next to that Cortez nigga
I walk around with hands in my bag, I Dead Prez niggas
Dot Mob, we fuck with you nigga
Out of all of these stupid antics we let you do what you wanna do nigga
But these stupid suits is making me think you too comfortable nigga
I’m Donald Sterling, you on my team
But I don’t fuck with none of you niggas!
I’m letting the rain go/Durango try to Dodge em, squash em
One button could lift em, I garage em
Blaow! Put that Heat to his Calf, I Lebron em
Ratchet kickin in an elevator, I Solange ‘em
Fuck is your problem? You kill me with that tough talk
I let a couple of these wave, you’ll get brushed off
I walk up behind him with that I got a gun walk
It seem like Joe been pushing ya buttons/budden til shit jumpoff
My niggas is on deck when it come to war
Leave that chicken MC laying in his nugget sauce
His crew Italian leather, that’s butter soft
That clip is like an old record cuz it’s gon work perfect once I dust it off
I’m different okc, I’m Durant, I don’t miss a shot
Pistol/glock, wanna get ya block? It’ll be missiles shot
Kid you not, rub me the wrong way, it’ll be clip and glock
We use em and bring em back, it’s like a gat car rental spot
Word to Paris I’ll give his heel ten/Hilton
Then shoot up ya building, we’ll see how you building
That fast, I just kill everything you was building
No credit or cash, all we says is bring his bill in
I’m hip to what you think I know
And I’m hip to everything you don’t think I know
I’ll give em the 32 like 8 times 4
I just killed my buddy I’ll teach you how to take Daylyt soul (De La Soul)
And I ain’t really wanna battle Lyt, we both on the team
So if I lose it don’t matter right, they say brothers fight
That’s the reason I’m here thrashing Lyt
I’m shady with that .45 I show you how to satellite/saddle Lyt
See I’m leaving with this nigga head
This my motherfuckin brother but… THIS NIGGA DEAD!

[Round 1: Daylyt]

They done put me in a hell of a situation, shit hot
And yet I step foot on burning grounds
Cuz I gotta prove to y’all, the floor fire
Bars, I got a grip, I’ll be the supplier/soul plier
Acknowledge it, I gotta spit, so the show could be so liver/saliva
The king I remain, I leave no remains of your sire
I gotta split money, change the game
With a chain of flames to ghost riders/writers
How are we even? When I’m the show slider
The level I’m at called permanently unemployed for these boys
It gets no higher/hire
I am head to (?)
And as y’all can see this time spawn hasn’t forgot his cape
I’m just being modest
It’s a certain level of tolerance that I would just not tolerate
You one of them niggas that probably wanna give me a pound
But you gotta wait/weight
You fucked, but you don’t got a mate
Another nigga who probably wanna take me out but you don’t gotta date
How can I stop? I don’t got a brake
If you don’t wanna get planet/planted, give me a lot of space
It’s tense, I hope you got defense/the fence, cuz I obli-gate
Will I make it back home? I ain’t promised fate
I felt the problem soon as I got in state
Knowing that mother nature has cut the cow
So if I die over this beef, it’s my mistake / mama steak
But I’m here, the flow got him in
You who I’m a love next/necks, throat swallowing
The lost no tolerance for the win/wind I was on the trail to jack it/jacket
I’m attacking they coat/cult following
Hollering quill, but I move without looking, I let the bookin guide me
I’m Eli with the blurry sight, the same girl he nearly wifed
I look at Lux like when you gon get yo butt in (Joe Budden) the ring
To hear he (Tahiry) nice
But they don’t know what to think
So many punches they don’t know what to drink in this big picture
But I got the Kool aid man, oh yeah
I bust thru you all/wall with the big pitcher
Add that Sugar, he’ll/hill gang up on me
But they don’t realize I’m Hip-Hop from the start, Rappers Delight
And I shine, I’m align to that triangle in the sky, but it’s not an actual kite
I’m just hoping I get the win/wind
For my city, for my hood, for my son, for my promise
I look at the world and say “I Am Spawn! I got us!”

[Round 2: T-Rex]

Ayo this nigga is a weirdo, I spent my whole time in the crib
Thinking about what he’ll wear or what he might say
I hit my niggas like “yo, I got Daylyt”
They said “cool it should be a light day”
I have my niggas tap his heart twice, they’ll ‘like’ day
I’m Ice Cube shit I’ma get rich after I Fry day (Friday)
That shotty spark, break body parts, his name will be on a homi chart
I left him fucked like his body arched
Now he laying down on the ground getting his body chalked
Police don’t know where I’m at, I’m like Tommy (?)
You run ya mouth loosely, I come with my Uzi
Than I’m hitting all the members like a Slaughterhouse groupie
Shit I was raised the player way
If a nigga get out of line, that’s when that 8 will spray
Dump a clip on his mug like I’m dumpin the Gatorade
Nigga violate, shit get ugly as Flava Flav
It’ll be Daily News, all night they gon make the page
It’ll be Christmas Eve all night I’ma wait on Day
If I miss em they’re coming back to get em like layaway
I was taught you had to analyze
Mom said, what that mean? I said master the truth and the lies
Hammer come with a strap with no dance when I say hammer time
I’m shooting everybody in one shot, I’m like the camera guy
I know his freak well, let me give y’all the details
We called her LL by the way she rock T bells
And she choked over the balls like Sprewell
She sent a ex/x ups it said it’s email
Mouth crazy and wicked with the head
Sometimes she’ll tease a nigga and just be kissing on the head
She deep throatin until I’m nuttin have me twitching up my legs
Crazy part, the whole time this nigga kids was in her bed
See I’m leaving with this nigga head
This my motherfuckin brother but this nigga dead!

[Round 2: Daylyt]

Daylyt a.k.a. sun fire a.k.a. I am the hot round
Yeah I’m ticked off but you won’t get the clock sounds
Just because the event says Watch Loud
This time it’s a risk every second I see minutes hands turnin
But it’s not ours (hours)
As the clock towers I’m stressed
Knowing they wanna smoke one of the best and I’m sour
And I know if I be too/2 blunt I could probably come up missin
That’ll be a double joint they loss
Cuz the fingers I pointed at what G’s? Us! (Jesus)
And I hope they let me get my point across/a cross
Let’s have a conversation, you feel like you a foe? (UFO)
Well I’m not too fond of spaceships
Let’s put the metal down
I want all my beliebers to settle round, congregation
Look at all the shit I got stuck in, constipation
But you still gon see an animal in the stars, constellations
I was the first person, first person shooter, so here comes the Doom
When I draw, see them techs, Sean Paul/DMX ‘Here Comes The Boom’
I tell them niggas even with a hug I couldn’t hold back
You get left in the road flat, tragic storm, cold gat
He get hit with the old mack, Donald (?)
I ground the pal, clown get down
I got a nursery rhyme nine, I will go and bust round and round
You’ll get smoked with a box, that’s a loosie pack
Nigga I pop corns like movie snacks
They say birds run in packs, flamingos
Lift a arm, put a dot on a square, Bingo!
I will cave-man blocks, rock ya street, cock the heat
I drawers/draws more than boxer briefs
It’s scribble scrabble, all type of shit that I’m drawing
My arsenal like the chronicles of narnia I got all type of shit in my closet
Get ya shit lit on up, sprayed clown
Lit on up, laid down, James Brown couldn’t get on up

[Round 3: T-Rex]

It seems like niggas been coming at me on twitter, they been subtweeting
They don’t even @ me on Twitter
If you don’t @ me, then it ain’t @ me lil nigga
Fuck how tough you talk you can’t clap me thru Twitter
I mean what you gon do? Twitpic a shell?
Kill me in a tweet and do life in twitter jail?
I laugh at em to show that niggas ain’t thorough
It’s like I just won a prize the way I gave em the medal/metal
Now laying in the dirt, you’ll be better off
A gut shot will make the EMS cut his sweater off
Never off, hit the homicide cuz his head his off
It’s crazy how the vest on but his head is off
It’s gat season, pick up the mac, squeezing
His peoples is going with em, I ain’t into flat leaving
The doctor said they pumping his chest, he back breathing
Well good, when he leave the hospital I’m back squeezing
Shit pop off on my dogs, I’m right there
That 40 wake a nigga out his sleep like a nightmare
It’s ideal, they don’t get the idea
To play around with one of my niggas with me, I dare
In the fabricated, I’m talking facts, 44 take limbs off like a shark attack
Virgo, in love with my Taurus, she gorgeous
Loud as a man that’s 300 pounds and he snoring
See you not mature, I get greasy as amoral
I’m the one that answer the phone when the drama call
Stupid is how stupid does, stupid guys
They talk stupid bout Rex get shot stupid times
Hammer come and go, I got a stupid nine
And I got the money to run, I ain’t gon do the time
These niggas get too big for they bridges, til they staple em
The wounds was too big for some stitches
See I don’t play right, we’ll shoot up ya broad in broad daylight
A left right we’ll make his eye close/clothes off on stage, Daylyt
See I’m leaving with this nigga head
You my motherfuckin nigga, but this nigga dead!

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