Daylyt vs. Charlie Clips [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]
Now I told niggas I would fry Day (Friday) before the week is out
Never knew that little bar was really meaning a lot
How ironic, I gotta kill a nigga from out of Queen Of The Ring
To become that nigga at King of the Dot
I see you became best friends with Chilla, well
You better dial (DOW) Jones cuz you’re about to get three from the stock
I thought it was California Love, but I feel it’s All Eyez on Me
So which one of you niggas want to have a meeting with Pac?
MK, MK, I’m a vampire, I don’t like daylight, I’d rather shoot dawg
Shotgun blowing in a crip nigga mouth, but it ain’t Snoop Dogg
I run with some Outlawz that’ll roof dog
They crazy, let they ratchet buck, an LBC crew that’ll stomp him
Now Daz Kurupt, should I use a nine, automatic, or maybe the blade?
Whatever I use’ll push this bitch wig back that’s the Lady Of Rage
I’ll run up on him while he on stage call your DJ bitch
Turn tables over, he try to run, I hope your DJ Quik
Cuz MC’ll get the Hammer right to your Left Eye, I give him four rounds
I ain’t even bring my own gun to Cali I got my Dogg Pound
Give him all rounds the shot shot’ll lift his skin
He’ll be white by the time the Doctor find him, shout out to Eminem
MK.. MK..
Now you did a MK mortal combat scheme against Chilla
Now you got a bear in your sight
You gon see Death in a Row
Cuz the whole time I did MK it stood for Marion Knight
That’s Suge, I’m in your hood, I start airing the pipe
I hit these Crip niggas, make everyone in Blue, Jet
Without preparing a flight, nigga I’m nice
I flew all the way to Cali’ just to make sure you pass away
A bulimic model at breakfast time, you’re eating half the trey
I’ll catch him while he picking his son up from school
You know what I do? I blast away
Split him in half, his son stayed in school but still saw a half a/of Day
Listen I ain’t your average battler Devon
I’m a different terror, got a fifty nine and a fifty
I’ll blow your fitted into a different Era
Got a long ratchet that Shooney, I get that bitch to air ya
If she miss you’ll still get a funeral from the small ratchet
That’s her sister Phara
Off the top, I’m too nice like if you ain’t got extensions
Imagine this bitch trying to weaving a jab
Shout out to TDE, because today every shot gon’ hit him
He’s going to have to leave in a cab
I’ll throw a bullet like the nigga from the movie Wanted
So when I’m squeezing the Mag the shit’ll go through
Go through you, make Ab-Soul duck, hit you
And make your soul leave through your abs, that’s round one

[Round 1: Daylyt]

What they gon be saying is Clips lost today
Fuck I gotta slow that down already?
What they gon be saying is Clips lost to Day
And that goes to all the mothafuckas
At Unbias who never thought it’d happen
My attitude is welcome to the ghetto bitch with a attitude
Let’s start the snapping
The crowd will holla Day (Holiday) early, due to my Gift
Which is presence/presents, let’s start the wrapping/rapping
A loss, one Day notice, let me pull a move out
A new box for you, like I started packing
See what a man do? They know
Day flow the new Baio, I started blacking
I slowly poke my chest out with these lines
I’m the pacemaker, I’m hard/heart attacking
You been on a winning streak but I’m the win-breaker, Starter Jacket
I take money for a ride, I applied for the job of cab man
Wrong, I would (wood) log in on homes, that’s called a cabin
No, I’ma just go a little apes and the flow fly, who called Aladdin
Cut the Jazz, man (Jasmine), I need a boo (Abu) who
Be on call with texts/techs, mobile phone
A couple rounds will make ya house roll out, mobile home
Ya bro is on? We put one through his tee, too (T2) total chrome
Get DNA X’d, chromosome
The cost… Is another kid from N.Y. who lost, leave Home Alone
I got one 2-2, I’m so in zone
It could get ugly bitch, the game is stale
I go retarded on stage, my name Lil Darryl
The Smack list is the blackfish, who y’all savin’ well (whale)
Nigga we bust chrome
The heat done put more niggas to sleep than a Jigglypuff song
What the fuck’s wrong? I bust chrome, I do him in a greasy way
Two Four’s leave six ate, who do we appreciate? He think escape?
I got a Asian bitch that “make sure you hurry up and die”
Fuck with you wherever you go, “hurry up and buy”
My crew gotta watch ya, tool cock and pop ya
You want more? We lift up two rocket launchers
Leave your man slumped, NBA Jam pump
All you gon’ hear is “Boomshakalaka!”
I go double noodles like two pots of pastas
These Tupac imposters ain’t bout that Thug, Life, yeah
Why would he (Woody) beef in this Toy Story
When I’m the one who got the buzz, this is Lightyear, type queers
Nina won’t leave that ass alone, she like to flirt
Arms swing, teach you how to Duggie, you like to Jerk
One shot ‘a air out his neck, you like to burp
You look wrong, I give your I-90, you like the Chirp
That was a hard line pro, I like the perp
These niggas ‘a be getting Kilt, they life a skirt
One punch push his mouth to the side, he like to smirk
Little nigga get his whole body blew/blue, you like the Smurfs
I spot a fake nigga from a mile away, you dyke berserk
One call, put his face in a box, use Skype to murk
You thought one button was gone save your ass from dying?
Who Life Alert?
Big nigga answers your door, *ding dong* “who is it?” true life of Lurch
Here, take a couple of them messy-cans, who like the work
Long strap give you a bag, you like the purse
Get his ass popped on cam, you like to twerk
Get planted with a big round, you like the Earth
I told these niggas I’m so gritty, I had to kill him for my whole city
Another NY legend, who died in Cali, it’s No Biggie
And I don’t give a fuck about you, we are not friends my nigga
Tupac was originally from East Coast
So that mean we killed two N.Y. niggas

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

I watched one of your battles the other day
And I was thinking to myself like, “where the game went?”
It’s about 3,694 battle rappers today, and they all spitting the same shit
What happened to you Day? I see you doing a bunch of lame shit
You used to have them fuckin bars now every time I turn around
You trying to win a battle strictly off name flips
Like what it is Day, if I reach to give you a five I ain’t yo friend Day
11:59, but that’s P.M. I’m bout to end Day
Got a Ocho and a Nueve, blakka, no comprende?
No matter what time of the week it is, I don’t lose, I wins, Day (Wednesday)
I called Ill Will’s Jamaican connect like “Yo, you know my son Day?” (Sunday)
He said “Rass Clot from L.A.? Yea I know the mon Day”
He said send his head one way, shot hit him, push him that-a-way
I had to Fry Day the day after Friday
It won’t be a sadder day (Saturday), but let’s put that away
I ain’t trying to kill you with name flips
But I bet he does a bunch of cartoon bars or some video game flips
What happened to all the “you’ll get Capped in America” stuff?
That was flame shit
Now every time I turn around you always doing some lame shit
It’s always Goku this or Gohan that when you spit it bro
Okay, you love draggin’ balls (DragonBall), I get it bro
My side bitch called me like
“Could you imagine boo (Majin Buu) if you hit it slow?”
But I got a girl so I pay her a lot of green to keep my pickle low (Piccolo)
She bad, Summer Madness crowd wouldn’t boo ma (Bulma)
Her name’s Chanel, she a diva
I hit it once, I went ape, now she could tell, I’m a leader
*Kahhh-mmee* Nigga please, you’ll get a shell from the heater
For you to survive the Dots will have to put your Cell in a Freezer (Freiza)
Speaking of sell, we in L.A. a lot of platinum albums were sold here
You nice, but with all them Super saying (Saiyans)
The most you can do is go gold here (hair)
I let that four flare, point the deuce, throw the beam in your mouth
Do the fusion dance with Chilla and then scheme in your house
I battle ten times a year my nigga and I’m never seen in a drought
Watch your mouth. You better weave or get this beam to your scalp
Run your lips, I gun your shit. Throw this beam in your mouth
Christina Milian, when I get mad you’ll find his DREAMs on the couch
I told y’all it’d be a Total Slaughter, when the gun bussin his shit
I let this arsenal spit in your face for 90 seconds
But Joe Buddens ain’t judging this shit
Talk about you’ll give me the open hand, fist and the deuce
And y’all believe him
I’ll have the one pointing before he get to the deuce that’s odds and even
Boy I’m nice, you win some and you lose some, you lost this one

[Round 2: Daylyt]

In the hood they charge 1 K for one ‘K
And to keep it a buck (100) X (10), that’s why everybody remaining a G
They eyeless pilot fly, precision division is plane/plain as can be
Them niggas take flight on sight; I said I am the old Jedi
Yo the (Yoda) crowd notice everything it ‘a slash
I slice bricks, with a bright line to fight with
Light saber anything in its path
The staff feel like Oh, B Won (Obi-Wan)? This so you C’ Know, B
It take you outta that ring like you divorced
And I trained a little, trolley form, Johnny Storm
It’ll be just another Human Torch
When I put that flame on niggas
One thing we got in common is we can Rock Man, but I rest killers
You say they Missed-a (Mr.) Fantastic line?
That’s cuz it was a STRETCH nigga
I’m the best, nigga, they put you in a Trap, meaning beating
I got the sound to the South
I’m nice, he knew, it’s a igloo, I got a cold round for the house
But chill, I WILL find HAPPYNESS, my PURSUIT is going fine
Crew is gonna shine, we shoot at his feet, dance Clips
Do it for the Vine
I shine, through that hard knock life but it ain’t no anti-skipping
And he crippin’, look at the can he gripping
The long whistle will put a end to your show, Andy Griffith
Pump Yosemite, Amityville Horror
Granny will feel sorrow, when the rides come
I tell her don’t cry, sis, this is just a standard crisis
He gone figure out who Christ is when I send you to God’s son
And that’s on my Godson, soon as I got the infrared like I got son
My mode turned off cuz at first I was in for Red (Infared), but I got sun
So my old mission was cancelled but I still lift that infrared
Send you to God, son
Mode: I am ahead by a big amount, I’m in Fred the God Son mode
My girl with the business too, she aims
When she get in her killing zone, see brains
With the chrome, she William Hung, “She Bangs”

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

How long it took to prepare for Day? A day
Nah, it was more like a week and a half
Worked on my rhymes on Monday, was finished by Friday
Then the whole weekend I crashed
Woke up another day, watched his battles
Then the whole weekend I laughed
Cuz I realized he don’t deserve a bar, you’re not really a star
All of your antics are, so why not speak to your mask
What I look like putting you on my fuckin face?
I didn’t fly out to Cali to look like no damn fool
When I put you on my face it’s to hurt something for real
I’m not trying to battle rap and get no damn views
When niggas put you on they face it mean murder
I remember seeing your face every night on the damn news
I even remember you on Bishop face
When he robbed Old Man Quillus with his man Q
But now you just jumping on any nigga face, mask
And honestly I can’t take it
How you go from Schoolboy Q and Young Buck album
To a battle rapper that’s getting naked?
You belong on the faces of niggas
That’s doing all the killing, all the robbing and torture
Instead you on the face of a nigga
That’s killing battle rap and robbing the culture
You gotta stop this shit, face mask
When I murder niggas I leave ‘em with no trace
You want your niggas to look they killa in the eye
I rather you look your killa in his whole face
So you could remember the niggas from the East Coast
That stripped you of your pride and your glory
Real niggas don’t need a face mask
I don’t plan for you to live to tell your side of the story
To the Batmobile, nigga shut the fuck up, you and that silly slogan
You and Roc both Dot Mob, but his buzz is really growing
See Roc the Dot that’s on top of this dot, I mean it’s really showing
Cuz he the Dot at the bottom that’s always getting curved
That’s a semi-colon
You really thought you’d be ahead of Mook my nigga? C’mon Day, stop
Your name will forever be behind Mookie, you Blaylock
That trey pop, his moms won’t even recognize him when his face drop
In order for the cops to know if “that’s light (Lyt)”
They had to call in Tay Roc
Nigga that’s bars, plus schemes, plus delivery, nigga that was a true finish
They paid money to hear classics they don’t wanna see your new gimmick
Your name is Daylyt, but your skin is midnight, you need a new image
Now you better thank Lush and God
That these rounds was only two minutes

[Round 3: Daylyt]

I remember that time on URL that I never spent
I got paid to do a battle that never happened, and I kept every cent
You smell me? Tell B I kept scorchin’ to that Whoville
Horton, a God to that U.R.L event (Elephant)
Who say they the world and all I keep hearing is
These little voices telling me you can’t copy respect, it’s trust
Same people who feel like they world is everything
But all I see is a speck of dust
Had to look up the plot to Horton Hears a Who to fully get this
Irrelevant niggas want a piece of me, I tell ‘em it’s no slice
They hunger, isn’t never to slumber
I do my numbers on a square, the element’s so dice
But I gives no fucks, I’m celibate
And I’m bugging off the top; where I’m headed is fro lice
The flow elegant, Straight kitchen, when Day spitting,
Consider it great stitching: I tell them I’m so/sew nice.
But I’m bout to go in, bree, yo (embryo) another lil fella with no life
You better abort, shun (abortion), ‘fore you see what the lead did
Quill, I stillbirth the new style, so the feat (defeat) is (fetus) guaranteed
You’ll be dead, kid
It was over before you came out, lil fella, miscarriage
That’s a toddler, tragedy, Dizaster said I’m a bastard,
Cuz I don’t give a fuck about son & I’m your father, apparently (a parent)
But what I inherited is a slug, man, and a gun to pound with
What you gon inherit is Harriet Tubman, you going underground, bitch
And that’s for railroads, I had to give him the clip
What I gotta put that it in “Grindin” or something?
I said that Pharell road, I had to give him the Clipse
They said my antics killing this shit
Well check my momentum, I need all viewers
I took the West from inches to a foot every yard, we all rulers
That last battle I had with Ice, chess/chest, we are cooler
Y’all bout to see B rest (breast) while I’m eating, we are Hooters
I been searching for this little boy all night, we are cougars
You sleep on me, you get kilt in your dream, we are Kruger
Fine; get smoked with a lines, we are hookahs
Clips is a clear joke, these are bloopers
I go fire on that last level, we are Koopa
Everybody in that van draws (Vandross), we are Luther
Standing there with the gauge soon as you arrive, we are loopers
That power range rip off shit, V.R. Troopers
First of all, don’t hype his pride
To kill you, I was searching for the right disguise
So fuck this mask, I want you to look your killer in the eyes…
I told you nigga this is Day city
I don’t know what the fuck y’all thought in they city
Dog get aired with a round to the mouth, play frisbee
He said I’m on my bi-polar shit
I tell him I’m on my straight grizzly, this is a tragic spoof
When I shoot dog, I’ll mute dog, you won’t have a roof/woof

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