Tsu Surf vs. Hitman Holla [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

First thing I hear when I touch down is “yo Surf the Midwest grooving
Such and such nice, what’s his name doing his numbers
And I don’t see the Midwest losing”
Well I could think of a few Verbs, for the niggas that think they Ill
I come thru the Midwest cruising, X all Factor’s
Hit all men trying to Holla, aye Hitman let me holla at you
I brought enough for you and ShowwOutt and anybody that show out
Already got my other half, I’ll clear this fuckin show out
Bout to get this nigga dressed, no he ain’t about to go out
I need that old Hitman, tank top with the rope out
Yett Yett what? This 60’s shit is something you don’t know bout
You said you wanted to ride, well Gerald let’s roll out
Me and my strap got two different visions but I see hands so clear
Mines going out blazing, clips droppin, no fear
Look like a car crash, he get the whole bag, no air
That trey see morgue and (Tracy Morgan) he don’t wanna go there
They say Tsu Surf cold but all he talk about is hoopin
Cuz I feel like I’m shooting when I squirt pounds
As long as them cans is (Kansas) close
His wig in (Wiggins) by the first round
If it’s hard but not real
I don’t care about ya bar he (Jabari) get 2 to the chest
I slid up on DUKE and drew (Andrew) with Finesse
My big homie told me how them streets play out is wild
That mean if this mark is smart (DeMarcus Smart) he’ll stay out the crowd
How you average 26.6, moonwalk on skates, and clap heat?
You are not a shooter, feet, hand, sticks I’ma do ya
That’s how I’ma do you,
Raised from that Croc pool, send some piranhas to ya
Send Hitman up to god, can I get a Hallelujah?
I’m always reachin cuz a paranoia trip is way better than nervous
Chilled against Charlie but still here
I think I handled that Clip better than Curtis
So Hitman will front and Showwoutt is back
Boy I make Hitman front show out his back
Fuck Cable this could happen on demand, it’s go time
Was on the net flickin thru ya music, got bored in no time
How much you weighin brother?
It don’t really matter when it’s yo time
I send ‘em mac’s (Cinemax) he pay per round, Verb, “It’s Showtime”
And every single nigga you see me with, I clap for ‘em
Gotta give em six (sixth) man, can he? (Kenny)
Better pray Antoine come back for em
They say Surf reach a lot, maybe cuz Surf reach a lot
This new Cal I’m buying stupid, period, I’ll teach a block
Columbine, period, teacher, block
This gun talk 101, I can teach a block
I don’t know about you but I ain’t trying to get shot for shit
It became so normal, I reach when I ain’t got the shit
I ain’t a Proving Ground nigga, the same proving ground nigga
Been getting a million views, what you proving now nigga?

[Round 1: Hitman Holla]

Besides the fact you got killed in ya last war
You said you want that Hitman with that rope chain and that tank top
Be careful what you ask for
Fuck you and any nigga that cosign him
Man I’ll hold ya daughter over the boat like “Surf your daddy?”
“Yeahh” “Well go find em!”
It’s a wrap now, two big 40’s and a mac round
The Shotgun I brought do way more than a pat down
You Crippin? I roll with B’s
You talking all that basketball shit
Til I Eurostep with the switchblade and X em, Overseas
Me lose tonight? No fuckin way
Smack, do not call time cuz I got a lot of shit I gotta fuckin say
Example, I made my own name my nigga, I was in top form
I came to the stage, the people they got they popcorn
They call you Tsu Surf cuz you waited on a Loaded Lux cosign wave
And hopped on that’s bitch shit, riding a nigga dick that some sissy shit
Well I’m strapped in ya neighborhood with 2 30’s
Let’s see if y’all really about that 60’s shit
Honestly fuck who came with you tonight y’all all lunch
I got a brand new black mac-90 with no rubber grip
That’s for the RAW bunch
You seen what I did to Ars and Red? This your way to learn
Man I done hung up more Jersey niggas than David Stern
I’m pissed and I’m not in the mood, don’t talk slick to me
I’m gifted, I win off presence/presents no Christmas Tree
I’m way too much, to win you need a glitch from me
I’m Stevie Wonder, subtitles don’t mean shit to me
Y’all praise him for getting booked for possession?
I’m finna say, what y’all happy he floss with it?
Cuz where I’m from we praise the shooters
Not the niggas that get caught with it
Man I’m undefeated with a weapon, shit, I’m a boss nigga
And it’s Loaded fuck Lux, this Calicoe ain’t lost nigga
My Boyz N Tha Hood, I brought plenty convicts
And death is the answer to any conflict
You brought Suge, I’m like “Why? That nigga’s a bitch”
We ain’t seen Shotgun put in work since Ricky got hit
Fuck peace I like the streets, shots and sirens
Whole hood got jobs cuz the block is hiring
Potato on the deadbeat, that mean the Pop is silent
Me & my niggas’ll walk thru ya neighborhood
Like we tryna stop the violence
Chill ‘fore I flash one, remix that blast son
Showwoutt: “Holla let me get em!”Nah you fucked up my last one
I’m thinkin bout shootin a nigga, pull that beam out
Shots go right thru his chest, rip his spleen out
The Doctors pull his dreams out, his mama…
Showoutt: “Fuck that Holla, I’ll knock em clean out!”
Say it again? Fuck it I’ma remix it
Chill ‘fore I flash one, remix that blast son
Showoutt: “Holla let me get em!”Nah you fucked up my last one
Showoutt: “Holla let me get em!”Nah you fucked up my last one
I’m thinkin bout shootin a nigga, pull that beam out
Shots go right thru his chest, rip his spleen out
Shots, shots, shots go right thru his chest, rip his spleen out
The Doctors pull his dreams out, his mama…
Showoutt: “Fuck that Holla- fuck that Holla- fuck that Holla
I’ll knock em clean out!”
They ask why always use Showoutt as a prop, be motherfuckin cuz
That nigga ain’t a prop, that’s my motherfuckin blood
Big Gerald raised us on that motherfuckin belt
And said fuck a fair fight that other brother better help!
Speaking of fight, y’all thought that scuffle was fake and I hate that
It wasn’t a big deal for real, y’all made it that
Well I’m calling niggas bluff, Surf let’s have a cage match
Can’t nobody leave til a nigga dead, stage that
Whole bunch of mics on his head, I parade that
Uppercut and swing like an Atlanta Brave cat
Tay Roc keep my motherfuckin name out ya mouth lil nigga
I’ll expose you
If you need help just say you need help, I’ll mold you
It’s either that or get a casket bed, they’ll close you
His bitch will have to open the box to see Roc like a proposal
Anybody taking bets shit, where the bets clowns?
I’ma let you in on a hint, this ain’t even my best round
What’s big money to small change?!
Two words after this… BALL GAME!

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

See that’s where I can agree with you
That nigga from B-more, sometimes I wanna clothesline ‘em
Dump em somewhere, and let somebody nobody knows find em
Cops and the dog, y’all wake me up when those find em
Tay get a tombstone, you see Roc on the Roc like Hov signed em
Okay I got caught with the strap, fuck it I did a bid with it
Thank god they caught em for possession
And they ain’t catch em for what he did with it
I’m wherever Yett Yett at, strap out, it ain’t in the tuck
You might have a Calicoe Loaded with Hollows so
A good six rounds could just be beginners luck
I came to murder something
I mean you got a few wins yeah that could be true
But I also know ShowwOutt got just as many wins as you
I can’t be mad at ShowwOutt but if you take Show out
Nobody that catch the gun will catch you
Somebody tell me what this show bout?
What you gon do? Slide up on me like baggage claim
Re-remix, then clap me up kill?
Wait-a-minute ya lil brother took the tab on that bill
If I could reload with the same bullets that I shot with
I’m bout to stuff these Mossberg shells in this glock clip
Queen Latifah Set It Off mask, jump in the 380
Cops catch em, fuck it, it was ugly he could plead crazy
Lock pick the door, “Errrrhhh!!” they sleep baby
See ya son“BAH!!”I G Baby, G Baby
What I need to Remix it or something? Nah, I won’t
Slide Smack a stack to get it in the building, you ain’t getting far
Fucc I gotta put it in subtitles? You ain’t get the bar?
Nigga you can’t Reed/read it ain’t in the car
This brand new Nina, who gon take one for the team?
That was mean, hella body
But this pump like a jump, that bitch down to hit everybody
With a ladder long clip, that’s for when we ride tho
That’s ya lil man, when we catch em, he dying bro
Hit em with a 60 second clip to/the slide Show
I got double 9’s, my mans got double 9’s, we’ll shake shit
I’ll let a round off from this semi tuck, that’s a great flip
He let a round off from that semi tuck another great flip
Boy we’ll put 2 and 2 together like it make sense
When was ya last body? Phara and Shooney? That shit bored me
Only time I’m coming/cumin at 2 bitches is an orgy
I just cop some new bullets, I call em edibles
Is he a G? No (Geno) a Smith in his back will be terrible
My logic is if I send 100 shots he can’t duck em all
Clip of hot peppers, Holla I’ll pin yo (Jalapeño) head to the fuckin wall
And if I gotta ride or something, all black disguise or something
Timbos, cargos, mask with a 9 or something
You gon need God, hiding tips from Sudaam or something
Mike Brown, that boy gon die for nothing

[Round 2: Hitman Holla]

You asked when’s the last time I bodied… Phara & Shooney?
When the last time you bodied a nigga?
That nigga from the S.O.N.S? Stop y’all need to quit
D boys the only niggas that brag about getting rid of Bricks/Brixx
You had a classic vers’ Shine but he ain’t really shit
You shine vers’ X but that was really it
My right hand man will shoot you, then plead the fifth
But why? When I can give my own shot like I ain’t need the pick
My homie said “who?” I said “all” I ain’t need to pick
The scope, I went right thru the screen like I ain’t need the switch
Fresh out of retirement, yeah, they don’t like that
.45, bald head, they yellin Mike back
King of performance, yeah, they yellin Mike back
Worldstar TKO’s, they yelling Mike back
Kill one of mine that’s cool, I’m comin right back
And kill two of yours and make you come get a life back
That internet beef you be on will get ya wife snatched
That money Smack gave you tonight will get ya wife back
So what if I’m whoopin yo ass Surf… (Fight back!)
You be sleepin on Budden couch like that’s ya father
Well what’s all that rappin’ for?
What’s all that kidnapping niggas for bricks and all that trappin for?
Man stop, I’ll clap the 4, kill Surf
He gon have to bury his son, I’ll Jackson Joe
Man what time ya girl get off? We in that van waiting
We all in the front yard like we landscaping
We all in ya living room with the cans blazing
Boo bop, bop bop bop bop!
Ain’t Red ya man just tell me give you that translation
I watched Goodz big boy you
What kind of star lets another nigga tell em go run a pack?
What you ain’t have them gadgets Blitty?
Well it’s gon be Perfection how this KOD if Tsu’s ever in me or Magic City
Oh y’all ain’t catch that? This Jersey Girl getting zipped up
In other words I got that metal on stage like a strip club
Random: but Suge so fuckin terrible…
I could’ve beat both of y’all, same night
If they was on stage measuring hearts
Me and Suge would be the same height
Or Tsu Surf’s gon be a watery death, broad day, plain sight
His momma gon have to wear a bathing suit
And scuba gear to visit the grave site
If I use this heavy metal
Y’all gon have the crowd Surf and ‘em in the ambulance
Fuck y’all waiting on that subtitle or something?
I said if I use this heavy metal
Y’all gon have to crowd surf em to the ambulance
Fuck y’all waiting to remix that subtitle or something?
I said if I use this heavy metal y’all gon have to crowd surf em to the
Crowd surf em to the, crowd surf em to the ambulance
I’m just trying to get on the same page as you
How Arsonal and Red left you booked, Shotgun made you ride solo
And these the niggas that’s on stage with you?
That wasn’t played well, cuz I guarantee if that was me
Magic, Ill & Verb would’ve spent every goddamn night in Detroit
Until I made bail
It was 4 of them, 1 pistol, you was gon raise hell?
If it’s 4 of us it’s 4 pistols, we would’ve all had to sit in that same cell
But now it’s “hee-hee-haa-haa” man that’s weak shit
And how ironic
That this college nigga hippin this hood nigga on some street shit
I mean I could talk about how you be reach-
I’ma save that for round 3 bitch!
Ball Game

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

I hear everything you saying, but let’s discuss something that’s apparent
Hitman Holla, COLD KILLA! But Gerald Fulton grew up with both parents
Now I’m not knocking having both parents
But your situation wasn’t the worst like…
Everything mommy ain’t have on the 15th, Daddy could cover on the 1st
He probably taught you that 5 step drop back
And that spiral almost amazingly
I taught myself you gotta ease off that trigger slow
Let that hammer up simultaneously
He probably taught you bout the birds and the bees
Chlamydia, clap and all about crabs
Man them niggas was out the window with the bird throwing out B’s Clappin, calling out “crabs!”
You was at practice shootin if you miss you do suicides
Them niggas came thru shootin, that was our practice
If we miss that was suicide
Every time I feel some type of way about my hood
These family niggas be reminding me
See we both real niggas but you a different kind to me
Math, English, Lunch, you was on a different time then me
I pull up, gym, I pull out trigonometry
You had X squared over Y trying to find the remainder then add up
I’m asking my ex “why you asking me bout numbers? I’m tryin to bag up”
Ya father probably bought ya mother coat
All ya sports gear and ya brother boots
No football, these gloves wasn’t for baseball
This face mask was for other use
Ya mother was at the game, cardboard colors, fresh signs
My mother was in pain, you wanna speak to the inmate, press 9
You get off the court, woo! Daddy right there “congratulations you did it”
I won’t say I’m jealous
But me and mommy had to wait to Wednesday to kick it
I know you won’t get it, shit I have flashbacks when I spit it
But Wednesday and Thursday that was assigned visits
I just feel like Big Gerald John Witherspoon and you Craig
What you doing with that glock?
I mean back on the west side they ain’t have guns we had these to rock
I admit if I was in his position I probably would’ve stopped
We got so much in common, both protected by them pops
The moral of this story: all that fuckin school and you ain’t learn shit!
Put him in my hood one time boy (tomboy) and you’ll turn bitch
If Verb would’ve holla’d for my father, he wouldn’t have heard shit!
If you say you was wrestling in the streets, you a Stone Cold Stunner
You was home with ya mother watching wrestling
Rock, Raw, Chyna, Smackdown
We was in the trap house, raw, rock, china getting smacked down

[Round 3: Hitman Holla]

New Jersey was like the Celtics at one point in time, y’all had the big 4
KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo
But y’all all split up and started fallin off, it was only a matter of time tho
I see y’all lookin like, well who’s who?
Ars, he was once MVP, so that’s KG, that’s just right off the hunch
O-Red = Ray Allen cuz he probably the deadliest shooter out of the bunch
Won’t y’all help me think of somebody for Suge cuz I’m trying
I mean I could call Shotgun “The Truth” but… I’ll be lying
And Surf you Rondo, not cuz you be running shit
It’s cuz ya first name Rajon
Let’s bring that back, us, them, it ain’t hard to figure out
Who the ops? Hitman vs Arsonal
I got rid of that big ticket like I knew the cop
After that battle they looked at St. Louis and believed us
Hitman vs O-Red, I called him Ray Allen cuz I sent that nigga to Jesus
Hitman vs Shotgun Suge, I’ma need a serious check
So that just leave Surf but, yet and still he ain’t a serious threat
Cuz I’m appalled how
Rajon ain’t been on point since his Parents/Pierce left
Everything from AR’s to glocks in his face
Chinese choppers, they sound different
You could tell they not from the states
“Braaackow! Braaackow” shit that’ll make Barack leave the states
My city got me paranoid, so I’m shooting at any cop on the chase
And if (?) jump in, he get it the same way
I kill his dog now me and Calicoe fighting the same case
We 2 different Rugrats cuz you a rat
And you tell what you seen for a hobby
I’m Angelica, that’s cuz I get mean with the Tommy
Y’all remember that Michael Jackson Motown glove?
Well I use that to clean up the Shotty
And left it on the scene… cops thought a nigga Billie Jean’d at the Homi
U R in the middle of that *CH-CH* that’s CHURCH
I mean before y’all say I’m hating, just explain to me
What church had to do with that situation?
Then you had the nerve to say
“I’m too advance for these niggas and it hurts”
No you just reach too fuckin much and they let it work
Well since they let you get away with it, let me try it, and I’ma do it worse
Check, code name, San Fran, that’s 49’s and when it burst
U R in the middle of that SF, that’s SURF
I see you over there lookin like “that last shit ain’t hit like that?”
But you would’ve screamed and went crazy when he say shit like that
Man I got them thangs like Tambourines, we clap at who ever
I treat your block like a URL card and SMACK it together
They found his body so distorted he was backwards together
Me & ShowwOutt the male version of Serena and Venus
Same parents but we swing rackets/ratchets together
I got some shit that’ll flip a nigga, he’ll tumble on the spot
I don’t even drink but I took some shots then I stumbled to his pops
I’m like “I brought them Nick Cannons, you know? Braataa Braataa
Man I be feeling like a Piston in Detroit when I’m drummin on the block
You either gon respect me or respect me, ain’t no in and out
Stay in ya lane, don’t cross over like an in-an-out
It’s real where I’m from, you playin, you took the scrimmage route
It’s all fun ‘til you laying with ya ligaments out
Surf I’m a beast, peep, I bring extender’s out
A star that’ll play with them birds, I took the Emmitt route
You Crippin’ on the net, in person what that image bout?
Mush him in his face, I’m just trying to see what his niggas bout
Ball game…

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