Shotgun Suge vs. Charron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Shotgun Suge]

I’m all in his house with the cal in hand, this heat tucked
My homie gon throw him over a high tower for thinkin he street tough
If he got a strap, he got it for nothing, he Officer Sweet Chuck
You look and smell like police
I should make you kiss the curb and bite down
Cuz this ain’t a battle, this a justice for Mike Brown
But why shoot em? When I can smack him til he change red
Hella kicks to his rain head, his eyes open but he brain dead
This .45 stretched him, no Pilates
These headshots make niggas forget how to use they body
I leave em there waiting to get picked all up
They like “Suge why you pickin on this white boy?”
Y’all must’ve forgot, these crackas picked on us
Slave ships they rented on us, slave trades they handed us up
We ain’t land on Plymouth Rock, motherfucker…
(Plymouth Rock landed on us)
I beat up chumps with this devin’ right
So jump! White boy and get bust like pressure pipes
I show em how with black hustle the white, that’s Wesley Snipes
I smack the shit outta Charron if he come incorrect
Smack called me to take his check
I tombstone Charron and won’t break a sweat
Cuz beefin with me make niggas wanna fake they death
You honky motherfuckers be killin blacks, that’s incorrect
I’ll march down ya block, 100 muslims, I am Malcolm X
I’m True to my Religion, no Jehovah, I’m at his front door (?)
You ready to meet your creator? Allah waitin
I kidnap your daughter to sell her body, don’t get her taken
That go for you, ya wifey, and ya boo, don’t get her Taken too/2
I got a gun connect, I be mailing the chrome
I find out where ya mother leave when I trail her (trailer) home
You trailer trash cheapskate, you don’t even pee straight
This .40 big as hell, this kick don’t got a release date
Y’all must’ve forgot, I grab heat and blaze fire
And make niggas tap that mac like Jay Tyler
I know y’all want more, that’s the end of the round
South that, get em the fuck outta here

[Round 1: Charron]

See we were supposed to battle in Toronto, it’s about to be legendary
But he ducked so I had to come here for him getting buried
He called himself Malcolm X, like if you come to Smack Charron
It’ll be X-tra scary
How are you Malcolm X when I’m the killer by any means necessary?
He wants to tap my pockets cuz I’m clowning MC’s
But wait, it’s because I’m skinny you tapped my pockets, you think I’m allowed to get teased
So wait he’s lookin for some money? You’re just (?) obese
Here’s 10 bucks
Buy some fuckin chicken nuggets & a quarter pounder with cheese
I would be amazed if he put up a good fight
Chris Brown’s VMA’s I’m fuckin up Suge’s Knight/night
You’re tight with Tsunami, think he’s poppin a tool
I bet they screaming Tsunami when you hop in a pool
You wanna bully a cracker, oh you thought you were cool?
This is Columbine, a white boy’s taking a Shotgun to school
Who’s wacker than Suge? I don’t have an answer
I wanted Surf or Red, not their back up dancer
I wrote a two minute round but this match don’t matter
I’m just wasting 40 Barrs like Jaz The Rapper
This battle isn’t judged but the fans were a member
DJ Premier; when I lay a beat down I’ll put a Scratch on your record
Beasley hates, he called me and had a temper
Like “Kill Suge, he ate all my pop tarts last September”
You must be high to think you’ll be back, the answer’s never
This a intervention, they want you off Smack forever
It’ll be a Total Slaughter when they first record this
Hollow vs Budden
I could beat this average Joe with my worst performance
When Suge gets booked for battles, the fans get 3-0’d
He does this for a paycheck and chokes, not with me though
I do this for the culture I ain’t got a ego
I’ll catch a body for $5 like Slaughter rico
You dissed Proof for attention cuz you’re soft and feeble
He tells racist jokes and pocket checks cuz his bars ain’t lethal
You frontin’ like a Street Fighter but you’re not my equal
You’re green with envy like Blanka
Cuz you’re only good for shocking people!
What is it about Proof that made you say fuck that guy?
If the Proof is in the pudding you should love that guy
He was running his mouth about the D then he’s gone
You backed out like a bitch and Ars’ nearly got beat on
The thing about Shotguns is that they’re place here, but it seems wrong
Cuz this Shotgun’s never gave his boys a shoulder they can lean on
They said I won’t do well on Smack, only in white crowds
I got a gun so small, I’m holding it RIGHT NOW
You told Swave you’d shoot his grandma, you’re a poser
I’ll do your grandma godfather style cuz Correy’s bolder
You better pray with a four leaf clover
I’ll point a K at him and Michael Corleon her
I’ll wait til you have wings like a Jordan poster
Then peace/piece out after you die like an organ donor
You like Marvwon in a half, check it do y’all see?
He used to battle at fat camp, loser got molested by Tall T
It’s round one I got a bag I need to fill
By the 3rd round you’ll be begging me to chill
Suge owns a record label this pen game is getting ill
You’re on Death Row cuz you’re behind these bars begging to get killed

[Round 2: Shotgun Suge]

Sugar tits, sugar cookies, Suge Knight, yo them Suge flips don’t apply
Cuz it’ll hurt his soul if a black man let em die
So you better watch your mouth before I wash it out
Like what’s that Grape Street shit you was blogging bout?
How you took my spot talkin a bunch of shit
I’m bout everything that come with this, I got jumped for this
I been lurkin, day and night, and months for this
I come from this, I even throw opposite’s in the trunk for this
Nigga what?! Nigga what?! I bust my gun for this
I took a father from his son for this
So don’t you ever in your stupid ass life
Talk about something you don’t know
Cuz where I’m from that’s an automatic headshot, that’s how it go
I’ll pull a Mossberg 5 on a rapper
These pellets ain’t Tuna how it spread on a cracker
This water too deep, you need lead work
He tried to dive in, I wet him head first
I kill a rat, the exterminator, it clap then burn a hater
This white boy be lying on his dick, the Shermanator
If he did get pussy he’d be paying to give her more
Cuz you look like the 40 year old virgin, when he was 24
I seen Charron sitting on a crate, he looked up, I looked down
I said “you like your coke raw or cooked up?”
He said “I smoke hard so my dome go wheels”
I said “oh, trills, cuz we serve coke like home cooked meals”
Let’s get one thing straight nigga, don’t think cuz you a nerd
I won’t take a razorblade across your face and it’s rusty
Let’s get another thing straight, add it up
It’s gon be a Dizaster if you touch me
Let’s get another thing straight, I got a .38, it pack 6 but let 3 clap
Let’s get another thing straight, aye Smack, setup Shine for that rematch

[Round 2: Charron]

Yo he called me the Shermanator, I ain’t surprised he did it
You only watched that movie cuz the word “Pie” was in it
You do features for $100 bucks, what a broke hoe
I came here by myself but you’re the one who’s dough low (dolo)
I’ll collab on a song with this hopeless loser
Just to kill him on a track like Tony Stewart
Your whole crew/cru cut since I’m primmin’ proper
White boy leaves Jersey inside out like the Clippers roster
Think it’s a tamed fight til you’re hit with a straight right
Eye (I) will be fuckin Puffy, Daylyt
You’re tight with Surf and Ars so you’re labeled as a threat
No one respects you for who you are you just made it off connects
It’s funny your name’s Jim/gym cuz if we based it off respect
Being SPOTTED with your SET is the only way you got a REP
Turn Jimmy to Jimmy Hoffa, where did this guy go?
Are you a Christian? Bale from this Canadian Psycho
If Jim carry/Carrey a Mask it’s a movie that I know
They’ll see Jimmy fallin/Fallon off like after Tonight Show
I know he would play the bully today
I would’ve killed you in Toronto and had you ghost in LA
We could’ve battled on Gladiator school, you’d be floating away
If we did this in front of Snoop we’d have Jimmy’s Bones on display
I’m suburban, god forgive me
Clean cut if Jim beam up like a shot of Whiskey
You forgot your lines against Collector, now they brought you cuz of pity
You haven’t been seen since you choked on Bill, Monica Lewinsky
Jim is short for James and you stay phony
You’re fat and washed up in the ring, James Tony
The fans want him gone I’m killin this James slowly
Take his head off on cam to get with a James Foley
Homie I’ll kill your whole crew, put up a mean wager
I’ll strip your block of cheddar if your cheese grater/greater
Look at me! Look at me when I’m killin you!
I am (M) on top, Speed Racer
If death is what you earn/urn I’ma cremater
You claim you sold drugs since a teenager
The last time you pushed a QP, you apologized to Qleen Paper
I know dudes that’ll front you bricks if you need paper
But it’ll pop off if you ain’t pushing keys like a screensaver
I brought enough caskets for your whole team to take
I’ll show up to your funeral and make the preacher dip
Matching suits for ya crew til ya teams equipped
When I Taylor Gangs, you’ll get left by a Rose on some Khalifa shit

[Round 3: Shotgun Suge]

If Charron show any type disrespect, I’ma spit in his face
Push his head in his neck, I heard you the type not to follow rules and shit
Well you know I’m handy with tools and shit
I take the soul/sole out like the shoes don’t fit
But fuck that, I step in house like “where the killers?”
Nah? I hit white boy’s family with the pounds like Where the Millers?
You fuckin Canadians is just like the rest, that’s how I feel
This shit for Trayvon, this for the real
I ate skittles in ya face nigga, hoodie on cuz I’m strapped for real
Call this a hate crime, shit gon make the news in the daytime
I let it rain, man it bang like Kemp on the baseline
I put something hot in his hat, atomic, this shit be shooting flames
A comet, when it blast you better be Gary Peyton fast or Super Sonic
When that banana clip then split
You like you bout to lose yourself, you better get a grip
Fuck you nervous or something? You smell like piss and shit
What ya life like nigga? I rise and shine before the sun do
What ya life like nigga?
Getting chased by the cops with nowhere to run to
What ya life like nigga?
Size 12 with a 13 cuz the snub don’t fit in the timbs
What ya life like? Big and black, can’t get a job cuz of the color of ya skin
What ya life like? I wanted to play ball but I was forced to track
What ya life like? When you was playing golf I was tokin crack
But you up here spittin like somebody believe you
You wanna rap nigga… I NEED to!
So you up here rappin’ trying to get a check?
Aye Smack! He gon get smacked trying to copy respect
Fuck outta here white boy!

[Round 3: Charron]

Since it’s round 3 I guess y’all expect me to do a flip
Remember when he said he’ll take out the sole just like the shoe don’t fit
Well guess what? Real talk, I am the great one
I kill em with free’s/freeze like SubZero
Don’t think we’re the same son, why you talking right now?
You’re saying for me to finish him, well he’s lame son
For me to finish him I’ll just take out his soul like Shang Sun
When I announced I’m battling Shotgun Sugar Tits
I apologized after on Twitter
Cuz I begged off Arsonal and had him for dinner
I killed the most viewed, this ain’t a match to consider
You don’t beat the game on expert then go back on beginner
Where’s my Don Demarco? Did people catch this?
If K-Shine was in my corner he’d be squeezing asses
You just bully people, easy tactics
I’m sick enough to buy Mayweather reading glasses
We were supposed to battle in Toronto but he needed practice
So I had to school em later on like evening classes
See that rhyme, it’s quite nice
And what was he saying man?
The whole round he was like saying I’m quite white
And he was saying what is your life like
Well you wanna know what my life’s like?
What you know about people laughing when you say you rap?
So you have to lie
What you know about introducing yourself to Norbes
But he thinks you’re the camera guy
You don’t, we live different lives, that’s real cracker shit
What do you know about having to meet your girlfriend… online
What you know about hearing that the party starts at 7
And you show up… on time
That’s real cracker shit
What you know about people pushing your books
And you getting bullied by the kids in the hall
What you know about your girl dumping you for black dude
Cuz your dick was too small
That’s real cracker shit!
Against Hollyhood you reenacted Juice, that stuff was raw
But on Q I’ll get Bishop to rush you dog
You told Smack “I’m not your son” you can’t claim me something’s wrong
He was almost your father but the lineup was too fuckin long
He’s like you’re crazy
“You know the first time you said that I was kinda trippin right
But guess what, I am crazy right, know what else? I don’t give a fuck”
I don’t give a fuck about ya man, I don’t give a fuck if you battle me
I don’t give a fuck about Suge or washed up rappers like Cassidy… Pow!
They’re tellin me I’m over our time, they saying I’m all over time boy
They haven’t seen you since you battled Bill Collector it’s been awhile boy
The whole time he called me racist, but I got the crowd on my side boy
So how’s it feel? You got 3-0’d by a white boy!

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