Aye Verb vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]

Yo fans view you as a king… I say to y’all, y’all stop it
Cuz what y’all view as a battle he only sees as all profit
So I come to you today, exposing a false prophet
Versus a Messiah returning to the people, they lost knowledge
You all gossip, don’t be fooled by this mans lord
My mind can’t be swayed by delusions of grandeur
The damn 4 pistol whip you, dig my kidney shot the meanest
Then hit you wit more bullets than the amount of kids we got between us
You get yo hair permed, manicures
You shouldn’t have made me start with it
St. Louis is all in yo blood, even your wrist got a arch in it
Since the mid 80’s I knew crack dealers that sported (?) stacy’s
They go to pot, whip crazy, til it got a yellow coat like Dick Tracy
I’m sick lately, I thought about it after an hour of travel
Verb, we bout to have a long talk like the tower of Babel
Lets get biblical, you nasty and ya hoes disgusted
That burning bush you talk to ain’t the same one Moses trusted
This the bar god, but you’d rather diss the bar god
These bars got em, make you lose religion and disregard god
Y’all let this heretic be loose with the tongue, y’all don’t even guard god
I should tuck my pistol and back hand the shit outta you
In front of your guard guy
I’m appalled at the thought that this bitch would play me
Ironic your name is “Chaz” cuz you gon hear that “Ch” in AZ
Crazy, these the coldest bars you gon get this winter
They doubted if I could eat in front of his presence/presents like Christmas dinner
That’s a fine girl you bring to your battles, that little cool gal tender
I was thinking about snatching her from this dude I’ll injure
I like your taste, that bitch is fine, but for that cream (Kareem)
Fuck your bars (Jubars) if I catch her in the Lou I’ll send her
Remember, you don’t wanna test me punk
His bars not having kicks is what go SB dunked
You get slumped and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Aye Verb]

When I first heard you rap I was like “daaayum that nigga’s cold!”
Then I found out you was 36 and I was like “daaayum that nigga’s old!”
But never the less you got the glow, and yo it’s so interesting
Ya rounds, how you assemble em
That penmanship, that relentlessness, is so remembering
But the difference is my level of play you get injured in
You got pads on playing with 3rd strings, you scrimmaging
You ain’t proven, you ain’t done nothing nigga you innocent
I got paid to come to yo level, I’m just visiting
In front of Verb you don’t belong hurr, you an immigrant
You can’t be my arch nemesis you got status of apprentices
You got bars, but I got bars… life sentences
You can’t see me, I all around black nigga that’s limo tint
Daylyt, John John, I swear I wasn’t gon kill again
Please forgive me your father, your son is about to sin again
It’s simpleton
We can’t go back and forth over the net, nigga that’s Wimbleton
I make those thoughts wander in your head like you remembering
I remember when, first time I shot at a nigga, I was trembling
Biting down all on my teeth, face grimacing
Pretty boy is what y’all see, it’s what my image is
Well let me give you the real me, a couple images
I was on foot with tan, a little tree on the side, that’s Timberland
And I learn how to treat that girl, I’m a gentleman
Tell yo bitch to open up wide, the dentist in
I’m in her face but I’m mostly her ass just like a dimple in
You from South Central LA? I don’t care where you live
Your white T I red/read that, I’m not illiterate
Bar God! Got me trippin on y’all soil
Heat rise than I wet that ride, come get your car boiled
Contract, put it in stone a beast come out, I’m a Gargoyle
Under the shell this nigga yellow inside, this nigga hard boiled
Aye Verb versus Danny Myers see what the fuss is about?
You say my name, they send that bread I come put blood in they mouth

[Round 2: Danny Myers]

Don’t make a fuckin sound
I light that M-16 covey covered ground
So the next time you “ride up” on a nigga it’s gon be on a hover round
You ol power up ass nigga, now face this predator action
Yo bars in ShowTime mode is my regular rappin
Verb, this that west shit, don’t ever disrespect it
You give em ShowTime, I give em Netflix
If a nigga call you a bitch, you call him a bitch back!
I’ll slap you like a bitch and yo bitch could get bitch slapped
We with that, drama shit, metal firing, fellow dying
I always got a leg up on these cats like Yellow Lion
That’s Voltron, hold time I be stomping him with the piece out
.40 under his chin, put his roof in the sky, that’s a tree house
I peep out all the places he be at
Then I start firing cuz I wet niggas when I want to (?) Scientist
Talking bout he keep thousands in his pocket
Watch them guns come wildin
A pair of ‘matics pump on his chest if I see 1 1,000
Guns pointed at 2 of his kids, he can let em die or he can pay
It’s like the results of a battle, but it’s going to one (2-1) either way
Bury this nigga 6 feet deep then let the shovel hit you
I’ll lay Aye Verb flat, let me level with you
Yo iffy team’s a joke, I’m ending this dude
Strong left, but if he seen both his chin will get bruised
Let me catch you flossin chains
You’ll be draggin off them rope like Ricky Steamboats finishing move
I don’t negotiate with busters, I just grip steel and clap
Til this pussy here/hair gone that’s a Brazilian wax
I caught Verb in traffic, he was in a trans am with some damn haters
I ain’t know what the fuck they was talking bout
That’s why I hit his trans later (translator)
No man greater, my team snatch em, they stick em into fours
Or I may just fif him with a Taurus/tourist
Feel me? Cuz if you was born on May 5th then you a Taurus
This is bars and these top tier niggas can’t ignore it
And even though he already on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole other round of this shit

[Round 2: Aye Verb]

Every time I give one of you niggas a shot I always hear this lame shit
“Verb ain’t never seen nothing like-”
Shut up suck I seent it all and all you niggas do the same shit
Y’all get in front me, rap y’all fucking heart out
But not hard enough to change shit
Cuz it ain’t about bars you meaty head motherfucker it’s how you say shit
2 minute rounds they ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck a preview, let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
Soooo It’s (SHOWTIME!)
Okay let’s get into that Verb shit, that wordsmith
This gift that I was cursed with, that flip a bird shit
Ride up, reverse it, shirts get rang out, that’s a purchase
Do a nigga greasy for that chicken, that’s churches
Shouts’ to where Durk lives, Chiraq nigga
I ride up, empty out that clip
Have em sittin up in the sit like the Imax nigga
This ain’t Danny vs Verb, this Verb vs my last verse, no comparison
The shit I do on this stage is ungodly, you can’t compare a sin
Shotgun, buck shots
You and ya brother both share blood, that’s the same pop
You and ya brother share blood, same Pop, this where the game stops
Time to put you nerds in line, Gamestop
30 seconds left I’m proving y’all that I’m ice cold
Soooo it’s (SHOWTIME!)
But I’m done talking to Mr. Myers, these bars for his wife though
Hey Mrs. Myers, you ain’t a bad bitch, you look bad, bitch
Swagless, dirty, bathless, you could keep the pussy let em have it
I take that ass bitch, for a week and a half, til her ass rips
She’ll shit acid and piss ashes
Aye Verb versus Danny Myers see what the fuss is about?
You say my name, they send that check I come put blood in they mouth

[Round 3: Danny Myers]

St. Louis just had a riot, but instead of firing steel at PD
This nigga was looting at the mall trying to steal a TV
That’s the difference between us, he ain’t as real as y’all think
During the Rodney King riot, I was plotting on how to deal with the tanks
We ride for ours, burn the city down to that injustice
Tonight one of our careers gotta end, just his
This sickness in my mind, the insanity intruding
I’ll chop your parents up & put em back together that’s a family reunion
We tote iron, .45, 9, both firing
Shooting this St. Louis nigga, look like I’m ShowTiming
If he talking shit at 11 it’s no chances taken
My gun will be out the house by 12 like it’s emancipated
Pistol in my hand, he got his back turned, he shouldn’t of played us
I whip this gat from the back to the front, this a wave brush
I was gon rob you at the end of this battle
But I’m trying to break away from my old habits
But I told my niggas if he wears anything gold, jack it (jacket)
We run in his house, break his ribs and his skull crackin
Then leave his baby wet all day, I’m so ratchet
I’m a professional killer, I’m breaking in his house he better fear the skill
I bumped into a lock in my face, I know how to clear a seal (Clearisil)
Caught his bitch havin dinner, I’m on that gentleman shit
A few bucks and her cents on the table, that’s a generous tip
You wanna fight nigga? I’ll bring you the death you need
Cuz real shit, street niggas never felt you king
Didn’t Mark McGuire play for y’all? That should let you know
St. Louis need extra shit to help you swing
I’m mean, at the same time ain’t nobody nice as Myers
Yo bitch be-heading everybody like ISIS fighters
Nigga I’m a lyricist, I ring with both of these bitches
I’m a pessimist, I’m serious, I’m even melting the DJ
When I drop St. Louis on a Philadelphia Freeway
No leeway and you on the ground with this shit
Thank the lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Aye Verb]

In my 3rd rounds I like to talk to these niggas cuz I got the voice to
I could just punchline all day, but I got the choice to
On some real shit I keep it real on this stage, of course true
And real shit, when I sit down, this the nigga I’ma pass the torch to
Make some noise everybody for Danny Myers
This like the move Karate Kid, top tiers givin em a hard time
So he come to Mr. Miyagi to be the greatest of all time
So I show em how to wax on, wax off, that’s blogging
Talking shit with them sharp rhymes
He think I ain’t fuck with em
Nigga please I was just training you the whole time
I got you focused on performance with that same quick speed
You cocky now? A nigga gon try to Krang kick me?
Nigga please, if he crippin I’m in his hood throwing up Blood
I have the Parvo
He come deep I’ma smoke that beef, I am the charcoal
You too plain/plane at the bottom, you are the cargo
You too excited you gotta take cap calm, (Capcom) Marvel
You a Simp-son I heard your mother blew/blue
Head so you have the Bart role
She had trains ran all thru California, like how the BART roll
In this ring I put hands on niggas til they color purple
You can’t beat me Harpo
Aye Verb versus Danny Myers see what the fuss is about?
Arizona y’all show some love this what the fuck we talking about

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