Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex [Lyrics]

[Round 1: T-Rex]

Grown man bars… something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them fabricated lines he bout to say
It ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
This nigga Smack is sucka, he got Harlem vs Harlem again
I be looking at Charlie’s battles I be lookin like
“Damn them uptown niggas is starting again
If you put us against any other borough I bet Harlem’ll win
But I’ma be honest he just taking me back to the 80’s
Cuz he just showin me a nigga that’s po’ will do anything to try to get rich
Fuck it I’m on Clips block with the Fif’ cocked
Big shots, hit em from the bottom to the tip top
It’s like a DM cuz his body is gon be in-box
He down to earth, that Fif will bring him Down To Earth like Chris Rock
Studio, graze ‘em by the head like they did Pac
Drive up, hit em again, like they did Pac
Silencer so quiet that you could hear a pin drop
I reload and fire again til the firing pin pop
He front like he got a live set, be my guest
Try Rex I’ma hit him and his squad next
It’s like Hurricane Harbor I leave everybody’s rides wet
Extendo, if I gotta name the size of this clip it’ll be a 5X
Cig grip just in case these nigs trip
I handle my biz quick once I get the bis-cuit
You a bitch trying to play tough, nigga you Ms. Fit
Your hammers in a no-fly zone ask Trick Trick
Know how I’ma do em? I’ma Amadu em
.41 hallelujah, his family I send a body to em
I’ma cock it and pop it, put the Tommy thru em
No face on his body, not even his momma knew em
I’m all about them green dollars
I never let a rookie take me out, I ain’t Reed Dollaz
It seem like his man is high, a couple shots will detox him
I clap til his head crack that’ll rerock him
Y’all think this nigga could beat me? Y’all type wildin
All my niggas is really gangstas and we about violence
You know that we all bout it
That mean we a cold bucket (buck it) on his head like a Ice Challenge
Let me give y’all one of Charlie’s schemes
He say “yo I’m in Rex crib, what a wonderful feeling
And magically he always finds a gun in the ceiling”
But right before he get to the killing
Stupid nigga ya dumbass gon die before you get in the building

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

Damn, you got Hitman, Surf, B Magic, and motherfuckin Con
Aye Verb, Tay Roc, DNA, my nigga Rex, and John Da motherfuckin Don
Heard my nigga Ill Will couldn’t get to battle tonight
Oh well that just make me the motherfuckin god
Cuz besides my bro DNA I done battled every nigga
That’s on this motherfuckin card
This ain’t about uptown versus downtown
This is simply about who’s better
Reed Dollaz whipped yo ass on camera
Back in the days when he was way clever
And you got the nerve to compare yourself to Floyd
With all of them losses? I gotta say never
But then again the way you struggled with Reed/read
You might be Mayweather
What it do Rex?
Let me talk to a nigga in ya crew Rex, cuz you not the crook
If James Harden shaved his beard
You wouldn’t even know how a Rocket look
You been soft since Pre-K, gave em Lego’s he let the block get took
I tell my shooter “Jenga”
That nigga pull a piece out and ya whole block get shook
You mad over a joke I said against Tay Roc? Nigga get over that
Before I put you in a hospital and then visit ya room…
With that shoulder strap
I’m a ratchet parent at they kids graduation, that mean I over clap
They’ll find a cap inside ya gown
But they don’t know where ya diploma at
Jesus! One of my lines could make an Atheist say “Christ!”
If you wanna get Rex to chill all you gotta do is say ICE
We’ll discuss that a lil later, but with “these” though I’m way nice
Give em a choice in the elevator, you want the Solange or the Ray Rice?
I knew that line would have everybody raving, even Tay Roc gotta dig that
You know how many guns this champion carry?
Oh I kinda spit that backwards, let me fix that
I got a Wesson named it Bayless
Cuz all that smart talk it’ll make you Skip that
And another one named Steven cuz it’s A Smith that’ll push ya wig back
Y’all already know I’m so motherfuckin mean with it
Let’s bring that Steven A thing back and do a whole other scheme with it
I’m like pardon the interruption
But you never was that nigga in the first place
My bars loud, sound like they around a horn, and make the earth shake
I’ll put the gun outside the line of ya (4) forehead, you’ll get the first 8
But the bullet so big it’ll take half of ya wig on the First Take
“Deneneh! Deneneh!” you hear that right before I scorch niggas
You’ll get hit wit so many clips
You don’t know if you got shot or was watching Sports Center
They love my four bar build up but word is you hate the ingredients
When it’s time to write
I be running back and whipping fours like Adrian Peterson
Oh he don’t hear me…
I unload and then I reload
Then unload when I start dumping with the mac
Spray his family van, got all his kids jumping in his lap
His aunt kids slide to the front, even his mother getting clapped
They found him dead with Redskins and his Cousins on his back
Why slow it down when I just dissed you?
That’s why I be spitting every bar fast
Your shit up and down Rex, when you rhyme it remind me of a bargraph
I split you down the middle like a Philly
Or I’ll load up and hit you with a hard jab
You gon wake up and look like Cassidy right after the car crash
[Round 2: T-Rex]

Clips is gon get his guys caught like Guy Court
Another nigga banging the hammer for what his guys thought
Better walk to the side or get found on the sidewalk
His people don’t know why he died, they said it was gods fault
This punk shit, that ain’t what I do
I rap scrap, but I’ll clap back like Ja Rule
I been holding the .45 since I was 5’2”
Now I’m 5’4” with a sawed-off see how I grew?
Dot Mob, oh yeah that’s my crew
We got a couple shooters but we also carry ours too
If you niggas try to play with us, your guys through
We pull up with them Trays we like Sonics at the drive thru
Some niggas is puss and some niggas be leery
Some get robberyphobia whenever they be wearing they jewelry
But me I got mine out, he take it, I’m back with the 9 out
With intentions on blowing his mind out
Self made, nobody put me on my feet
Before I starve, shit I’d go pardon my piece
That’s word to Zay Zay Pu Pu and all my neice
I mean that .45 slowed him down, back shot took him out
He ran from the double barrel, he took the Ricky route
Ask about Rex, I’m a monster when the blicky out
I’ma keep shooting til I hear that “click-click’n” sound
Born a gansta, mobster, grown man
Mossberg, Desert Eagle, they call me The Birdman
I’m shooting with two hands kneeling on one knee
Clap at Clips, hit the lady in 1D
70 a gram, tell me whoever want D
Navy Seal shooters, tell me whoever want beef
Sheesh, this nigga better get his run on
My mac spit fast it’s getting it’s Big Pun on

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

In 4 months this the 3rd nigga I gotta kill
From the d-d-d-d-twat mob
A rap group that gotta ask Mook for permission, them niggas not hard
20% ass grab and 30% left went and got jobs
And the last 50% we look at Rex and think they got robbed
You got mad over that line? Grow some balls stop acting like a fuckin hoe
How you get mad cuz
I mention something the whole world already fuckin know
You could’ve called my phone like a real nigga
And told me how much that line was hurting you
Instead you called Goodz like “this nigga dead, I’m getting personal”
You faggot ass nigga, let me explain something to you
Personals don’t make a nigga a threat
Battle rap is about bars, personals is when a nigga wanna get decked
This ya squad?
Look like a bunch of niggas that’ll run when I start grippin that tech
Cuz if this the team coach Rex
I know it gotta be a bunch of niggas that Jet
Ayo DNA, you see his baby moms in Queens my nigga?
You better check her
Remember they a bunch of niggas that Jet
So they won’t do nothing when Eric Deck her (Decker)
Now you see? That was a BAR but Rex wanna get personal
Cool I got a couple bangers in the stash
I know when you was in school
You used to be the best dancer and singer in ya class
Okay I’m lying, but I know how many times you really got robbed
And I’m not a stranger to ya past
And I also know when you fuck bitches you like to put ya fingers in ya ass
Rex you finger pop yourself bro and I put that on everything
You know the twin Lynn Rose from uptown?
Oh yeah she told me everything
How you keep her face inside her ass
And when she want her money you’ll let it ring
One time you put ya finger in ya ass, took it out and lost ya wedding ring
That’s nasty, one step away from being gay if you ask me
When you battled Verb you was staring in Diddy eyes longer than Cassie
We both from Harlem so come visit Charlie
So you know where the macs b (Max B)
Soon as the show start the shit whistle at ya dogs, that’s lassie
Aye I heard you and ya wife getting a divorce, or you gotta be one dumb groom or a stupid bride cuz you putting fingers in ya ass and she was fuckin AR-16 but you made her choose a side
Hold on for a minute, I gotta address his wife cuz it’s do or die
Ironic she got an AR in her mouth
But you was the one committing suicide
I know what y’all thinking, like “goddamn how Clips get so nice?”
Like how you let Mook live yo life?
You stand around while you let yo man go platinum here/hair
You Sisqo wife
If I dig in her pants and point the deuce it ain’t disco night
I hit K, they’ll find Shine on the roof, that’s a disco light
I got a question for you though, how you wanna do it?
You wanna get physical nigga? Wanna go bar for bar?
You my man so lets keep it lyrical nigga
I’m a G that OD, let’s get spiritual nigga
I got a special K, Shine let ya man know I’m a serial/cereal killer
You claim to be a hustler, like you saying you moving the P
Why Rex? PY-REX, what you know about whipping up in that pyrex
All night cheffin’ in that kitchen
Til the fiends come for that pie Rex
You dominos nigga, “extra cheese-“ just get the pie Rex!
You send Daylyt and Tay Roc after me, I done got them niggas
Left em on ya doorstep all bloody, I done shot them niggas
Y’all wanna go to Hands? We could do that and we got them triggers
(DNA: Ayo get that nigga Clips!)
Hold on don’t touch my ass, we not them niggas…

[Round 3: T-Rex]

One day I was driving down the street listening to R&B and Hip-Hop
It was his man Vado on the radio, I was like “damn yo that shit hot”
It was so hot that Kay Slay dropped a bomb and played it from the tip top
And I heard Vado say some shit like
“I’m from the same block as Lou Sims and Charlie Clips pops”
That’s the thing that made me think about “who’s Charlie Clips pops”
I called a old head from my block
That knew about the old heads from his block
And they said “Charlie Clips pops
Was the nigga that told on Lou Sims when them clips dropped”
They told me things, they told me his name was Leon
They told me about Leon cars and Leon drinks
Told me about Leon broads and Leon minks
They said his moms just being with her for being in Leon’s space
They was ready to box her
That’s how bad they wanted to get Leon spanked
It wasn’t even know head detective, it was Leon case
“I’m mi-“ that nigga start singing, I think Leon Case
He start singing and rapping I think Leon’s Drake
That nigga told over some punk ass 20 years, I hate that shit
My cousin Jim Ice ain’t ready to tell right now and he got 18 in
I woulda thought a nigga like that would tell
Cuz he trying to make a way for his kids
Take me all out of Harlem and have it safe where they live
I mean you can’t even tell all the things that he did
But that nigga father told for free, he ain’t even gotta pay on a bridge
As a kid I was raised not to tattle tell
Before you label me a snitch I’d rather jail
I’d miss my son and my wife, yeah I’d be mad as hell
But it’s consequences to ya actions you learn that as well
See that nigga will tattle tell to get out of jail
Ayo Ted, I might need you to call Caesar so we could brand em
Will give em a tat, you could tell by that tat he’ll tell
You wonder why his lil brother is so good in B-ball
They wonder why his lil brother Jiggy Josh was so good in B-ball
Cuz his father was playing ball in the streets with that D
Til he got picked off
And met niggas in the middle of the court and got em tipped off
I hate that shit
My cousin ain’t ready to tell right now and that nigga got 18 in
His last battle was out in Jersey
He mentioned Rich Porter that’s the shit that made me really hot
Cuz Rich Porter was an official nigga
He ain’t supposed to be talking bout a nigga that’ll thrill the block
And get a nigga whole building locked
To be real if Rich was alive he would’ve kilt ya pops
I hate that shit
My cousin Ice ain’t ready to tell right now and he got 18 in
I’m from 112 St where some of the hardest live
I mean this nigga pops got a couple of my lil niggas fathers bids
So if any of them niggas start to swing on em
I don’t want em to think he starting shit
Cuz where I’m from we fuck niggas up for what they father did
My 2 rounds probably wasn’t the greatest & being a man let me own that
But I just wanted all of the really niggas in the building to know
His father is a rat and that’s a known fact
But I’ma leave that thing alone, I’ma close that
Nah, I’m jokin, if we went shopping we couldn’t close/clothes that
You know shit is bad when ya sister is mad
And ya son gotta grow up like, “this is my dad”
The labeling of a snitch is a lifetime star
He’ll always be in jail Charlie, minus the bars, grown man bars…
[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

I told my grandmoms I don’t wanna get personal with Rex
And she replied “grandson, you know I fuckin love you
You got the heart of 100 lions
But sometimes baby you could be a little bit too fuckin humble”
I said “what you mean grandma?” she said
“You the type to have a gun on ya waist
See ya enemy and wouldn’t even try backing in out
If you got a chance to shoot Rex and you don’t take that shot
Don’t bring yo ass back in my house”
Hung the phone up in my face
And that automatically boosted up my pride and my glory
I wanna give him BARS!
But after that, I gotta tell y’all my side of the story
See my real name is Charles Leon Brown III, yes, Charlie Brown
And it’s 3 of us, my grandfather, my pops and me
All got a funny name but you could still see the G in us
My grandfather died, my pops serving life
So he was forced to give the game up
I could’ve went the street route like him
But I chose to do this rapping thing and keep my name up
Now unlike Dot Mob we ain’t never been pistol whipped
Never been knocked out and never been getting robbed
And this ain’t something I’m proud of
But my father was the leader of a group called The Lynch Mob
Who’s the Lynch Mob? Well it was a bunch of niggas getting money
And when it was beef they used to open niggas faces
Now that’s all y’all gon get from me
Cuz I ain’t about to stand up here and reopen niggas cases
Something told me Rex was gon call my pops a snitch
And being that this battle rap, some of y’all was gon say that’s right
Well if my father’s a snitch
How come he’s the only one out his whole crew serving life?
Knowing you rat is to do less time
Ya family get relocated
You get protective custody well here’s the problem y’all
My father serving life in general population
And my family still live in Harlem y’all
The nerve of a nigga that been knocked out and robbed before
To get some lies from these niggas thinkin he can make it work
I got 16 racks and I’ll give you half of that
If you could provide us with paperwork
Exactly you couldn’t find no skeletons in my closet
So yo bitch ass tried to search where my pops live
My moms took care of me you bitch ass nigga
You could never judge me by nothing by Pops did
She took care of me and my brothers on her own
This is real rap I ain’t trying to win a grammy
She just escaped Cancer, fuck Rex I’m trying to talk to Randy
My mother worked in a number hole and cops almost beat her to death
I don’t think you understand me
Fuck my Pops life, my Moms was the real gangsta of my family!
And on top of that her son is a G, that’s why I don’t have situations
Nobody got nothing on me in battle rap, not even that last situation
When niggas tried to subtract my gangsta
Said my punches ain’t add up in that Math situation
I was thinking BIG, get him out of Cali so that won’t be his last situation
I had on slippers against Daylyt, I wasn’t expecting no action for the night
I would’ve put my sneakers on
If I knew niggas was gon turn battle rapping into a fight
They surrounded Math like parenthesis
Tried to treat him like Passion Of The Christ
He did his numbers
But I jumped in so they wouldn’t take a fraction of his life
That’s real shit, shoutout to Hoffa, cuz we all know how Brooklyn do
I’m from Harlem but every time I look at you
I wanna put a fist, knife, bullet or a foot in you
I walk thru every hood on my own, I don’t ever need a pistol in my hand
Oh you mad cuz I helped the nigga that pistol whipped ya man
What’s the problem? So you mean to tell me
Dot Mob don’t fuck with me cuz Math my boy
And I get along with the nigga?
Y’all should be mad at Murda, he pistol whipped Mook
And Mook did a song with the nigga
I just wanna know what’s wrong with you niggas
Y’all support a nigga that got robbed before
The way he got robbed it was so awful it remind me of Vicks
Fam rubbed on ya chest and took everything cold off you
That’s because you are not a gansta
You’re just a rapper with nice talent
When Head ICE man knocked you the fuck out
I was thinking to myself like “yo Ice wilding”
But I heard you was outside like
“What’s popping my nigga, you know me, I like violence”
You got knocked out and woke up with ALS from that ICE Challenge
Lord that was crazy, can you please forgive me for my sins
Cuz that was a crazy thing to say
When I battle Dot Mob niggas I be feeling like Denzel in a crazy way
Cuz against Roc I was a Man On Fire
And tonight y’all getting the same display
I took a flight out to Cali, hopped off and started Training Day
They said He Got Game, no he got aim
I squeeze until the muzzle burst
So many bullets they could fill up a train cart
Jesus he got a Shuttlesworth
I feel unstoppable with these 2 Gunz
Even Denzel know when I speak it’s fire
Everybody from Dot Mob will die the same way, I’m The Equalizer

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