Charlie Clips vs. Illmaculate [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

Word is y’all wanted to watch Sir Charles ball out in Phoenix again
That ain’t even a punchline & y’all can already see the crowd feel that
They say “chill Clips, you’re going against Illmac’
He’s a White rapper you shouldn’t let this steel clap”
Well the Calicoe I brought is not the host of this battle that was real rap
I’ma put this man behind bars all night for nothin you should feel Black
Momma told me slavery ended a long time ago
But I seen these leagues still pickin’ cotton and his name is Ilmac’
Well what’s poppin’ cracker?
The main nigger is home, he want his field back
You got killed by Hollow & Conceited in one hour, you should feel wack
You got lost for words & had to read a TheSaurus to get your skills back
Is it Illmac-u-late or Illmac-u-let?
Well Illmac-u-let your wig get peeled back
My wordplay is too amazing, I know the crowd feel that
You see these leagues put a battery in his back
And they paid me to come and kill that
Cuz overcharging a battery is the main reason that we kill Macs
Petty hustler bars, oh that mean my flow past crack
I raise the glock or raise the stock, like I know NASDAQ
I’ll let him hold have that
He’ll eat so many shells his autopsy report will read Joe’s Crab Shack
I don’t leave my crib to go and hustle
The fiends come by and then they buy again
They pull up, I give the work-out by the door, that’s the iron gym
Big gat, knock off fat, if I miss then I’ma try again
It’s a gauge and this 1-12 will have you dying Slim
I don’t talk about pullin’ guns out on Twitter
Cuz these ain’t the kind of shots to follow
I’m on Eastern Time, I kill him tonight, that mean he died tomorrow
I feel like battle rap cameramen
I zoom in with the cannon like Twizz give him a lot of Hollows
But if I pan, I turn this fruit into a vegetable, that’s avocado
I hope you don’t think my nigga came from Roc-A-Fella cuz Freeway kid
I roc fellas, the gun poking out like Freeway beard
Freestyle off the top but we all know you ain’t gon’ say shit
Fuck it I freestyled off the top, I’m on some Day’ shit
You want bars? I’m just joking with you niggas
He thought I fucked up, I was just showing him I’m straight nice
You nice, but you ain’t gon’ do shit for Real, you Daylyt

[Round 1: Illmaculate]

Look, Charlie, I give a fuck if you got praise
I hope you brought your girl with you
I’ma treat you like QP and pull your boo off stage
Matter of fact, I’ll pull your girl’s girl right here
Treat her like Daylyt and pull your boo’s boo of stage
I don’t know if you right in the head like mental stability
But you have several abilities
Of forcing wordplay and stretchin’ your similes
He’ll end up in a box when I’m addressing him lyrically
Why would you even stamp him?
He ain’t the whole package, just got a special delivery
He’ll say lines like, “I might rumble with a lot of shit”
That’s you? But he sells it well
You’re like a used car salesman, Clips
You take garbage and you sell it well
Example, you watch his battles live thinking dude has got some skill
Until you see the footage back and it loses all appeal
Cuz you brought that shit he sold you thinking, “Ooh, I got deal”
Then gone a block down the street and it’s “Oh, I lost a wheel”
For real! Y’all gas this cat, man
Most of what you wrote in your verses is stale as shit
Only reason it comes across on the surface is a boat full of merchants, That’s salesmanship
Clips, I’m spitting facts, your shit is wack
Soon as we interact I twist his cap
Quicker than a silverback can skin a cat
Want me to break down Clips y’all? Here’s his formula
Something about a gun being this small or this tall
Reference a Jersey number when it draws or list off a team’s roster, Phoenix Suns, that’s your pitfall, see now your jigsaw has been solved
Shit y’all, he cancelled his battle with Big Kannon
He’ll try to play off BK had him shy
I guess what Chi did to BK in the playoffs had him shook of BK in the Chi
Bitch I’ll walk to Chicago with a kilo of Doctor Zhivago
We can go mono-e-mono homie, I’m el Blanco Diablo
Yeah, he cancelled his battle two weeks ago
Tried to move around the date, too afraid of losing like his weight
But look at him
Like that’s the first time Charlie’s had too much on his plate
Fuck it, you can catch this L then
He flew here, struggled to belt himself in
And that’s why he takes so many battles
He’s literally trying to stretch himself thin

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

Yo, you’re right, I did cancel my battle with Big Kannon
And I wanna apologize to Chicago from the bottom of my heart
I know I had that whole City and State very tight
I said but that’s funny
I can cancel a battle and still make every site
I didn’t want Big Kannon to think he was very light
I could have showed him I was very nice
Where I’m from they shoot all day
I can hear a big cannon rappin’ every night
I said I’m freestylin off the top
And I already know this nigga can’t stand Charlie
Yeah but when I come to Arizona what they say?
“You the man, Charlie”
Damn, it’s funny my name Charles so I be feelin’ like the man Barkley
Tossed the gun and get my white shooter to kill you, Dan Majerle
Ah shit! No protection from these bars, I’m on my raw shit
Yeah, they felt my bars but say I lost it
4-5th on my side the shot will go through Caustic, go through KG
Knock Cor’ on the wall and make Cor stick
I say every gun in my bag, they know it’s big like Ted arms
When it’s beef I also bear arms like Ted arms,
Beer, Ted, freestyle off the top if you hear arms
We hate arms, 40 Cal. got insurance on him, that’s state farm
I don’t got a problem to fly anywhere
For the right amount of bread I’ll travel on site
Shoot his body to so many pieces
They had to Sketch his DNA like the first battle of the night
I’m whipping this boy ass off the top
And he shaking his head so he know it
I got a shooter and the KG I know ain’t a Poet
I’m doing this shit off the top
‘Bout to turn this nigga whole frame into barbecue
I hate midgets and guess what? I also came with that Arsonal
Hold on, where we at Phoenix? Where we at? Where we at Arizona?
I told them niggas I want something good to smoke
And they give me Arizona? Well I’ll air-a-zone you
I wanna shout out to everybody from Arizona
Did you dig that?
Yeah, I don’t want y’all thinking I’m freestyling off the top
Like that was a quick scam, I just stumbled
I know it look like I’m going down in some quicksand
But I just want y’all to know if I pull out and let this 5th blam
We in Arizona? So he shouldn’t mind his mouth on this big can
Lock and loaded, and you that know you can feel ‘mac
I woke up on an illmac with a ill mac
Spread his body got everybody like, “eww mac”
That’s a freestlye off the top and I know y’all could all feel that
You had a record label and got dropped
It’s sad you had to give your deal back

[Round 2: Illmaculate]

Yo, he freestyled a whole round, well fuck it, get an L
You said “off the top” so many times, bitch trust me, we could tell
You know what? That shit was ass
I’m glad you brought up State Farm though
Now you seen he ain’t Progressive cuz he ain’t got Flow
Yo, you’re on some bullshit, Clips, like a porter potty
I’m on my bullshit, Clips, Jordan, Scotty
For that paper I’ll turn into an animal, origami
He won’t wanna talk about the battle like a former Nazi
Dawg, I’ll war with Charlie like a foreign army
And check him before he cross the line like a border crossing
It’s sad, Clips fans keep reinforcing Charlie
Even when he’s forced and sloppy
Corny, cocky
I swear he get a no-show and they would still sworn he got me
This about to be a long day
I’m sick of hearing you’re undefeated, that’s what y’all say
But he got spazzed on my with Serius/Sirius, like Kanye on Sway
I’m sick of Charles saying he’s undefeated
It’s too easy, he loses routinely
Why put Clips in front of a mag like News Weekly
When he got killed fuckin’ with Magic like Whoudini?
Undefeated? How is that when you’re rounds are trash?
What about Tay Roc? He couldn’t escape Roc like Alcatraz
Look I’m bout to spaz, break it down if you learn slower
Undefeated, examine the word closer
You’ll lose possession of that title the second my third’s over
But you ain’t had possession since you lost to Roc that’s a turnover
All facts, O-Red beat you but it wasn’t all that
Put that on SMACK
If that was Proving Grounds neither one of y’all cats
Would have been called back
Dawg, how are you arguably undefeated
When you’re the only one that’s arguing you’re undefeated?
Peep it, I give a fuck if he think he a heavyweight
He can lose, Heartless already killed you, never make an excuse
Fuck a tier, here you’ll see a legend making the news
Perfect you got sonned by a son
Cuz I could get your whole generation removed
I can’t fathom why he look so glad rapping til I GladWrap him
The Hanzo Blade slayed a 1000 masked clansmen
Broke The Grand Wizard’s Black magic & beheaded The Grand Dragon
The Last Dragon
Play like Im not respected your face will get complimented backhanded
Dawg, if we exchange hands like a transaction
You better keep your eyes on the hands like Pan’s Labyrinth
Look where you at damn it
I rap at a standard you weren’t able and I’m glad it’s panoramic
So the fans can understand I’m an attacker from all angles

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

I remember them Grind Time days like it was yesterday
I used to watch your battle and catch mad chills
You, The Saurus, Dizaster all displaying mad skills
Had so much Poison in your Pen
I thought them groupie bitches would give you mad feels
But Lush told me you never rock
The erect’ (Drect) all the hoes gave you was Madd Illz
Damn, homie, in GrindTime you was the man, homie
What the fuck happened to you?
It’s ironic you left the game to use cane you came out looking old, ‘Mac
You out your noodle if you think you gon’ beg me for my cheese
I’m cold, ‘Mac
You a pimp? Well I don’t mean to laugh Steve Jobs but I ain’t sold, Mac
Five bitches, he wouldn’t go to F1, you probably fold, ‘Mac
I know you hate them mac references
Every battle rapper it sounds like it get repeated
Well they pay me to do that shit
I can’t control the tab when my presence is needed
If you stop spittin’ multis and spaced bars
Maybe your swag would get completed
But instead you backspace and that’s why your career get deleted
You can do the personals if you want but bar-for-bar Im straight vicious
I just brought a new gun, put a beam on top, that mean I ain’t missing
That mean the Clippers came with dots all on ‘em, that’s Blake Griffin
You know what? Fuck my next line
Your real name is Gregory Poe
Gregory Poe, that don’t sound like the name of a celebrity
You got me backwards, poor Gregory
I’ma talk to you about something my nigga
I’ma tell you something about these bars my nigga
I’m getting’ wild, bro
I’ll murder your dog, food for thought, that was Alpo
Let me talk to this nigga for a minute
With these lines I’m the bomb, bro
You try to block me, you won’t make it to see the Mourning
That’s Alonzo
Tell your Moms it’s a blood sport
I catch a ride and I hit your Moms, bro
With the Tommy Gun, hit a van
Damn (Van Dam) you should have seen what I did with that Tom, Poe
Bar after bar, I guess these niggas stuck with me
What happened Arizona? I thought all you niggas fuck with me
I’m the best nigga doing this shit and all of y’all gassed tiers
Least I ain’t gone like Calicoe, talking ‘bout “y’all loved me last year”
I said I did this shit for y’all, we all know Illmac’ I didn’t need that
I got a Big Kannon spittin’ all in your face like this the rematch
These niggas ain’t really nice with all that, I make ‘em seem wack
Arizona I just did this for y’all, I love the feedback

[Round 3: Illmaculate]

Yo, he spit that whole round like he was gon’ hit me with loud shots
But only way he could get cheers was Daylyt’s first round
Giving the crowd props
Fuck it, mute that shit, you better of tryin’ rhyme silent
Why you side eyeing?
Damn, homie, tonight you won’t get rich but you gon’ die tryin’
Man, I’m sick of fans writing me
Saying my albums too good asking why it’s free
And I should charge a higher fee when Teddy Grizzle wires me
I’m sick of entire leagues biting me including you
I mean there’s a line between taking a rhyming scheme
And biting an entire underlying thing
For instance, my third round against Bigg K
Inspire his second round against Tay
Clearly, no debating
I mean he was in the same place on the same day
We had battle of the year, clearly, no debating
I mean, it was a clever angle I wasn’t surprised when he jacked it
But maybe there’s an explanation for why he did it
Cuz saying he didn’t is the biggest stretch imagine
Maybe he wouldn’t have did it if he was less distracted
Maybe he was so engulfed by my third round when I rapped it
He took the ending literally and thought it never happened
I mean, it could happen, right?
Come to think of it, maybe I didn’t even spit what I think I did
See I can be reasoned with, maybe you’re not a piece of shit
Maybe that alternate reality theme you bit
Was actually original and your scheme to flip
Maybe, I mean that seems legit, right?
Now that’s what you call reaching, Clips
Charlie, it’s the Darndest Thing, I’m sonning you
Blame it on our genes
The reason the similarities aren’t few and far between
That’s probably why there’s a part of me
In every one of Charlie’s schemes like Martin Sheen
Fuck it, I don’t get enough credit
Like a kid when he cut class, but he can have all the credit
Shit I live with enough cash
He told O-Red, “everything you spittin’ is much trash”
That don’t even count as a set-up like Diz when he punched Math
You should have known I was an obvious threat
Knock knock, you funny, Clips like a comedy sketch
There’s not a lot to be said, thanks for having me on the event
He might have took my idea in a sloppy attempt
But this URL, so he can steal my material but can’t copy respect

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