John John Da Don vs. Aye Verb [Lyrics]

[Round 1: John John Da Don]

Fresh off a body bag at NOME IV with Reed
I admit, that battle was even boring me
Now I got Verb? In New York? I’m even more intrigued
Cuz I finally got somebody this crowd hates more than me
I feel like every real nigga in the building wanna see me beat em
Every nigga that he cool with wanna see me heat em
Split that hurr do (hairdo) into pieces soon as I meat cleave em
Turn those to micro-waves so I could reheat em
He leaving off this earth, I’ll space-ship em
My lines real/reel and over-board but I ain’t fishing
I couldn’t run out of bars if I escaped prison
The Timberwolves the only way we seeing Aye/A Wiggin
Have everybody packing bags but they ain’t trippin
I’ll have you going there for nothing, that’s a blank mission
He know he see me as is comp, it’s like I came with em
That’s why he’s dying inside like an AIDS victim
I’m in the way so they want me to move
But everytime you niggas hate, give me something to prove
Now body bag or a classic? If y’all want me to choose
Then he gon die by his fans since they want me to lose
I said die, you bias fans since y’all want me to lose
‘Matics jammed, but if I get a bullet stuck in the Uz’
I grab a 2×4 just for something to use
And try to board/bored out his mind like he need something to do
But you like to get animated bout how ya cans shoot
Like when you say the sparks from it
Look like you waving two roman candles
Then what about the gun you had to cock doin the Elvis move
You’re not a shooter, you’re a dancer cuz that’s really all the hell you do
But its funny how you say your hardest bars wit some fuckin dance move
When you got snuffed we only saw you do the running man
So every time you talk that gun shit, it’s a fucking scam
You wouldn’t have a big cap pointing if you was Uncle Sam
Against Goodz he said he’d give a nigga a lil dust, that’s a sandstorm
And he’ll be struggling to pick up that 50 cal
Look like he sliding back a van door
But if that 50 cal’s a pistol
What the fuck would he need both of his hands for?
And if that 50 cal is a rifle
Don’t it come with a stand for you to sit it on the damn floor?
See that goes to show that this man ain’t ever been in no damn war
But y’all be hyping his dumb shit that’s why I’m mad that y’all fans for
But I left my gun at home, I don’t need it to knock this man off
Cuz he can die before it comes out the closet, that’s Luther Vandross
See y’all notice I been snapping on some other shit this whole time
I a lot of fans been asking me to bring back that old John
That Shang Sun, that Mr. Kill-A-Nigga-With-His-Own-Lines
Y’all ready? I’m back… soooo it’s ShowTime!!!
Everybody willing to ride up, til they on the chair
Serve em with a Colt .45 like he ordered beer
Invested in a stock and bonded with it like I bought a share
Extensions? For what?! I got this real long ‘4 in here (foreign hair)
Fuck whoever say that I be stealing, they could suck meat
The next time I argue over biting, I’ma buck teeth
You never putting shit on blast, you just front street
You really give me that chick feel Aye (Chik-Fil-A) cuz you don’t want beef
I’m only here cuz I’m…. nope cuz I wanna be
Fuck what you got in ya hurr, the stage was just for me
The day I choose to leave him alone he getting bucks from me
Aye Reed I know it’s lonely my nigga! Here comes some company

[Round 1: Aye Verb]

Okay fans we all know how this gon end
With him in a bag and a towel on him
I fuck with y’all so heavy I’ma let y’all decide his fate
What y’all want me to do? Talk to the lil nigga or just wild on him?
Fuck it, 3 minute rounds they ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck the preview, let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
Sooooo it’s SHOWTIME!
You an opening act John John, muzzle that loud bark
You go on before the shit niggas wanna hear, small talk
I say nice shit every card, I’m a Hallmark
Pop fly, get caught in this bitch, not like the ball park
You lil niggas cowards, rushing niggas what y’all talk?
Well nigga you can’t jump the gun, that’s a false start
I transform make the machine move, I’m the all spart
I lost 10, this revenge, time to get money back, I’m like a loan shark
Hate you young battle rap niggas, y’all all soft
You punk think y’all tough because y’all tatted? Y’all all marks
2 O’clock outside his crib, let the car park
3 O’clock holes/hoes will be in em like a Wal-Mart
This is Summer Madness and your style, Charlie Brown “Wanh-wanh”
I’m leather mask down with that chainsaw, nigga “Hugnh! Hugnh!”
URL told me to smoke you, they tired of you John John
They like fuck all these young niggas, Smack feeling like Lebron’s mom
I’m 80’s swaggin whipping a 1980 Caddy
Tape deck cassettes in the whip, you know the AB Action
Catch em coming out of that mall, him and his lady matching
2 380’s blasting, these flashes look like I’m banging two baby dragons
The kicks make yo hat/shirt fly nigga, that’s crazy fashion
I asked him, you moved to Atlanta? Why you leave yo state?
Big buildings, opportunity? This shit you should appreciate
Ain’t no opportunity in St. Louis, my whole state increase with hate
I’m 30, nigga I ain’t have my first dream til I was 28
You a Young Thugga lover, freckle face
Flamboyant, Bow Wow take a piss you follow em, wash his hands for em
Nigga you a geek with bars mixed with gun lines
John John, you gotta say yo name twice so they remember it
I’m Aye Verb, one time
You braggin cuz you did you some time? Stop cheesin
90-120? Nigga that’s shock treatment
See that’s the difference between us Johnny, our grind don’t match
What you know about being in a cell with a nigga facing a murder?
Got you scared to go to sleep cuz our crimes don’t match
Aye Verb vers’ John John, see what the fuss is about?
You say my name, they send that bread, I come put blood in that mouth

[Round 2: John John Da Don]

Til this day you and Hitman battle shocks me still
You couldn’t violate me like that and not get killed
You see I’m a Son (Sun) Of A Gun so I ain’t got no chill
Plus daddy’s here so you could talk to my pops for real
Speaking of that do you even know your pops for real?
I heard ya mother’s a dyke, that means she’s technically ya pop but still
You shouldn’t be rapping bout all of these glocks you peel
Just cuz ya mother got a metal dick
That don’t mean you out here cockin steel
You got a kid you don’t claim, that’s what’s bothering me
But I could dig it like a florist he’s just guarding his seed (gardening seed)
But I’ll find him and if he’s too much like his father to me
Headshot, see if the apple fall far from the tree
And the way you talk down to these rookies makes me uneasy
That don’t mean their bars are rated under ours (R) cuz they PG
Them lil niggas got more heart than you cuz, remember that scene b?
When Baby Boy get his ass whooped again don’t call Sweet Pea
Norbes gon have to book ya next battle, don’t call Beasley
Even if we got him PREP for the test, he’ll need a cheat sheet
I heard he in ties with the law (TY LAW) STLPD
He gon be face to face with a DOT he try to reach me
It’s CHESS, we could bet the checkmate you couldn’t beat me
I’m a win just to say my case up like I’m STEAMSLY
You let Ahdi Boom on stage and do you greasy
You look like you pissed your pants, he made you pee (P), G
But John John cried his way to the top, that’s what got him there
Quoted from Big T but you agreed, now that’s gotten clear
Y’all like NASDAQ and Dow Jones, y’all both lost a lot of stock this year
So how the fuck I’m the cry baby when y’all dropping tiers/tears?
You even lost ya own cult following, where’s the (?)
They all gone and won’t be coming back any time soon
So stop that gun talk, cuz you never let a 9 boom
The last time you had ya hands on a strap
Is when you felt that dick in ya moms womb
Hoe niggas do hoe shit, now am I right or wrong?
You said you helped Math out there in Cali, that’s what you riding on?
But why the footage show Math on his own? But he was riding strong
While you was acting funny like you had Kevin Hart but didn’t Ride Along
Wassup with that? First you get snuffed and didn’t snuff him back
Then ran on Math when he got jumped, that was a sucka act
That’s why I keep my gun attached in case if I ain’t wanna scrap
I’ll have metal arms clappin over heads, they’ll think they jumpin jacks
So now what? You probably shit your draws when you around guns
I bet he get lifted from one pull, this a loud blunt
You don’t need public transportation to get around bum
These cannons get intense/in tents like a circus/circuits whenever clouds/clowns come
I traded punches with B Magic unlike him and Fox
And damn near outperformed Hitman and took that nigga’s spot
Now I got another St. Louis vic? Why switch the plot?
Fuck it, he gon get the same multiple choice them other 2 niggas got
But to be honest I ain’t trying to get booed son
So I got creative then I came up with a new one
You see A the same as B once I’m holding on that snub
But B the same as C once I load it up with slugs
Then C the same as D once I hold it in his mug
So Aye will be the one to see he shooting all of the above
I swear y’all have to recognize Verb from the neck down
You down 2 – zip and I have yet to spit my best round
I’m mad cuz every time you battle West you’ve been a letdown
And fuckin up our brand but I’m a save that for my next round

[Round 2: Aye Verb]

Smack, you ain’t gon waste mine and I ain’t gon waste your time again
Cuz your rookies don’t get it
They think they gon get on stage with just dope rhymes and win
Lil nigga when you battling a god you gotta write your best round
Trash it, rewrite that whole round again, make that .45 extend
Example: SOOO IT’S (Showtime!) again
It ain’t nothing to put John in an oven, you ain’t cold food
I’m hot, I cook everything up top, I’m a stove food
Verb never war with the workers go head and roll thru
I get your leader, when I box the head, that’s a Bog’ move
I’m old skool, one deep, set trippin
You wanna scrap? We could hop out back like a wet gremlin
If your try it here? I’m a ride for it an entire year
And every time you see me you better be rockin’ riot gear
When I appear, one 40 (140) that’s Floyd’s size
You staring in the face of a man from a boys eyes
I used to take that hunnid round drum for a spin, that’s a joyride
You never had your feet in that game or sat courtside
This boy lies, get on stage with all these war rhymes
Well let me walk you thru some real shit, I’ll be your tour guide
I ran off with some dope boys money, 30 G’s exactly
I had real gangstas, niggas that chop fingers at me
Had to gank some soft ass niggas for 40 G’s
Took the gangstas 35 in the bag and they let me breathe
Nigga please, that shit you write make me furious
You happy to be on stage, I’m happy to be here period
I’m authentic when I rhyme because I walk that shit
So you can’t talk that shit to a nigga who talk that shit
This shit bout to get ugly lil nigga, Un Kasa
I’m a cannon, snort gun powder, I’m so bout it
I’m the Terminator, shotgun and a leather bama
He John Connor, my mission; break John’s collar
The bitch one of my hoes, she wifey when John got her
She a cum catcher, nigga come catch her, come watch her
You a young sugar daddy, young papa
You pay for shit
She come to you screaming “my notes high” like some opera
John I clack it, down the hatchet
John you Catholic? Well you bout to meet John The Baptist
Coming on stage with an angle, it don’t matter if it’s true shit
Your angle don’t mean shit when a nigga aiming at you, bitch
On the net it look sweet, but up close it’s much different
Hitman gave you the wound, I’m just reopening stitches
I don’t play on this stage, I be smoking you bitches
Two ratchets screaming at em like he got babies by both of them bitches
Aye Verb vers’ John John, see what the fuss is about?
You say my name, they send that bread, I come put blood in that mouth

[Round 3: John John Da Don]

We all know Verb don’t do well outside his comfort zone
Either he choking up or slipping up, he still stumble prone
I could’ve got him slumped at home
It ain’t like him choking and dying is something we ain’t seen before (CB4) This nigga trust his Jones
Remember? Trustus Jones in CB4 when he choked and died?
Now think of that & think of Verb versus Caustic, see how that coincide?
I wanted you to beat Illmac’ to keep the hope alive
NBA, when you get banged on you poster eyes
We URL so King Of The Dot don’t mind paying us
To battle they best dudes and prove that they can hang with us
I watched em lift ya soul up to heaven, that’s why I’m aiming up
Until I leave his spirit soaken wet, that’s angel dust
I thought you was professional Verb? Until them choke ups
How the fuck are you Mr. “Showtime” but can’t show up?
You got the white boys really thinking they can own us
For letting em take your shine on stage, here go some SLOW BUCKS
But me? I been labeled as a thief, they say I steal a lot
So I can make you see AR’s (CARS) cuz I keep steel/steal a lot
Hold up, I said CARS and steal a LOT
So he better be Gone In 60 Seconds before I steal the lot
But this steel I got, I keep it concealed nigga
So taking bars ain’t the reason I’m known for the steal nigga
You can’t talk all that real nigga shit to real niggas
He try to tell me I ain’t real? Should I talk to this lil nigga?
I’m from Yonkers, D Block, so I can tell you bout that street shit
Where you can’t even walk to the gas station without ya heat gripped
Cuz ya block is walking distance from the blocks that you got beef with
And the fucked up thing is
We don’t even know what started all this beef shit
All I know is whats-his-name shot such-and-such on some creep shit
So such-and-such cousin hit up what’s-his-name block tryna sweep shit
Now whats-his-name niggas know such-and-such cousin is who I be with
So if I never bust my gun I wouldn’t be here to speak it
So miss me with all that bullshit, how you made ya name
Fighting for the love of New York like you tailor made
I will knock his picture off the wall and I’ll break his frame
Fold him just to throw em across the room, he a paper plane
I figured it out, you just do them “ShowTime’s” to get better love
Trying to be battle rap’s Magic Johnson, hope you got better blood
But if you did get that ShowTime from Magic it would be better cuz
The fans say he ain’t sick no more, but some theories say he never was
I know Johnson, but he the one going to hell Aye
Like Kareem I post off his block and you got mail Aye
And it’s a 42 but you ain’t worthy of these shells Aye
So you ain’t gotta be a former Laker to retire with an L, A (Aye)
And well Aye, you getting old Verb
Look around, the kids that used to look up to you are now looking down
I see your wheelchair coming soon, don’t choke up now
You been bullied all ya life, you should be used to getting pushed around
So get them patent leather waves out my sight
Or get followed and shot like it’s the day in the life
So please don’t say the John if you ain’t saying it twice
And if you don’t add Da Don, you ain’t saying it right

[Round 3: Aye Verb]

Okay Johnny, this the part of the night where you get grounded
You was looking for that top tier smoke… and you found it
Right now your head’s about to get mounted
Leave your corpse with them cuz it’s the ‘end of the road’
This the 3rd round and you can never compare Boyz to/II Men
I came in this game, made noise, woke niggas up early, I am a Rooster
You steal shit and then try to flip it nigga, you are a booster
That’s a cheap way to get around, your style is Uber
I’m a nightmare, I see red and black
My right hand sharp, nigga my style is Kruger
I murdered Daylyt last weekend I’m back stabbing my friend
Caesar, Brutus, backstabbing my friend
See you can’t do that, see it’s a reason why the crowd don’t get you
Cuz this stage is for the kings and a crown don’t fit you
When you that nigga, you don’t prove yo ground, you flat top, old Snoop
Smack knew I was gon be big Shirley, Cobal
I can make you better lil nigga just let me coach you
You wanna keep going down this road?
You need change and lil nigga I’m the toll booth
I told you get out of this game, this ain’t for you
Cuz what’s the point in being Alumni if you Alumni Aluminum Foil?
Yeah ya aura cool but I knew you would die, I’m the Oracle
Be humble, cuz 3 years ago I was the nigga you brought water too
It’s 1 or 2, do you rap for the money? Nah it can’t be for the money
Cuz what you get paid like is straight light
John I get bread out this shit
Nigga my kids don’t even know what Ramen Noodles taste like
This a underwater cage fight, you the guppy, I’m the great white
With that switchblade I’m Blade like
That Butterfly you had in yo stomach, that wasn’t stage fright
Yo lines go in a circle, they going nowhere, first thing I think a maze, mice
And the shit so simple, nigga that shit don’t even amaze mice
I had dreams of going to college, flirting with girls in each class
Instead I got this nightmare of this dope fiend named Veronice
She was a TLC fan
I used to watch her get served
She’ll hit that cheap glass and start singing waterfalls
Nodding off doing that “so I creep” dance
I terrorize these timid guys
College shirt, linen guys, light skin slender guys
The target’s been identified

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