Danny Myers vs. JC [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I hate when niggas battle you and use that dance angle, my nigga I’m not gon’ get into it
This gun’ll set the three shots burstin’ already have the rhythm to it
I came to Go-Rrilla Warfare to give ’em a gorilla battle
But we ain’t seen the JC from the Chilla battle since the JC and Chilla battle
You think they give a fuck about your music? And then think so this clown craze
I’ll take your recordings and push ’em inside yo’ chest like Soundwave
That pound wave, this ain’t about what they payin’ both of us
You still gon’ get a round on top like a can opener
They say we got similarities, they took this as a mirror match
Two swords of glass to both sides of your mama neck to see if the mirrors match
You ain’t been through Danny life, niggas be like “Damn he nice”
You’ll be flipped upside down with this cross like the anti-christ
Your baby mama’s rat you dumbass nigga, homie get your game in order
I dare you come try me on my block, nigga we gangin’ on ya
Watch us mob around you you’ll be stomped out, you gotta see me from 200 feet, that’s a restraining order
Fuck TMS, I’ll clown off bastards
I’ll shoot your lips next to my feet since you like to talk down on rappers
I’ll off Carter, all in that back alley is where I caught Carter
You all pussy, I just see pink men (Jesse Pinkman) like Walt partner
Bar God!
Bitch nigga you in big Danja, you fuckin’ with a 5th banger
I’ll take him to the top of a mountain and well, the rest is a cliffhanger
Pointin’ at his top lip, Cali niggas ride a lot
Bullets ‘ll be in his stash like they just find a hiding spot
ARs, MAC 11, Ks, all type of fullies
I made niggas cry with this Tecs (text) like cyber-bullies
The only difference between my opponents is which bag they in
It’s not that woman from the Bible, went I tell you a got a Mag to land (Magdalene)
Dummy I’ma leader
It’s like I brought tickets to see Planet Of The Apes they way I put money on your Caesar
My wordplay is cruel, I’ll first wave the tool
Then put J on my feet like a first day of school
I’m skilled with words, in fact my entire brain is filled with words
Lyrically I’m in a 1%, I’m a Bildeberg
I still deserve royal treatment, kill niggas when I’m not trying
Petals (pedals) should be under my feet even when I’m not driving
Shots firin’, blast K. Put his eyeball in an ashtray
Cops get to the spot, look at the scene with the Jaz face
I give your crew 20 up close, then more afar
It’s gon’ be a constant ringin’ like your door ajar
I got more for y’all but wait, I’ma slap this towards his face
Then I’ma hit this little bitch like statutory rape
I’m great and you’re on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: JC]
I listen to a lot of niggas rap, I barely feel moved by none of them
I mean this nigga got like 10 kids so it won’t be easy
Cause I wanted to kill you in front of ’em
Now Danny, he a nigga that take risk, foolish pride
But this young nigga about to put dog down, now watch the youth euthanize
Cause he’ll do anything for a rush but this ain’t a sky diving, not many dude survive
I mean as soon as he jump and take off a pair’ll shoot (parachute) that’s suicide
See you’re a very nice old man so I hate to do this
Cause I was proud of Danny
But we callin’ bluff and what’s in my hand, folding full houses
You don’t even know how dumb you niggas be looking when you scream
It’s like Kevin Love going to Cleveland right
Niggas is just wolfin’ to the King
But y’all know my story right? Same shit every time I hit the stage
Ready to let go of a whole magazine and any nigga eyein’ can get a page
I mean what you want you right up to be set, scene
Danny’s funeral, TECs squeeze
And put holes in his box like we tryna help his pet breathe
Every time I come down here, death is not optional
What you gon’ do? Let shots fly like needles with wings?
No the fuck you not cause it’s not possible
But see me, y’all know what I do
Now he gon’ let shots fly like needles with w… no he’s a workin’ man
We seen him posting blogs on the jobs, orange crossing guard vest, phone ringing, ignoring calls
I mean you could lose your life tonight, you want this to be a on-going cause?
You coulda died at work, getting hit in traffic as a crossing guard then crossing God
I mean Bar God who nigga? You nigga? Well let’s make sure he die logically
Fast and proper, grab the chopper. We right (write) up on him that’s a biography
Danny shook when he see them, and I can tell by that scared glance
But we cross words, that’s Ted vs Wahlberg I will beat his ass with my bare (bear) hands
What you got for me tho’? I mean besides a hug for the niggas you battle
That’s what you can’t get with me, it’s consistency
I can battle and keep up that same intensity in ten cities
I’m dumb nice, but that pen gon’ get me indicted, and I’ma have a body when the FED case come
Cause that chopper gon’ leave a hole bigger than the bowl Craig ate from
I love cookin’ that shit up, but every time I come in the kitchen… You in the kitchen
Well we gon’ make sure you gon’ make murdered fast
Cause if it’s on me, I’ll reach and stretch shit like urn ‘n ash
I know a lot of niggas say you love to yell when you rap
And it must be cause they say he look like a Ninja Turtle… Dannytello (Donatello) in fact
All he missin’ is the bandanna right? And a weapon, cause I got the shell for his back
It’s body bag in all my battles so you can make sure your homies found one
But do not jump in that bitch yet, bro’ this is only round one

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Fuck this battle, when we get outside I’ma show you how a vet’ blast a Glock
Bullets gon’ take a chunk out of money like a check cashing spot
I’m outside his house with the K for him, all night I’ll wait for him
Y’all was thought to pray to JC but now y’all gotta pray for him
I brought a gun, creep on him, yall gon’ see Carter run
Pop him while he fumblin’ with his keys try to get his car to run
.357’s y’all ’bout to see the steel flair
Big rounds rotate from both arms like a wheelchair
You still there baow!
Head gash, open scar
Then boom boom another two shots for the fuck of it like open bar
Is this what y’all was hoping for? JC and Chilla 2?
No cause after I fuck up JC I’ma kill Chilla too
Ran up on your man, like,, “Where that bread you owe? Bitch I’ma be respected.”
He was like “They they hmmm…” then shit it’s like when God made the Earth, after that seventh day he was rested
Don’t talk that fight shit you hoe ass nigga, you run with a bunch of fake killers
Watch how we put hands on this nigga like faith healers
We shoot B’s, catch you and build a [?] on the freeway
Snatch him out that bitch like San Andreas soon as I see J (CJ)
Mossberg to his gas tank don’t try resistance
It’ll lift your whip off the highway that’s roadside assistance
Bar after bar that’s the only style I know
I black even when I’m light, that’s albino
Me and my nigga two gauges each, four shottys wildin’
I’m in Chicago killin’ a Common nigga, nobody smilin’
I’ma face of danger, they can’t save you homes
My niggas flip on signals like a Razor phone
Shoot him four times on his own basement, I don’t play with chrome
I’ll leave four rounds under his house like a trailer home
Bar god!
Shout out to Grazie, that’s my redemption
You hand me the flame, this whole time he been plotin’ to get out these bars like Andy Dufresne
I’ll let a shell drop then probably do my time in a cell block
I check niggas then get a rack for the bag, I’m a bellhop
I’ll slap the shit at the side of your head guarantee he’s droppin’
A palm will be at the side of his ear like he eavesdropping’
Listen nigga, I been having a bad day and I’m furious
Catch him late night gloves, mask K I’m mysterious
I blast face when I’m serious
And pray it’s only gon’ be a little blood like when bitches fuck on the last day of they period
Bar God!
Kidnap your girl, head shot if you ain’t got the cash for us
I’m running around town with a rifle on a bitch, this “The Last Of Us”
Your new bitch only fuck with battle rappers consistently
That hoe keeps a writer in her bed like Misery
This is imagery, I paint portraits with my views brothers
Vivid scenes that’s why use different Hughes Brothers
My nigga Fast told me, when you whippin’ that shit you gotta put some soul in that white, that’s the Blues Brothers
You’ll lose brother and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: JC]
You gotta blame Grazie for this, this is exactly where I shine at
All my bars make niggas do shit you can’t do, like bring them lines back
Now for all that showboatin’, we gon’ do Danny with a full house vs Danny from Full House, but I got one in both holsters
They twins I raise ’em in front of everybody and they crack heads when the show’s over
I promise this nigga, gon’ be the first to drop
The metal will body this nerd like Urklebot
Hit the gas swerve and stop then let the goons ride
In the whip ridin’ with cans it’s a food drive
Donatin’ in yo’ nation no aimin’
Tell this old ass nigga jet, cause them 12 bullets coming quicker that Joe Namath
I told Grazie b this shit plain to see
I’m too far ahead you can’t book marks that ain’t on the same page as me
I got enough in this pen to serve everybody
I create then cremate and trust me, I’ve earned (urned) everybody
I catch Danny alone, beat ’em ’til he close to Christ
No more life told the judge it was due process he was owed them rights
Now ‘venge Danny, get the same treatment, no cheap talkin’
They all gon’ be out on their feet, sleepwalkin’
Now if hammers involved, we keep sparking
But I still go right to all his men chins (mentions) like I’m Tweet stalkin’
Danny you’re not royal, I know all about your silly movement
All you do is rap about your struggle
Now I don’t know who you try to convince it’s stupid but we all struggle
It’s how you come out of it right? Well that’s why this nigga ruthless
I never stop catchin’ bodies, I was Neo in the lobby
I came out the trenches shootin’
I catch Danny at his family picnic, spit foes ’til they land
Even bust and hit grams like the intro to the Wayans
I feel like all my opponents just be standing here, screamin’, “Bitch shoot me!”
I don’t just do this shit tho’ I got twin Uzi’s
Cause I know they acting so the shots put them on and hit movies
That’s a long sleep, cause when you cross Gs and shit Gucci
Bald head!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
They say your 3rd round gotta be the coldest, cause that’s the last thing they remember
That’s crazy, cause I thought this first round to his head be the last thing he remember
Two holes to your New Era, that’s a ventilation cap
This is more than a difference in skill level, it’s a generation gap
Every time y’all heard Kool G and Big L, you knew they probably murder shit
He prepares for battles by listening to Bobby Shumrda shit
We burn a grip, you sell dope at the nigga you should join boss
Or my nigga be in your pocket lookin’ for the quarters like a coin toss
I walk to it to your kids room but I ain’t gon’ lay a palm on you
But I’ll shoot your son as he rises, that’s when it dawns on you
Point blank in your living-room nigga I’ll spray a slug
Your forehead be all in your carpet like a prayer rug
They hate a thug but my opponents be equally scarred
Look at the classics Danny gave you, look at the people he barred
In the Bible, Jacob once used a rock for a pillow so I don’t mind you niggas sleep on me hard
Unexpected act from a calm lyricist
I’ll snatch your mama and violate her (Violator) like Spawn’s nemesis
What’s up with it bitch nigga? That gat is by my hip
My pistol got that Extends like it can’t satisfy his bitch
My appetite is sick I’m either strapped with a big Rugger
Or a gun that only shoot cancer patients? That’s a six (sick) shooter
We get to ya on site we let Llamas exchange
Me and 12 of the homies with your bitch cause we was promised some brain
That bitch looked at us and said “Y’all like cartoons?” I said “Why?”, she said “Nigga, what time is the train?” (Thomas The Train)
My mind is insane, I done spit a million bars and got more to bring
We camp out in front of your buildin’ like we loittering
Torturin’ will bring you a personal disaster
You owe me bread then your seed gon’ be the person I’ma capture
I set your mama house on fire I was tryna put a hurtin’ on that bastard
Her burns were 3rd degree like she’s workin’ on her master’s
I’ll have a bitch give you ecstasy, it shouldn’t even be this way
Then she’ll off Yak soon as she get that E in J (E&J)
Y’all like bars? Then listen to mine for that crazy shit
Or you can go to Carter’s for that baby shit
I ring his door bell soon as he open, crack his shit without warning
I box right to your front door like a house warming
We outdoors man my niggas all caught in the streets
This gun is suited for the for the kick like it’s supporting a Gi
What’s important to me is I slide that TEC
Fuck your new bitch then party with your project ex (X)
That give me my chips I’m talking right quick
If you don’t pay me now, my nigga you’ll get trashed like the white shit on the baby’s tongue
I from the eighties, nigga trust me I’ll give that realer talk
Chrome all over his body, give him wings that’s a Silverhawk
Eighties, Silverhawk these bars are animated
It’s clear I’m about the paper, I’m laminated
Damn I hate it to put him on the ground with this shit
Thank the lord he ain’t got another round of this shit
Yikes !!!!

[Round 3: JC]
So y’all brought this nerd clown to the third round
Now I do a lot of killin’ down this road
Everybody after me gon’ look like him versus Bigg K
Just a bunch of bodies battling without their souls (soles)
Your wordplay and punches ain’t even close to mine
Over lines I leave ’em lookin’ like he got stoned in the Roman times when I run through a magazine like I’m Roman Times
See I’m better than you, no kiddin’
And I battle every month, no chillin’
The vets scared to get outdated so they roll with it, cause they know battling every fo’ is lame
I done PS4 the game they can’t even got back to the old system
That’s that battle every three, four, five months shit
But every time they do spit, it’s one fish two fish, red fish blue fish
But then they be playin’ it like it’s hard, I’m Farrakhan-vict
I leave niggas bakin’ (bacon) behind the bars
Let any nigga you wit try skate up and clap me
We send back fire the sound alone ‘ll make Ezel break up the alley
But there ain’t no dodgin’ that, that 40 go it’s goodnight, stock in cap leaving some mad fans
Then gon’ have to see Danny in the skies like the Penguin on Batman
Cause these shots just too toxic for your kidneys
I’m on a murder streak on Bourbon Street and can go bar for bar with me
But you supposed to be Bar God, but that shit against Bigg K that ain’t the perfect way to move
That white boy went right through them bars like Terminator 2
Now y’all know all the shit I spit in his face is rap battling
But when I say fuck it and spit in his face it’s a wrap battling
I ran these (Randy) niggas out the ring they act savages (Savage)
Even my spare (spear) shit I throw away sharp, that’s javelins
Now I know your swag tho’, you feel like you throw a lot of punches we hear it and just admit it’s skill
You wanna be front dog, you Jodi in the front yard just dreaming, nigga them ain’t hit for real
And I noticed you got your bride battlin’, oh sweet
I catch her with a silencer that’ll stop the ring like cold feet
But that shot, just to drop her, I came up on a slow creep
Both sneaks and stomp that bitch ’til our souls (soles) meet
Now I know you love doin’ that gun talk, ’til somebody stretch ’em with the shit
Bunch of young thugs all about the money ’til you address (dress) ’em like a bitch
Now we on your set dawg Teflon, that’s my under armor
Arms out like Under Armor
I’m tryna open shit, I noticed he got his kids
So I got to scope equipped to focus with but soon as he try to run and cover-up, that’s when I unload the clip
Just to make sure his heart got out to his family
My condolences

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