Daylyt vs. Serius Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Serius, Serius, Serius, let me hand you a tip
You battling a Prince, the Purple Rain king you see the kid in his great fit
I scream “Free Quincy!” that’s the same sound when it’s plane round
The cheerio taste with the main style from James Brown
Now that I’m on they good foot I give em a straight kick
Great spit, you could tell by my Caesar I’m finna go ape shit
The goon who demand for the band put two in symphony
You doomed mentally, I’m who you called out
For saying I’m drawn out, that’s why they toon/tune into me
I make the house sell, I’m who they adore man, knock killing
All that hot grillin, get hit with the four man/foreman
You in fear to be hurt?
Jerk if this appear to be work, then we can get along, sure man
But if we can’t? He come back to win, he Siamese lunch
Chinese crunch, chin smashers, not to chase
Get in my rocket space, we’ll send NASA
Death, skin grafter, body line, puppet, fuck it I’m the pin master
Every round that I come in contact with
Show y’all that it’s nothing on the Lens Crafter
I’m past the (pastor) faze, Church, half god, half man, I’m Hercules nigga
I scare the soul, Derrick Rose, I’m hurting these/knees niggas
Please nigga, ya last catch was bass fresh, you they sent to see/sea
But you the staff rep for bad breath, this shit was meant (mint) to be
But it’s cold breath for the old ref, he been official
Old ref, been official, nigga you’ll probably die in a year
For the simpleton fans, I’m the Michelin man, I body entire (tire) careers
Wait soldier, don’t panic it’s the planet takeover
The plate holder, I terror form the terror, the goblin killer
Y’all know I’m a problem nigga, I’m from the era
When Mook, Lux left the game with the dead smell
It was passin for a stink
I held up, played Zelda, I had everybody asking for the Link
Jones don’t be phony, homie you know me, we decode the cold truth
I seen the totem pole, I was right there on that golden road too
I’m the same pup from the yellow brick road, but you who I’ma total dog
I black, Liberia, the god fearin the guy who meet every criteria
And that’s why I’m the pro to call (protocol)
Now they giving me crazy hugs, baby love, put me on a cupid card
Went from being the square-pants of the rap list, now I’m Patrick
The whole world calling me a stupid star
But that’s on every magazine print nigga
We press the issue on niggas who scared of loc’in
We hope he go but he Pinocchio
Boy would/wood ride out but ya pedals (Gepetto) broken
You wanna be a winner that much? If they write he could be cold
Gun like the Matrix too/2 that’s right it could Reload
Dick head done got into a warm mess, you like the pussy hole
Defeat/the feet will swing in ya circle, you like to Tootsie Roll
But I rep Watts, that’s the team then
You knew I was gon come/cum correct when you seen men (semen)
Lyt across, I’m a writing boss, that’s why they call me king pin/pen
This shits a breeze, a ease then a sneeze when I met you (‘atchoo’) niggas
God bless you niggas, I gotta rap, at the bottom slack
But I just might address/dress you niggas
I flesh you niggas, I rest you niggas, the rest you niggas come and get me
Moral of the story, when I’m serious Serius, you not fuckin with me

[Round 1: Serius Jones]

They said “you wanna battle on Ether vers’ Daylyt?”
I said “he gotta be just rap”
But as you can see soon as we get here, it’s like ya outfit
An obvious mismatch
I heard you was gon do some Inception thing
Ain’t that the beginning of something? Then that’s retarded
Cuz off the head this shit done already ended before it started
I heard Quill could see the definition to see if Quill was representing
But if it’s Quill as in penning something ill then that’s forgiving
But it’s not very gangster, in fact it’s not very clever as a nerd
Ask Mickey if this is Facts cuz I dissected the word
And Quill is a form in a thin tube and the main tailfeather of a bird
So that’s what you repping on ya neck? A thin tube or gay bird?
You mean to tell me a Crip from Watts
Writes his rhymes shaking a tailfeather? Say word
And you must be drinking ink to think Day writing is better
Oh I get it, you Quill cuz bars they light as a feather
So the Queen Of The Ring wanna be the King Of The Dots
Until you get beamed out of this planet and since ya antics is all a scheme
Let’s make a scheme out of ya antics
I did the Math on you, try to sleep me on stage I’ll divide you in half
Til ya feet get splashed
Take them Spawn boots off you then ski on ya mask
Ya shine is a Thriller jacket, zip em up
If you the slave then I’m the master bruh
I’m on the Interstate in a Challenger with 3 K’s
Ready to put them white sheets on you so you could stay in character
See you not Batman Day, you not even Bruce Wayne you a liar
But I’ll tell you off the bat man, you so marked out
You should change ya last name to McGuire
See you gon die after the shit I say today to Day
It’s no more to combat when I put that gun in ya mouth
And say “don’t move” and you say “mk mk”
See you a booty shot, I couldn’t sell you light or tell you shake
And if I squeezed on you ya body would wind up so out of place
They could tell you fake
See if you wouldn’t tell not to be ya cell mate
I might could sell you weight
Now the Doctor’s gon have to wait til cells mate
To make the drugs they gotta help you take
I take this fool to a splash, turn ya bitch into a pool
Turn ya food into a bag, dripping thru a tube
I get you blue like ya rag when you gripping on the tool
I’m flamed up like ya flag when you Bicken Back Bein Bool
You old Day, but that’s okay cuz I bought the Juice to Los Angeles
That mean I bring the Steel with me pitch ya Bishop (bitch up) over a Q
And they can even tell who old man Quill is
Old Man Quillis, Bishop, Juice, Steel, Los Angeles
I change ya ceiling but I don’t paint with ladders, these ladders they paint
You try to climb up in my window early morn’
Turn Spawn to a latter day Saint
You can’t pull a wool over a wolf’s eyes, I pull that wool up on em
My bars is so hard, niggas in the yard do pull-ups on em
Before y’all came on stage I hope y’all put some pull-ups on em
Cuz I’ma pull out on em soon as I pull up on em
See I’m the man that fucked Pam in San Fran and made the Bay-watch
Cave gun lines in ya face, you know how Tay Roc
Speaking of Roc, I don’t care how chiseled you are
Cuz pressure make diamonds but granted (granite)
You lost ya marbles, we diggin you
Show you how to get cooked on TV, no Emerald
Do this Amber Alert ass nigga biblical
Oh you don’t see where I’m going here yet?
I figured since he robbed the culture
So let’s give him the fate of ? and stone him to death
I’m the one, you got Morpheus, never can never, that’s ya spaceship
Before you take the red pill hit em with a flying knee
Yo (Neo) look like he was doing the Matrix
And I wasn’t gon say shit bout this gay shit
But let me get this straight, quick
Okay, so you a gangsta and a nerd, you a faggot and you straight
Who wears a mask over the mask you already tatted on ya face
So you Batman and you’re Spawn, you’re Daylyt and you’re Quill
But you know what that means, if you’re all those you’re nobody for real
I treat this like a drug deal, you might say why
Cuz my attitude is like the fiends, never cared if Day/they die
I remember when I was young nigga I tested some
I got shook, it had my brain fried
The point of the story is I ain’t get paranoid since I was Yay high
Ain’t no intervention can tame yo life
You like a coke head with a weak nose
You keep hitting the same line twice
You try to spoon me, I’ma pull the burner on this blue flame
You get tied up, shot, just for being a heroin vein (hero in vain)
I got that petico, ask Lush One, he knows
Address me and get violated if I’m PO’d
You thought I might slip and maybe lose a round, but no I reload
You about to get 84 grammed, nigga that’s 3 O’s
You go!

[Round 2: Daylyt]

In the Math battle, you looked like me, yeah you stay fly
What you bout 6’3”? 6’4”? 6’4”?
Well after the Math punch you was ‘yay’ hi
Skill is something I could loan (cologne) you, but it might cost nigga
Patience, they say it’s hard to give cadence to fragrance of a lost nigga
But I could tell by ya voice you smell like Detroit
That explains why his last round was descent (D scent)
I mean the man still don’t understand what I’m saying when I say
I’m concrete crippin, but nigga you gon find out what the C meant (cement)
Let’s put this stone
You ready to rock? Sure let’s get nastier than when they watch Borat
Based on what my mind crafted it’s gon put everybody in box format
I’m God, it’s true I got em los
Punch his eye, land (island) I’m too Bahamas los
Double bars I’m too Guantanamo
Piranha flow, snapping, rapping for the long drop, the crew Geronimo
You not for the drama, even my mama know, you too comical
It’s crucial, ya crew should vaminos, they gotta know
It’s only one I (eye) bitch, in this future I’ma show (Futurama Show)
In the future I’ma show nobody better
We don’t do gambling with females
The outer stop but the middle will/wheel continue
They like goddamn she on a Sprewell/spree well
That’s just the Watts route
Nigga I seen pop shoot up from the top couch
Since a kid I sense zones, it’s the Flinstones
Nigga I grew up in a rock house
Where every second it could happen nigga, K up beside the bed
Draw the chrome
I lay up with arms behind my head, I’m Karl Malone
But I said any second it could happen nigga
Pops told me never hesitate to slap a nigga
With the heater boy, it’s Vegeta boy, I’ll nap a (Nappa) nigga
Before I befriend you
I mean ya whole team look a lil sweet, they kinda Ginyu
I’ll amend you, all you ken (shoryuken) be flames you tried the Ken move
Dollar menu, let’s keep it a buck
If the levis break for these geeks, it’s bad luck
We set it straight, I’m Kevin Gates, I’m just eating his ass up
Say hello to Daylyt, AKA Mr. Spazz Life
If we clash, it’s Steve Nash, I show you that I’m past/pass nice
But I often wait, off the gate, you’ll find out what I’m fence to do
I chrome round money, I hope that make sense/cents to you
No? Okay, they give Jones the start, it’s all play dough
Volcano, ya tip hold the spart
They call Day tho, it’s a Tornado, I come to rip homes apart
Shit, Jones a mark
They don’t know if ya bitch nigga, bitch bitch nigga
The bitch just Madea
But just know ya ass would be grass in a split second, “Ch-ch-ch-chia!”
Take a close look at my brother, thuggin like a mafucker
Tat on his face too nigga, you know the signs
Even my granny will clap, for a murkin fee she murk with ease
Nigga my whole family clap, “Hercules! Hercules!”
If the legends had a list, nigga you’d come in super last
You like Serena Williams, over the net you super ass
One line will smoke em, I got in my hookah stash
You like a cape on a garbage can, this nigga super trash

[Round 2: Serius Jones]

That’s cute he came with the fam, but see I’m a forefather
But after son I see why battle rap’s missin me cuz look what they givin me
A nigga reppin Crip with the most red flags in battle rap history
But see I don’t just take off, I take offers
It’s too late for Daylyt’s Savings when I make Day darker
See I’m a vampire that ain’t scared of sun
And it’s time somebody put dog on a leash and I’m the Day walker
They asked me “why would I take this battle?”
I said cuz technically this is the most challenging position to be in
And if you don’t get it then peep then cuz I’ma give y’all the reason
See I been hit up by demons
I don’t battled in the prisons to the cement
I even last time on stage I had bitches twerkin
Y’all see when they shit on the P
But I never been on stage with a nigga that might start
Twerking, shitting or peeing
I mean, who raised you my nigga?
Well if it was ya moms then
And it wasn’t them grape street crips and Watts’n
I don’t get it cuz I know some killers from Bompton
Some 60’s from Carson, and them Jordan Down niggas is hard man
And I know they might string yo ass up
But I didn’t know they start letting niggas in thongs in
I can’t believe that over the C’s they ain’t sock you in yo head
For making the set look like some homemade G thang
Slow it down, I said I can’t believe that overseas
You had a sock on ya dickhead and a homemade G string
And we know this grape is a fruit
But I don’t know how y’all let him walk thru y’all hood
Cuz now we know when he say he butt naked with the shotgun
He probably talking bout Suge
I don’t see the Lyt of Day, I heard he was a EL-E-VATOR
Well I eat the same Rice as Ray, so let’s see what they ravin’ bout
Cuz when we riding in the streets, some things you can’t just write away
So let’s play a conversation out
Let’s say you crip walking down grape street, and see the homies
They deep and like “Aye Day, come smoke some this cookie it’s real loud”
What you gon say? “Aye wassup cuz, I’m just showing my ass for the set
You know I’m trying to make Tookie be proud
You only making noise cuz you a loud ass nigga
You know that “I’m not coming around if that nigga’s around” ass nigga
Sir cuz (Circus) like he the ring master and jump off trampoline
But need tricks to make it thru a fire round ass nigga
I think we all know what we call those, clown ass niggas!
This bitch nigga see a gangbang and say “let’s be in” (lesbian)
Drama I bust too, fuck the DOC we could go there now
But when the pigs out fox him it’s “Momma I love you, POP hold it down”
I don’t see the law, yeah I’m legally blind just like shorty
You get one of mines booked, we wrap ya paperwork around the shank
Stick you with ya side of the story
See I shit on stages, you don’t shit on stages
You just be reaching and straining, that’s ya gut
You got a fight going on inside you so I take CLIPS, hit ya SOUL thru ya ABs
Calm that shit down and break that shit up
And if you still got some OG’s Aktive, they should be very scared
Cuz they macking with wavy Jerry hair, and one spray at ya OG’s top
Activator everywhere
It’s mack in the arena, it’s on mack in the arena
And I brought that mac in the arena
It’s old but it’s still playing yeah that Mac’s in the ringer
When you get hit, he won’t know if he lost his keys
Got hit 6 times or doing the macarena
My demeanors meaner, I’m Kudjoe, no Boris, y’all singers
I make you collapse on stage
You won’t wake up out ya coma til August, Alsina
I told you stay on ya toes, but you put on a leotard and a cape
Fuck is you a ballerina?
For awhile now I was tied down by the same ropes I once showed niggas
Almost buried by the same shovels I gave gold diggers
For fifth’ers blazing in glory quote Jones scriptures
I was smacking cats off camera before Smack could even grow whiskers
I put in work! You job ass niggas is ass
I come thru like a backwards Moses
Cuz after I part this C/sea then I lift up the stab
I feel Dre
Cuz I would’ve still been on Death Row if I let my division subtract his ass
But instead of the camera
I put the beats on him on the low so I could get back to stash
That’s how I got Shady after Math
Whats worse than a nigga that gets personal with you and turn on a nigga
These fuckers in the culture got me on fire like Ferguson, nigga
And I don’t mean the pigs when they did it
But I take this job cuz this only time
I could kill a nigga in front of the world and get away with it

[Round 3: Daylyt]

That’s what’s wrong with these stupid out-of-state niggas
Come to Cali and be lost’n
You dumb ass nigga, ain’t no 60’s up in Carson!
As the bottom stare/stair, this is a step down to the king
We can actually see who the peasant, Jones
Don’t be mad cuz you got wrapped in a box, nigga
Just be happy to be in my presence (presents)
They said you was gifted when you battled Jin
All that mouth drilling and that’s what got ya feelings (fillings) up
But the difference is you Clifford
The world consider you a big dog, but technically you still a pup
But guess what big dog?
You done stumbled in a puddle of defeat/the feet
I peeped ya two paws wet
You better get ready for the Chevy cuz, I’m who the crew call vets
But it’s magnificent, this where you get left frozen pussy
Cold twat, you know me, my MO, G (Emoji)
One small sign could say a whole lot
But you notice first round I ain’t get personal
2nd round I ain’t get personal, 3rd round we get personal
This where it get gory bro
In my Mook voice, everybody wanna know so here’s how the story go
Lush One called me, I was getting some head…
He said we got a battle for you & it might involve you getting some bread
I said “who is he?” he said “Serius” I said “Serious? This nigga dead!”
First thing I did was push P. Diddy off of the bed
On some real nigga G shit I used to think you was a cold killa
And everything changed right after the “wooo!” nigga
You told me verbatimly, before the Math battle, you like to squabble
30 minutes into the Math battle ya chin got hit, you like to wobble
I seen this cat walk then I seen Math run way, you like a model
If it was me he would’ve got a shell over that beef, you like the taco
He would’ve got chipped for the cheese, you like the nacho
The best luck for another stretch truck, you like a Tahoe
I would’ve lined up a round for this nigga, you like a waffle
Then put that same round next to the chicken, you like the Roscoe’s
I would’ve left his face all out of place, you like Picasso
Then I let it burn in here/hair, you like a hot comb
Then I let it ring in the middle of ya face, you like 2Pac nose
Another serious nigga getting ripped in the middle of the club, you like ?
But it’s a difference between Cali niggas and y’all niggas
When we get hit we rally niggas, John Sally niggas
Backshot, Ricky in the alley niggas
But the difference between us is these niggas walk up to a person and say
“If you need some help, I got ya”
A Cali nigga walk up to you like “aye homie you need some help?” *Blocka! Blocka!*
But a raz on him, it’s time to spaz on him
Nigga I’m done with this nigga I’m bout to let the homie spaz on him
Vicious get him cuz…

[I took the sweet potato on the cannon and made can yams
Tote burners, Jean and Claude, kicking out the Van, Damn
If I clap, turn victims into snacks when it boom boom and blam blam
Cuz all my bullets all they do is zoom zoom and wam wam nigga
If I clutch that heater it ain’t a buzzer beater
I should’ve been on Ether 2 so I’ma Ether you
Have you hiding from 2 5’s like niggas was playing peek-a-boo
Right here where these people be leaving you, I’ll be leaving you
I’m a motherfuckin monster with stripes, you’ll get ya beetlejuice]

[I don’t wanna hear no bars
About nobody from my la familia you familiar with
Daylyt is Daylyt, that’s that nigga
I’ll slap niggas and that’s facts, anybody could get familiar with]

[Round 3: Serius Jones]

See y’all be knowing Jones, b
I accept a whole fee with my palms high like a coconut tree
Ironic a nigga reppin purple is now sour and wanna get higher
By trying to smoke the OG
But see my shots swisher, my speech finish like I’m Dutch
I could have ya entourage tubed up, but I roll ol skool
I’d rather hit the lick and rip off the paper after I empty ya guts
Good morning, scope in ya mouth, clear out a distance
That gun smoke aroma it’ll choke ya, air out the witness
I move forest, ya Inglewood could share my statistics
Ya OG while you was on ya side kicking booboos
I was on my grizzly; I put Smokey The Bear out of business
Y’all probably got some fire that been burned by you
Cuz I had a grow house in LA with some nerds I knew
He thought the Mob was Goodie he tried “peeking in the window”
Trying to see the urb I grew
I put the Eagle in Quill’s face just so I could give him a bird’s eye view
I played with toys since a boy, my Armstrong so I stretch more
I Chutes with Ladders, if the chips fall where they may then I connect four
I heard Bobby Johnson is like South Central
They make it whisper when they throw lead
So deuce deuce, pull out the stash
Take out the nose and let you meet Mr. Potato Head
You don’t want ya kid to be an orphan, do you?
Look at me king, I’m talking to you
Ya name’s Day right? Alright
You thinking ya son/sun will be most important to you
You know he gon Google ya legacy one day
The banana splits was sweet enough
But the doo doo brown syrup
That’s gon be the cherry on top for ya son day (Sundae)
See you know what, I get it, you don’t care about being wealthy
You got ya whole clique in here
You getting embarrassed lookin crazy and y’all taking selfies
I’m doing you greasy and I’ma rub it in cuz you flaky as goat skin
I get the itch, ankle strap, where I keep that cal of mine? Low shin (calamine lotion)
Bump me? And I grab what I wear on my pants leg
Show you I’m a Patriot when I start airing, her and Diz (Aaron Hernandez)
See you can’t beat me with Batman or Spawn’s powers
This god hour, ya soft coward bars sound like talking flowers on powder
Talk louder, walk louder, spark wilder
Your raps Al Qaeida
Cuz ya fly is two/too plain/plane to blow up, lost towers
I rep the east but we respect the west where I’m from
They ask me do they got bars, I say “bar-none” Is there comp? Tons (Compton)
But if you ain’t from neighborhoods and you riding in the city
Stay in ya car, son (Carson)
My East Los Vatos don’t play
Ya bitch get gangbanged and sexed in the Chola
Brought her to my homes, I said “Jones, no you don’t have to pay
Cuz see ma, she audele
See its some freaks you can bank on
That leave you down by the riverside when they blast the nina
Even Ms. Howard said she’d be a freak until the Day but this is past Adina
See I mack until I’m down on my last with 10 toes
In a ? with a bag of pills, it’s look like a sac of mentos (Sacremento)
See I heard niggas from Watts was live wires
And they let them guns blow proudly
But he was talking about letting the pounds go on camera
But he was quiet in New York, I said maybe you’re from Humble County
See you play a lot of gun games but this ain’t Halo kid
Cuz I turn this to City Of God, let that metal ring over ya head
Send you to where ya lost angel is (Los Angeles)
My clip full these niggas been scared
It’s like a fat bitch with a waist trainer
So what it’s hanging out the bottom
I’m still gon squeeze everything in here
I’ll blow out Kevin’s heart (Hart) for the right price nigga
Aye Daylyt, you ever go ‘night night’ nigga?
Matter fact niggas sleep when you on, you ain’t Day, you night Lyt nigga
You don’t even like dark skin niggas, you homo, you like light niggas
Aight man you know what, fuck it I’m done son
Next time you better not cut me off or I’ma fuck you up Lush One

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