Aye Verb vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Aye Verb]

I ain’t gon sit here and front like I don’t fuck with Day
Like he ain’t one of the best rappers in this game, nah bro
But my nigga… saying you gon fuck Puffy
Dressing up like weird characters and shit
Yo fuck shit overshadows your talent, that’s the prob though
Not saying you don’t have the ability to beat me out here
But it’s gon be hard bro
Cuz they don’t fuck with you goofy ass niggas out hurr, not in Chicago!
When you battled Charlie you did some cold shit
Had a nigga like “wooow! He killin it”
See you made it a hot round, I’ma make it a hot style, I’m stealin it
If I show up, you dead nigga, I am the reaper
In every hood I got stripes on the side nigga, I am Addidas
We all even, he don’t want that fade though, you are Caesar
Send hot rounds to your door nigga, who ordered pizza?
I smoke anything any time nigga, I am a geeker
I know you get high, you probably fuck with a little boy
Nigga you are a preacher
You’re watching a Wizard in the game nigga, I am Ariza
My bitch don’t talk and/in Set It Off, I am Latifah
You on it? So? I get on that shit with you nigga, you want a feature?
You better shake and swallow that tongue bitch, go have a seizure
I make sure you get wet first bitch, I am a pleaser
Rob me? You ain’t leaving with none of my shit, bitch, I have a prenup
Aye Verb versus Daylyt see what the fuck it’s about?
I took your shit and made it my mine, fuck what you talking about

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Verb, you are battling the nigga with a perfect mental tracklist
They ask this how does he practice and no recite, but we know he right
That’s called hunger, let em sleep, slumber
I still do my lines with numbers in the middle, which is a fraction
The fact is I’m the one you can’t match with
When the match stick it can only strike and go to Lyt/light
Hold em, hold em tight that’s cuz Lyt the GOAT
Goat pole totem is gon ignite
And it’s no way to diffuse this is slow to fright
You was on a few lists to show the whites, even the FUSE list
So when the fuse lit, the show was tight like
I pose frozen for the look, the nigga with the coldest sight
Notice I seen them shady blood suckers who tried to IV us
But I see it, the idea was IKEA, they had us in that showroom hype
Oh yes pouring Moet for the poets making they show bets
It was so exciting, get a glimpse though
I be damned if I be the pimp hoe
They brought in foes with no info to show who right/write
Inside a house full of big niggas, I was the stick figure fit
Picked for the big picture who would show his height
Oh did I glance at the mansion I’m demanding shit like I’m the man
Like yo this light, like yo this Lyt
I brushed my shoulders like it’s nothing
If skill is a gene/jean well my pants is the enhancement, I’m dancing
I had the whole world screaming go go Lyt
Should I show boat? Oh no, this is no joke sight
Damn he spit, I got a shober right
Slow mo’ so I run thru these promo bums
So yo’ da hobo type, I lined up every round perfectly, yoyo like
And they try to take away my win do the jovo aight
I scream Yolo like it was fun making them niggas bounce
Every ounce of that was the Pogo sight
But see I plan the shit, nobody hand me shit
I show my companionship for that show compensation
I swept through the show competition, listen shit I showed the nice
Side of me, but that pride in me divided me to the main stage
Live to see if I’m the blower type
Total Slaughter, I blew it nigga! SO WHAT?!
I say fuck they applause, Spawn fit to my draws
To show y’all they can’t control the Lyt
Industry like “look how he behaving”
They don’t realize I get paid for that point shaving
Raven gave me 20 grand just to blow the fight
So while you lookin at me like “yeah you do stupid shit”
And you make low dollars
Nigga I make more then ya whole child support paying

[Round 2: Aye Verb]

Nigga you rap like a nigga that’s dying to come out the closet
I rap like the yard bully
I specialize in dissecting these rappers, so fuck it lets get to card pulling
Nigga you probably told Dizaster to swing on Math, stop playing nigga
But in New York, Math was hot and you wanted out of that kitchen
I’m just saying nigga, when the nigga is yo man he could be dead wrong
Once you tell em he dead wrong if he’s still standing on it
As his man, you supposed to stand with em
But fuck punchlines, I holla’d at a nigga from Grape, he was mad as fuck
Told me this Daylyt character, embarrassing, they done had enough
Where you from and the way that you act, that shit ain’t adding up
You make that purple look real soft nigga, Lavender!
Daylyt is a disease, a parasite, he’s hazardous
God I gotta wake y’all up, it’s like y’all Lazarus
Two birds, silencers on em, that’s a pair of doves
One talk, the other repeat it, just like a Parrot does
Saint Louis nigga for real, I ain’t scary cuz
I be at every one of your events clappin
But not like how a good parent does
Should I “Showtime” this nigga?
2 minute rounds they ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck a preview, let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
(So it’s Showtime!)
I ride up, hop up outta the whip, catch the fade nigga
He ain’t saying nothing throwing up signs, this ain’t charades nigga
Cops come, “that St. Louis nigga, he had a gage with em”
Get locked, be out in a day, I’m like Blade nigga
Blade the Vampire was out in a day, okay c’mon crowd
This Blade’ll be out in-to Day, okay y’all woke now?!
I’m riding thru his Robin Hood in red with that firewood
Kick in his door he hiding, I’m like “come up out that closet”
Like Chris from Unbias should
Aye Verb vers’ Daylyt, see what the fuss is about?
You say my name, they send that bread, I come put blood in that mouth

[Round 2: Daylyt]

Biggest battle of my career right?
Total Slaughter, I took a boo boo, so what?
I had everybody on that main stage like “did he shit?”
Yo yo Mike, now I get to the stage you hear that Diddy shit?
They saying you homo Lyt
Oh no, though Bro gon show yo might
That spotlight I’m demanding, I’m just standing as Bruce Lee son
It’s just branding (Brandon) for my logo like
I know how to stay in the game, these niggas be getting subbed togos like
I continue to punch nuts, low blow like
Fucks try but wouldn’t dust I (eye) with a Van Dam and Bolo fight
The guns I cop robo like fo’ blow give you 8 golden rounds
And it’s not rolo bites
You will be flat, low pro like
I told you I’m nice round here/hair nigga the ‘fro grow right
Off top I’m buggin, you know it’s nice
Know that this pro is Otis it’s so decise
Shoulders height, it’s not reachable unless you reaching boo
Each of you gonna know this life
This a fo sho go, yo flow I double lord, I got/god to/two win
I’ma show Sho’ who nice
For those who thinking I’m a clown, cool
Let me lay down these ground rules
This is something I call flow advice
Wait, hold it, the poll not even leaving the totem spiked
And ya fans? They look at ya battles and say “All aboard!” (all are bored) And it’s not a boat in sight
I’m barely heating up and they saying “chill”
I guess when I get hot I’m gon get cold as ice
Yo despite the fact you betting you better than me
You better be tolerant to the hot shit Verb
Cuz if you can’t hold the spice it could get hard for him
A sharp fight in this old star wars you know the Yoda sight
Yo the soda type, so be Slice, so be below the hype
Who’s BAD? Nigga better BEAT IT before I throw ya mic (MIKE)
They like how does he complete such rhymes?
Sigh, hold up, tote em the quote of life
Verb you remember that BOLA night
Choke is slight, felt constricted, bow a bite
What you surprised? Better revise, this animal ready for the ride
You know, the Noah flight, better know em right
Plus I’ma lie where the cobra strikes
Ride whether the devote despite dolomite
For the cheddar give doe to Lyt
Told em I get in gear when the scruff stop the flow known to bite
You smell me? It’s cuz I’m the odor type
We sock heads, leave homie like
What’s up with all that extra lip? It ain’t Obie Trice

[Round 3: Aye Verb]

In the book of battle rap it reads
“In the presence of other straight men
Thou shall not remove thou clothes
And yee shall not disrespect this culture with bafoonery”
We don’t need that, no
See my problem with you Quill is, how you got in the game is
You cheated, I didn’t need that code
Hot bars kept me here, Verb, he’s that stove
Y’all threw the hunter vers’ the hunted, I didn’t need that bow
Take the word “READ” and spin it backwards, he’s that role
DEER/DEAR, all you Quill fans that think that he’s that cold
Watch how I catch this body, nah fuck his body, his body I can’t gain from
Turn Shang Sung nigga I need that soul
I seen this before
You one of them niggas that’ll get locked
And try to go in brave with that broad look
Til they break your shoulder blades, give you that broad look
Quill will be getting that colon caved
You ain’t one of us mafucka, cuz you go on stage and go behave
For the same motherfuckers that sold the slaves
You battle in them white leagues for less pay, get on stage and snap
Then come to yo own people and do gimmicks and preserved out raps
See this shit stops today, we must face the fact that
Daylight’s Savings is setting us back
On top of that you a house nigga, clearly, I’m certain
If we was both picking cotton, I’d bend down cuz my back hurting
You the type a nigga that’ll wave his pick and be like
“Boss he ain’t workin!”
See I work hard for my people, I was raised to be a real nigga
Quill how it feel being in the field with a real life field nigga?
Fam it don’t bother you that 10 years now on cam
Yo son gon see his daddy saying he will fuck another man?
Put yourself in his shoes nigga? It’s gon fuck with him
Cuz in his mind his daddy was a gangsta, some tough nigga
Don’t worry, Uncle Verb got em, I’ma hop in the truck with em
Hand em a strap and a dirty magazines and tell em
“Lil boy yo daddy was a fuck nigga”
Aye Verb vers’ Daylyt, see what the fuss is about?
Y’all say my name, they send that bread, I come put blood in they mouth

[Round 3: Daylyt]

3rd round, what’s the cost nigga?
You just sit up here and said
You would put my son in the truck and give em the .38
Just another lost nigga
Soon as they gave Verb his price for us to box in the spot
I spotted a box for you, the word is dice
Word Verb, verbally you heard I’m nice
Don’t come around (a round) beef if you ain’t the burger type
Picture this, this where the picture switch
Inverted sight, deserted height, everything hot land, Verb the verdict bite
I’m too/two ahead with this rapping captain that double turban life
But think Chinese how we line up that box, you heard of Kites
In hurr they dykes, bitch niggas say Day be cool, they be cool
They baby food, softer than Gerber bites
Vice versa, Ice, I’m here to/two body, hearse em twice
You see the sign perfect, the signature crazy baby, the cursive nice
Ain’t that right/write? But I (eye) be crazy I work precise
I’m who they ship sell/sail prevail the merchandise
A rack is my murking price, purpose, you get ya ass kicked
But I put on the classics
Who get the lil G’s? Us (Jesus) it’s not the birth of Christ
That’s for certain, every person know it’s nothing personal
You insert me in that ring, my power hour devour everything
That’s a Kirby sight, Verby you heard me your verses light versus Lyt
Talent versus might, this is when you lose, weight/wait I got a herbalife
I body through that split decision, surgic like
Urgent like, give no fuck, I’m the virgin type
My mind fine, fine line I rewind time, this the Prince Of Persia knife
Watch what you say nigga, call me a crab, word it right
You’ll hear a back shell for the rest of ya life, live a Hermit life
You the boss? I’M Bison I’m Tyson, I’m riding on this (?)
Ride and get permit sliced
Make sure everything straight here/hair if ya perm it right
Kill you and stay right at the murder sight
Minding my business sippin my tea ya see this is Kermit light
Nigga I been selling dope since the beeper days
Before some of you bitch niggas had a phone
Before B Magic was with the blue side we was trying to put blue magic on
What you know about being in St. Louis with all type of rocks?
Big Gerald like “yeah son leave that alone”
I had a crack rock so big…. Yung Ill tried to drag it home

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