Eurgh vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: John John da Don]
Sent you a long, long ways from home, mate
I wish your plane collapsed
But for the paper, Imma show you around
But I ain’t make a map
This llama could be a person driver
‘Cause if I aim and clap
It could pick you up from anywhere!
And take you back
But welcome to the U.S.A.!
I’ll be your tour guide
If you don’t wanna die in the A
Stay out the north side
Value mill!
All I need is a buck, for these small fries
I’ll bang that hammer, like I’m a judge
To make them all rise
I had to wear this dreamer of the day
This shit bug me
‘Cause, in this dream, I had X-Men powers
But don’t judge me
I’ve seen Eurgh’s family riding through
Oh, it was ugly
Then the dream got a Lil’ Kim on me
It got ugly!
They was in the family van!
But I had them cut off
Like I got the Wolverine claws!
And I don’t need to let no slugs off
All I got is white staff
John to slice and the Eurgh there
The way John clawed the van
Damn, you though it was a bless bowl!
I woke up
‘Cause I ain’t trying to be a dreamer
But my cold heart’d gotten chiller
But I ain’t trying to be a schemer
As I see you, as you take off
You think he’d flyin’ with the League
But get this forgein bitch a ring
Like I was tryin’ to get a V!
You got some fuckin’ nerve
To have a league called: “Don’t Flop”
When your carrer is like a baggy condom
That mean it won’t pop
Your battles have do all from your brand
If they don’t drop
If you’re the face, this shot
Should help them all lift it
But this ain’t Botox swag!
How are you the president?
Who did you beat?
I mean, I be the masturbate
But I did do me
It’s your first battle in a year
I’m only give you?
Sheesh, this is a W
‘Cause, after president, you sweet!
I battled Arsonal, Verb and Sid Vicious
And I made them hungry
And noone of them was the presidents of their leagues
Which makes this funny
Bar for bar, I killed them
Even though they try to take it for me
So my resume’s been stacking dead presidents
Like it’s saving money!
What makes you think
That you’re leavin’ alive?
This is buisness
I’m arranging you a meeting with God
‘Cause I heard you’re unemployed
Ain’t no reason to stop
I’ll crack his apple
Just to send him up to Steve, for a job, God!
I’m only here, ’cause I’m gettin’ that cash
This is a body and it’s time for you to get in that bag
So just know, when you’re gettin’ done spittin’ that trash
I’ll leave you two more rounds of me whippin’ that ass!

[Round 1: Eurgh]
You, Eurgh’s in the light Eurgh
You know that’s about time to get bear-wild
Only thing you got in common with the X-Men
Is you got Professor X’s hairstyle
I think we all know the stuff he’s gonna say
He’ll talk about the non-existent God he’s gonna spray
In Inca, you rarely tip bartenders
They’re lucky to get change
So, I guess, both of us are puttin’ nothin’ in that train
Now, I know some of the crowd
Might not love how I sound
But I ain’t gonna diss America
‘Cause there’s nothin’ funny to clown
I bought a new vallet
And I drew your currency out
But it never attaching the pounds
Like John John will guns you a round!
I’m paying you for this battle
So I want my fucking money’s worth:
So you’re only getting half
If you spit a name-flip that dosen’t work
I’ll give you twenty-five prosent
If you spit a British that’s unresourced
And you ain’t gettin’ shit
If you get crowd reaction that’s undeserved
I’m the best thing, since slicing your bread in half
And not agreeing on the same price
I said, John John, you make me a offer
I don’t make mine
You say: “Just keepin’ a hundred with me.”
I said: “Nah, bruv, you ain’t gettin’ the pay rights.”
See, you’re just like all the mother-online skin bicthes that bother me
Start demanding money, once they get a little Instagram commentary
And, honestly, you have no excuse to do whack in this league
You say my stage doesn’t count
We’re all sure you can’t do math properly
So is he A: The God MC
B: Not a G
C: A proper weak
Or D: A wannabe?
Throwing in the A’s fixing the answer
You got a B in their bottom three!
Mother of choice’s your only weapon
You ain’t armed with a clip
None of your circle’s got leg
Like they don’t know which answer to take
See, I came here to belittle John
‘Cause you forgot your native roots
You came to be Lil’ Jon
Now, you’re an outclass
‘Cause they don’t like they way you move
And yeah, we’re in the A
But you got no hort to aim and shoot
And if you held a baseball bat
I’d be feelin’ more brave than you
So, Imma say the John once:
I ain’t sayin’ it twice
And if you don’t think anything’s gonna happen
You’d be waitin’ all life

[Round 2: John John da Don]
I predict, he gonna be calling me a thief
But I don’t get this shit
‘Cause I’ve never stolen anybody’s bars
I just flip them shits
But why’d you even try that angle
If everybody else that did this shit
So claiming I be stealin’ IS stealin’, you fuckin’ hypocrite!
Clart Kent wore glasses
Yeah, you’re the Man of Steel!
But I ain’t gotta get my hands dirty
I’ll get my man of steel
And shoot it at his bitch
Until Eurgh end her ‘mand of steel
But make sure the lady goes first
‘Cause I got men in steel!
I bet he thought
I was gonna come with some wack shit
Sorry, this ain’t what you expected
Yeah, you’ve been cat-fished
I clap shit like
It’s a cure-all-women
Takin’ mad pics that from the
Neck to hurt up the body, like a fat bitch!
So you wanna hear about a sad, but true story
About this fuckin’ con?
He took his girl out, on her birthday
While their love was strong
But she left with another nigga
And made a fuckin’ porn!
He seen it and apologized
Like he the one who did something wrong
I heard about the gift he got for her
How sweet of you:
It was a jar full of sand
And he got it from different beaches, too
I heard she even wiped it
Still, she didn’t have plans of seeing you
So, what was the point of giving her sand, man
If she ain’t sleep with you?
I swear he apin’ straight
Since she curved his ass
I put him out his misery
‘Cause I am sure with blasts
You’ll see me cookin’, with the heat
Until I burn his ass
It ain’t like surf!
Imma reach the point of Eurgh in ash!
I’m mad
‘Cause while you’re at home, playin’ checkers and Zelda
I’m in the track
Hope the cops don’t find me, like Perrah Furnell
You need a cook?
I’ll burn this extra in hell!
Do you see this boy? Get out of the way!
Have respect for your asshole!
I’m comin’ all up!
If you’re Eurgh at home, just know
If you see John there
That means I tracked her
You white folks might think I’m racist
After I crack Eurgh!
Atlanta is known for beats
That’s not an assumption, that’s a fact
‘Cause ever since Mike Will made it
He had it bumpin’ in the track
But you don’t claim sounds of digital
Doin’ numbers with the whacks
So Imma throw him in front of a train
Just to say: “I got somebody from London on the track”!
I’m only here, ’cause I’m gettin’ that cash!
This is a body and it’s time for you to get in that bag
So just know, when you get done spittin’ that trash
There’s still one more round of me whippin’ that ass!

[Round 2: Eurgh]
How’d you got the face of Obama
But the hair of Coach Carter?
If I hear friday
John Cue on judcidal sentence
Imma commit murder, with no charge of reducing my sentence
So, this is a plea to all ‘hood movie directors:
Please, shoot somethin’ new
So they have something newer to reference!
But hold on, Imma do an impression:
I ain’t feeling in too deep
So this bald guy’s never gone
You don’t give out belly shots
You probably never been but belly’s hot
Better get the cops to arrest me, before the end of watch
But this is where the ‘hood film refrence stops
‘Cause I don’t want to set it off
Your Brund James, Bosh Waid;
I wanna ban all them words
‘Cause I’m sick of hearin’ them in every battler’s verse!
You want a basket ball reference that actually works?
You look like you’d break up glass, then slam it
That’s a Shaq Attack in reverse!
I’ll leave this PG with no leg to stand on
I’ll pull Georgia!
I fake aura
Boy, I’m the sideline that pulls the water
But let’s analyze his game, to see if he’s really a small forward:
Would he, A: lose possesion, trying to do a couple of tricks
Or B: steal the ball and make a stupid run with it
Or C: get rejected, ’cause his usual dunks are shit
Or D: start at the bottom and…shoot a fucking brick!
So, let me get this straight:
You went to jail, for stealing a Whip
Full of guns, drugs and fake money
But were back on the streets, pretty quick
Now, I know what you’re all thinkin’:
“But he didn’t snitch, he just said:
‘Officer, the car wasn’t stolen, I was just remixing it!'”
So, you’ll get killed in this battle
‘Cause you’re trying to take my shit
Get you walkin’ dead around Atlanta
Thinkin’ bitin’ makes you sick
Please, try to resist the attempting to jack me now
Try to steal bars, from our memory bank
They’re too heavy to carry out!
Stop fallin’ smack about battles, now
Quit hollerin’! It’s time that you got the hint
He treats your bank account like a swear jar
Just says: “Fuck” and throws a dollar in

[Round 3: John John da Don]
I said for this round
I wanna get personal
‘Cause you asked for this
By doing this fuck-shit you do
And giving people your ass to kiss
So fuck the punchlines
This round got all factionate
And y’all better be blind, deaf and dumb
If you’re still fucking with this nigga after this
Your buisness and good buisness
Is like night and day
I heard when you book American battle rappers
You don’t like to pay
But fuck the money, I’m here
‘Cause I’ve got some shit I’d like to say!
I ain’t sayin’ I’m rich, homie
But I do feel that I’ve some type of wealth
When somebody deals with you, it’s a set-back
Therefore, doing bad buisness is what you best at
He let DNA starve out in London
I don’t repect that
‘Cause he only paid them in American money
Knowing damn well they don’t accept that
DNA clearly said he was hungry
While Eurgh was leaving
So he waited for seven hours
While Eurgh was out eating
So DNA started flippin’
And punching walls ’till he was leavin’
You can’t starve people like that, Eurgh!
Especially if they’re team
He even did some shit to Daylyt
That made my face frown
He set for one to get through customs
For them to put a fake name down
Now, security got suspicious
‘Cause they didn’t like the way that name sound
So they forced him to check his bag
They felt that mask
And damn near brought the CIA down
They locked him up for 48 hours
He just let Day drown
While he was getting raped
Ass up, with his face down
Which probably influenced all that homo shit he say, now
Come to think of it:
You could be the reason why he’s gay, now!
Speaking of Gaylight, there’s some shit I gotta say to him:
He thinks wanting to fuck Diddy is not gay
But we’re not blaming him, it’s Eurgh’s fault
I said, you battle him next and have your way with him
He’s pussy, so, maybe if you eat him, you could be straight again
And he let Dizaster spit in your face! Is it true?
Another faggot that ain’t give them his money, or was it you?
I mean, how did you not get heated, was it cool?
What helped you hold it together, was it glue?
That proves, he’s such a bitch
There’s no way he could fight
I should have planted a bomb on him
On his way to the flight
Now, please don’t say the “John”
If you ain’t sayin’ it twice
And if you don’t add “the Don”
You ain’t sayin’ it right

[Round 3: Eurgh]
As always, everything you just said is quite false
So let me get this straight:
Someone packs nine battle clovers
On an international flight
And him not getting through customs
Is now my fault
I love the smack battles intros
In the styles and the strenghts that you got
Like: “Performance, lyrical”
Do you understand correct tenses or not?
I’m alderady adressing his intro
He’d alderady want to beg me to stop
‘Cause, once I adress bars
I put the whole URL in a box
If you mention Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter
I’ll name this is the winner
You’ll end up behind me
Like that teleport that Raiden delivers
My brain got a killer instinct
Like Name’s gone and hit you
So you get bodied by this fire
Like I’m playing as Cynder
I just did that, to prove you can’t rap here
Like getting Sinner to do her finshing move
Nah, I’m jokin’!
That “hair/heir” shit ain’t remotely hard
Next guy to do a wrist/risk wordplay
Is gonna end up with a broken arm
And, honestly, you have no excuse to do whack in this league
You say my stage dosen’t count
We’re all sure you can’t do math properly
Bitch, you sending me to the ER
Bitch, no, you aren’t!
My body won’t be harmed, they’re only bars!
Now, why do you take so long, just to get to a scheme?
You waste the first four bars, just settin’ the scene
The fifth and sixth are wack, the seventh is weak
We only care about the eight, like you were sellin’ us weed
Now watch me, burying him deeper
Than a sentence from Revado
Leave the body of AJ in a mego
Like incest in the Sopranos!
Biting guy’s names won’t get you very far, though
But you’re just a junior Don
I guess that you’re Corrado
But you have biters in the building
That could notice your flaws
So when you steal bears
It won’t shop you support
Wait: “Biting/flow/building/steel/bars”
That’s some sick wordplay that nobody caught!
I alderady spit that dumb shit
So the joke’s reinforced
Wait, “reinforced”?
So all your boys on here will say you won this from the wordplay
But all the viewers online will say I won this from the word “play”
I guess you really don’t understand the importance of the word “play”
But you’re a fucking great actor
You should try the word “plays”
So I feel like I put a Cadillac engine
In your O-9 car
‘Cause this battle was a classic
But only on my part

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