DNA vs. Rone (Rematch) [Lyrics]

[Intro: Organik]
Ayo, King Of The Dot, put your money where your mouth is, Toronto, Flatline, make some motherfucking noise yo! Again yo, this battle was only set up about SIX HOURS ago. Nobody would do this except these two

DNA vers’ Rone, this the rematch
The way that they set this up, I feel like I’m God
They called me in a hotel, it was only two hours prep
But I told Bishop and Organik I’ma still make sure that every rhyme hard
Mr. Lavoz ain’t show up, I bet if he did it’d be jokes
He wouldn’t even give y’all nine bars
Y’all know Uno wasn’t a draw for y’all
So they picked me to make this a wildcard
And now I’m here, he don’t even know what I’m ’bout to do
I mean I set this battle up Rone
To make sure everything was here so that
And so that we can make sure the crowd won’t lose
I mean I’m giving you another shot
Making sure that you won’t get more than a thousand views
Aye Mystique, your X-Man ain’t show up and now I’m killing him out the blue
But Organik we should’ve did this for a title
I guess you don’t want me to rule shit
So until then I’m shooting up every contender
With shit that’s about the size of pool stick
Since Pat the champ, he gon’ witness me cut, stab and shoot shit
I mean, I hope whoever Stay see dash/Stacey Dash
Cause if not I’m leaving ’em Clueless
But they set this battle up nigga, it’s not the same
Soon as I seen your diamond/Damon Dash, or I’ma rob your chain
These shots will make your temple run
With this Ruger I got the aim
Just know what this can D/Candy Crush niggas, it’s not a game
They wanted to set this battle up with DNA vs Rone
I’m in my zone Rone
I’m in Canada, even though I’m away, I’m still home Rone
I freestyled, you came with weak prep
It’s like you Charron, Rone
Or I can let this arsenal/Arsonol bully you, I Charron Rone
I’ve been ready for all the combat
You act like you wanna bomb that
We got the best double
Your bitch? I gave her tea
Then I sat next to her with the best kettle
She was giving us all us top 10 niggas head
I said, “Damn, this bitch got the best bezel”
I guess she wanted to bone us so she could get to the next level
That was a star
I mean, when you think about a line like that, nigga THAT was a bar
I had to deliver that to you
They know that I’m pump with the strippers
I mean Organik call me with two hours notice and I came to kill you drunk off the liquor
Cause I don’t respect you Rone
The last time I was so upset
I came to the battle in ’09 with a bomb and you still ain’t blow up yet
Stood right there, showed you mad skills
It was in front of PH, it was direct but you wasn’t mad ill
You ain’t come with no bars
You ain’t even have half the drama
I mean, we was there in front of a fat woman
We even seen Sarah Connor/con her
But I mean, that was light
You know us talking about the beast coast
Is that back then in ’09 I was the main nigga holding up the east coast
I put you niggas on
That’s why you spitting it hot
I mean I’m the reason why everybody accelerated to URL, Don’t Flop and King of the Dot
You talking right now but you a girl looking like a bitch onstage
The way that I’ma cause wreck with you, you gon’ think Clips on stage
I mean, I could kill you in the daylight/Daylyt, they gon’ see me shit on stage
You battle Pat Stay in a Compliment Battle
But I’m the one bringing the gift on stage
This freestyle off the top
I told you it’s a plush one
I mean I ain’t get to do this in awhile, in front of Organik, in front of Lush One
That’s why I showed you that I could beat ya
Showed you that even though you try to rone
Even though your names Rone/Rome, I’ll show you that I’m Caesar
You ain’t believe ya
I can show you I can play the bitch like Madea
December 6th Dizaster Vs Cassidy, but I’m Nas cause I’m Ether
Standing in front of you
Giving you all these bars if you think that you delirious holmes
To bring you right in front of the daylight/Daylyt like I’m Serius Jones
But, you still ain’t serious
That’s why you ain’t wanna talk it
When [?] I got an arsenal/Arsenol, when I shoot it, it’ll give you the sorest/ The Saurus loss
Cause that’s who’s gonna battle next and they be dumb lim
I mean, you remember in ’09 when we did the 2 or 2
I killed you and young Zim
Yeah, yeah
And that’s word to Bishop Brigante
Old school hip hop, red dot on him, now he Kwame
I got my homie named Bob, he ready to pop trays
I call Bob, he gon’ kill him, send Zimbabwe/Zim Bob way
I’m still not done
I’m tired of this old fuck
I mean, Rone we did this in ’09 and you still ain’t grow up
This one round, I got you your biggest paid battle
I got your doe up
But since it ain’t happen this time
I brought the bomb again just so he can blow up!
What’s up!? What’s up?!

Is that it? Is that it?

Hell no! It’s getting hot in here, King of the Dot y’all know my slogan
(Get him the fuck outta here!)
Hell no, I got some new shit, my flow is hot
Shoot bullets right on his head, I’m ’bout to open shop
They ain’t even want to see me battle, this flow is hot
Uno would’ve got done bad weather/whether it snowed or not

Time nigga
Charlie Clips here. You lucky I ain’t hit you with Psyche I Lied nigga

So we did battle five years ago and now he’s a husky bitch
Thanks a lot dawg, we really wanted to see your disgusting tits
Yo, if they called me the most fucked over battler in 2014 I’d have to take it
I’ve had audio issues, video issues, back outs, cancellations
I’ve been ducked like that orange sauce
I’ve been Ducked like that Oregon squad
I’ve been ducked like Nicole should’ve done when she saw Orenthal
I mean, I mean, I mean
I said, E. Ness, Remy didn’t want me
J.C., QP, stayed hidden from me
I’ve been dodged by so many black battlers you would think I was their kid or something
Oh what was that? That was racist?
Did someone just get mad at me?
Well maybe then they’ll nut up and actually battle me
I mean, I had three verses for clean
All them shits were rehearsed
Ironic, now I’m going versus someone who’s never had a clean verse
I mean, fucking how I’ma treat like fucking DNA like he’s a heavy one
Bro, Charlie Clips little fucking nephew?
He’ll battle literally anyone
Bro, he’ll battle any person, anywhere for any price
He’s battled 14 times the last seven nights
He battled the Burger King cashier for some extra fries
And if he wins 3-0 then he gets a Sprite
He gives a fuck; venues, views, time limits
His last battle came out yesterday
His next one comes out in…five minutes
So battling you isn’t cool if it’s all that you do
It’s nothing but stuffing a slut that’ll fuck anything that moves
But as far as comp, it’s slim pickings
So really, I’m not nitpicking
If you ain’t making my knot thicken well I know who I’m NOT picking
But you aren’t really shot licking
You gold digging and nob picking
You got fifteen minutes of fame and Eric your clock ticking
They think it’s awkward when we squab because I mob with him
Mob with him?
Bro, I’m not chilling on the block with him
I never broke the law with him or ran from the cops with him
If it wasn’t for battle rap I wouldn’t even talk to him
The only time he had Drive, is that movie with Ryan Gosling
The only time he do a bid is at a fucking silent auction
You wouldn’t fucking; you talk about the iron sparking
I don’t respect that kind of talk
And you ain’t let the Eagle off safety in Philly since fucking Brian Dawkins
You’ll get whipped
A Palestinian versus an Israeli
I’ll leave you with a cut back like you trying to tackle Shady
You would never draw, just follow your block like Hank Fraley
Cause you couldn’t see me 1 on 1 like Champ Bailey
Think you gon’ win? You higher than John Daly
I’ll knock him out the air he in/Aryan like a blond baby
O.C. is what you stuck on like Todd Haley
Just another bitch trying to ball Dawn Staley
Just another bitch trying to ball Elena Delle Donne
Fuck a hood boy I’ve got Marines with their weapons drawn
30 second shootouts is nothing compared Lebanon
They let it ring for five hours straight just like a telethon
Fuck a tank top
I’ll make it look like they hit your top with tanks
You the soup of the day
The dude in the way as I’m climbing through the ranks
But I just want the title dawg, I don’t want the thanks
And I’ma get that gold chain like I shot Shabba Ranks
I’ll get you doctored up proper like the DJ’s name
You to be passed like a batons when a relay’s played
Who fucking got that title?
I’m playing for it like it’s EA Games
And snatch that shit right in Toronto like it’s Freeway’s chain
It could be Eric Gordon, Jeff Gordon or Ben Gordon
Either way, I’ve got the drive and it’s a promise that I’m scoring
This the book of revelations vs the fucking Book Of Mormons
Tracey Morgan, I’ma cross him right out of his baby Jordans
Fucking, if KOTD was a football team, you’d be the long snapper
You get paid cause you’re fake, that means that they comp’ actors
But me, I’m a compactor, independent contractor
Rush in and shut your bars down just like I was John Taffer
See, the way that I rap, is like random attacks
And you go into shock like it’s anaphylactic
And every man in your faction waits for magic to happen
While you grabbing and grasping for a tablet of Aspirin
And the soundtrack is the crack of your mandible snapping
It’s like the battle was passion from Animal Planet
Yo, I don’t say this to be mean dawg, but you can’t rap
Take a half a rapper’s skill and you got half that
You’re to be laughed at
Ass crack, gas mask, hazmat
You don’t got a little flow, one drop upon that Tampax
You see, the Dina that you know is not Dina that I know
Fuck, when you think American Psycho I think it’s probably a typo
This bitch done never had hands, he’s like the Venus to Milo
That made me think he’s a pussy, somebody get him a gyno’
I mean shit, I mean shit, I mean shit
I kinda feel like the battle rap po’
Like, “Son do you know what I’m stopping you fo’?”
“Cause I suck and I’m wack, and I can’t do flows?
Do I look like a mind reader sir, I don’t know.”
I said, I bet you brought some bars with you
A couple of hard hitters
Too bad you got the rhythm of a drunk uncle at fucking bar mitzvah
I mean, I make jokes cause you’re a joke, just a pussy in disguise
What, are Cortez and Clips gonna cook you for your rhymes?
I got so much more at stake than you, I boogie on my grind
I’ve got so much more to lose and still I put it on the line
I give a FUCK if I get the respect that I ever deserve
They book inferior talent but still I’m never deterred
But what’s it come to now to get love upon the stage?
I gotta whip my dick out or punch someone in the face?
Start ruining the brand cause there’s money to be made?
I’ll do me, cause that’s all it fucking takes
Let’s go man. That’s it bwoy

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